I want what she’s having…

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I love sneakers and at the moment, old school styles are really going strong.  I had a pink pair of Nike Cortez’s in 2nd grade and they’re back!  I love the full on red, white and blue, Forrest Gump Cortezs and the styling opportunities are endless.  They give a basic tee and shorts the kind of vibes I want!  Here is some inspo I’ve found on my favorite place, pinterest. 

Bisous Natasha

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Red Hot

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Prestos // pic via hypebae

I haven’t seen a ton of sneakers lately that I’ve loved.  I look for sneakers that 1. I love, 2. that aren’t totally basic or 3. are a right of passage for people who like sneakers, so Stan Smith and NMDs. That being said, I’m OBSESSED with these!  I love the Red October color way, these are called Max Orange a lil different but like cousin status. I want them SO bad, ugh.  If you live somewhere warm get them and wear them for me because theres snow on the ground at school and that will screw up the leather. 😒


These shoes….

I’m so freakin obsessed with these shoes. Looking at them makes me soo happy!!! Rihanna started the whole funny slide trend and I was iffy at first and now I’m like uhh.. it’s biggest advocate? Sorta. The fur on the original Rihanna ones are not as fuzzy as these, and I love the fuzz.  Gimme alllllll da fuzz! These are from Jeffrey Campbell.  I feel like they make any outfit 10xs better and that is magic!  A pair of shoes hasn’t made me this excited in a while.  I’m gonna wear them everyday while I’m home because not even the fur will keep me warm in the snow when I go back to school. Time to find snowboots that make me this happy. Haa

NYC photo diary!

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This wall practically begs you to come take a picture in front of it so I
 happily obliged… aaannndddddd did not realize till I looked at the picture after the fact that I look JUST LIKE the michelin tire man.  (love this coat so much tho)
I don’t go home to LA for Thanksgiving because its a short break so I come to see my cousin^ and aunt in the city.  I’m so blessed to have them! 

I love Union Square park and it’s little craft fair. So festive, everybody should go!   I also love candid pictures better than posed ones. 


I’m so happy with my hair at this point.  The length, color, I’ve perfected how I style it… and naturally now I wanna change it up again. Shame on me.

The prettiest mural in Little Italy! 

I’ve wanted to go to Kith for sooooo long and I’m obsessed. The girls store is legit the size of a shoe box but I’ll happily squeeze in for shoes. 
Adidas NMD / Nike Lunarcharge
Freakin Black Friday and nothing I bought was on sale. Such a me move. But I love both shoes I got!!! I still can’t get over the fact that I just walked into a store and found NMDs in my size.  The shoes look similar but I don’t even care and I obviiiii need to own both! 
Found these hammocks just outside the Flatiron building.  They’re held up by glowing poles so the lighting is great.  Good vibes. 

A case for black high top vans…

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Express sweater, lululemon pants, Vans sneakers 
Sneakers have totally taken charge and won over the fashion world.  They’re everywhere and I say it’s my most favorite trend probably ever… up there with overalls and gauchos…. (I’m talking to those Limited Too ones I had that were green and tied at the waist… in like third grade.)  Now with sneakers being so worldly right now, the problem leads to originality and lack there of, really.  
It started with the wedge sneaker… Stan Smith and anything Adidas. White sneakers. Lets throw in the black Nikes that go with everything in there. (Ahem, Roshes)  The slip on sneaker.   The platform sneaker.  I’ve jumped on board with all of it.  I own multiples of all of it. But I want to feel like I have my own style.  I hate doing what everyone else does and I don’t want whats all over instagram.. but then maybe I do because I own all of it?  This year, I want to find my own way of doing everything. I like these high top Vans because they’re on trend but I feel like I can tackle it in my own way.  They’re super comfy and $55, I don’t know what they do wrong.  

Stan my Man

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Hello friends!  Soooooooo if you read my blog, you know that I’m a hardcore shoe gal.  Always talking about them, always wanting new ones.  I got the original white and green pair like a month ago after finally finding them in my size! They rocked in New York, especially with all the walking I did.  I know every girl who sorta likes fashion has them and they’ve reached the point of being over done, basic, typical but I don’t care.  I love them and they’re the most comfortable shoe ever.  (Are you thinking, “good cause you have 3 pairs.” ? hahah)  
So heres the story about these new two… Theres rose gold Stan Smith out (they’re called coppers but rose gold sounds classier ;)) and I went to 7 different stores in New York (Black friday weekend) trying to find them.  I figured if I can’t find them in New York then theres no hope, right? Well, I have weirdly small feet, 6.5 in Stan Smith (I’m actually quite proud) so no one had the rose gold in my size.  I tried on other colors but I didn’t love. I thought maybe white with rose gold accents.  But I wasn’t feeling it.  I especially didn’t want to settle because I really wanted the rose gold…or something better. The last store I decided to look in was the big Adidas store in Soho (theres 2!) and they didn’t have copper but I saw these two pairs.  I liked them because they were different looking and had texture.  They had shine but weren’t flashy like the rose gold. I looked at the price and they were only $34 each!!! So I was totally like I have to try them on thats so cheap… Figuring they probably would only have the massive sizes left….they had both so I got both!  Hahahaha. It ended up working out perfectly!  I only really wear black and grey now so these are perfect.  And honestly, if I’m shopping on Black friday I want a good deal.  So I got everything I wanted. Good day. 

Stan Smith

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Stan Smith Adidas 

I know anyone and everyone that has ever read a fashion blog has these sneakers.  I’ve been looking for them since my junior year of high school!  I love adidas, they just run huge so I have a hard time finding my size.  These Pharrell adidas were HELLLLLA cool but so hard to find. They say nothing haunts you like the stuff you don’t buy. Ain’t that the truth. I will say no one at my school has them…. but then the amount of Sperrys worn there outnumber the student population sooooooooo.    :/

Shoe Diaries

I was already smitten with this Valentino kitten heel and it’s so much better in sparkle.  I’m thinking Cinderella sorta vibes?  They’re really girly and my style isn’t girly at all but I’d love these with ripped boyfriend jeans and a grey sweater.  Gotta toughen em up. They’re dreamy and worth all the crap you’ll get for wearing sparkly shoes.  “Wow look at those!”  “Click your heels together!”  Just keep WALKING. 

These babies are MINE.  (side note: how the hell am I gonna bring all my shoes with me when I go to college?!…”You’re not” or so I’ve been told.  picture a thousand wide eyed emojis)  I’m over the Nike roshe runs now because they have become so mainstream and everyone has them.   These are Nike Huaraches.  AKA, literally the most comfy Nikes I’ve ever owned.  I want them in another color. muahahahah.  Only downside is these run small.  I wear a 7.5 in all my other nikes.  These are a 8.5. 
The Yeezy boosts.  I know these are harder to find then a dermatologist in the sun. Yeeeeeeeppp.   I saw 2 different people wearing these and I loooovvveeeee themmmmm. They look awesome in person.  Not to mention comfy and easy to wear with a bunch of different things.  
Lord knows how much I love tall boots, especially these Gianvito Rossi.  (if you’ve gotten this far, you’ll know I love every shoe and need to search for better adjectives) These are beauties.  I want to wear them with a tee shirts and jean shorts and act like I don’t care about anything.