Weekend of Outfits

I love showing my personal style I just am rarely wearing something other then lulus and a sweatshirt. I have to take advantage of the moments when I’m dressed up!  My best friend turned 21 this weekend so we stayed at a hotel in Faneuil Hall and bar hopped. Super fun girls weekend and I love getting a chance to dress up and take pictures. I’m lowkey a grandma but I’ll get up to put on heels and take a picture.


Top – similar Forever 21 // Topshop Jeans // Dolce Vita shoes.

The shoes are super girly so the jeans rough it up…though not looking so flattering in the crotch area.  Mules are also my favorite shoes to wear. I always get blisters so I love a free heel sitch. I want these ones so bad! Also peep my Sephora bag…soaking up the last weekend of the sale. What I got will be up soon!


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Dress is Forever 21, Shoes are Kendall and Kylie

This dress is really stepping out of my comfort zone! It’s white with hearts so girly and way more feminine then what I go for. I love it with the pointed toe boots since it edges it up! Also have 4 layers of self tan on since it’s white and New England decides to snows in April.

These shoes — soo hard to walk on the cobble stone!

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Spring Break / LA Recap

I made it back to school in New England just in time for a nor’easter.  I didn’t even know what that was until last week! I miss home but the snow day I’m 97% positive I’ll be having tomorrow makes me feel a hint better. 😉


It wouldn’t be a trip to LA w/o a good wall.  Its so corny, basic, whatever.. I like a good wall. This one was on 3rd across the street from Vanderpump Dogs, down the street from the Grove! Hope that helps hahah. Its a #lovewall and they’re all over LA.

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I love a good shelfie!! I wish this was all mine but I got my mom hooked on Drunk Elephant so some of this is hers.


Its not LA without avocado toast and I got the BEST avocado toast at Jon & Vinnys on Fairfax.  Its a bitch to get too location wise and there is no parking except on the street and if you know Melrose/Fairfax, thats impossible.  The food is AMAZING. I drove around looking for a parking spot for 45 mins and it was 10000% worth it.  It was some of the best food I’ve had in LA in a while. I recommend the avocado toast, the meatballs and the spicy vodka fusilli.


Every time I make a trip somewhere I have to go to Sephora! I never need an excuse to go to that store. I have some new faves. My Nars soft matte concealer – its awesome. My Nudestix rock n roll liner in bronze patina – the color is gorgeous, its super hard to use the roller ball. ABH Amrezy highlighter – if you like smooth highlighters this is for you, though its not as intense as I expected!

The Essence mascaras are an Ulta buy and I’m really liking them! They’re only $5 and so impressive.


The best sign on the wall at Doheny Room in Weho.

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The prettiest window in Weho!

Cut offs and polka dots


Free People shirt old, similar // UO shorts // Olive June sandals. 

Hellllllooo!! I’m back home and super happy to be in warm weather. I have to give a shout out to the ultra dark Loving Tan because my legs were pastyyyyyyy asf.

I am watching the Bachelor Finale as I write this and I didn’t watch this season regularly but enough to know what was going on. I FEEL SO BAD FOR BECCA. Poor, poor girl.  He was like I’ll always choose you.  Give homeboy two weeks he wants the next girl. BAD. He sucks and his hands are freaky.

I did a Sephora Haul and I got the NARs creamy concealer and the Ole Henrikson Banana eye cream.  Pumped to try both!!!! Those will be on the blog soon. 🙂

OOTN + 10 things


1. It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! 🙂

2. So 2 new obsessions as of lately: I’ve been wearing my Gucci belt on repeat just as I expected. I always veer towards simpler outfits and it just makes everything look better!  I’ve also been lovingggg wrap tops. They’re super flattering and they’re hot!  Depending on how they’re tied you can make it more day or night friendly.

This top is from the brand Lush in the BP section at Nordstrom.  I can’t find it online but heres some similar ones / ones I’m lusting over!

wrap shirts: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 

3. I’m going home Saturday for spring break and I literally cannot wait!!! I’m so excited to see my dog, eat In n Out, go shopping and drink all my non-dairy option coffees! Hahahah.

4. My best friend is coming home with me too! They’ll be lots of shopping, eating good food, tanning and taking pictures.  Lotsa outfit pictures coming soon.  I miss doing them and so excited to get back into it!

5. I’m so excited for Colourpop going into Ulta! I will say I thought the selection would be better but I’m definitely excited to get my hands on the eye shadow palettes and some new super shock shadows!

6. I cannot wait to try oat milk when I’m home. It’s so LA! Dare I say almond milk is becoming the new soy milk?  Idk yet but I’m excited to try it hahaha. I love non-dairy milk options! Speaking of coffee the new peanut butter cookie flavor at Dunks is my jam.

7. I’m on the look out for a cute pair of flatform wedges. I like this pair but they’re super sold out.

8. Dodgers are at Spring training and I’m SO excited for baseball season to start up again. Matt Kemp is a Dodger again and I loved him when he was with the Dodgers around 2012ish.  So happy he’s back.

9. I need more highlighter like I do a hole in my head but I was watching a youtube video on the new Anastasia BH x Amrezy highlighter and its supposed to be amazing.  I’m so buying it.

10. I’m not a TV girl but I love watching youtube videos.  My favorite youtubers are Olivia Jade, Allana Davison, Violette_Fr, Laura Lee, Manny MUA and Desi Perkins. I also love Kelly Strack, Juicy Jas, Tasha Farsaci and Danielle Carolan.

I just watched Aimee Song’s video with Eva Chen on growing your instagram.  I love both of them and if you blog or instagram it is a MUST watch.

I’m also obsessed with Shea Marie and Caroline Vreeland’s Come Undone Fashion week video series.  I LOVE THEM! They’re so real and not to mention, they dress so well.  I love following them around Fashion Week and seeing what behind the scenes truly looks like.

Boston for a day!


Target Sweater // Paige Jeans // Frye Boots 

It’s been a hot sec since I did one of these!  I’m so happy giddy tying this out currently! Lol.  I go to school right outside of Boston and I don’t take advantage of that enough. It’s a great city and I can say I could totally see myself living there! Just not sure I’ll ever make it there, I’m a NY girl, but I really enjoyed it!  I was in Boston to go to Prudential center because I wanted to get a Gucci belt and thats the perfect place since they have Saks, Neiman Marcus and a Gucci boutique. Gucci belts are hard to track down size wise so I ended up having to order it.  Sad because I’m an instant gratification sort of girl and I planned to wear the belt with this outfit for a picture. Hahahahah.  It’ll be here this week so theres something to look forward too. I love buying classic pieces that I can wear with everything and that totally elevate a simple look I’ve been wanting one for SO long so I already know it will be all over the blog / instagram! 🤷🏽‍♀️


Prudential Center has a MASSIVE Sephora so I always go when I’m there. I found the Farsali jelly highlighter there and I’m so excited to try that out and talk about it on the blog.  I tried not to buy beauty products for the month of January and I failed. 😦 I’m not even mad.  It’s hard to run a beauty blog and not buy products. I want to try again at some point because I have to prove to myself that I can do it. Haha. It’s psychological at this point!

I got this sweater at Target of all places. I stray from Target clothes because I feel like they don’t wear to well but this is really good quality.  I think because its chenille material.  It can get tricky washing so I try not to wash it if I don’t have too. It’s $24 online, I found it in store for $12! It’s definitely worth buying either way!


Where’s Waldo Sweater


HM sweater // topshop jeans // PourlaVictoire booties

I can’t remember the last time I wore stripes!  I don’t like prints and stripes scare me.  My mom always told me horizontal stripes are not flattering, they make you look wider and this has always stuck with me.  Stripes also give me Where Waldo vibes! I saw this sweater at HM… on sale $10 which is insane thats like $3 more than my lattes! hmph! I figured its the perfect way for me to try stripes again and I think I really like it.  I like it with the loser fitting jeans and I originally paired this with gold slip ons and that made me look nautical/momish…yikes!  The silver croc booties give this the perfect edge, French almost, simple sort of look which I really like.  If I’m wearing stripes it CERTAINLY won’t be in a nautical or preppy sort of way.

My goal for 2018 is to get better with photographs of my outfits! I always feel so awkward taking these. 😆

LA winter!


One of the best parts of Christmas vacation is leaving the cold and snow and coming home to warm weather.  I loveeee me an LA winter! Shorts and sweaters are my favorite combo because I love sweaters and its a good way to incorporate some fall/ winter clothes with warmer weather. I was even hot in the sweater but you need to embrace some type of seasonal clothing! Its not everyones cup of tea but its mine. 🙂

Reece Tip: If I’m wearing ankle boots with shorts I try to always go for a tan pair because I’m short and have thicker legs.  A black pair will make you look stalkier and will shorten your legs even more while a nude pair will elongate the leg. Sounds crazy but it works!

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Nordstrom Rack Sweater // UO shorts // Dolce Vita boots

I was on Melrose to go to the Revolve Beauty Pop up and the rainbow wall is on the same block as the shop. Melrose has great walls and its not even embarrassing to take pictures because everyone else is too! You may have to wait in line for a wall though. Seriously.

Btw, these pictures are all scattered through different places on Melrose!


Alfred’s coffee makes one of the best almond milk lattes in LA I personally think.  Its a pain to get too but I have to go every time I’m in the area.



I have been doing this blonde, grown out brown look for over a year now and I think I want to go back to brown!  I LOVE blonde but it destroys my hair. I want it to grow so I think going back to brown will give it a break because its wayyyy less maintenance.