The Little Black Romper

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This is the last bit of NY photos.  I have a lot of pictures in this outfit and I like them all so here they are.  Scroll!!

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I love this romper so much.  Everyone needs to own a little black romper!   The last time I wore it was on my birthday and I need to wear it more!  I love the sleeves.  It’s so comfortable.  It looks like a dress.  It has POCKETS.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  I got it last summer at No Rest for Bridget.  I’m bummed because I love it so much but can’t find the exact romper to link. Here are some similar ones herehere and this one which I also just got. This one is the same exact silhouette (smocked, sleeves, off the shoulder, pockets, straps) in a floral print.

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Street walking pictures are way harder than they look!

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Celine Sunnies // Rachel Zoe flats


Helloo Bryant Park! I’ve also decided day 3 hair is my best hair.


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Thrasher Hoodie // Jeans // Shoes

Loved my numbered lists so here we gooooooooo:

  1. Just a chill outfit one day in NY.
  2. I like my Thrasher hoodie and I’ll own it I don’t freakin skateboard.  I read an article about the founder of Thrasher bashing Rihanna and Justin Bieber for wearing the brand because they’re “clowns” that don’t skate.  Apparently blood has to be shed via eating shit skateboarding to be worthy of wearing the flames across your chest.  The brand itself sorta carries that exclusive club sorta vibe and people get salty if you wear it and don’t skate.  My brother bought the wrong size so I took it.  I vibe with it so I’m gonna keep wearing it.  Street wear is fashion without rules! Do what you like, no salt needed.
  3. I cannot say enough good things about these shoes!!! I wore them in NY without ANY complaints.  They’re so comfy and easy to walk in.  My feet didn’t even hurt from walking 5 miles like thats how GOOD they are. I stupidly wore sneakers without socks one day and got blisters so these were a dream after because my heal is free and untouched in them.  If you look close at my foot you can see my red blister. The only thing is your feet may get dirty.  I just showered so it was fine and they weren’t very dirty but it happens.
  4. I love donuts.  My absolute favorite is Dough donuts on 19th in the Flatiron district. I love their chocolate the most but any of them are a good choice, honestly!  I wanted to try a new place so I went to Doughnut Plant on 23rd.  They’re supposed to be up their with Dough and one of the best donuts in the city but I wasn’t super impressed.  They do have vegan donuts; the banana was really good!   But I prefer Dough 100%.  The pink ice tea though, which I am sipping in my pic is SO good. It’s fruity and light so go to a donut shop for ice tea. Hahah.  The donuts aren’t bad, its still a donut but I prefer Dough.  The shop is so cute though and the wall is decorated with donut shaped pillows!
  5. Fitbit front and center like I told you.
  6. Sephora is having 15% off for the VIB spring sale. Ends on the 24th!  VIBSPRING or BISPRING will work for the codes. Naturally I want one of everything because I hoard beauty products. My cart is at $676 currently.  😗

The hoodie dress

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I love New York city!!!! I think I’m going to live here after school.  I love walking around and seeing where it takes you.  You get the best pictures that way too because you never know whats gonna be around the corner!  My fitbit got at least 16,000 steps everyday (thank god because I ate donuts like every day) so I walked a ton!!! It looks goofy but I’m gonna have it on in every picture.

So I wore this dress first, here.  I loved that outfit so much and I really thought that was it for this dress. Especially because it was so memorable.  I was wrong!  This dress is so comfy and easy so I’m happy I found a casual way to wear it. And as for the yellow sunnies: they don’t do shit for blocking out the sun but I’m their biggest fan so I will continue to wear them.


Could not have asked for better weather while I was here. Shave your legs weather is back!


Looking for the cars that may take me out while I get my picture!!


Forever 21 Dress // Stan Smith sneakers ( so great for walking) // yellow sunnies 

Life through gold colored glasses…

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colourpop lip pencil in bff2 / yellow sunglasses

I’m in NY for Easter break!! It’s been the craziest week because I didn’t end up getting the housing at school that I thought I would get for next year so its been a big cluster trying to figure that out.  But I’m here and I’m SO happy to be away from that and not even thinking about it.  I’ve just been shopping and eating a lot of guacamole and that right there is the ticket to supreme Reece happiness so I’ll just keeping doing that.  I love anywhere I can go and wear my yellow sunnies! They don’t block the sun but I love the look.  Forget the rose colored glasses it’s all about life through gold colored glasses!

Cookies of NYC!

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When I was in NYC over Thanksgiving break I burdened myself with the task of finding the best cookie in NY!  I’m a total chocolate chip cookie girl.  They’re my favorite food and I’m happily obliged.
Insomnia Cookies – Chocolate chip, Chocolate M&M, Sugar.
  These are a 10 when it comes to convenience.  They can be delivered hot & fresh right to your door!  These weren’t my favorite… I was counting on these to be a hit, especially since they’re hot.  These are crunchy on the edges and chewy in the middle.  They’re good but not great I would say… Although I did prefer them the morning after rather then the night of delivery… which sorta defeats their purpose of a hot delivery.. I give them 3 stars.
By Woops Chocolate Chip Walnut.
I think this cookie is a stab at the Levain famous chocolate chip walnut… I’ve never had the Levain ones..(shame on me I know) This one was good, again not great… but I don’t love walnuts.  It did taste super fresh and was huge.  You can make a meal out of this cookie. Its has crunchy edges and a soft, chewy inside.  I give it 3.5 stars.  If you do find yourself at By Woops, try the peanut butter oatmeal cookie! (pictured below) Its a big and thick one which I loveeeeeee…. So good!!!!!
Maison Kayser – Chocolate chocolate cookie.
This cookie is for someone who lovessssss themselves some chocolate.  They have weird cookie combos like orange chocolate chip. This French restaurant is not a good choice to eat at…combo of bad service, small meal, lack of choices = still hungry and irritated.  The cookie wasn’t bad… I’d give it a 3.7.  Its a chewy chocolate cookie.
City Bakery – Chocolate Chip cookie
I’ve heard good things about City Bakery.  This cookie was delicious with great flavor.  It almost had the taste of pretzels on it’s crunchy outside paired with its chewy middle.  I give it 4.5 stars.  Next time, try the melted chocolate chocolate chip cookie… I’ve heard good things about that one.  I actually thought that was the only chocolate chip cookie they had.  But they’re two different kinds.  Below is the melted chocolate chocolate chip!
Rubyzaar Classic Rock cookie.
I got this cookie at a booth at the Craft Square in Union Fair and I was pleasantly surprised!  I love a cookie with some shopping! 😉 Makes for a hella happy me.  This cookie was chewy.  It had a buttery taste and I looovveeee butta. I give it 4.3 stars.
Penelope (on Lexington and 30th) – Chocolate chip cookie
This is a cute little place to get brunch!  Perfect to hop in, grab a cookie and go.  They have peanut butter blondies that smelt awesome.  This, too was a soft cookie.  I give it a 4!
And there we have it!  City Bakery looks like the winner. I know Levain and Momofuku are popular choices in NY.  I didn’t include the Levain cookies because everyone raves about how great they are, so you don’t need to read yet another review on them.  I’ve had Momofuku cookies before and they aren’t my thing. I don’t like the flavor.  I love soft and chewy cookies, everyone I tried mostly fell into that category.  The City Bakery cookie was great.. the one I got in Union Square is a good second.
I do have an honorable mention to report that isn’t a cookie…. Dun dun dun…
Dough Chocolate Cocoa Nib donut.
This donut was INSANE.  Like drop everything and go get one insane.  I was strolling through the Flatiron district looking for a place to eat brunch and happened to turn down a random street and found this gem.  I follow Eva Chen on instagram and she’s always posting pictures of Dough Donuts.   I was a little Starstruck when I found this place.  The dough tastes incredible and is so fresh.  And the chocolate.  Ahhh, can’t go wrong with a classic!  I give this 5 out of 5 stars.  SO GOOD.

Boyfriend Jeans + Stripes

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My blogger buddy Allie !! 🙂

I wore this outfit to the Kickoff TVFU Express shopping event last Friday night.  Every time I look through my pictures from NY I find myself falling in love with the city more and more! Not so much with the blisters I got from these booties the first night though.  Wearing new shoes out for the first time when you are doing lots of walking will leave you with blisters and black leather stained feet.  Certainly not one of my finer moments.

Express is a store that I have never shopped at before.  I was pretty thrilled when I walked out with a pair of leather gym shorts. YESS YESSSS. (because one yes with one ‘s’ doesn’t show how good it really is.)

Overalls in Soho

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Bewildered Reece

 Indie Picture-esque Reece 
Overalls: Forever 21 // Sweater: Gap // Sneakers: Nike // 

Reece waiting for all the tourists in central park to walk by so she can take her picture. 

Intexticated Reece (who also needs her roots done)

Reece in her natural habitat. Mad face and all. 
Having just left New York for TVFU, I have found myself in a state of sadness looking at all the evidence of the great time I had there.  I learned so much …including talking in the 3rd person.  HA.  And I fell in love with the city (blisters, cramped shoulders, stinky stench and all).  
My love of overalls and sporty sneaks followed me to New York.    I wore this outfit on my first day mission to find a homecoming dress and shoes.  Overalls are just for trying things on all day, I learned that like halfway through the day.  Twenty minutes in the dressing room for two dresses YESS YESS!  
Stay tuned for the rest of the week and my TVFU adventures!


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With New York (TVFU) right around the corner (8 days, I promise I’m not counting.) I am slowly starting to get all my outfits and shoes together.  I have narrowed it down to 5 pairs of shoes that I’m bringing.  Five pairs of shoes for 3 days is perfectly reasonable for me. [The overpacking queen.] Got my clogs, booties and the trusty wedge sneaks, all of my bases are covereedddd. 😉