The instagram dreamboat that is Melrose Ave….

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Driving down Melrose is literally like passing an instagram photo op on every corner!  I love a good wall and there is tons, TONS, like on every corner.  Theres the Made in LA wall, a rainbow wall, the Paul Frank Pink Wall, wings, the Carerra Cafe wall… it’s endless!  And it’s totally photo friendly because you drive by and theres 15 other people out taking pictures in front of the wall! options and no shame.. I love! You could walk 5 blocks and have 5 + different walls. It’s insane.  It’s hard to find parking but it’s walking friendly!

It was funny because everyone taking pictures in front of the Made in LA wall were tourists so maybe not made in LA but doing it for the gram! There was a line to take pics in front of this wall!

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Shirt / Topshop Shorts / Dolce Vita Shoes 

Alfred’s coffee is THAT good.  Probably the best almond milk later I had. HUGE deal people.

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There’s a bunch of cute little sidewalk art and quotes like this so while you’re walking look up, around, down!



You have to literally stand on the street to get the whole wall so beware of the psycho LA Prius drivers lol.. really though.

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I love this and I truly believe it.  We all have to strive to be better and to make those around us better because we’re living in a country with an elected leader that endorses and condones hate, racism and breeds ignorance.  I don’t talk politics on my blog but I feel so strongly about this and I feel like we have to speak for what we feel!  There’s this quote from Dante’s Inferno ” The hottest places of hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.”  I’ve always loved Dante’s Inferno and this will always stick with me.

Statement tops!!!

Los Angeles, outfit

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I love statement tops because they make dressing the lower half of your body so dang easy.  Just keep it simple and you’re good.  I love when getting dressed is that easy and I try to buy things that I know I can style in a number of different ways!  It’s my outfit/shopping philosophy.

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Shirt is Irene’s Story, Shorts are UO, Shoes are Cole Haan

On another note, I’m definitely not the tallest or skinniest person in the world! I’ve always, always wanted long legs and my legs are thicker and more athletic so I try really hard to find stuff to make them look skinnier!  Wearing simple, nude colored shoes is so good at elongating the leg.  If you’re wearing jeans, matching booties to the color of your pants is also super elongating!  Usually ankle straps cut off the leg and make them look stubby but it’s ok here because its a nude color.  I also look for shorts with an extra big leg opening because the extra fabric and space make you’re legs look slimmer!  I sound like a nut but it works!




Instagram round up!

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I love to share what I love so here’s an instagram round up of what I’ve been loving for my face /body / feet.  love love love love 😂

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I got this cardigan and silk cami from the Nordstrom Sale.  I love the two separately and together! Shorts are One Teaspoon.  I don’t get much wear out of them because they’re flamingo pink but when you have the right top they’re so cute!

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Back on my stoooooop! I love this top and I’m wearing my new Topshop jeans that fit like  a dream.  And my favorite shoes I own in every color.

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I’ve been wanting these shoes for forever! Every blogger has them so naturally they sold out but I was able to snag them on sale at  Meant to be!!!

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Sephora has some amazing point rewards at the moment!  You know they’re good when you place an online order just to redeem points!

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One shoulder appreciation post!

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1) One shoulder is so much better then off the shoulder because you don’t spend the whole day adjusting it!  I am 100% in.

2) I got this hat at Nordstrom to reach the spending limit at the mall to get free parking. 😂 I’m so extra but how cute is it?!

3) I love this outfit.  I feel like I’m getting better at doing casual cute.

4) I love a good wall and this one is so cute!  It looks like a different wall in each picture. This wall is in Venice, CA.

5) I want to get some new blouses / rompers and I can’t find any I love and it gives me anxiety. Am I the only one like this?!

6) I’ve had a few Sephora visits lately so a haul post is coming your way….. I’d love to make a video but I’m a chicken.  Hoping for one day!

7) My dodgers are on fire and I LOVE it!

8) I’m writing this post in bed with a bottle of tums sitting next to me 99.5555% of what I eat gives me heart burn!

9) I am part of the 1% of the population that hasn’t seen Game of Thrones. I’m currently watching Naked and Afraid lololololol. What a weird show.

10) My brother told me he’s been using my new shampoo and he really likes the smell… come to find out he is using my $24 Moroccan oil clarifying shampoo!!!!!!!! OMG you’re supposed to use that once a week and homeboy uses it twice a day.  Smh.



Hat. Sunnies. Top, similar. Shorts. Shoes. 

FullSizeRender 39.jpg

If you’ve made it this far you know the blog looks different!  I wanted the pictures to look bigger and be more of the focus SO just scroll down for categories, tabs, and socials!



Bell sleeves appreciation post


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Irene’s story top / Levis shorts / Catherine Malandrino random, TJ Maxx find shoes

Bell sleeves are the best sleeves, ever.  I LOVE them! I love long sleeves to begin with and they just reinforce that love.  This top is very 70s and I’m really feeling it! It laces up with ruffles in the front and has ruffles on the sleeves and while I like ruffles, (say ruffles one more time) I love making them less girly with vintage cut offs and loafers. Aka making them more my style! I have a hard time defining my style but I see this outfit and I’m like this is my style.

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So that’s all we have for Monday.  I’m gonna be getting my hair done soon and trying to figure out what I want to do next.  Thinking more brown since the whole point of cutting my hair was so that it would finally be healthy and grow long!


My Ulta Haul motto

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Vintage tee / Zara Shorts / Birkenstocks

My shirt says ‘Go for it’ which is exactly my attitude towards Ulta Hauls. Hahahah. I will gladly walk out with half of the store. I got a lot but the lady shoved it into the smallest bag like doesn’t she know the big bags make for better photos!?! PS if you look closely you can see all the swatches on my hand. Am I the only one?!

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Batiste Dry Shampoo in Bare. My 20th can, I use this stuff day and night. This scent smells like high end perfume! I am obsessed.

Clinique Take off the Day makeup remover. HOLY MOLY. Since using the waterproof L’oreal mascara, I’ve never been able to fully remove it from my lashes! I’ve tried washes, wipes and makeup remover.  This stuff finally did the job!  Its INSANELY good.  A little goes a long way and I 10/10 recommend it.

Dry Bar Triple Sec. I started using this again after I cut my hair and I love it for a beachy texture with my shorter hair. I love that it doesn’t make your hair feel sticky or tangled. Since its Drybar it smells dreamy and it works as a texture spray/dry shampoo/hair refresher! I use the Batiste solely as my dry shampoo for greasy roots and then this more so for texture, refresher and scent.

It’s a 10 miracle leave in.  I love leave in sprays and I have heard nothing but good things about this so I’m excited to try!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in Bad to the Bronze. I love using an eyeshadow pot because it’s stays put, is easy and is done with the swipe of a finger.  I have the Revlon version so I wanted to compare it to this one!  I really like a subtle smokey eye and I think this will be perfect and easy for the day!

NYX Plush Lip. I saw this on instagram and it’s basically a glossy lipstick and I’m always on the hunt for an easy gloss.  The color is a nude / pink and you can never have too many of those. 😉

For next time! I sprayed this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess perfume on my shirt/ hair and I keep getting whiffs of it and I am OBSESSED.  It smells warm, sweet and sexy and I want it rn.

Green Silk Cami pt 3

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unNsale Cami, similar that I love / UO Shorts / OTK Boots 


Here is my last post on the cami + cut -offs duo!  (Here’s how I styled the white and black one.) But not promising that this duo won’t be on the blog again. 😆 I love the way OTK boots just take an outfit to the next level.  They make a big impact so I like to keep them paired with simple outfits because then they make them not so simple.   I love this outfit for going out!  I would totally wear it and you don’t have to shave you legs with the boots. 😏 I really love the green color of this cami too. Definitely a good buy.

This picture is before I cut my hair! I have a few long haired pictures left. My hair looks deceptively good in the 1st picture but don’t be fooled it was bad. So bad I don’t even miss it.  I’m so happy I cut it because it feels so healthy and I honestly like styling a beachy, long bob.  Lastly, sorry this post is a tad late!  If you saw on instagram I was at the Dodger game last night and got back super late. I love the Dodgers and I rarely miss a game on TV when I’m home so I LOVE being able to go to the game and watch! It was such a good game last night and I honestly ate baseball food the whole time so it was a win, win. Literally! 😊

Staple Pieces pt. 2

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Another lace cami and cut offs combo.  I’m rolling my eyes too but I feel like both items are such great staple pieces that I get so much use out of!  And wouldn’t I be a bad blogger if I didn’t show you ALL of my Nordstrom Sale pieces!  Because you’re not already sick of that, right! 😂  I love staple pieces and this combo has honestly become my summer uniform.  I change up the colors/ accessories so that it doesn’t look like the same entire look all the time. Hahah. I just love throwing on something cute on and being able to go!  I’m lazy and wearing a Catholic school girl uniform for 12 years has obviously left its mark!  Here’s the white cami in a more casual way, here! 


These shoes are my staple ankle boots! These are Rag and Bone and I absolutely love the way they look and how many different things I can wear them with.  So worth it and I have no shame in wearing them all the time! I think they look better with wear and I love that because I don’t feel like I have to be gentle with them!


Nsale cami, sold out 😦 maybe in stores! similar. / shorts / boots. 


When you find a lucky penny.  😂  It was actually a quarter and I’m so not against picking those up!



Band tees and fur slides!

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My friend and I just drive around looking for cute walls to take pictures in front of! We spot a cute wall and its like pull over, turn back, there, go!! Hahah.  Finding lots of pinks walls lately.  I want to do a post of instagram worthy walls in LA so I hope to have that in a month or 2!

1) It’s obvious now that cut-offs are my summer staple. I shamelessly wear them on repeat and just switch out the shoes and top.

2) These shoes are my favorite ever!  I also own them in pink and black so I’m just really good at buying stuff I don’t need.  😜 Haha.  These are my favorite though they have a platform and are a little more dressy then the locker slides. They’re by Sam Edelman!

3) I love band tees but don’t ask me to name a song. 😫 I am a poser.

4) My hair is practically brown now and I’m going to have to dye it back to full brown instead of getting the roots done because so much has broke off. 😢 It makes me sad thinking about it, I love my blonde hair.

5) I haven’t seen much sun this summer but I’m using this St. Tropez in the shower wash off tan and it works so well! I’m obsessed.  But it oddly smells horrible when it goes on and leaves you smelling amazing when it washes off. Still trying to figure that out.

6) These are my brother’s sunglasses that he left in my car and I’m sorta hoping they stay  there and end up making there way to MA when I leave for school. Does that make me an asshole?  hahah. I’ve had them for a month and he hasn’t noticed!


Brandy Melville Tee . UO shorts. Sam Edelman Shoes. Topshop sunnies.

7) Trying to switch up my outfits for the blog.  Thinking more dressy?  Also wanting to expand on beauty. Maybe tutorials?

8) Nordstrom Sale is live for everyone today! Here’s my picks.


20+ best online shops for cute/trendy clothes!

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I love online shopping!! Especially for big stores like Forever 21 and Topshop because navigating the store is overwhelming and they’re usually messy and crowded.   I much prefer lying in bed with the tv on and browsing! I mostly online shop for dresses, rompers and going out clothes like bodysuits.  Being in college, I wear these pieces a lot and I don’t have to splurge on them because they’re trendy and aren’t pieces I’m going to be wearing a lot!   I have a list of stores that are always my go-to and are the perfect stop for all my clothing needs!

The one-stop shops: Buy jeans, t-shirts, bodysuits and date night dresses.

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This dress is from Asos.

ASOS.  Asos has lots of good stuff to pick from. It’s overwhelming how much they have! They do student discounts that you sign up for with your school email. It’s currently 20% off and they have everything from going out clothes to job clothes!

River Island.  This British based brand has a good variety of trendy clothes that will cover all your bases!



Topshop Bodysuit

Topshop!  I love Topshop and if you’re not near one the website is great.  I prefer it!  It has a great variety of basics, festival clothes, dressier pieces and going out clothes that are always on trend. They have a 10% student discount if you show your ID.

Lulus. Cute, casual day time clothes!



Forever 21 dress

Forever 21.  I have to add this to the list! It’s consistently stocked with trendy, cheap clothes that work for a number of different occasions.  Every girl owns something from Forever!

Loveculture. Similar to Forever 21. This website has super cute clothes for casual and going out situations!

Nastygal. Great day to night options and statement pieces. Nasty gal is little bit pricier but I like it personally because I think it’s a little bit more unique!

The party clothes: The go -to for bodysuits, body con and stuff that’ll make you look hot on the gram. 😉


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Pretty Little Thing Bodysuit

Pretty Little Thing.  This store is great for going out clothes! It’s super trendy and offers a great selection of bodysuits and bodycon dresses!  I describe it as the edgy, street, Kylie, Kim, Khloe, trendy sort of vibes/ looks.  Even if that isn’t what you like, they have a great selection of stuff that can work for a number of different styles!  They almost always have 40-50% off the whole website!  I’ve ordered from there and I was really impressed with what I got.  It just took a long time to get to me.


Missguided.  Again, this is a trendy shop with good going out clothes.  Think backless bodysuit.  Matching sets. Bodycon dresses. They have 40-50% off stewed often too!

Necessary Clothing.  Sexy, trendy clothing.  Very similar to Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. This is on the more casual side. Think cute instagram outfits!

Fashionnova.  Ahh. I’ve never ordered anything from here! It’s big on instagram and they definitely nail very trendy, sexy, going out clothes. This store is what instagram baddie outfits are made of.

The almost too good to be true. Like too cheap and too cute.

Shein. This store remakes trendy, expensive clothes and sells them for super cheap.  I haven’t ordered anything from here but I’ve heard from bloggers who have had good luck with it!  The clothes look like what you would find on the Revolve website honestly.  Super cute and trendy.  Not so sure about the quality.  I recommend that if you buy something, stick to the ones that are reviewed and backed up with pictures of the products from customers. It ships from China so I’ve heard that it takes a long time to get here.  I wouldn’t recommend shopping here if you’re going to want to return what you don’t want. It ships from China and won’t be worth it!

Romwe. Very similar to Shein.  Your first order is 60% off which is insane. This is super similar to Shein.  Remakes of expensive clothes that ships from China.  Amber from got an order from Romwe and she was happy with what she received. If you want to return what you don’t like this is probably not the store for you because it ships from China.

Tobi.  Tobi sends out 50% off you entire order emails like it’s no ones business. My roommate loves to shop here!  The clothes are super cute and you can find stuff to wear to class or to a party.

The Higher Fashion Picks. 

Princess Polly. I LOVE this online store.  The pieces here are trendy, unique and not what you’re gonna find at every store.  Its Australian and a little bit more expensive then the other websites.  Like $60 for a romper.  Youtubers and bloggers have coupon codes for it that’ll bring the price down.  Legit every thing on the website is so cute.

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Zara top and shorts!

Zara.   Great for high fashion picks and runway dupes! If you saw an Alexander Wang top that you must have but don’t have $600 for, look here. You’ll be happily surprised.

Pixie Market. This stuff is what you’re going to be seeing on fashion girls. They dupe designer goods.  Think Chloe-esque tops and chic vacation wear for $100 that are still classic looking. Some more so than others.

If you want something high quality for a special occasion I love Shopbop and Revolve.  They have amazing selections with beautiful clothes that you’re gonna see on top bloggers and instagram girls!