Best of Beauty pt 2!

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So Allure magazine just came out with their Best of Beauty.  I didn’t know till yesterday but it sounds about right since it’s always around this time that it comes out. They award the best beauty product for each category and I love seeing what they pick each year! This week I’m showing my favorite products from each brand… so sort of similar but def different. Still the best of beauty but my own version! I don’t even wear a ton of makeup but I love love love beauty products! Makeup, skin and hair products are my jam and I looooveeeeeee talking about them. I’m the girl at parties bonding with other girls in a crowded kitchen about highlighter. Hahaha. Not sure where I’m even going with this but you can love beauty products without being a foundation, highlighting, contour and baking queen.  I don’t do any of those.

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I think Benefit boxed powders were some of my first makeup I ever got in like the 6th grade.  Ever since then I’ve always loved them…they are the only thing I’ve owned that I have consistently hit pan on!  My first ever bronzer was Benefit One hot minute….they don’t even make it anymore but it was a loose-powder, shimmery bronzer and it gave you J-Lo looking skin so I’d put it all over my face without anything else. Hahaha.

I’ve come a long way since then but now I use Hoola all over my face!  I LOVE Benefit Hoola – it’s the best bronzer for contour or all over. It’s such a great shade and it’s very universal.

Dallas blush.  I don’t like blush and this is a nude- pink, bronze color so it’s really just like subtle bronzer on your cheek.  I love it and it’s almost gone!

Benefit Gimme brow. Its so easy to use and really fills in your brows. Next I want to try the pencil version.

Benefit They’re Real is an awesome mascara!  I oddly didn’t have a big one with me but I have a bunch of minis. Either way they’re very good and I don’t give them enough love.  It’s all I used in high school and I need to start using it again!

Rockateur Blush. This is a rose-gold, pink blush and while it’s pink its subtle and has a gorgeous shimmer. I don’t like blush but I really like this!

Dandelion Twinkle. This is the smoothest highlighter and gives the prettiest sheen to the face.  It’s shimmer but it doesn’t wear like shimmer…like a Becca highlighter…this won’t have that shimmer intense look.  It’s a pinky-champagne color and I love the sort of (almost) natural glow it gives to skin.  It can be intense but theres no glitter so it’s much more natural looking!

FullSizeRender 68.jpg

Too Faced! I was honestly surprised this was all I had. note to self buy more too faced?!

Sweetie Pie Bronzer. This is new from the Peaches and Cream Sephora exclusive collection!  It can be a bronzer or a blush since it has brown and pink in it. I use it for both and I love it! It adds a subtle warmth to the skin and it works well for my skin tone. It also smells like a peach!

Too Faced Better then Sex mascara.  The volume and length this mascara gives is insane.  It’s so good!  That being said my lashes don’t stay curled and this mascara does not do anything to help them stay curled.  If your lashes hold a curl this will make them look amazing!  This mascara is honestly becoming a classic in the beauty world and I see why!

Natural Love Palette.  This palette is a dream for natural looks.  You can create a matte look, a day look, a smokey look, a fiery look… it’s endless.   It’s so versatile and I didn’t realize how nicely these blended out until I used a different palette for a smokey eye and had patchiness everywhere.  Some people may think it’s boring but I love it!

FullSizeRender 69.jpg


I got this Rainforest of the Sea II palette in a BoxyCharm last month. It’s great for neutral, smokey looks and I’ve been so in to smokey eyes lately so I reach for this a lot. I use the two brown colors as eye liner with an angled brush if you couldn’t tell. Hahah.  This is an easy, compact palette with a lot of versatility! The texture of the shadows are different… maybe even a little weird but this works for me and I really have been reaching for it!

Tarte Glisten Blush. This is a peachy-pink, cream blush.  If I want color I’ll use this which isn’t often if I’m being honest.  But I love the application and how easy it is to blend with your fingers! Just a touch on each cheek and you’re done.  I want them to come out with more nude colors!

Tate Shape tape. This is a powerful concealer!  I like it for my under eyes or big blemishes since I really stray from anything too heavy.  I really like this though and the applicator is huge and so easy to use.

Tarte 24 hour clay blush.  I just love the nude color of this blush. It’s in the shade Partayyyy and it comes in the birthday gift set from Sephora!  Its a matte nude blush and it lasts all day.

I also LOVED the Tarte Rain forest of the Sea water foundation when I did wear foundation.  It had coverage but didn’t feel like anything was on your skin.  I have dry skin and it was really good for me.  I love not wearing foundation but I miss that foundation because it was so good! lol.

Best Of Beauty Part 1

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I’ve had this idea for a while so this week I’m going to share a series of posts featuring my favorite products from different drugstore and high end brands! It’s overwhelming because everyone does mascara or lipstick but which ones are the mascaras and lipsticks?!  Drugstore is cheaper obvi and it’s hit or miss most of the time but trust me the hits are worth it!

Part 1 today will be my Maybelline and Pixi beauty favorites!  I also just did this post on the best drugstore makeup, here.


Starting off with the Master Chrome highlighter.  I love this stuff, it rivals my high end highlighters and its one of best drug store highlights on the market!

Maybelline age rewind concealer.  I’m already on my 2nd one! Love this stuff and you can control the coverage of the concealer based on how much you turn the dial on the sponge.  I keep mine pretty low coverage and just use whats on the sponge!

Rocket volume waterproof mascara.  I literally just got this and have used it once. In that one time I’ve discovered I love its so good and deserves to be talked about.  This adds really nice volume and length!  Its also waterproof but it comes off pretty easily.  I die for my Loreal Lash Paradise but the waterproof version is indestructible and you have to sacrifice some lashes to remove it all. Not the case here but it still does the job and stays in place! So far I’m really into it.

Maybelline Hot Vivid Laquer. This is the most pigmented glossy lip!  It’s super easy to wear on its own or layered with other lippies.

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow.  I love eyeshadow pots that you can swipe on with your fingers.  This will last all day and I have extremely oily eyelids so that says a lot. This is the color ‘bad to the bronze’ and one swipe is the easiest, lazy smokey eye. I love it.

Maybelline lipstick. I love the shades of nudes they offer! The lipsticks are creamy, comfy mattes and I reach for them often because they’re so easy and good.

FullSizeRender 66.jpg

Pixi duo blush. I use this as a highlighter more so than a blush. I love how smooth it is! You can apply it with a brush or your fingers. I wouldn’t say its a cream but it sort of reminds me of the Colourpop super shock highlighters because it’s that pigmented when applied with fingers. I got this in my September Ipsy and I’m obsessed!

Pixi glow tonic. I love this toner and my skin is definitely smoother and brighter after using it. I got the cutest baby version to try and will be getting the full sized when it’s done!

No’s? I tried the Pixi sunscreen setting spray and I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not a setting spray but rather liquid sunscreen that comes out in little white squirts everywhere.

As for the rest of drugstore beauty I swear by the Loreal Lash Paradise. The Milani baked bronzer in 05 and the Rimmel Stay matte translucent powder.

Check back later in the week for my brand favorites! Hint hint lots of Mac, Nars, tarte and skincare!

The best golden highlighters you can buy!

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Gold highlighters are where it’s at for me RN and if we’re being super specific I’ll never turn down a peachy gold highlighter because they’re crazy pretty/flattering and a harder color to find.  I think warm tones and gold are more flattering on my skin and help me to achieve that glowy, bronzed look I always want.  I tend to stay away from white, silver or cool toned highlighter because I think they look less natural/ stark on MY skin but I will dabble with a holographic glow from time to time!

My favorite golds are Becca Champagne pop.  The OG highlighter that I will always love. It’s gold and I’d say I see some peachy gold tones in it.

Mac oh darling.  It doesn’t get more gold than this one. You can go subtle, (I don’t) or build it up. It’s super easy to work with!

The Maybelline Master Chrome is a golden drugstore beauty and it’s insanely pigmented.  It’s super smooth to apply and it will blow your mind away for a drugstore highlighter. PS it’s softer so don’t smoosh yours like I did.

Jeffree Star skin frost in Siberian Gold. This looks darker than it wears on the skin. My favorite way to apply it is with my fingers!


FENTY BEAUTY KILLAWATT in the easy money / hustla baby duo. This is my new favorite baby!!!  I’d say its my perfect peachy gold and I’m OBSESSED.  It has a more subtle side and a shimmery side so I’ll apply the shimmery one and then blend out the edges with the more subtle highlighter and you’ll glow till tomorrow. I have proof above and I also put it on my shoulders / collarbones.  It’s flash photography’s best friend.

FullSizeRender 64.jpg

This is it. It’s prettier then a lot of stuff I can think of.


Something old, something new

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Mac blush in ‘warm soul.’ This a Mac blush favorite and I see why. It’s the perfect nude pink blush that gives just enough color and dimension to the tops of the cheeks. I love a bronzed look and its the perfect natural/flushed looking bronzed pink.

Nudestix highlighter in illumi-naughty.  This is a subtle, wet looking highlighter and I love the holographic sheen!  It’s subtle enough to be wearable but gorgeous when it catches the light.  Its a great holographic dew/wet look.

ABH liquid glow in oyster. I love a liquid highlighter! I can wear this alone or under powder highlighter for more pop.  This is the prettiest peachy gold color. It’s easy to apply and its really pretty on skin!

NARS creamy concealer. No matter what I always come back to this concealer. My forehead is my problem area and its doing V good rn knock on wood but I have one spot/scar/ freckle and this helps to conceal it flawlessly. I’m in the color custard and I feel like everyone is that color!

Glossier Balm dot com. This keeps your lips very moisturized.  I want to try more flavors but I love this birthday cake one. I would say its a subtle vanilla and I love the smell!

Too faced Sweet pie bronzer. This can be a bronzer or blush depending on your skin color and what you like. I dust a little on my face and on my cheekbones then go in with real bronzer to warm up my face. I like the color this gives and I really like the way it looks on my skin tone.  Its a hit or miss as a bronzer and for me I say its a hit! It’s also the most photogenic bronzer I own and smells like peaches!

anti skirts

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Topshop Skirt / Forever 21 Bodysuit 

I never, ever wear skirts.  Like I can’t even remember the last time I even wore one.  It’s not that I dislike them but I’ve always been more of a romper girl. Denim skirts are all over the place at the moment and in an effort to not buy the same stuff over and over again here we are.  I love the black denim with the big belt…which comes out so its like two skirts in one. It’s sliming and high waisted asf so sign me uppppppp.  I can’t help but think how good it would look with a big ol’ Gucci belt.  everyone has one and I want one!!  Not saying I’ll wear skirts all the time now but I like this one so I got my feet wet and were good. Topshop has an the best selection of denim skirts!

Drugstore makeup must haves!

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I’ve really started liking drugstore makeup!  I have sensitive skin and I always felt like I needed good quality, expensive to avoid bad reactions or breakouts.  This is not true! The drugstore makeup game has completely stepped up as of lately. I also started noticing that lots of different makeup brands are owned by the same companies which means theres a lot of overlap in the product. Loreal owns Maybelline, NYX, Essie and Lancome. Here’s the full list. Estee Lauder owns Mac and Clinique.  The formula is gonna have overlap and be similar but whats different is the packaging.  High end makeup packaging is very expensive and luxurious compared to drugstore which is why it’ll cost more.  Think of Too Faced packaging compared to NYX.  There is a big difference which is why NYX is so much cheaper.  Packaging for the most isn’t going to affect the way the product works its just more aesthetically pleasing.  Enough of my rambling but you see my point is that it is possible to find drugstore makeup that are great products! All the makeup I’m sharing is stuff you can find at the drugstore. Not drugstore price range but actually at the drugstore!

Maybelline vivid hot lacquer. Glossy lips are very in and this is the most pigmented drugstore lip gloss I’ve tried. Their super easy to apply and they wear very nicely. They’re pigmented enough to wear alone or on top of other products.

Neutrogena Glossy stick. These are a dupe for Clinique chubby sticks! They look the same and apply just like a chubby stick.  They have a really nice subtle smell and they’re an easy swipe of color and gloss to the lip.

Elf highlighter. This is $3 and it will give you some serious glow!  They’re odd because you have to scrape off the first layer to really reach the pigmented part.  Its weird I know but it’s only $3 so you can’t go wrong. Once you scrape it off its so pigmented and smooth!  (This one’s more on the drier side so I recommend using it with a setting spray after you apply it so it blends with the skin.) You can do a subtle glow or build it up to an intense highlighted, instagram baddie sort of look.

Loreal Lash Paradise. I LOVE THIS. I think this is better than any high end mascara I’ve tried in a while. I loved the Too Faced better then Sex like most but it never kept my eyelashes curled.  I use the Loreal lash paradise waterproof version and it keeps them curled all day long!  I’d say its a dupe for the Too faced mascara so it’ll lengthen and add volume to your lashes.  I always raving about this mascara!  It’s a drugstore MUST!

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder.  Lets go back to my little schtick I made about high end packaging up there. ^^^^ This powder first off looks so mangled and wonky in the picture but lemme tell you it rocks!  It’ll keep you matte, set your makeup all day and won’t flash back. For like $5!! The packaging however sucks and the lid will break in no time and now it doesn’t stay on…which is why theres marks in the powder. The writing on the plastic is also gone. The powder itself is so good and it’s worth all it’s $5 so I will suck it up for the packaging.

Revlon Colorstay eyeshadows.  I love this just to swipe on my eyelids for easy day makeup. This stays on my eyelids all day and I have the OILEST eyelids so if it works for me it will work for you. Mac has some and some higher end brands have some too but the drugstore ones really work well so I’d say you don’t need to splurge.  You could also find a nude color to use as an eyeshadow primer and a base on the lid.

Maybelline Age rewind concealer. I LOVE THIS!  It’s supposed to be an underage concealer but I use it all over and it works so well for what I love.  (no makeup, natural skin look)  It’s so light weight and will not look cakey!  I use this everyday for mostly redness and little spots. I find that when I use heavier coverage I always get very cakey.  I don’t have that problem with this.

FullSizeRender 60

Maybelline Lipsticks.  I love their range of nude lipsticks! I have like 4 and the formula is really nice and comfortable. I haven’t tried the colored lipsticks because I really only wear nude but formula wise I really like them and they do the job.

Burt Bees chapstick. Everyone needs good chapstick and you can never go wrong with Burts bees!  I like the mort fruity flavors. This one is black cherry.

Maybelline Master Chrome. Thee best and most pigmented drugstore highlighter. This will give you an INTENSE glow and looks so beautiful and smooth on the skin.  This will rival a Becca highlighter glow/look.

Covergirl Total Tease. If you want a lengthening mascara this is for you! It’s not voluminous but you’re lashes will look so long.  It also has a perfect applicator for bottom lashes!

Milani Baked bronzer. I got this bronzer because makeup artist Patrick Ta has it in his kit and swears by it! I love his work and he does Gigi Hadid, Chrissy Teigen, Shay Mitchell and a bunch of more people’s makeup so of course I have to have it too. This is in the shade 05 and it’ll flattering for tons of different skin tones.  It has shimmer in it so it will give you a softer, all over, luminous tan and I live for that!

August Favorites!

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Not too many new favorites this month but I have some good stuff to share!  I can’t believe its already September.  I’ll be 21 this month so I really don’t mind 😉  I’m back and settled into school so I’ll do a better job at finding new products too share this month. I feel like theres SO much new makeup and beauty coming out and I don’t need any but I’m like I’ll have one of each please and thank you.

St. Tropez gradual face moisturizer. I love this moisturizer and the fact that it keeps my face tan, moisturized and soft. Obsessed.  I have sensitive/dry skin and have had no problems with this!  The only thing is the fake tan, wet cracker smell. I find that it goes away a little after applying but its not one of those products that’ll make you be like wow this smells amazing. I got this at TJ maxxs so go check yours!

Drunk Elephant TLC framboos. This stuff is the shit. It has completely transformed my skin texture and now it’s so much softer and smooth! It helps keep acne at bay which I’m always for.  My skin is a little wonky rn after moving to school but using this will help it.  I just need to do a good mask and to stop picking my face.  I love this product because I put it on and I know its always gonna make whatever current situation I have going on on my face better. I will 1000000% buy the full size when I’m done.

Verb Dry Shampoo.  This reminds me of the Bumble and Bumble pret a powder.  This stuff is way cheaper and more fine in texture.  I really like it for dry shampoo at the roots because it doesn’t give my hair a glossy texture.  It also gives great lift! I do notice build up so I do try to only apply what I need.  The applicator will spurt out tons of product so I try to manage that carefully!

Mac oh darling skin finish.  I love this highlighter! It’s a gorgeous gold that can be more subtle or built up to an intense glow. I love how it looks on tan cheek bones.  I apply some to my face, spray my face with setting spray then dab on a hint more and its soo pretty.  The formula of this is great and it will last.

Bite Beauty lip in cream. This is the perfect nude lip. It’s such a good skin color like were talking NUDE lip. Not nude brown or nude pink. NUDE. I LOVE it. The formula is so creamy and easy and great for sensitive skin friends! I think this color is actually discontinued but bite beauty has tons of similar nudes! I got this at TJ maxxs! 😉


Tube tops are back

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Happy 3-day weekend! It was my first weekend back at school so you know everyone goes all out!  I go out but I love staying in.  pajamas by 7 and snacks in bed nothing will ever beat that.

Nothing like posing next to a fridge to keep you humble, huh. Trying to make it a vibe.  Anyways! I love how easy tube tops are!  I like simple outfits and this one is that.  I wore a bright lip which if you know me I NEVER DO THAT so I really oversimplified everything and I love it!  I’m wearing Kylie x Koko doll and baby girl mixed.  I don’t like liquid lips or anything that isn’t a nude lip but I’m really liking this.  I love the way it compliments my skin with a tan! I have warm toned skin so I try to keep warm toned lippies.


Always adjusting I swear I need a freakin full body spanx suit ugh.

The top is PLT. The shorts are Topshop and they’re now onsale! The shoes are Dolce Vita. The lip is Kylie x Koko doll and baby girl mixed.

The dressing for class struggle

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V neck, zara shorts, mules.

I wore this exact outfit to class yesterday. (minus the purse, lol)  This picture is from the summer (pre haircut) so I’m outing myself as an outfit repeater but if you say you don’t you lie. 😉 This outfit is super easy and so easy to recreate for class and thats a A+ in my book.  I struggle between wanting to look cute to class and just throwing on lulus and a tee and going.  I will say I’m in college and I hate waking up early so lulus usually win but it does feel good to look ‘cute’ and put together.  I wear a lot of the same stuff and just switch it out in different combinations! You can’t bring everything you own to school and Lord knows I by more stuff while I’m here. A lot more.

Lately I’ve been in a rut with what I’m wearing.  I like a more edgy look and sometimes I’m better at it and sometimes not so much. My style is not girly or feminine at all! I like the sexy tomboy, sporty, edgy sort of look. And simple!  I need to try and get more back to that.

Today the Too Faced peaches and cream collection is out at Sephora!  It’s an exclusive there and its an all matte collection. I don’t go for mattes but I love the cream blush, bronzer and lipstick! Def need to make a trip to Sephora 😉 but I have a stack of textbooks on my desk / on their way to me that could buy that collection (grrr) so I want to go try them and see what I really like.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy makeup for a little bit but I don’t listen and I’m easily persuaded. Dang me. I also don’t really wear any to class (depending on the day) so again being a hoarder for beauty products. DASSSS ME!

Current Makeup Favorites

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I’m still settling into school and classes so hopefully outfit pictures will be soon to come!  Here is my current makeup faves that I switch through depending on the day.  I find that my skin is quite good RN and I’m tan so I only do under-eye concealer, concealer around the nose, highlighter and lashes! Legit no makeup-makeup. I love simplifying my makeup because I get to sleep longer and if you know me I hate waking up! 😉

FullSizeRender 55.jpg

Maybelline age rewind concealer. The best drugstore concealer.  It’s light coverage and doesn’t cake. I use this for my red areas on my face. I find that medium is my perfect match.

NARS creamy concealer. An all time fave. I use for a blemish or an area that needs a little more love as this is more creamy and pigmented.

Loreal lash paradise. I love this drugstore mascara.  I use it 24/7 and the waterproof version keeps my stubborn lashes curled.

Laura Mercier translucent powder. I use this under my eyes with a beauty blender and apply what ever is left on the sponge to set the rest of my face. It just works so nicely.

Hoola Bronzer. I always come back to this because it’s a perfect bronze.


Sol De Janerio lip balm. This stuff smells so good and makes your lips soft.  I like the smell so much so I constantly am reapplying.

Flowerbomb. I am obsessed with this scent. It lingers nicely and is a classic!

MAC strobe cream. I love the dewy sheen this gives my skin before I apply concealer.


Mac Highlighter in Oh Darling.  This is a gorgeous gold highlighter that you can build up to be subtle or bam in your face. I switch between the two depending on the day.  If you apply this after setting spray it pops quite well.

Mac Blush in warm soul. This is a gorgeous pinky neutral blush.  Patrick Ta has it in his kit and loves it and I do too.

FullSizeRender 54

Mac Lipstick in Fresh Brew. This is a sheer and glossy nude lipstick. It’s more cool toned but since it’s sheer it makes for a good nude with my skin tone.

Tate shape tape. HOLY pigment. I had to try this and again like the NARS I use it for under eyes or a blemish that needs more love / coverage… and very sparingly when I do. I like this stuff but it’s very full coverage and not so good for drier skin.

Laura Mercier eyeshadow stick in copper. This is easy to apply to the eye and a super pretty pop to brown eyes. I love it on the lower lash.

YSL touche éclat. This will brighten you under eyes but it’s sheer. I like this under my eyes and I’ll use it for that depending on how I feel that day.  I use whatever concealer I feel like using that day.

Winkylux eyebrow pencil. A boxy charm find! I love this for filling in my brows. It has a spoolie on one side and the pencil on the other side which is a taupe brown and flattering for many.