Fave Contour Products


I’m about 4 years too late but I have been really into contouring!! It’s definitely not part of my everyday routine, I like it for nights out, pictures or when I’m just in the mood to look more beat.

I really appreciate the value of contouring my forehead!!! I have a big forehead, a 5 head so I always make sure to add some bronzer up there if my hair is up for some kind of foreheard minimizing. If you watched Rihanna’s 10 minute going out makeup look she swears contouring!  She does her forehead and a triangle under her chin to down her neck to manage the double-chin. That’s a trick I haven’t heard of before and I tried it and it works pretty well.

You can contour with bronzer! I like to use a cream contour and then go in with powder bronzer. Most people recommend contouring with a cool tone bronze. Its all about preference and what you like on your skin. I like a cool tone contour if I want a chiseled look. I like a warm tone contour if I want my skin to look warm and my bronzer to wear longer.



The Kevyn Aucoin sculpting powder. This is amazing for contour!  I use this after I bronze the face on my cheekbone hollows, forehead and nose.  A little goes A LONG way. It’s smooth, buttery and it’s more cool toned but never grey.  I have the color dark and I’m a medium skin tone. I could use the medium one but I like the dark for extra oomph.

Morphe Brontour. This is my favorite bronzer at the moment. It features a contour side and a bronzer side and I mix the two. If I feel like adding some definition I’ll dip my brush on the contour side. This is amazing!! It’s $12 and everyone needs it. It’s gorgeous and it has a soft glow to it. OB-SESSED.



Nudestix Bondi Bae.  This is a mid-tone cream bronzer. I like to use it on its own for lighter makeup days but you can totally set it with cream.  If you’re new to contour I recommend something like this. Creams seem scary but they’re so easy to blend if you use too much. The applicator makes it really easy to carve our your nose and cheekbones too.

Milk Cream Bronzer. I love this warm cream bronzer. You can use it bronze or contour. Its warmer so it leaves my skin more bronzed looking than contoured. I love this so much and its great for beginners, bronzer lovers and cream junkies alike!

Kevyn Aucoin Contour Wand. This is awesome because it’s SO buttery and easy to blend.  This is a cool tone contour so its perfect for a chiseled face.  It’s not too grey which I love. Kevyn Aucoin makes awesome contour products.

LA Girl Pro conceal in Toast. This is a great drugstore contour option. Any darker concealer will work but I love the chiseled look this gives and the brush applicator. It’s not too cool toned but it can still leave you super chiseled looking!


Go to foundation + going out makeup.


If you’ve read my blog before you’ll already know that I am not a foundation girl.  I don’t like heavy coverage and I don’t like the way it looks on my skin.  My skin is dry, usually irritated and I find that foundation always cakes and gathers to those irritated areas.  No matter how hard I prime or try, I just don’t think I have the skin for foundations and heavy bases.  That being said, I’m 21 now so I have been determined to find a good foundation that I can make work for my skin on nights out + events. I go out once a week if that since I’m truly a homebody but a glittery eye will get me out of bed. I got this LA Girl long wear, illuminating foundation because it sounded similar to the NARS longwear radiant foundation I wanted… which ended up being a flash back flop.  This foundation is only $8 and I totally see why beauty bloggers and gurus rave about it!  Since I only wear foundation once a week if that, the $8 price tag is perfect for me and I love the foundation!


So for a night out routine I usually will do a full face which I never do!

1. Prime. I use a moisturizer to prime my face.  I started using this Clinique hydroblur primer which blurs out pores and keeps you matte. I don’t like matte but I use this on my forehead which is more textured then I’d like and in my t-zone.  To me, these areas are fine to be matte since the rest of my face will be dewy.  This moisturizer really smooths out those areas and I love that. You can also use it touch up makeup by putting it over it and I like the smoothing it does for that too. It just leaves a velvety, smooth finish which looks like a more flawless face.

2. LA Girl Foundation. I like this foundation because it’s medium coverage and dewy! I love dewy, light makeup but when I want more coverage this is a great option.  I do one pump and I usually mix this with cover FX drops or Mac strobe cream to sheer it out / make it more dewy. This foundation doesn’t flash back and the longest I’ve had to wear it for was 6 hours and it wore well. I apply it with a brush then go back to blend with a makeup sponge. It sets well with powder and I like how it wears with the rest of my makeup.

3. Concealer. If I’m wearing foundation I go VERY light on concealer. I don’t want my face to look like I have too much product. I usually only do my under eye area and around my nose.  I’ll do blemishes too if I have them.  For concealer I’ll do Tarte Shape tape or Makeup Revolution on blemishes and NARS soft matte under eyes.

4. Powder! I use the Laura Mercier translucent powder,  its my favorite and my go-too. I bake quickly under my eyes then set my forehead and around my nose.


5. Next I’ll go in with bronzer.  I love my Chanel Soleil de tan bronzer the best.  Its cream and I love how it blends on skin.  I just got my Tom Ford bronzer and I find that its sheer and doesn’t really show up that great on me so I’ll dust some over my Chanel bronzer to set it and it looks great.

6. Blush. Not a blush girl but this Sweet Pie Too Faced bronzer is a bronzer with a hint of pink and I like this flush on my cheek so I will use that there.


7. I fill in my brows with Glossier’s boy brow. 

8. For eyes I always like to do a little extra something because its fun and I never do during the week! I’ve done lashes, a smokey eye, a cat eye or a glittery eye.  I love a good smokey eye and I love some glitter. (The Stila magnificent metals a fave of mine.) Last time I did bronzer in the crease, the Colourpop Supershock shadow in Birthday Girl all over the lid for some gold glitter and bronze cat eye with my Nudestix rock n roll liner. It was super easy and I love how it looked! I always do mascara if I don’t have on falsies. I love this Essence Volume stylist mascara and I go HAM with it! I do like 4 layers and I do the top and bottom lashes.

9. For a lip I like something nude and long lasting.  I rarely do a bold lip and I def won’t if I did an eye look. I find it very easy for me to look made up and I hate looking cakey.  I usually stick to a nude colored stain or liquid lip since it’ll last long and if I’m going out I’m probably drinking and my lip will come off faster. I like my velvet Kylie Lip kit because its comfier than the matte but still long wearing.  I haven’t found a stain that lasts super long yet.


10. Did you think I forgot highlighter?! NEVER.  When I go out I want a blinding highlighter so I will set my face with a spray, usually Urban Decay if I need long wearing and then I will apply my highlighter on damp skin for a pop. Lately I love my ABH Amrezy highlighter

And so, thats my night out makeup! It sounds like a lot just typing it out and while I like a more natural look it is so much fun to do a full face with glitter and color.

@Katiejanehughes and @violette_fr are my makeup inspos and what I strive for every time I do an eye look.  They’re both amazing at doing a glitter eye while keeping the rest of their face super natural and not super made up like Instagram make up.  Thats always my goal, sometimes I better at that sometimes not so much, hahah.

Huge Beauty Review!

Haven’t done a beauty post in a while and I’ve missed it!!! Part of blogging about beauty is constantly trying new products and my skin has been bugging out lately so I’ve really had to tone down what I’ve been using. Here’s what works for me and what make ups my current routine. Haaa!


I’ve tried the Drunk Elephant glycolic acid which I loved! It really helped with my skin texture in the beginning. When I ran out I wanted to try the Firma-C serum and I love that one! It really helps with fading hyper pigmentation and all my darker acne scars are close to being 100% gone.

My Paula’s Choice BHA acid helps to clean gunk out of my pores. I noticed it the most around my nose. It’s smooth and I can’t feel bumpy, stuffed pores.

I got the Colourpop Sephora highlighter trio and I love wisp! It’s a perfect golden every day color that sits really nicely on the skin and can apply with your finger.

I love my Too Faced Sweetie Pie bronzer as a blush..I only go for brown, nude blushes.   I love my Becca Shimmering liquid skin perfector for giving my face an all over dewy look after setting my concealer.

I love the Ouai memory mist for heat protectant, though I don’t think it totally helps with holding the curl.  I also am hair up/hair down all the time so that doesn’t help it. The texture spray is great for texture and volume without stickiness.

The Dry bar dry conditioner smells amazing and keeps your hair soft!

The Sephora micellar water is very hydrating, gentle and smells amazing!

The Tarte Shape tape concealer can be cakey so use sparingly but it is great for covering a blemish.  It is dry under my eyes so I need to use Vaseline under it as an eye cream.

The IGK rich kid hair is the only product I’ve ever used that’s allowed me to air dry my hair and still look like a presentable member of society.  With a curling iron of course but it allows me to stay away from the blow dryer, that is HUGE.


I love my Chanel Bronzer so much. Its the only bronzer I use. It’s a cream and I have nothing ever similar to it.

Benefit Gimme brow is so easy and quick to use. I have an older one, mines ok, but it got recalled so it’s pulled off shelves. Benefit has great brow products, otherwise. Also want to try Glossier Boy brow which is very similar!

I love my Embryolisse face cream. It’s dewy and super moisturizing for day or night.

Black Tulip is my new favorite scent! Sephora calls it a seductive smell and while I can’t tell you what something seductive smells like I think it nails that description for this scent.  It’s warm and sultry smelling whatever that means.

Laniege Face and Lip Mask. I haven’t tried this yet because my face broke out after a sheet mask! I will let you know once I do. I can say that this travel duo comes with both and sells for $10 at Sephora. **** I tried this 4 days after my face broke out after using a mask.  This made my face SO hydrated which I totally needed because I was peeling.  I woke after using it with none 🙂 the lip mask made my lips plump, moisturized and no longer chapped! This mask duo is amazing! 10/10

I’ve stayed away from my Egg cream, hydrating mask since I just had a skin breakout from another sheet mask but I’m SO excited to try it and have heard great thing.



Insta Beauty Roundup

I love sharing beauty products on my instagram! There’s always some on my instastory or a post of new stuff I’m loving or new stuff coming out I want to try.  I could talk about this stuff all day!


Sephora has an entire section of minis and it is a great way to try new products! These Becca highlighters are great because they’re $19 and will last for forever. I recommend all of the Drunk Elephant serums because they’re honestly game changing. I also love trying the mini versions of hair sprays because I’m pretty particular about those. Either way minis are great to try new stuff without paying for the full size or to keep for travel/ purses!


Since I got my lash extensions I’ve been loving micellar water since I try to be more gentle with my face washing.  This one from the Sephora collection removes makeup AND tones.  I have the moisturizing one because I’m dry asf but they have some that detox, mattify and revitalize all with different scents.  I LOVE the smell of this one and it doesn’t make my skin dry like toner usually does.  They’re only $4 which is insane cause who knew that Sephora sold stuff for $4.


This Wet n Wild Highlighter is super pretty and can be built up to be more intense or left subtle depending on what you go for.  For $5 its an awesome highlighter and if you’re looking for a good drugstore one or just love highlighter and want to hoard them then you need this!


Army of Nudes

I loveeeee a nude lip. Mostly a gloss or a satin lipstick… not so much a matte lip unless it’s with a gloss.  Nudes are my absolute favorite because they’re fool proof! Always easy to wear, always look good and always a classic.  Their a staple makeup item and every girl needs a good one…. or 2 or 3. I never stop buying them because a good nude is a nude you need.


Mac Fresh Brew / Maybelline Truffle tease / Bite Creme / Desi x Katy Dose of Colors More creamer please / Jeffree Star celebrity skin. 

I find that warm tone nudes usually look the best on me.  I dabbled with the taupe-y colored, grey lipsticks and they did not look good on me… not matter how badly I wanted them to.  Full on dead girl lips and since then cool tone nudes aren’t my favorites.  I have yellow undertones in my skin so I find that warm tone nudes look the best on me. There’s a billion different nude lipsticks so it’s just about finding what works for you.


Mac Fresh Brew is a cooler toned, taupe but it’s a lustre finish so it’s light and shiny and it works with my warm toned skin. If you want to try a cool tone taupe but you’re not sure if you can pull it off this is a great shade to try first. It’s also good to layer with other lipsticks for a more nude / shiny finish. The Desi x Katy More Creamer Pls is different then any nude I’ve tried before. It’s definitely the warmest and it looks AMAZE with glowy, bronzey makeup. I was hesitant at first… aka when I swatched it before bed with no other makeup on and now I’ve seen the light…aka tried it with a full face. 🙂 Celebrity Skin is an amazing, smoldering nude but I like to dab it on because it’s a heavier formula.


Neutrogena warm caramel / Buxom  / Fenty Gloss Bomb / Nars Orgasm Gloss / Glossier Birthday cake balm dot com.

I love a gloss for how easy it is to apply and for how good they look! I find them so much more flattering then a matte lip that hugs every crack and imperfection on your lips. The Neutrogena color sticks are a dupe for Clinique Chubby sticks and they work just as good, have shimmer and are a fraction of the price. The Fenty gloss is my absolute favorite but I lose it every other week like it’s my job. I’d buy another in a heart beat / am about to so thats how much I love it.  Nars orgasm gloss may not look like a nude but like the blush it wears good on everyone and their mom. Balm dot com isn’t exactly a nude but it’s the best lip balm and the shimmer is your lips but better.



We’re talking hyped palettes…

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Oh hyped makeup palettes!!! One of my biggest weaknesses up there with restaurant bread. BIG.  Hyped palettes are palettes that are highly talked about in the beauty world. They’re popular on social media, they have a set release date and time, they’re LIMITED EDITION and everyone oohs and ahhs over them.  At the moment the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Subculture palette fills all of those boxes and actually comes out today! Label something with limited edition and I swear I will be all over it in a hot second.  God forbid I miss out and have FOMO! I will stay up all night for the release time and buy it right there! I missed out on the Anastasia Beverly Hills Mario palette and I still get sad about that because the colors were so perfect for what I love.

Hyped palettes are often better then they look! At least for myself I fall for the hype without even really thinking about whether I 1) really need it, 2) have something like it already or the biggest one 3) will want something better later! The worst is when you buy it and you’re sad cause something better comes out a week later and you wished you saved your money for that! I’m trying to get better at this because I’ve gotten some new makeup lately that I haven’t really loved because I bought it just because it was hyped and I didn’t want to miss out. There is also something about just holding a makeup palette that makes me giddy.

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Here’s 4 palettes I’ve gotten in the last 5 months.  Almost all of them hyped palettes.

Too Faced Natural Love. I was a little late to the party with this one. It’s almost brand new because I’ve used it like 4 times.  I wear eyeshadow when I go out and I go out when I’m at school so I haven’t found much use for it this summer.  The shadows are pretty and pigmented. The colors are my jam because I really only wear golds and bronze colors on my eyes. The fallout isn’t terrible and I love the variety because I can create a number of different looks with this palette! Overall, I think this purchase was worth it!

NARS Bord de Plage.  This is the BEST thing I’ve bought in a long time.  I haven’t been this excited about makeup in a while and I have used it nonstop since I got it.  You can tell it’s been used a little bit by the picture and I honestly can see myself hitting pan in the near future. Nars quality is just so good! This palette is beautiful and I love having one palette for bronzer and highlighter. The highlighter makes you glow but not in a fake way! I was so into intense, in your face highlighter and I’m starting to tone that down and this highlighter is a great everyday glow for me! I use the two middle shades the most and I love the top left shade for inner, corner, eyelid highlight. This wasn’t the most hyped palette but I saw it many a times on instagram.

ABH x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit.  Ahh. I saw this on the Sephora app and I knew I had to own it.  It was $45 which is really good considering you get 6 shades. I got this early access on the Sephora app so I had no reviews on it before I got it.  Honestly, I haven’t used this since I got it in March.  I like the formula: it’s very buttery.  The highlighters are VERY intense.. again sort of leaning away from that.  And it has chunky glitter pieces in it that stick out on your face.  This leaves a nice glow but I think it’s better suited for night time.  I just have other highlighters that I like better and reach for before this.  It’s a photogenic palette but I haven’t used it in 3 months. I fell for the hype and if I could exchange this palette for something else I would. Hopefully I can find a way to incorporate it into my makeup routine!

Becca x Chrissy Teigen Glowkit.  I LOVE Chrissy Teigen and Becca highlighters so before I even saw what this looked like I knew I was going to get it.  I stayed up till 4 am during FINALS to try and get this palette on the Sephora app! Come to find out this palette didn’t even sell out! (Why am I like this?!?!!)  The shades aren’t really highlighters to me. They also don’t pop like my Champagne pop or Opal does!  The bronzer really needs to be built up to show and the blush shade is so bright and so not my jam I haven’t even attempted to use this. (I do think this palette works better with medium/olive skin tones.) I definitely fell for the hype with this palette.  Recently, I discovered that Chrissy mixes the highlighter and bronzer and applies it to her cheeks as a blush and I started to do that and I have done it everyday since I discovered that!  I love it like that and I am very happy that I found a way to use this palette because before that I wasn’t.

I almost succumbed to the hype of the UD Heat palette and the ABH Subculture palette but I stayed strong!  As someone who only wears neutrals I probably don’t palettes with reds, yellows and blues in them! Haaa.  Its hard because you see all this new makeup thats so pretty and shiny and you get distracted by wanting it all! (Maybe a me thing?)  I need to do a better job of evaluating what I buy before so that I make sure I’ll love it and use it.  I like waiting for new items to release so I can get reviews, tutorials and input on them and then buying them the on the 2nd round of releases if I really want it!  Right now I’m really wanting a Huda Beauty Highlighting palette and the reviews I see makes me want it more! I also need more highlighter like I need a hole in my head. 😆

Kickin’ Eczema’s Booty

I have had eczema since junior high and well into high school.  I’m a junior now and still suffer from it, especially around finals!  I get it in spurts on my face, neck and arms. I’ve been to the dermatologist a handful of times and have received plenty of creams, lotions, ointments – you name it I tried it. They would offer relief for about a month and then the eczema would {rudely} come back or I would breakout from the certain remedy.  Grrrr. Here’s a good time to mention I’m blessed with uber-sensitive skin also.   Back to the dermatologist I would go in hopes for a new cream that would answer all my problems.  That turned into a recurring cycle, offering no relief.  I began to accept that this is the way it would be and that this problem would remain like gum on the bottom of my shoe.

A couple months ago I had the worst eczema break out I’ve ever had.  It covered my arms and I scratched to the point of no return – my arms were raw.  Every other phrase that admonished from my mom’s lips were “don’t scratch!”  THANKS, captain obvious.  I was miserable for 4 days and suffered from itchy, raw arms.  I was an itchy bitchy. It got so bad that I couldn’t go to volleyball practice. My mom, who suffers from many food allergies suggested I go to the allergy doctor because eczema can be a symptom of allergies.  Off I went to the allergy doctor to be picked and prodded in hope to find the key to all this madness.  A handful of pinpricks later, I found out I was allergic to cats and tree pollen. No crazy cat lady here!   A light went off in my head as I recalled picking avocados off the tree in my front yard with my mom the weekend prior.  I had eczema on my arms in the places left vulnerable from the short sleeve shirt I was wearing.  MOMMMMM! I can’t pick avocados, HELLO! I told you! We came to the conclusion that yes, I am allergic to the avocado tree that sits 5 feet outside my bedroom window and yes, I’m not allowed to pick avocados anymore.   My mom insists I’m not very good at it either.

Ever since then, I have yet to have an eczema breakout. Me and my eczema expertise own every eczema product under the sun.  Now I come to share all my tricks and kicks with you.

1. Make bffs with your dermatologist and allergist. I have finally found the perfect prescription ointments. 
2. Keep Hydrated. Prevention!
3. Don’t pick avocados! 
4. Apparently, you’re only supposed to take short showers in lukewarm water. To be honest, I don’t even do that because I NEED my 20 minute hot showers. My 2 cents. 
5. When you have a breakout, right out of the shower lather the affected area in ointment, (prescribed or not) wrap the area in warm gauze, then a layer of dry gauze.  Leave overnight et volia! All eczema should be gone in the morning.  If not, do it another time and all shall be well.  This works miracles, trust.

Eczema Killers 
Coconut oil– This stuff works for everything.  I use it all over my body for different uses.  
1. It makes your face baby soft, seriously. 
2.  It’s great after you shave your legs. 
3. It’s good to use on eczema or to soothe an area where ya feel it sprouting. 
I use unrefined coco oil which is supposed to be better.  I got mine at whole food. 
Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap – This is good for people with sensitive skin prone to breakouts as well as eczema.  It prevents both.
Aquaphor– Holy Moly, this is the chambray shirt of skin fixes! It works for everything.  I have been obsessed with this stuff for two years and I’m still going strong.  I have it laying around everywhere, ready for a moment’s use.  I sleep with it in bed too for those times when I wake up in the middle of the night with dry itchy skin.  I use it on lip and face when I have dry skin. 
Kiehl’s Creme de corp– This lotion is amazing. The key to eczema prevention is keeping your skin moisturized. This lotion is creamy & super hydrating, offering eczema relief and prevention. 
Mario Badescu Seaweed night creme– Mario Badescu has been great for my eczema prone, sensitive skin.  If you hadn’t noticed a trend, this creme is super hydrating.  I use it at night with coconut oil and argan oil.  I go to bed every night with a very shiny face.  
Kiehl’s Ultra facial creme, intense hydration – If it says intense, extreme, major, hydration I’m in.  This creme is one that I use in the morning after I wash my face.  Sometimes I pair it with coconut oil or Josie Maran argan oil depending on how dry my skin is. 
Vaseline – again a multifarious potion.  I use this for lips and nightly under eye creme.  You can never start too soon. 😉 
Sensitive/eczema skin friendly potions
My Clarisonic is my love.  I bought the sensitive skin brush for it too. Baha.  
Veet – Whenever I shave my legs I always get cuts, (I know, I have lots of issues.)  This stuff is AH-mazing.  I want to veet everything! I’m absolutely paranoid about getting in my hair and watching it all burn off and float away down the drain.  Double edged sword.