October Beauty Faves!



I love November because that means its time for Thanksgiving!  I LOVE Thanksgiving.  Eating all day, then shopping the next? Name a more perfect Holiday? Maybe Christmas but thats close too! Yay for November!!!

Sephora Micellar Water. First of all, love micellar water. I really like this Sephora collection one!  It’s a micellar water that removes makeup and tones. I have the rose hydrating one and theres different scents for different skin needs. Since I got my lash extensions I’m trying to be gentler with cleaning my face and this cleans my face without being rough. It’s also a great size to throw in your bag.  It’s only $4 so you can’t go wrong.

Embryolisse moisturizer. I have been wanting to try this for a while. It’s a must for those who love skincare and I see why.  It’s super hydrating and leaves the skin with a dewy finish.  I have extremely dry skin and my go-to is the Avene Peux de intolerantes cream.  This one isn’t quite as moisturizing but I find that if I rub it in my hands to get it warm and pat it into my face I get the best hydration.

Mario Badescu drying lotion. The BEST spot treatment for zits. I have gone through 8 bottles at least. I love this stuff for acne since it works overnight to dry up zits. Its a literal life saver.

IGK rich kid hair. I have horrible air dried hair. Mine gets funky waves, frizzy, big.. everything you don’t want.  I’ve always wished I could just let my hair dry and have it be descent. I’ve tried tons of different products and nothing has worked.  Except for this stuff!  This is the ONLY product I have ever used that has let my hair air dry in a wearable manner. I still fix it up with a curling iron but much much better for my hair.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector liquid. This is an absolute must for dewy skin. I still love an intense highlighter but I’ve been leaning towards a more subtle, dewy glow and this is a must for that. I use a beauty blender and blend it all over my face….yup.

Paula’s choice skin perfecting liquid. I use this as a toner and it’s awesome for unclogging pores. Since using this my skin is sooooo much smoother and my breakouts have been kept at bay!  It makes my skin a tad dry so I make sure to up the moisturizer / serums!

Fenty Gloss Bomb. This is the most perfect gloss ever. The color, the shine the formula, the packaging. I love it all. It’s a super, flattering nude that’s great for everyday wear.


August Favorites!

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Not too many new favorites this month but I have some good stuff to share!  I can’t believe its already September.  I’ll be 21 this month so I really don’t mind 😉  I’m back and settled into school so I’ll do a better job at finding new products too share this month. I feel like theres SO much new makeup and beauty coming out and I don’t need any but I’m like I’ll have one of each please and thank you.

St. Tropez gradual face moisturizer. I love this moisturizer and the fact that it keeps my face tan, moisturized and soft. Obsessed.  I have sensitive/dry skin and have had no problems with this!  The only thing is the fake tan, wet cracker smell. I find that it goes away a little after applying but its not one of those products that’ll make you be like wow this smells amazing. I got this at TJ maxxs so go check yours!

Drunk Elephant TLC framboos. This stuff is the shit. It has completely transformed my skin texture and now it’s so much softer and smooth! It helps keep acne at bay which I’m always for.  My skin is a little wonky rn after moving to school but using this will help it.  I just need to do a good mask and to stop picking my face.  I love this product because I put it on and I know its always gonna make whatever current situation I have going on on my face better. I will 1000000% buy the full size when I’m done.

Verb Dry Shampoo.  This reminds me of the Bumble and Bumble pret a powder.  This stuff is way cheaper and more fine in texture.  I really like it for dry shampoo at the roots because it doesn’t give my hair a glossy texture.  It also gives great lift! I do notice build up so I do try to only apply what I need.  The applicator will spurt out tons of product so I try to manage that carefully!

Mac oh darling skin finish.  I love this highlighter! It’s a gorgeous gold that can be more subtle or built up to an intense glow. I love how it looks on tan cheek bones.  I apply some to my face, spray my face with setting spray then dab on a hint more and its soo pretty.  The formula of this is great and it will last.

Bite Beauty lip in cream. This is the perfect nude lip. It’s such a good skin color like were talking NUDE lip. Not nude brown or nude pink. NUDE. I LOVE it. The formula is so creamy and easy and great for sensitive skin friends! I think this color is actually discontinued but bite beauty has tons of similar nudes! I got this at TJ maxxs! 😉


July Favorites

Holy moly how is it August already! I felt like summer was going by so slowly and bam its August. Craziness but it sure does sneak up on you.  Here’s to another month of faves; I have more hair products included in this month!  Hopefully one day I’ll have enough courage to make a video of my favorites because I love watching those on youtube!   Until then here we go!


Verb Leave in Mist.  I did a post about this being a dupe for the Bumble and Bumble primer, here.  I love this stuff and how many boxes it checks!  Just a few sprays on wet hair and it nourishes, hydrates, de-frizzes and protects from heat.  It’s so easy to use and it does a really great job and keeping my hair from getting frizzy.  Especially when I air dry! Thats a big deal for me guys.

Real Techniques Blush Brush.  I never talk about makeup brushes probably because I use what I have and don’t really buy them or I use my fingers or beauty blender.  Well it’s hard to use fingers or a sponge for pressed powders so this is my go to brush.  I love it for blush and even more for highlighter because it makes it look for blended and natural as opposed to a harsh section of pure highlighter.  I’ll use this brush for blush and then highlighter which may be a big no – no but I like how the leftover product on the brush brings my whole makeup look together.  Love this brush!

NARS bord de plage. I talk about this a lot but guys I love the palette so, so much.  I’m debating buying another one for backup because thats the level of love we’re at.  As you can tell by the picture it is very loved and used a lot!  The highlighters are my perfect highlighter in terms of color, glow and consistency. I like to apply them after I use a setting spray because that really gives them that pop and dewy look.  I had a hard time with color pay off with the bronzer at first but I’m not sure if it’s because the top layer is gone but now I have no issue getting enough product and pigment on my brush! Absolutely smitten with this palette!!!!

FullSizeRender 35

Bite Beauty butter cream lipstick in Caramel. This is a nude / peachy / coral lipstick which is so out of my comfort zone.  I’m straight up nude pink sort of girl.  This color is super flattering and is easy to wear for someone who isn’t use to color on their lips.  I just dab this on my lips for an easy going look and it’s so creamy and comfortable to wear.  It’s a nude color but adds enough color to flatter your face!  Bite beauty is very gentle and as a sensitive skin girl I really like their lipsticks.

Dry Bar Triple Sec.  This is a repurchase product and I’ve always love it for the texture, scent, refresher trifecta but guys for short hair… this stuff is a game changer!  The scent alone is amazing like all dry bar products but what it does makes it even better. My hair as I mentioned is shorter so I have to try harder to achieve that beachy, lived in, messy sort of look. My hair falls flat very easily this stuff is great at giving it that lived in texture I want.  I HATE texture sprays that make your hair sticky, tacky and tangled and this does not do that.  It’s hard to find a texture spray like that.  I wouldn’t say this is a complete dry shampoo.  It will refresh your hair but I like to use batiste dry shampoo at the roots for oil and then finish with this for a lift, texture and scent!

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Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos.  Guys, this stuff has literally blown my mind.  I’ve been using it for about a month and the improvement I’ve seen in my skin is insane!  I have pretty good skin but I struggle with a cystic zit here and there, texture and eczema.  This has completely changed the texture of my skin! It’s so smooth and my makeup wears so nicely.  I’ve gotten compliments on my skin and as I only wear some concealer I’ve had people ask me what foundation I use.  Drunk Elephant TLC Framboos! lol. I love being able to say I don’t wear foundation that is my skin!  That is such a blessing.   My skincare is my foundation and the hype is totally real for this stuff.  It’s amazing.  I have sensitive skin so I started using this every other night and now I’ve worked my way up to every night.  I use a facial oil right after applying this because as this is an acid, it helps your skin to absorb it better and is gentler. This stuff is a pretty penny but extremely worth it in my opinion.  I will be buying the full size!

YSL Touche Eclat.  I had this in my collection for a while and I randomly stopped using in in high school and I just recently started using it again… why did I stop using this?! It’s sheer but its so good at brightening the under eye area and it does not crease!  If I’m tired and you can obviously tell I’ll use a speck of the Nars creamy concealer along with this for more coverage.  This stuff is so nice under the eyes and it feels like you aren’t wearing anything.

Colourpop highlighter in Spoon. (not on website :()  I was digging around my makeup collection and I found this little guy. It’s a more glittery, silver finish which I don’t usually reach for with highlighters.  I’m all about that gold shimmer. Spoon looks almost duo chrome / iridescent in some lighting which I’m obsessed with! I just love how easy this is to apply.  I’ve been really into applying makeup with my fingers lately.  It’s so pretty on the skin and you know I really like it because I’ve hit pan and that never happens! I like to top it off with a bit of the Nars palette pictured. Super pretty together!

My Nordstrom sale silk cami has to be included in my monthly favorites because I bought 3 colors and thats literally all I’ve worn this month. My instagram will agree. Its sold out but here is a similar option.

Happy Tuesday!


June Faves

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Another month of faves!  June was very heavy in makeup products and I am trying to add in more hair/ skin care to the mix.  Open to suggestions! I really want to try some drunk elephant products and this new watermelon face mask that seems to be super popular on all socials.

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Too Faced natural love palette.  If you love neutrals this is your palette!  I only wear neutrals when it comes to my makeup and this palette has everything you would need and then some!  It comes with matte, shimmer and glitter shades.  The only thing I would appreciate would have been a few more matte transition shades but honestly I still have lots of choices to work with!

The Urban Decay Naked Heat has made warm tone, fiery red and bronze shades super popular and while I would love to try the look, I don’t think I need a whole palette for the look because it is not something I will reach for often.  The last row of shadows has all the shades you need to create that fiery, heat sort of look!  I tried it out one night and was really impressed with the results.

As for a smokey eye, the last 2 columns has you covered.  And the first 4 columns are good choices for day to day, neutral eye looks.   This is a great one stop and done palette!

Makeup Revolution highlighter in golden goddess.  I’ve talked about this highlight before and I continue to be impressed with it.  Its a golden- yellow sort of color in a very smooth powder formulation that looks so beautiful and glowy on the skin. This also looks great on shoulders and collar bones. For $7 you cannot go wrong and I’m on the look out for more to try!

Rimmel Stay Matte.  I love this pressed powder and I haven’t reached for my Laura Mercier powder since I got this.  It’s super easy and mess free.  It’s matte and is said to last up to 5 hours.  It honestly won’t keep you matte all day… maybe if you do touch ups through out the day but I like dewy makeup so I don’t mind that it doesn’t keep my face matte.  It does keep my concealer in tact which is what I like about this. It’s not cakey and it doesn’t flash back.   This is a great drug store find! I use the shade translucent but it also comes in colors too.

Mac strobe cream.  I’m obsessed with this stuff. I use it to prime my face every time I do my makeup. I love the glow/ sheen it gives my skin without making me too shiny or greasy.  It sort of melts into your skin and it feels like you have nothing on which I am alllllll for.  It comes in other shades and I want to try the gold-toned one when I finish this one.

Voluminous Lash paradise.  I talk about this mascara ALL the time!  After using it for about a month I can say it is very similar to the Too Faced as they both lengthen and give volume.  The Too Faced gets a little clumpy, so does this one honestly but I don’t mind it.  This keeps my lashes curled ALL day and adds a lengthening and feathery effect and until I find another mascara that will keep my lashes curled ALL day, this will always be my favorite.

Glossier Cake balm dot com.  I love this lip bomb!  It smells amaze and its been awesome for my lips which always get rashes from trying different lip products.  It has a hint of shimmer and its perfect for day-to-day wear. I want to buy more so I always have them around me!

Jeffree Star Lip ammunition in celebrity skin.  This is my perfect nude shade.  Its a cool tone pink/mauve nude color and I’m surprised I love it so much because I always go for warm tones.  This just matches me so well and if you’re looking for a new nude shade I totally recommend this.  I like to wear this with the bomb dot com layered over it for a more glossy look!


May Favorites!!


Batiste Dry Shampoo: I love this stuff and have about uh, 5 cans sitting on my shelf at the moment.  This dry shampoo is my go to and it consistently works at keeping my hair fresh! The only thing is this dry shampoo can leave a white cast in your hair. I personally like it because my roots are much darker then the rest of my hair so it lightens it up…silver lining ahem. Overall, the dry shampoo makes my hair clean and adds volume without making my hair grimy or changing the texture of it. It comes in a billion different scents but my favorite is the Clean and light Bare. It smells like expensive perfume.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: This bronzer is one of my favorites and I always find myself coming back to it!!  It’s not quite drugstore but it’s not Sephora: it’s $14 and you can find it at Ulta and Target.  It comes in a light bronze and a bronze shade and I use the bronze shade.  It blends so nicely into the skin and its the perfect bronze color with no orange.  Thats a big deal to me! NO orange bronzer. It has a sort of creamy, puffy texture which I find helps it blend into the skin super nicely.  Everyone needs to try this because its so good, easy and universally flattering!  I use an ecotools bronzer blush to apply it.

Lucas’ Papaw ointment:  This is the best lip balm/ skin saving salve.  I use it on my lips and on dry spots on my face.  I have VERY sensitive skin.  I like aquaphor but sometimes it doesn’t work for me almost as if my skin gets used to it. I don’t have that issue with this and it always helps my skin after I apply it.  I would say this is a better version of aquaphor and I love it!  I have it on my bed side table, in my purse and in the car!

L’oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise: I recently blogged about this mascara in depth and raved about it! I LOVE it! It’s a dupe for the Better than Sex mascara that I like better because it keeps my lashes curled which is a huge deal for me! It gives great volume and length that lasts through out the day without flaking. I use both the waterproof and normal: I think both are great but the waterproof probably wears better through the day.  FYI It’s very waterproof.

Nars lipgloss in Orgasm:  The Nars orgasm blush is one of the most universally flattering shades of blush!  It’s the first blush I ever got and I loved it.  I recently got the lip gloss and like the blush it’s super flattering. I love a glossy lip and I think its great and easy for summer with a bronzed and dewy face. The lip gloss is a little sticky but not too sticky.  I dropped this today and broke it and I’m SO bummed!

Avene Peaux des intolerantes:  This is the BEST moisturizer for sensitive skin.  I have very sensitive skin and will randomly find red spots and rashes on my face.  This product helps to soothe that and has definitely helped in preventing future rashes and red spots!  This is the best my skin has been in a long time and its because of this moisturizer 100%.  It’s so gentle and creamy. I have dry skin, especially during East coast winters and this helps keep my skin soft and moisturized. It wear it under my makeup with another primer and it all wears very nicely together. If you have sensitive skin you need this!

Trader Joes Facial oil:  The beauty section at Trader Joes is a hidden gem! All the products are cheap and natural.  I use this oil to take my makeup off. I will say it leaves a residue. If you don’t like that this is not for you.  I have dry skin and my face always feels drier after I wash it except when I use this because the oil leaves a layer of moisture on my skin that makes it super soft!  If you don’t wear water proof mascara this will remove your makeup.  It takes a little more oomph with waterproof mascara.  I’m on my 3rd bottle of this, it’s like $6 and works super well! I love the idea of using natural skincare.

Chrissy Teigen x Becca Palette: I love this highlighter palette!  It comes with 2 highlighters, a blush and a bronzer.  I knew I was going to love this before I got it! Chrissy Teigen and I have similar coloring so I knew this would work for me. If you have light-medium skin this palette will be super flattering on you! I love Becca products and the quality of them and this palette is no different.  It’s nice to have one stop palette that does bronzer, blush and highlighter. It has a great mirror in it too.

White Birkenstocks:  I love the rubber Birkenstocks because I find them comfier and easier to break in.  I have a regular pair that I’ve worn for a year that still give me blisters!  The rubber ones are super light and I love the white for summer because they make me look tan.  I have been wearing these 24/7 since I got them!

March Beauty Favorites!

FullSizeRender 14

Another month goes by, another list of favorites I accumulated over the month. Here is where I say whoa! how is it April already?! but everyone says that so next and we’re just gonna dive in!

Mario Badescu aloe, cucumber and green tea face mist. I love this spray.  I used the rose water one before and they are very similar except for 1)  I like this smell so much better and 2) this is better for sensitive/red skin because the aloe concoction gives it a soothing affect.  I spray it before makeup, after and through out the day when I see it for a little refresher.  This isn’t going to keep your makeup in place all day like the Urban Decay setting spray. This is very subtle and low maintenance.  Its super hydrating and I haven’t been wearing much makeup lately and this spray makes my skin look nice.

ABH Nicole Guerriero glow kit. I love this highlighter palette but lemme tell you it is a very intense glow. Which is not bad!  But blinding highlight was such a strong 2016 trend and naturally at the moment I’m leaning towards the more subtle lit from within glow. This can be buffed out lightly with a beauty sponge which I like.  I always buff it out with sponge because the glitter can look a little chunky.. I prefer smooth.  It’s like peanut butter. hahaha.  I did a post about this glow kit, here.  I’ve been loving the bronze/gold colors because as of lately all I want to be is tan and glowy. This can be a little much for daytime but is PERFECT for the night time.  I still make it work for day time but just based on my vibes rn, I’ve been wearing it more at night. (how high maintenance was that?)  Some days I love it and some days I wear my other highlighters.  Love the formulation it is so creamy and extremely pigmented.  These are super pretty eyeshadows too!

Flowerbob hair perfume! I have been on the lookout for a hair perfume for a while. I love the scent of flowerbomb I just ran out and never restocked. Nordstrom had a beauty sale earlier in the month and this was on sale for $40 and if you know flowerbomb you know thats SO cheap. SO now I always smell like flowerbomb in my hair and on my sweatshirts and I love it. It like envelopes the smell in near your face/neck. Best smell and great refresher for that day 3-4 hair.

Benefit Dandelion Highlighter. So while I was home for spring break, I found a benefit gift card in my room! I love benefit boxed powders and mascara. (I’m not an eyebrow girl at all.)  I saw the new highlighter they just came out with so me being a highlighter connoisseur had to drive to the Benefit store in Santa Monica (and parallel park) in the traffic on a nice day.  If you know this then you know what I mean and it’s brutal…. Honestly, this isn’t very pigmented! You have to dig your brush in to get some product BUT I love this highlighter.  Its a nude pink color and it is that subtle lit from within glow.  sheen! Depending on how much product you use it can go from a setting powder to highlighter. I swirl my brush in it for a while which is totally fine to me. Then you can build it up to the way you want it to be.  It can also be more intense when applied with a brush sprayed with setting spray. I use this for day to day and I’m in love with the subtle, natural glow it gives.

Benefit Hoola bronzer. See, I told you I love benefit boxed powders. So this one! I’ve had it for a while and used it to contour. I also like it in the crease for eyeshadow looks. As of lately I’ve been wearing bronzer to be tan not contour and I’m obsessed.  Like borderline may even like it better than highlighter and that says SO MUCH. After consistently using this for a month I have hit pan!  I love the color of this bronzer.  It gives me a great tan without looking dirty.  The shade is perfect because its not orange but still adds warmth to the skin. This is a staple!