My life in iPhone pictures!

Jewelry Drawer




Nail Polish!


New gold Supergas!


An oh so shiny apple


Furniture Shopping


       School shoes, magazines and my favorite gum! (thanks josh!) Yep, in every flavor! 
Hardcore fangirl….don’t judge! 


Cake batter fro-yo with strawberries!


I finished my first week of Sophomore year! Crazy! Half way done with high school! 😉 Sorta…. 
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Happy Monday!
Reece xx

Twas the night before the first day of school…..

(well look at those kickin’ calves?!) 

Well tonight was quite an exciting night for me! I went to the Rooftop Rendezvous with Mirabella Beauty at the London Hotel in West Hollywood! I went with my mommy and had a lovely time! Tonight was the first time I had heard about Mirabella, and I really like their products! The best part was my super-sensitive skin loved it too! I had make-up put on when I got there and nothing turned red and puffy! WOO HOOO!…not to mention, it looked awesome and felt awesome!! It definitely didn’t feel heavy or cakey, which I LOVE. That certainly deserves a round of applause!

So my moody camera decided to not turn on right after I took these pictures, which were pre-Mirabella. Awesome, right? So there are more pictures to come of my new make-up!

Great goodie bag. 

My lovely new make-up.

Well happy Wednesday to everyone.  I will be starting my day at 6am wearing my sexy school uniform. Kinda hard to rock a 100% polyester, pleated skirt. BOO HOOO! 
Reece xx 

Back to School Kicks

So its time for me to accept the fact that I start school in 2 days.  😦 I waited about as long as I could to buy the things I needed for school. (Pleaaasseeee let my books be here by tomorrow! Fingers crossed) Shoe shopping is never bad….even if its for school. This year I think I’m going to switch my normal Vans or Converse for a pair of Supergas! I’m loving the gold pair, as well as the white. I’m going to buy my shoes today so we will see what I come home with!

I am lovin’ this pair or ruby red Toms! A bit of Wizard of Oz inspired but they make me wanna click my heels together! Nothing like a little sparkles to brighten your day! 
Happy Monday! 
Reece xx


I have wanted Ombré hair all summer. (funny how I get it when summer is gonna end in like 5 minutes…) And Today was my day! I love it, and I’m all for letting my roots grow out and it totally be ok! Right? 
 Thank you Christy Pacifico for cutting my hair and Marco for coloring it! I got it done at Marco Pelusi Salon in West Hollywood. Today I cut off 5 inches! I’ve been going to Christy for a while and she does an awesome job every time! Along with Marco who always does a great job coloring my hair, their a great pair. They always keep me up on my hair game, from my long layers to my long gone blonde highlights!  It’s an awesome salon and I’m always excited to go there and see them, and my hair was seriously in need of some love from them! My hair looks and feels AHH-MAZING! 🙂 I totally recommend Christy and Marco at Marco Pelusi salon.
Happy weekend everyone! 


USA Volleyball Player Destinee Hooker
USA swimmer Dana Vollmer

British Swimmer Rebecca Adlington

USA swimmer Missy Franklin 

USA Swimmer Allison Schmitt
I LOVE watching the olympics! Volleyball, Swimming, beach volleyball and gymnastics are my personal favorites.  Team USA has been rocking some very cool nail art, which I couldn’t help but notice.  The swimmers are especially good at that.  We have swimmers, Missy Franklin with American flags on her nails and Dana Vollmer with her dalmatian pattern to Allison Schmitt with her coordinating red and blue nails.  Volleyball player, Destinee Hooker sporting fierce talons with the olympic rings on hers. BRAVO ladies, keep bringing home the medals, with your awesome nails of course! 
I had to share Rebecca Adlington’s nails with you as well, she is rocking the Union Jack…. on every nails.  LOVE!
USA Women’s Gymnastics team L-R. McKayla Maroney, Jordyn Wieber, Gabby Douglas, Aly Raisman, Kyla Ross
Congratulations to the USA women’s Gymnastics team for bringing home the Gold in the all-round! They did amazing and certainly deserve the gold.  Good luck to all of them! 

Polka dots and high tops!

This outfit that I’m wearing is one of my favorites. I love polka dots and I love my wedge sneakers! (LOVE!) To be honest the first time I saw them I wasn’t so sure, but the more I saw them the more I fell in love. Celebs like Beyonce, Miranda Kerr, Gisele Bundchen have been rocking the Isabel Marant wedges that started the trend. But, the Isabel Marant ones were $700. 😦 So that wasn’t gonna happen….yet! 😉 But I saw these Steve Madden pair and I loved them! They were only $100. Sold!
Enjoy! xo Reece
BlouseShoes,  Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters, Shorts – Paige (old)