Outfit thoughts..


Tomorrow is my 21st and my biggest concern is what to wear so I get a good picture! I’m loving, LOVING over the knee boots with shorts.   It’s not everyones cup of tea, I get that but its mine and I LOVE the look. Trying too look through my closet to see how I can rock it! I like when its more edgy rather then like instagram famous vibes if that makes sense?

Regardless of what you think of the Kardashians I LOVE the way Kendall is wearing her boots with shorts. This is a more casual version.


Chrissy Teigen’s is more night time appropriate so for my outfit I want it to be in the middle of the two.  Most likely need to dig around, do some laundry and get it together but love the look so so much and always have, always will. Can’t wait to recreate it!!!!

Pictures from pinterest!

I want what she’s having…

I love sneakers and at the moment, old school styles are really going strong.  I had a pink pair of Nike Cortez’s in 2nd grade and they’re back!  I love the full on red, white and blue, Forrest Gump Cortezs and the styling opportunities are endless.  They give a basic tee and shorts the kind of vibes I want!  Here is some inspo I’ve found on my favorite place, pinterest. 

Bisous Natasha

pic via Bisous Natasha


pic via bytezza

Quote of the Day

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The Holidays are approaching! Its my 34 emails I wake up to every morning from Gilt, Shoemint, Bloomies and Outnet, that give it away.  I just finished my last finals yesterday and now I am on break.  Woo Woo! I’m super sick though so I won’t be doing anything that fun. Just catching up on my blogroll and cleaning out my TiVo is always great. 
And so I say, Today, you will shine! 
My heart goes out to all the families at Sandy Hook.  You are in my prayers and thoughts everyday. 
Reece xx

Fall Outfit Inspiration!

Tumblr and Pinterest are two of my favorite places to find inspiration for outfits.  Both my pinterest and tumblr dashboards are filled with tons of fashion and beauty inspiration…. and one direction.  Both equally great for different reasons. hehe… This fall I really like the mixing of different prints.  I love the cropped, printed/color skinny jeans with cargo jackets and wedge sneakers/ankle boots. Its totally effortless and looks great.  Jeans are so much more then just plain blue, now you can get shiny ones to velvet ones to brocade jeans.  Cords are also really cute too! 
  I think beanies are great for fall/winter and I would love to incorporate them along with chunky scarves into my wardrobe.
  These outfits are perfect options for Southern California, whose fall/winter seasons are not horribly cold but not warm or mild either.
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Hope to see some outfits like this on my blog soon! 🙂
To the weekend that went by in the blink of an eye… I say to you, HAPPPPPPPY MONDAY!
Reece xx