Sales are a coming!


Forever 21 jacket // HM hat // topshop jeans // Sam Edelman boots

It’s almost Black Friday, then Cyber Monday so all of the sales are starting to come out! I get so excited for this so here’s the good and worthy ones as they come!

Sephora 50% off a bunch of new stuff.  I’m eyeing this Milk Highlighter quad!  Value Kits starting at $10.  There’s some good ones with face masks and some good Tarte bundles!

Urban is buy one get one 50% off! LEGIT! It worked on Champion, Sunday Riley and the clothes and some shoes.  It didn’t work on the Adidas sneakers but the other stuff is pretty good!

MAC is buy one get one 50% off on BLACK FRIDAY. And get 20% off $100 or more.

Nordstrom has storewide markdowns on everything!

Gap is 50% off everything!

30% of my Leather jacket I love at Blank NYC!

20% off Colourpop on Cyber Monday!

Glossier is 20% off everything for the weekend  + free shipping.

Tarte is 20% off!


Statement sleeves


Sweater from Nordstrom Rack. similar. similar. similar  // Paige jeans / Kenneth Cole slip ons – now on sale!

These sleeves are fun until you have to put a jacket / coat on! It will not fit and if you try you will have fat arms!  I love ruffled sleeves and I love chenille sweaters at the moment.  Super cozy, super easy and fun for the fall/ winter. I suggest you wear dramatic sleeves if you’re inside or somewhere that doesn’t require a coat!

It’s Thanksgiving week!!! I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Its a holiday of eating and shopping! My dream, hahaha! And let’s not forget thankfulness! I loveeeee family time and Thanksgiving is always my favorite time of year. I’m going to NYC for the week to see my aunt and cousin. I always have the best time and I love how creative I feel there! I find it really easy to create content because there is something new to shoot on each corner.

I’m just 3 classes and a 4 hour drive away to vacation!  Going to be thankful for Chick fil a and Taylor Swift’s new album for making my drive doable. Truly a Happy Monday because Thanksgiving is 3 days away! 🙂



NEW makeup loves!

FullSizeRender 48.jpg

I feel like I haven’t done a post like this in a while and I have had quite my fair share of trips to Ulta, Sephora and Mac lately so I feel like this post warrants them! 😏

So I recently got some Mac goodies and the only Mac stuff I had before was my strobe cream and a lip stick that I didn’t even buy there because I never have good luck with that store.  I always find the sales people to be rude and/or ignore me! I may walk in with no makeup but that sure doesn’t mean I don’t know my stuff.  I went to the store with my friend and there was some stuff I’ve been wanting and the sales people were decently friendly…. and before you know it I’m buying a bunch of stuff.  Sucker.

Mac creme color base in ‘improper copper.’ This is the prettiest peachy/ cooper/ gold cream highlighter, eyeshadow base and blush.  I wanted to try Mac shell which has been deemed the OG highlighter by tons of beauty gurus but the color is more icy and I love a gold highlighter. It’s super dewy looking which I love and it’ll look great as a highlighter and it’ll pop if you use it as a base and add a powder over it, holy molyyyy.  They were out of the compact so I got the single and a palette.  Excited to start my own palette!

Mac skin finish in ‘oh darling.’ This is the most gorgeous golden highlight.  I swatched it at the store, didn’t get it since got the creme highlighter and then went back the next day to buy it.   Shameful but it’s so pretty and big!

Mac mineralize blush in ‘warm soul.‘  People rave about this blush!  I love nude, sheer blushes and this is the prettiest nude, peach color thats sheer with shimmer. So up my alley and so, so pretty. I don’t have anything like this so I’m super excited to have it.

Mac lipstick in Fresh brew.  This is a cooler tone nude which usually look gross on me but this is a sheer/luster finish so it’s a great nude color with the color of my lips! I dabbled with the taupe/ grey, dead girl lip for a little bit and I’m too yellow for it to sort of even look good but this lipstick is the closest I’ll get to the look w/o looking sickly! 🙂 win, win! I really like my Mac lipstick and they’re $17 and come in so many colors so I will def be picking up more!

Sidetone: Usually if you’re yellow or have warm toned skin you should go for warm tone colors, if you’re pale, have pink or cool toned skin then you should opt for cooler tone colors.  Here’s a guide!   Makeup is fun and if you love it rock and don’t listen!  But I tend to opt for warm tone colors because they look most flattering.

Brazilian Kiss lip balm. This smells like the Brazilian bum bum cream and body mist so it’s super yummy. It keeps my lips soft and I haven’t had a bad reaction to it. I really like the fat tube for application! It’s not super glossy and it sort of melts into your lips and feels like you aren’t wearing anything.  It’s more like chapstick (not aquaphor) consistency if that makes sense.

Tarte Shape Tape concealer in light medium.  This concealer lives up to the hype! It’s super pigmented and it reminds me of the Nars creamy concealer that I love but a more creamy/ pigmented version. I only use this concealer to cover a big blemish, a particularly red area or my under eyes if they’re bad. It’s pretty heavy and I want to look like I’m not wearing makeup so I use it very sparingly and really buff it out.  It works well for me that way and I really like it! I’m gonna do a instagram post on the color comparison with Nars custard. I feel like everyone is Nars custard so it will be helpful!

St. Tropez gradual tan moisturizer. This stuff is amazing. It’s a moisturizer that gradually tans your face with each use!  It’s gentle and my sensitive rash prone skin had no issues.  I use it every other day to keep tan and it makes my skin feel soft and moisturized.  I like a cream that will sit on the face and slowly absorb and that is this cream.  The only downfall is the smell. It has the wet cracker, fake tan smell. I have the strongest sense of smell and I suck it up because I want to be tan w/o getting spots or sun damage to my face!  It’s better once you put it on and the smell sort of fades away.

Flower Bomb perfume. I LOVE this perfume! It’s one of my all time favorites and if someone in the room has it on, I’m gonna knows! It’s the perfect balance of sweet but sexy and sophisticated. Naturally this is like my 4th bottle.  I found this in the Costco beauty section for $50.  Literally insane because if you like Flowerbomb you know it’s pricey.  The Costco beauty section is a hidden gem!!!! Last time I went they had a variety of different high end perfumes, like Daisy and Flowerbomb and Laura Mercier translucent powder. The Costco website and the beauty aisle at the store…. don’t sleep on them!

FullSizeRender 46.jpg

Stila Magnificent Metal in ‘kitten karma.’ Pure glitter for your face? This stuff is heart eyes. It has a little bit of fall out if you pile it on; you can add a lot or go easy but either way its a gorgeous pop of glitter! The applicator is great and I think for glitter eyeshadow it’s very good!  You get fallout with regular eyeshadow so there is going to be some with chunky glitter! This a rose gold color and theres a bunch of other colors but I’m a neturals girl.  I want to wear this with dewy skin, tan skin and nothing else!

Laura Mercier eyeshadow stick in copper.  I watch Sarah Gray’s youtube videos and she used the moonlight shade in a tutorial and it was gorgeous and I needed it! Moonlight is a more taupe, dark good color.  I got copper which is a metallic rose gold /cooper color… duh.  I wear it as eyeliner and then rub some on the lid and it’s so pretty and easy.  It’s very minimal eye makeup that lasts all day and gives a gorgeous pop to brown eyes.

Supergoop SPF setting spray. I have been searching for an SPF setting spray and this one is great.  I’ve tried the Coola one – it smells like pure chemicals and is drying.  The Pixi one contains sunscreen so it squirts out white drops of sunscreen which will ruin your makeup.  It’s so not a setting spray.  I don’t like the texture of sunscreen and this is a great way to protect your skin without ruining your makeup, smelling like chemicals or feeling sticky.

Sephora Haul!

We are long overdo for a beauty post!  I got some stuff from Sephora then I ordered a package online because the point rewards are insane rn. (This is what I grabbed.)  I wanted to wait till I had everything to show you!


I had like 700 points so I stalked up on the point rewards because they were so good!

I got the Sunday Riley UFO oil which I had a sample of and have been loving! I got a big zit on my forehead and it’s been helping that and the pores around my noses that are always clogged.  Everything feels smoother.

Cover FX drops in moonstone. I’ve always wanted these highlighter drops so this is a perfect little sample to have.  I feel like it’ll fill my want and last a while.

Anastasia clear brow gel. I just started doing my brows and I wanted a clear brow gel because I’m legit scared of my face when I use a tinted one.  I have thick brows so they don’t need to be darker, just kept in place.

I also got a mini sample of the Kat Von D sinner perfume w/ one of the promo codes. It’s tiny but it has a spray which I LOVE way more then roller balls.  It’s perfect to keep in your purse or car.  Smell wise I like it but don’t love it. I expected sinner to be more musky and warm.  Almost like sexy and dark smelling if that makes sense.  It’s more flowery and bright.


Supergoop SPF 50 setting spray.  I don’t like the feeling or smell of wearing sunscreen but it’s super important!  This is a setting spray with SPF so you just do your makeup as you normally would and spray this after to set and protect your face from the sun.  I’ll use this at school when I’m outside walking to class.  It’s honestly so smart and perfect.


Sol De Janiero Brazilian Crush Body Mist! This stuff smells so, so good!  It’s a sweet toasted almond sort of smell and I love warm scents that aren’t too sweet.  I like wearing body mists in the summer and when I go to class because they’re casual and light and I ALWAYS have some type of perfume or body mist on. ALWAYS.  I will look like a bum but 100% will have perfume on.  I have the best sense of smell so I’m obsessed with anything that has a scent.  I ordered the baby version since I want to get new perfume when I get to school in a few weeks. I don’t like to travel with big glass perfume bottles and I love that this is plastic and perfect for travel!

Laura Mercier eyeshadow stick in copper.  I wish I got this sooner! It has the staying power of an eyeshadow pot but applies like a fat eye liner which makes it super easy to use.  This is the prettiest, brightest rose gold color and I love lining my bottom lash line and rubbing it across my eyelid.  So easy, so pretty and it makes brown eyes pop, thats hard friends.

Ouai haircare smoothing spray.  I love a leave in conditioner spray that de frizzes and protects against heat.  They’re easy and you don’t get product on your hands. 😊 I continue to want to try different Ouai products and while this is super new I have heard good things.


Glow recipe watermelon glow sleeping mask. I have heard so many good things about this!  Its a watermelon scented, jelly mask that comes with the cutest little spoon to apply it to your face… as if you didn’t need more reason to buy it!   You have the option to wear it to sleep or wash it off after 10 but it basically hydrates, smoothes and plumps the skin! You’re supposed to wake up with the softest, glowiest skin and I’m like sign me up. ( I made my own word also)  I have it on my face as I’m typing this so I will report back on how it works. It gets an A+ for smell because it smells like a perfect watermelon.



My Ulta Haul motto


Vintage tee / Zara Shorts / Birkenstocks

My shirt says ‘Go for it’ which is exactly my attitude towards Ulta Hauls. Hahahah. I will gladly walk out with half of the store. I got a lot but the lady shoved it into the smallest bag like doesn’t she know the big bags make for better photos!?! PS if you look closely you can see all the swatches on my hand. Am I the only one?!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Batiste Dry Shampoo in Bare. My 20th can, I use this stuff day and night. This scent smells like high end perfume! I am obsessed.

Clinique Take off the Day makeup remover. HOLY MOLY. Since using the waterproof L’oreal mascara, I’ve never been able to fully remove it from my lashes! I’ve tried washes, wipes and makeup remover.  This stuff finally did the job!  Its INSANELY good.  A little goes a long way and I 10/10 recommend it.

Dry Bar Triple Sec. I started using this again after I cut my hair and I love it for a beachy texture with my shorter hair. I love that it doesn’t make your hair feel sticky or tangled. Since its Drybar it smells dreamy and it works as a texture spray/dry shampoo/hair refresher! I use the Batiste solely as my dry shampoo for greasy roots and then this more so for texture, refresher and scent.

It’s a 10 miracle leave in.  I love leave in sprays and I have heard nothing but good things about this so I’m excited to try!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. I love using an eyeshadow pot because it’s stays put, is easy and is done with the swipe of a finger.  I have the Revlon version so I wanted to compare it to this one!  I really like a subtle smokey eye and I think this will be perfect and easy for the day!

NYX Plush Lip. I saw this on instagram and it’s basically a glossy lipstick and I’m always on the hunt for an easy gloss.  The color is a nude / pink and you can never have too many of those. 😉

For next time! I sprayed this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume on my shirt/ hair and I keep getting whiffs of it and I am OBSESSED.  It smells warm, sweet and sexy and I want it rn.

20+ best online shops for cute/trendy clothes!

I love online shopping!! Especially for big stores like Forever 21 and Topshop because navigating the store is overwhelming and they’re usually messy and crowded.   I much prefer lying in bed with the tv on and browsing! I mostly online shop for dresses, rompers and going out clothes like bodysuits.  Being in college, I wear these pieces on the weekends and I don’t always have to splurge on them because they’re trendy and aren’t pieces I’m going to reach for often. Here’s my list of go-tos; plentiful and overwhelming with options!

The one-stop shops: Buy jeans, t-shirts, bodysuits and date night dresses.

ASOS.  Asos has lots of good stuff to pick from. It’s overwhelming how much they have! They do student discounts that you sign up for with your school email. It’s currently 20% off and they have everything from going out clothes to job clothes!

River Island.  This British based brand has a good variety of trendy clothes that will cover all your bases! Similar to Topshop and Asos!

Topshop!  I love Topshop and if you’re not near one the website is great.  I prefer it!  It has a great variety of basic staples, festival clothes, dressier pieces and going out clothes that are always on trend. Great jeans! They have a 10% student discount if you show your ID.

Lulus. Cute, casual day time clothes!  They have their own brands and they carry stuff like Free People and Steve Madden.  Pay special attention to the accessories, they have great choices!

Forever 21.  I have to add this to the list! It’s consistently stocked with trendy, cheap clothes that work for a number of different occasions.  Every girl owns something from Forever 21!

Loveculture. Very similar to Forever 21. This website has super cute clothes for casual and going out situations! Check the sight for flash sales!

Nastygal. Great day to night options and statement pieces like furry coats or statement jackets.

When you go on the website you are greeted with a 50% off coupon and will have no trouble finding good stuff to use it on!

The party clothes: The go-to for bodysuits, body con and stuff that’ll make you look hot on the gram.

Pretty Little Thing.  This store is great for going out clothes! It’s super trendy and offers a great selection of bodysuits and bodycon dresses!  I describe it as the edgy, street, Kylie/Kim, Instagram, trendy sort of vibe.  Even if that isn’t what you like, they have a great selection of stuff that can work for a number of different styles!  They almost always have site wide sales. I’ve ordered from there and I was really impressed with what I got.  It just took a long time to get to me.

Missguided.  Again, this is a trendy shop with good going out clothes.  Think backless bodysuit or velvet mini dresses and matching sets. They frequently have 40-50% off site wide sales!

Necessary Clothing.  Sexy, trendy clothing.  Very similar to Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. This is on the more casual side. Think instagram outfits!

Fashionnova.  Ahh. This website is almost infamous. I’ve never ordered anything from here! It’s big on Instagram and they definitely nail very trendy, sexy, going out clothes. This store is what instagram baddie outfits are made of.

The almost too good to be true. 

Shein. This store remakes trendy, expensive clothes and sells them for super cheap.  I haven’t personally ordered anything from here but I’ve heard mixed reviews.  The clothes look like what you would find on the Revolve website.  Super cute and on trend but the quality is made in China knockoffs.   I recommend that if you buy something, stick to the items that are reviewed and backed up with pictures of the products from customers.

Romwe. Very similar to Shein.  Your first order is 60% off which is insane. Again it’s cheap knockoffs of expensive clothes that are made in China. Try to stick with reviewed items you’ve seen on the website, bloggers, Instagram, etc.  Either way it’ll be a hit or a miss!

Tobi.  Tobi sends out 50% off “your entire order” emails like it’s no one’s business.  The clothes are super cute, they get in new clothing a lot and you can find outfits to wear for everything from class to a party.

The Higher Fashion Picks. 

Princess Polly. The pieces here are trendy, unique and not what you’re going to find at every other online store.  Its Australian and a little bit more expensive then the other websites but Youtubers and bloggers have coupon codes for it that’ll bring the price down.  Legit every thing on the website is so cute. They have the best rompers, tops and dresses!

Zara. Great for high fashion picks and runway dupes! If you saw an Alexander Wang top that you must have but don’t have $600, look here. You’ll be happily surprised.

Pixie Market. This stuff is what you’re going to be seeing on fashion girls. They dupe designer goods.  Think Chloe-esque tops and chic vacation wear for under $100 that are still classic looking.

Shopbop. Great for high quality clothes from a number of different brands. They’re always getting new stuff, it’s on trend and it ships with Amazon Prime!!! 2 day delivery!

Revolve. An online store with an amazing selection of beautiful clothes for every occasion that you’re going to see on top bloggers and Instagram girls! Can’t go wrong here, ever.



My new fave top and shoes!

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These silk camis are my new obsession!  They look good with so many different bottom/ sweater / jacket combinations and they can be dressed up or dressed down!  They’re honestly so versatile.  I love them with cut-offs for summer and I can dress them up with heels and a smokey eye when I go out.   They create the perfect base for a super easy go-to outfit!

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Top from Nordstrom sale, sold out 😦 but similar, here. / Shorts / Shoes

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So on to my shoooessssss! Meet my new favorite pair of summer sandals!  These are from Olive and June. It’s a nail salon in LA that does super cute manis.  (here’s mine)  I absolutely love these because they are pedicure friendly!  I’ve only ever worn rubber slippers to a pedicure so I really love how chic these are and how many outfits they’ll look amaze with.  They can be tied a number of different ways.  I’m excited to see how else I can tie them but I really love them the way I have them tied. They’re super comfy and they don’t need to retied constantly.  I went a good 7 hours before I retied them only because I was shoe shopping and trying stuff on. Hahahahaha, too typical.