Black Friday

Shirt: Hanes
Jeans: Hudson 
Kicks: Steve Madden
Scarf: Belongs to my mom
Happy Monday! 
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did.  My family did NOTHING all weekend.  A rare, rare, rare occurrence for us.  After tons of baking, (we made a cake, cornbread, cookies and pie) I came to the conclusion that my family is full of fatties.  No big deal… Just throw on an oversized, fugly Christmas sweater and you’re golden.  
On Friday we went Black Friday shopping.  I mean, how can you not?  We were quite relaxed about it, going to the first store at noon.  I don’t know if I love Black Friday or if I hate it…. I hate waiting in long lines, it gives me anxiety to be honest with you, especially in a crowed, stuffy store.  But then the deals are great.  So I tried my best to have a calm attitude and know that we were in no rush.  
Needless to say after 4 stores… we were on our way home.  I did get my iPhone 5 though, so I was sure a happy bug! 🙂
Cheers to 30 days till Christmas!
Reece xx

Happppppppy Turkey Day

Happppppy Thanksgiving to everyone! 
Any holiday that involves eating till your sick is certainly at the top of my list.  With all of my feelings I will be certainly stuffed to the max.  
Some of the other blogs that I read are posting outfits to wear for Thanksgiving dinner! I will be the first one to say I wear my pajamas to dinner.  Therefore, there will be no ‘Thanksgiving OOTD.’  I’m pretty sure that no one wants to see me in my pajamas.  Forget man repeller, my thanksgiving ensemble will scare my dogs away.  Thats right boys….. 
#getatthis #hotgirlprobbzz
Why doesn’t everyone look hot with yesterdays smudged mascara under their eyes? Well you’re not going to know if I do! 😉
On a different note I will start posting Christmas gift guides after Thanksgiving.  I think the turkeys deserve their own day, right? 
Gobble Gobble!
Reece xx
P.S Forget hashtags being only for twitter.  Mad? Bite me, I dare you. 


Sweater: Lululemon
Leggings: Lululemon
Shirt: Hanes
Shoes: Superga
Bag: who knows, its old
(This is what people wear to yoga. I know, shhhhh!)
Wore this outfit yesterday to get lunch with the family.  
I saw the Man Repeller tie her shoe laces like that and I was in.  
Tried it.
Loved it. 
I grabbed my Supergas from the closet and was super happy with the result.  My brother told me my shoes looked stupid… totally Man Repeller.  I might as well since theres no boyfriend in my future.   
But apparently there is for everyone except me… whaaaaaat.  Yep, thats right, everyone can have a boyfriend except Reece. 
Bring it on.
Love it.
Alrighty then, theres my forever alone/lack of relationship/no boyfriend for you rant that I have uhh…. once a week.  Looks like I’m good for the week then. Woo! On that note…
Happy Monday! 😉
Reece xx

Bling and Beanies

Beanies are super in for fall! Their great for cold ears and “dirty hair.” They do a great job and concealing those greasy roots.  
This beanie comes in so many colors and is super cushy.  I decided to go with creme because I thought brooches would look great on it.  I like wearing them in clusters, preferably in odd numbers.  I’m weird, I know.  
A super-cute option for fall!
Reece xx 

Weekday Wish List!

Camera: Good pictures are a must.  A Canon would be great.  Unfortunately $600 camera or a mini Pashli or Isabel Marant sneakers…..oh I could go on for days. 
Scarf: I really want a cozy infinity scarf.  This one from Cotton On is $5.  I’ll take one in every color please. 
Converse:  I have a pair of low tops, but they’re just not the same. 
Rings: These gold rings from Asos are great.  I can wear them with everything, and their adjustable, perfect for my chubby fingers.  Oh and their under $15. whatta stealll. 
Jeans: Do I really need another pair of printed jeans? For $30, yes, yes I do. 
Happy Hump Day! 
Reece xx


Vest: Old Navy
Jeans: American Eagle
T-Shirt: Gap
Shoes: Coach (old)
Necklace: Nordstrom 
I wore these shoes in 8th grade to the school Christmas Program.  Found them in my closet 2 years later  and they have only been worn that night.  Practically brand new! When it comes to my clothes, I’m a packrat and save everything.  I totally recommend saving everything because trends come and go! 
Have a great week! 
Reece xx