Quote of the Day

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The Holidays are approaching! Its my 34 emails I wake up to every morning from Gilt, Shoemint, Bloomies and Outnet, that give it away.  I just finished my last finals yesterday and now I am on break.  Woo Woo! I’m super sick though so I won’t be doing anything that fun. Just catching up on my blogroll and cleaning out my TiVo is always great. 
And so I say, Today, you will shine! 
My heart goes out to all the families at Sandy Hook.  You are in my prayers and thoughts everyday. 
Reece xx

Ugly Christmas Sweater

This is my face for the lady that chased me through Target to ask me where I got my sweater. 
Hat: Cotton On
Jeans: Paige
Sweater: my moms old vintage sweater.
shoes: Steve Madden
This is my all-mighty ugly Christmas sweater. I always get compliments when I wear it…. the best was when a lady chased through Target to ask me where I got it…. while her daughter stood there mortified. TIS THE SEASON. 🙂
Reece xx

Winterize your Wardrobe

Fa la la la la la la la la. Happpy Monday! The countdown to Christmas-is-a-coming!
With Christmas on its way, the weather starts to get colder. Living in LA it does get cold cold. But its still cold. Ya know?
You can certainly look cute and still be warm! 
Lime Beanie– Adorable. Cute Color. Got it the other night! Its great, and hides a 5-head, not to be confused with a 4-head. 
 Pink Scarf – Who doesn’t want a big, mushy blanket around there neck? 
Fedora – I got a black one the other day and I love it! I’m really starting to like wearing hats.  Even if it brings out my inner Indiana Jones. 
 Mittens – Can you say high-5 girl?! Well with these mittens their is no need too! 😉
 Navy Cowlneck– Infinity scarves are my favorite. They keep me most warm… even if they choke me sometimes. 
 Bow Headband– Bam! A big bow right smack dab on your forehead…or fivehead.  At least it hides it and keeps your forehead warm. So, therefore its win win. 
 Fur Vest – I really want a fur vest.  They’re chic….and fuzzy.  I think if I got one I would just stand there and rub it like a weirdo.  Whoops. 
 Grey Gloves – Ahh, these have the tech index fingers and thumbs.  How smart is that?!  You can now have warm fingies, while tweeting your heart out. 
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Have a peachy week
Reece xx


Blouse: Free People | Pants: Anthropologie (old) | Boots: Hunter Wellies  | Scarf: Random

I just noticed that the sidewalk is bone-dry. BONE-DRY. Awwkkwaarrd. 
This past week it rained on Thursday, Friday and had scattered showers throughout the weekend. Normally, I am not the biggest fan of the rain because it makes my hair look like a wet mop.  So I bun-it. I always bun-it though, it gives me a good excuse, right?  
Anyways, this was the first time it rained since I got my Hunter wellies!
CAN IT RAIN EVERYDAY?!!?!?!!???!!!?
I love it.  I can just stomp through the puddles and nothing happens.  Nothing.  No more wet, cold toes. 
I am now officially on a mission to buy rain boots… in every color.  
Loving these ones

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To all the people that said “wow, those boots.”  OH MY GASH, I KNOW RIGHT?! AREN’T THEY GREAT.  I have come to the conclusion that they’re just jealous because they can’t walk through puddles and they have cold toes. 
Have a great week! 
Reece xx

Gift Guide for the Single Girl

Gift guide numero uno: Single Girls
Toucan Sweater: Because everyone looks hot with a humongous tropical bird on their chest, right? 
So right. 
Shower Cap: Yep, thats a cupcake.  A cupcake shower cap. HAHAHA. I cracked up when I saw this,  everyone needs to own this. It’s one of those things you don’t really buy yourself.  But it makes a hysterical gift. 
Sparkle Uggs: I went there.  Everyone wears Uggs.  Judge me, they are like walking on marshmallows.   Uggs and glitter.  It doesn’t get better then that.  Wear these suckers out ladies.  The guys will be blinded by more then just your beauty. 😉
Dress: This is sexy librarian on a whole other level.  Glasses, red lips, tights, and booties.  You won’t be single for much longer. 
Kitty Flats:  Meow. Shoes to match your cat. Craazzyy cat lady.  Meow.
Nail Polish: You can never go wrong with nail polish.  Girls love it.  But don’t get the yucky, cheap drug store kinds.  Ew. 
Bunny iPhone case: Can you see my liking for furry things.  Who doesn’t like bunnies? 
Satchel: I love a big purse that you can throw all of your junk into.   This one looks like a jelly bean!  Whaaaaat. 
Happy Hump Day!
Reece xx

Black Friday

Shirt: Hanes
Jeans: Hudson 
Kicks: Steve Madden
Scarf: Belongs to my mom
Happy Monday! 
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I sure did.  My family did NOTHING all weekend.  A rare, rare, rare occurrence for us.  After tons of baking, (we made a cake, cornbread, cookies and pie) I came to the conclusion that my family is full of fatties.  No big deal… Just throw on an oversized, fugly Christmas sweater and you’re golden.  
On Friday we went Black Friday shopping.  I mean, how can you not?  We were quite relaxed about it, going to the first store at noon.  I don’t know if I love Black Friday or if I hate it…. I hate waiting in long lines, it gives me anxiety to be honest with you, especially in a crowed, stuffy store.  But then the deals are great.  So I tried my best to have a calm attitude and know that we were in no rush.  
Needless to say after 4 stores… we were on our way home.  I did get my iPhone 5 though, so I was sure a happy bug! 🙂
Cheers to 30 days till Christmas!
Reece xx

Happppppppy Turkey Day

Happppppy Thanksgiving to everyone! 
Any holiday that involves eating till your sick is certainly at the top of my list.  With all of my feelings I will be certainly stuffed to the max.  
Some of the other blogs that I read are posting outfits to wear for Thanksgiving dinner! I will be the first one to say I wear my pajamas to dinner.  Therefore, there will be no ‘Thanksgiving OOTD.’  I’m pretty sure that no one wants to see me in my pajamas.  Forget man repeller, my thanksgiving ensemble will scare my dogs away.  Thats right boys….. 
#getatthis #hotgirlprobbzz
Why doesn’t everyone look hot with yesterdays smudged mascara under their eyes? Well you’re not going to know if I do! 😉
On a different note I will start posting Christmas gift guides after Thanksgiving.  I think the turkeys deserve their own day, right? 
Gobble Gobble!
Reece xx
P.S Forget hashtags being only for twitter.  Mad? Bite me, I dare you.