Skincare I travel with!

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I do my best to condense what I bring because most of the time I will shop when I’m away. ALL of the time I will shop when I’m away, lol.  I love going somewhere new and looking for new skincare and makeup. I’m in no way a light packer but I’m trying and I’m working on only bringing what works best for me while leaving room for whatever new finds its way to me!


Cleanser. I’m not too set on a cleanser but I like this Skin Laundry one.

Bioderma micellar water: I use this as a makeup remover and as a 2nd cleanse. I love and swear by this stuff.  It removes any extra makeup on your face without leaving a greasy residue.

Paula’s choice AHA liquid exfoliator: This stuff works the best for my skin and keeping it smooth without many blemishes. I 100% need this when I travel because I’m usually eating good food and lots of dairy which isn’t great for my skin!

Acure Blue tansy oil:  I love an oil for added hydration, especially because traveling or a new environment can dry out skin. This one is light and layers well with other products.


A good moisturizer! I have a few that I go to but this is a must for me since I have dry skin. Usually I’ll bring one that can work for day and night. Lately my routine has been the Paula’s Choice, the Acure oil and a moisturizer. Simple and my skin is loving it.

For moisturizers I like: The Avene rich cream, Embryolisse, Replenix or Malin + Goetz moisturizer.

Ole Henrikson Eye Cream: I just started using this but I think its a must for travel because you’re fatigued and so is your skin. This also works as a intense moisturizer on dry patches that you may have pop up. It happens and an eye cream is extra thick.

Chapstick. Always vaseline and always the stash of lip sticks/glosses that I have in my bag.  If my lips are really bad I’ll bring this Laneige lip mask

Natural Toothpaste. I never brought tooth paste when I traveled but I switched over to a natural tooth paste 2 months ago and the rashes I would get around my mouth and on my lips are 100% gone.  I always had rashy lips and I just blamed on whatever lip product I was using. Nope, tooth paste because if you think about it, you get tooth paste on your lips daily! I will never not travel with tooth paste again.

Face spray. I like some sort of face spray for added hydration, a toner and for setting makeup if I need too.  I brought this Trader Joes Rose toner which is great at calming redness.  I also really enjoy the Mario Badescu cucumber spray

Acne dots: You never know if you’re gonna get a zit and these are great because they’re easy to travel with / small and they work so well.

Sunscreen! Always bring sunscreen. I love the Drunk Elephant umbra Tinte.  

Good cotton, especially if micellar water is your main form of makeup removing.  I like these Muji ones. 


Space NK warehouse sale

I’m in New York for the rest of the week for my easter break!  The Space NK apothecary warehouse sale is this week and I’m so excited I’m in town and able to go! It’s on 260 5th Ave.  5th and 28th if you’re taking a cab. 😉   All the products are about 50-75% off.  Craziness.  Here’s what they have, what I got and tips for the sale.

space nk sample sale spring 2018.jpg


Here’s the flyer.  They did have Ouai, Ren skincare, Sunday Riley, Oribe, Byredo, Diptyque, Artis and GHD but when I went today they were already sold out of all of it!  When I went today (3/28) the standout brands were Lancer, Malin + Goetz, Kevyn Aucoin, Lipstick Queen, Rodial and Nudestix. Still good stuff but the really good stuff as expected was gone.  They should be getting a restock tomorrow so I may make a trip back since the prices were so amazing.



All the Kevyn Aucoin makeup was $10.  The Lancer scrub was $20.  The Malin + Goetz set was $20-30. The Nudestix was $10. James Read tanners were $10.



For Kevyn Aucoin I saw some foundations, eyeshadow duos, the candlelight highlighters, sculpting wands, some lipsticks, and primers. All the Kevyn Aucoin was $10.


Here’s the makeup tables.  Peep the hourglass sign on the wall. Hourglass makeup for $10?! They were sold out of all of that.  😦  They had a shit TON of Lipstick Queen stuff which was $5-$15.


Some By Terry stuff. I saw foundations and tinted moisturizers. Colors were either super light or darker shades. $10.


Malin + Goetz lotions, eye creams, skincare sets, shaving cream, hair gels and perfume.  The moisturizer was $20. The skin set with a chapstick, moisturizer, and cleanser was $30. They also had travel sets for $20.  The perfumes were $50.

They also had James Read Tanning Lotions for $10.

TIPS for the sale. 

Everything is final sale. Cash or Card.

The sale is going till the Sunday the 1st.  They open at 10 a.m. I got there today at 10:40 and I maybe waited in line for 5 minutes if that.  They have a coat and bag check when you walk in!  Its not that big inside either so they only let a certain amount of people in at a time.

The prices are amazing but some of the stuff could be used or damaged. Every product I got was perfectly new and ok. My advice is grab a product from the back of the display. You can tell if its been opened or not.  If you think someone has opened a product open and check because if you buy something used its yours.

My best piece of advice is to take laps around the room!  They are constantly putting stuff out and sometimes its leftover products that they only have one of so you have to be walking by to grab it. People will also put stuff down that they don’t want to buy anyone and you can find good stuff that way too.  I found a Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder just making laps around the room.  It was the last one and currently $50 at Sephora. I paid $10 for it.

I also found my Malin + Goetz moisturizer that someone put on the table after not wanting it. It was the last one.

If you think you may want it put it in your basket because when you come back it will be gone. You can always take it out of your basket.

I think I will go back tomorrow because I would love to find some Sunday Riley face oils or an Hourglass bronzer. Also would love to get some Oribe and some Ouai products!

Big thanks for Sharm Toaster for posting about the sale on instagram which is how I found out about it! I also got the first picture from her blog.

Beauty Maintenance


I show a lot of products I use but not so much brushes/ tools / all the behind the scene stuff when it comes to my beauty routine!  Here’s some essentials I use daily!

Vaseline: my favorite lip balm.  I have some in my bed, (yes I sleep with it lol), in my car, in my purse, in my school bag and anywhere else I’ll need it.  It’s the best non-irritating chap stick.  I look for stuff without lanolin and this doesn’t have that.  The pink bubbly scent is my favorite.

Invisibobble Hair bands: I’m absolutely obsessed with these hairbands. They don’t pull hair or leave a dent and they are all I use!  I love them for the gym, sleeping at night or whenever I need to put my hair up.

Sonia Kashuk makeup sponge: I love a beauty blender and thats usually what I stick with but this is the best great drug store version I’ve ever tried! It’s just as soft and it’s massive.  It gets huge when you wet it and I love the size for applying makeup faster.  I never want to use a little sponge after this one! I may even like it more then a beauty blender just because its so big.

NYX eyelash curler: I’ve had this curler for years and its never done me wrong.  It curls my lashes well and its still in great shape.

Catrice Lip cushion: This is like a shiny lip balm with a sponge applicator.  I usually put this on every morning after doing my makeup.  It’s a glossy nude lip and I think you can never have too many of those.

OPI in You don’t know Jaques. Essie in Caviar Bar. My all-time favorite nail colors.  I’ll usually get gels in one of these colors but I have the normal version for my toes or when I don’t have gels.  Neither have shimmer because I don’t like shimmery nail polish. I either do full glitter or normal, no in between.  The colors are just a taupey brown and navy blue.  I love dark colored nails!


My favorite highlighters!


Were talking about my favorite beauty product ever, HIGHLIGHTER!  I love me some glow, a golden glow and I like a lot of it. Sometimes I thank god for my dry skin because that means I can wear more of it! Lol I have oily friends that don’t even wear highlighter and the thought of that makes me sad. I definitely own the most highlighter when it comes to makeup and I don’t need to but any more, ever, but I love it so I will continue to buy the ones that call my name.  I try to be more selective now with the ones I get since I have so much but good ones keep coming out!  You can call it obsessive? Maybe passionate?


Fenty Killawatt in Mean Money / Hustla Baby

I went to Sephora the day this came out to get this highlighter and it is one of my all time favorites.  I love a peachy, golden color and I like a smooth highlighter that packs a punch!  This is all of that.  I really dislike chunky or glittery highlighters.  Some people did say this was glittery but I completely disagree. I think its so smooth for the intense glow it can give and it gives you options!  I love the idea of the subtle side with the more intense side.  It’s unlike any highlighter I have and I like mixing the two and blending the intense one with the subtle one. It could also be a day side and a night side!

Becca Champagne Pop 

Have to point out that I have hit pan on this highlighter and this is just 1/4 of my highlighter collection in this picture so that just goes to show you how much I love it! I think Becca makes some of the best highlighters on the market.  They are so smooth, pigmented and come in a bunch of colors.  Champagne pop is my favorite for the peachy gold glow it gives but I love Opal and Moonstone as well. You don’t need a lot of product because its super pigmented and they work great as eye shadows.  Its a toss up between Champagne pop and my Fenty highlighter for an all time fave but both I really love both.


Colourpop Super shock highlighter in Wisp. 

I love the texture of Colourpop highlighters. They’re super easy and quick to blend and they are extremely pigmented! I like to use my fingers to apply / blend them because you can control how intense they look.  I love the look of a cream because they really blend into the skin versus sitting on skin/peach fuzz / texture.  The Colourpop ones are only $8 which is crazy for how awesome they are.  They come in a bunch of different colors and I totally recommend try them.  I have a few colors and I love them.  They’re also great for travel / on the go because they won’t crack like a powder if they’re tossed around.

Charlotte Tillbury Beauty Wand.

This guy is pricey (for what you get) but the glow it gives is so pretty.  This is definitely a more natural glow from within rather than beaming glow and I really enjoy it. I love to wear it during the week and layered under powder highlighters for a night out.  It pairs beautifully with the Kylie Cosmetics loose highlighting powder because both can blend really nicely into the skin for a goddess, beaming glow.  The only complaint I have is the applicator.  You have to shut it even if the cap is on or else product will still come out.  Mine got all into the cap when I was traveling because I didn’t screw it shut. I don’t love that but the product itself is worth it.   I will say when you get the product it feels half empty.  It also blends better for me with a brush rather then a beauty blender.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle

This is the only highlighter pictured that isn’t gold toned.  This is a champagne pink and I really only like golds so that says a lot about this highlighter!  I have a huge love for Benefit boxed powders.  I have 5 and have never tried one I didn’t like and this is no different. This is a good every day color and its good for lighter skin tones. (When I have  tan I don’t use this.)  It gives a lit from within look which I love and its really great for everyday wear! That being said it can also be built up with more product / setting spray for a more intense glow for going out!

Nars Bord de Sable palette – limited edition but these Nars highlighters are the same/ this years version.

This palette is gorgeous and these are some of the smoothest highlighters, EVER. Pure, intense, shimmery sheen and just so gorgeous on skin. I enjoy the gold middle colors the most.  These can go on wet or dry. They’re intense dry and even more intense wet! These are so smooth they can go on with a beauty blender versus I wouldn’t probably apply any of the other highlighters I’ve spoken about here with a beauty blender. I don’t reach for these highlighters enough because they’re in a palette.  I like the palette but I find the bronzers harder to blend / get color so I don’t always reach for this. The highlighters are beautiful so I need too! Nars should def make these highlights in single pans.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter 

I didn’t need this but it got a lot of hype, Amrezy is a highlighter queen, and not to mention its golden!  I had too!!! I really like how smooth and sheen-y this highlighter is.  It has NO fallout which is crazy to me. I’ve been using it daily since I got it and it gives such a smooth, golden, intense glow to the skin.  I like to apply this after setting spray because I think it goes on better wet.

If you’re just trying out highlighter and want a good one I recommend the Becca or the Colourpop! Becca is a classic and there is a color for every skin tone. Colourpop is a great, drugstore priced highlighter and now you can find it at Ulta!

If you want an intense glow for going out I say Fenty. 

If you want a day one and you like boujee makeup Charlotte Tilbury all the way.

As for highlighters I’m eyeing? This Chanel one and this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter filter. 

Go to foundation + going out makeup.


If you’ve read my blog before you’ll already know that I am not a foundation girl.  I don’t like heavy coverage and I don’t like the way it looks on my skin.  My skin is dry, usually irritated and I find that foundation always cakes and gathers to those irritated areas.  No matter how hard I prime or try, I just don’t think I have the skin for foundations and heavy bases.  That being said, I’m 21 now so I have been determined to find a good foundation that I can make work for my skin on nights out + events. I go out once a week if that since I’m truly a homebody but a glittery eye will get me out of bed. I got this LA Girl long wear, illuminating foundation because it sounded similar to the NARS longwear radiant foundation I wanted… which ended up being a flash back flop.  This foundation is only $8 and I totally see why beauty bloggers and gurus rave about it!  Since I only wear foundation once a week if that, the $8 price tag is perfect for me and I love the foundation!


So for a night out routine I usually will do a full face which I never do!

1. Prime. I use a moisturizer to prime my face.  I started using this Clinique hydroblur primer which blurs out pores and keeps you matte. I don’t like matte but I use this on my forehead which is more textured then I’d like and in my t-zone.  To me, these areas are fine to be matte since the rest of my face will be dewy.  This moisturizer really smooths out those areas and I love that. You can also use it touch up makeup by putting it over it and I like the smoothing it does for that too. It just leaves a velvety, smooth finish which looks like a more flawless face.

2. LA Girl Foundation. I like this foundation because it’s medium coverage and dewy! I love dewy, light makeup but when I want more coverage this is a great option.  I do one pump and I usually mix this with cover FX drops or Mac strobe cream to sheer it out / make it more dewy. This foundation doesn’t flash back and the longest I’ve had to wear it for was 6 hours and it wore well. I apply it with a brush then go back to blend with a makeup sponge. It sets well with powder and I like how it wears with the rest of my makeup.

3. Concealer. If I’m wearing foundation I go VERY light on concealer. I don’t want my face to look like I have too much product. I usually only do my under eye area and around my nose.  I’ll do blemishes too if I have them.  For concealer I’ll do Tarte Shape tape or Makeup Revolution on blemishes and NARS soft matte under eyes.

4. Powder! I use the Laura Mercier translucent powder,  its my favorite and my go-too. I bake quickly under my eyes then set my forehead and around my nose.


5. Next I’ll go in with bronzer.  I love my Chanel Soleil de tan bronzer the best.  Its cream and I love how it blends on skin.  I just got my Tom Ford bronzer and I find that its sheer and doesn’t really show up that great on me so I’ll dust some over my Chanel bronzer to set it and it looks great.

6. Blush. Not a blush girl but this Sweet Pie Too Faced bronzer is a bronzer with a hint of pink and I like this flush on my cheek so I will use that there.


7. I fill in my brows with Glossier’s boy brow. 

8. For eyes I always like to do a little extra something because its fun and I never do during the week! I’ve done lashes, a smokey eye, a cat eye or a glittery eye.  I love a good smokey eye and I love some glitter. (The Stila magnificent metals a fave of mine.) Last time I did bronzer in the crease, the Colourpop Supershock shadow in Birthday Girl all over the lid for some gold glitter and bronze cat eye with my Nudestix rock n roll liner. It was super easy and I love how it looked! I always do mascara if I don’t have on falsies. I love this Essence Volume stylist mascara and I go HAM with it! I do like 4 layers and I do the top and bottom lashes.

9. For a lip I like something nude and long lasting.  I rarely do a bold lip and I def won’t if I did an eye look. I find it very easy for me to look made up and I hate looking cakey.  I usually stick to a nude colored stain or liquid lip since it’ll last long and if I’m going out I’m probably drinking and my lip will come off faster. I like my velvet Kylie Lip kit because its comfier than the matte but still long wearing.  I haven’t found a stain that lasts super long yet.


10. Did you think I forgot highlighter?! NEVER.  When I go out I want a blinding highlighter so I will set my face with a spray, usually Urban Decay if I need long wearing and then I will apply my highlighter on damp skin for a pop. Lately I love my ABH Amrezy highlighter

And so, thats my night out makeup! It sounds like a lot just typing it out and while I like a more natural look it is so much fun to do a full face with glitter and color.

@Katiejanehughes and @violette_fr are my makeup inspos and what I strive for every time I do an eye look.  They’re both amazing at doing a glitter eye while keeping the rest of their face super natural and not super made up like Instagram make up.  Thats always my goal, sometimes I better at that sometimes not so much, hahah.

Shape Tape Dupe?


Tarte Shape Tape is an awesome concealer and loved by many!  I love it and I dare you to watch a youtube favorites video without finding some guru raving about it.   It’s full coverage without getting too cakey, its a skin like finish, it creamy and easy to blend, it works for under eyes and on the face… its that good.


Tarte released a Shape Tape foundation earlier this year and the hype for this foundation was insane.  The concealer is so well loved and the foundation was expected to follow suit. The shade range of the foundations ruined the launch right off the bat.  Many were appalled at the amount of fair skin shades they had compared to the two shades they offered for women of color.  Its bad and its 2018; Fenty, Huda and even Kylie cosmetics have all come out with concealers and /or foundations with shade ranges of 30+. This needs to be the new normal and everyone who wants a seat in the beauty industry should take note.  The whole Tarte shade range debacle seriously opened my eyes to what an issue this is and how many other brands participate in that.  Tarte got a lot of back lash for their shade range but you look at brands like It Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury or YSL the shade ranges are slim and targeted towards fair skin.  It’s not ok and I can’t imagine going to try a new beauty product and not being able to find your shade. Tarte did release 10 more shades after the backlash but too late. Tarte Shape Tape foundation was a truly eye opening experience for me and I hope all brands move forward with inclusive shade ranges.

This shade range debacle as I’m gonna refer to it as left a distaste of Tarte Cosmetics in my mouth.  Sure other brands are just as guilty but I felt it and went with it which brings me back to why I’m writing this post. Makeup Revolution launched a a concealer super similar to Shape Tape right around the time of the drama of their foundation launch.  It was a great marketing move and many people looking for a concealer to replace Shape Tape went for this Makeup Revolution one, me included! It’s $7 and coined a Shape Tape dupe ($27) with full coverage and often sold out Ulta!

But is it really a Shape Tape dupe?

I’ll tell ya.


The wand is very similar to Shape Tape.  I love the huge doe foot applicator!

The coverage between the two concealers is whats different:

Makeup Revolution is medium coverage. Tarte Shape Tape is full coverage.

The finish for both is similar; semi matte, skin like.

Personally, I’m ok with the MR being medium coverage because I like how it wears on my skin and you can build it up.

The shade ranges are similar: MR has 18, Shape Tape 14.


Shade range wise I can say I’m custard in Nars concealer and many are too. I wear light medium in the Shape Tape which is a tad too pink for me.  I wear C7 in the Makeup Revolution which is a really great shade for me. In this picture you can also see the coverage.

So its not a 100% dupe due to coverage but its a pretty great concealer especially at a drugstore price.  The coverage reminds me sort of like Nars creamy radiant which is an awesome concealer and a favorite of mine that totally gets the job done.

If you use Shape Tape for extreme redness or severe dark eye circles then you’re not going to want to give up that coverage. For anything else, I can say the Makeup Revolution Concealers are just as good, but different.

I wouldn’t say to go use it expecting it to be a spot on Shape Tape copy.  It’s different but in truly the best way, I think. It layers better without getting cakey like Shape Tape can if you use a second layer. It’s also a fraction of the price.

I really enjoy my Makeup Revolution concealer and I’m running out because I use it daily.  I can 100% say I will be repurchasing and as someone who loves makeup/ has a ton of it, If I repurchase something that means I love it.  I also don’t wear foundation and only use concealer so a good concealer is very important to me and I’m picky.  This is a good concealer.



Spring Break / LA Recap

I made it back to school in New England just in time for a nor’easter.  I didn’t even know what that was until last week! I miss home but the snow day I’m 97% positive I’ll be having tomorrow makes me feel a hint better. 😉


It wouldn’t be a trip to LA w/o a good wall.  Its so corny, basic, whatever.. I like a good wall. This one was on 3rd across the street from Vanderpump Dogs, down the street from the Grove! Hope that helps hahah. Its a #lovewall and they’re all over LA.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I love a good shelfie!! I wish this was all mine but I got my mom hooked on Drunk Elephant so some of this is hers.


Its not LA without avocado toast and I got the BEST avocado toast at Jon & Vinnys on Fairfax.  Its a bitch to get too location wise and there is no parking except on the street and if you know Melrose/Fairfax, thats impossible.  The food is AMAZING. I drove around looking for a parking spot for 45 mins and it was 10000% worth it.  It was some of the best food I’ve had in LA in a while. I recommend the avocado toast, the meatballs and the spicy vodka fusilli.


Every time I make a trip somewhere I have to go to Sephora! I never need an excuse to go to that store. I have some new faves. My Nars soft matte concealer – its awesome. My Nudestix rock n roll liner in bronze patina – the color is gorgeous, its super hard to use the roller ball. ABH Amrezy highlighter – if you like smooth highlighters this is for you, though its not as intense as I expected!

The Essence mascaras are an Ulta buy and I’m really liking them! They’re only $5 and so impressive.


The best sign on the wall at Doheny Room in Weho.

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The prettiest window in Weho!