Halloween Town

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Blank NYC Jacket // Topshop jeans // Steven Madden shoes 


I went to Salem, MA this weekend to explore the Halloweentown, spooky-vibes!  Salem is where the witch trials were held in the 1600s so it’s a historic town with a love for Halloween that goes all out with fairs, costumes, museums and events. To be honest I’ve never liked Halloween. I don’t like to be scared and I’m a baby with scary stuff so I do my best to avoid it.  I honestly thought Salem would be more fun then scary.. not sure why now but I was sooooo WRONG!

I was walking down the main street with my friends and one of those dressed up statues popped up and scared me so I jumped obviously, we all did and before I know it three guys in Chucky masks with knives are chasing me down the street. I ran in CVS until my friends came to get me and the Chucky masked freaks, preying on the scaredy cat, me, waited outside of CVS… staring me down so I had to run out of there too. Hahahahah. They have snapchats of me running down the street.  Funny now… not so much then but I can run pretty fast when I need to. hahahah.  Needless to say I was very happy when it was time to go home. Glad to have experienced Salem once but I think I’m all set with that.

Apple Picking!

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I went apple picking for the first time this weekend and it just adds to my list of why I love fall on the east coast! Fall is hardly anything on the west coast and we definitely don’t have apple picking in LA because there just isn’t enough room for apple orchards.  I’m so obsessed! I picked so many apples, I ate apple cider donuts and now I get why people love apple picking. For the donuts and pictures! I think it’ll be a new fall tradition. It’s so simple and special… and the donuts.

IMG_2351 2.jpg

HM sweater / Topshop Jeans / Steve Madden shoes 

Peep my lashes? I got extensions and my life is forever changed!


I think these are the Cortland apples. There is over 20 different kinds of apples like who knew that?!

IMG_2310 2

These shoes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they sure are mine! These are an amazing dupe for the Gucci ones.


Fuzzy sweater + 8 things!

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Jacket Forever 21 – similar / Sunnies 

1. I can count on about 3 fingers how many times I’ve gone to take pictures and have ended up with so many good ones I couldn’t decide what to post. These moments need to be capitalized and celebrated!!! MAJOR! and lots of hair grabs! 😂

2. I love fall on the east coast. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the leaves will ALWAYS be beautiful.  We don’t get fall like this in LA… not even sorta and for that I will never get sick of fall leaves. Every picture I can get with them I will!

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3. Fuzzy sweaters like mine are having a moment and I love this trend.  So soft, so comfy but just not the most flattering.  Fuzzies are a thicker material so it’ll make you look a little more puffy. I pair mine with slim pants so leggings, skinny jeans, slim fit  joggers! Something to give your legs shape to make up for the heavier top.  Currently living for a fuzzy coat/jacket with ripped jeans and sneakers.  It roughs it up, makes it edgier and sporty! All a win.

4. I live for my Quay x Desi High Key glasses. These are my second pair! I have the gold and  this army green color.  They’re massive and I love every second of it.


5. I threw out my coffee after this photo. Eye rollllll. I love dunks but they got rid of my butter pecan flavor and now nothing is good enough! I go through Starbs phases and I’m not in one currently.  I love a Venti Caramel Ice Coffee blended… blended is a game changer! And the Pink drink obvi but mehhh! Not feeling those. I’m stuck in a coffee rut and first world problems I get it but this has to happen to other people?!

6. Glossier is coming out with perfume!!! YOU! I’m pumped it’s supposed to smell like bae’s neck after his cologne has settled through out the day. I think bomb and sexy honestly.  If you order anything on the website you get a sample and I’m trying to be good but taunting meeeeeeee!

7. Rihanna holiday collection comes out Friday! Colourpop at Sephora comes out at the end of the month. I. LIVE. FOR. HOLIDAY MAKEUP RELEASES!  I think I’ll go for a holographic gloss from the Rihanna holiday launch but thats about it.  Maybe a glitter liner.  As for Sephora Colourpop I don’t know what it is but theres a 99.2% chance I’m going to want it.  Hoarding Sephora gift cards for that and it’s Colourpop so it’s cheap!






Skirt skirt

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Forever 21 Skirt // Nordstrom Cami // Steve Madden Boots. 

Hoping on the grain train.  It goes well with the shitty dorm, concrete tile background, hahah.  Another skirt from the girl who swore that she never wore them!  They’re not as easy as a romper honestly but I have a handful of shirts that’ll go with anything so I just choose from those.  It makes it look like I tried harder while I was getting dressed when I really didn’t. I wore this skirt with a lace cami which is simple enough but I really want to try it with a sweatshirt and make it more sporty!



I had the best luck of my life at Forever 21 this weekend and if your patient enough ( I never am)  or order online and return you can find great stuff!


Outfit thoughts..

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Tomorrow is my 21st and my biggest concern is what to wear so I get a good picture! I’m loving, LOVING over the knee boots with shorts.   It’s not everyones cup of tea, I get that but its mine and I LOVE the look. Trying too look through my closet to see how I can rock it! I like when its more edgy rather then like instagram famous vibes if that makes sense?

Regardless of what you think of the Kardashians I LOVE the way Kendall is wearing her boots with shorts. This is a more casual version.


Chrissy Teigen’s is more night time appropriate so for my outfit I want it to be in the middle of the two.  Most likely need to dig around, do some laundry and get it together but love the look so so much and always have, always will. Can’t wait to recreate it!!!!

Pictures from pinterest!

anti skirts

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Topshop Skirt / Forever 21 Bodysuit 

I never, ever wear skirts.  Like I can’t even remember the last time I even wore one.  It’s not that I dislike them but I’ve always been more of a romper girl. Denim skirts are all over the place at the moment and in an effort to not buy the same stuff over and over again here we are.  I love the black denim with the big belt…which comes out so its like two skirts in one. It’s sliming and high waisted asf so sign me uppppppp.  I can’t help but think how good it would look with a big ol’ Gucci belt.  everyone has one and I want one!!  Not saying I’ll wear skirts all the time now but I like this one so I got my feet wet and were good. Topshop has an the best selection of denim skirts!

Tube tops are back

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Happy 3-day weekend! It was my first weekend back at school so you know everyone goes all out!  I go out but I love staying in.  pajamas by 7 and snacks in bed nothing will ever beat that.

Nothing like posing next to a fridge to keep you humble, huh. Trying to make it a vibe.  Anyways! I love how easy tube tops are!  I like simple outfits and this one is that.  I wore a bright lip which if you know me I NEVER DO THAT so I really oversimplified everything and I love it!  I’m wearing Kylie x Koko doll and baby girl mixed.  I don’t like liquid lips or anything that isn’t a nude lip but I’m really liking this.  I love the way it compliments my skin with a tan! I have warm toned skin so I try to keep warm toned lippies.


Always adjusting I swear I need a freakin full body spanx suit ugh.

The top is PLT. The shorts are Topshop and they’re now onsale! The shoes are Dolce Vita. The lip is Kylie x Koko doll and baby girl mixed.

The dressing for class struggle

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V neck, zara shorts, mules.

I wore this exact outfit to class yesterday. (minus the purse, lol)  This picture is from the summer (pre haircut) so I’m outing myself as an outfit repeater but if you say you don’t you lie. 😉 This outfit is super easy and so easy to recreate for class and thats a A+ in my book.  I struggle between wanting to look cute to class and just throwing on lulus and a tee and going.  I will say I’m in college and I hate waking up early so lulus usually win but it does feel good to look ‘cute’ and put together.  I wear a lot of the same stuff and just switch it out in different combinations! You can’t bring everything you own to school and Lord knows I by more stuff while I’m here. A lot more.

Lately I’ve been in a rut with what I’m wearing.  I like a more edgy look and sometimes I’m better at it and sometimes not so much. My style is not girly or feminine at all! I like the sexy tomboy, sporty, edgy sort of look. And simple!  I need to try and get more back to that.

Today the Too Faced peaches and cream collection is out at Sephora!  It’s an exclusive there and its an all matte collection. I don’t go for mattes but I love the cream blush, bronzer and lipstick! Def need to make a trip to Sephora 😉 but I have a stack of textbooks on my desk / on their way to me that could buy that collection (grrr) so I want to go try them and see what I really like.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy makeup for a little bit but I don’t listen and I’m easily persuaded. Dang me. I also don’t really wear any to class (depending on the day) so again being a hoarder for beauty products. DASSSS ME!

T-shirts that make life easier…

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FullSizeRender 50

My favorite style is when I have trendy classics… sounds like an oxymoron but something current but also something classic that I can enjoy for a while. Think a basic black bandeau bodysuit.  Bodysuits are trendy but the idea is a classic.  I like when I have a statement piece to my outfit so I can simplify the rest because if you haven’t seen already I like keeping things simple!  And lastly I like when my outfit has edgier, sportier vibes.  I always consider my style to be more edgy and sporty then girly or preppy.  I don’t wear much color, definitely NO florals. I don’t own any, actually.

I strive for classic with sporty and edge. I like this outfit I’m wearing a lot but I wouldn’t say I’m sporty or edgy so then I wonder if it’s my style? But I feel like it is and I really like it. The shirt is the statement of the outfit.. it’s a basic, EASY t-shirt with the knotted, scrunch sort of look that elevates the t-shirt. It’s super flattering and so easy to pair with anything. Then I have my favorite cut offs that I wear the shit out of paired with my Olive and June pedicure sandals that I’m obsessed with.  I’m very picky about flat sandals and these aren’t too girl or proper. This look isn’t sporty but it’s not preppy either. I have said it before I have a hard time defining my style but I would say this is a section of my style.

FullSizeRender 51

Shirt / UO shorts / Olive and June sandals 

I love navy with a tan and this blonde hair! Living for it.  I always really wear black or grey and for that I tend to stray from navy because it doesn’t really match either of the two. I love navy for nail polish, it’s 100% my go to (no shimmer whatsoever.) and I need to start wearing more of it, too!

More easy t-shirts here, here and here. 

The instagram dreamboat that is Melrose Ave….

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Driving down Melrose is literally like passing an instagram photo op on every corner!  I love a good wall and there is tons, TONS, like on every corner.  Theres the Made in LA wall, a rainbow wall, the Paul Frank Pink Wall, wings, the Carerra Cafe wall… it’s endless!  And it’s totally photo friendly because you drive by and theres 15 other people out taking pictures in front of the wall! options and no shame.. I love! You could walk 5 blocks and have 5 + different walls. It’s insane.  It’s hard to find parking but it’s walking friendly!

It was funny because everyone taking pictures in front of the Made in LA wall were tourists so maybe not made in LA but doing it for the gram! There was a line to take pics in front of this wall!

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Shirt / Topshop Shorts / Dolce Vita Shoes 

Alfred’s coffee is THAT good.  Probably the best almond milk latte I’ve ever had. HUGE deal people.

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There’s a bunch of cute little sidewalk art and quotes like this so while you’re walking look up, around, down!



You have to literally stand on the street to get the whole wall so beware of the psycho LA Prius drivers lol.. really though.

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I love this and I truly believe it.  We all have to strive to be better and to make those around us better because we’re living in a country with an elected leader that endorses and condones hate, racism and breeds ignorance.  I don’t talk politics on my blog but I feel so strongly about this and I feel like we have to speak for what we feel!  There’s this quote from Dante’s Inferno ” The hottest places of hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.”  I’ve always loved Dante’s Inferno and this will always stick with me.