Spring Break / LA Recap

I made it back to school in New England just in time for a nor’easter.  I didn’t even know what that was until last week! I miss home but the snow day I’m 97% positive I’ll be having tomorrow makes me feel a hint better. 😉


It wouldn’t be a trip to LA w/o a good wall.  Its so corny, basic, whatever.. I like a good wall. This one was on 3rd across the street from Vanderpump Dogs, down the street from the Grove! Hope that helps hahah. Its a #lovewall and they’re all over LA.

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I love a good shelfie!! I wish this was all mine but I got my mom hooked on Drunk Elephant so some of this is hers.


Its not LA without avocado toast and I got the BEST avocado toast at Jon & Vinnys on Fairfax.  Its a bitch to get too location wise and there is no parking except on the street and if you know Melrose/Fairfax, thats impossible.  The food is AMAZING. I drove around looking for a parking spot for 45 mins and it was 10000% worth it.  It was some of the best food I’ve had in LA in a while. I recommend the avocado toast, the meatballs and the spicy vodka fusilli.


Every time I make a trip somewhere I have to go to Sephora! I never need an excuse to go to that store. I have some new faves. My Nars soft matte concealer – its awesome. My Nudestix rock n roll liner in bronze patina – the color is gorgeous, its super hard to use the roller ball. ABH Amrezy highlighter – if you like smooth highlighters this is for you, though its not as intense as I expected!

The Essence mascaras are an Ulta buy and I’m really liking them! They’re only $5 and so impressive.


The best sign on the wall at Doheny Room in Weho.

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The prettiest window in Weho!

Cut offs and polka dots


Free People shirt old, similar // UO shorts // Olive June sandals. 

Hellllllooo!! I’m back home and super happy to be in warm weather. I have to give a shout out to the ultra dark Loving Tan because my legs were pastyyyyyyy asf.

I am watching the Bachelor Finale as I write this and I didn’t watch this season regularly but enough to know what was going on. I FEEL SO BAD FOR BECCA. Poor, poor girl.  He was like I’ll always choose you.  Give homeboy two weeks he wants the next girl. BAD. He sucks and his hands are freaky.

I did a Sephora Haul and I got the NARs creamy concealer and the Ole Henrikson Banana eye cream.  Pumped to try both!!!! Those will be on the blog soon. 🙂

T-shirts that make life easier…


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My favorite style is when I have trendy classics… sounds like an oxymoron but something current but also something classic that I can enjoy for a while. Think a basic black bandeau bodysuit.  Bodysuits are trendy but the idea is a classic.  I like when I have a statement piece to my outfit so I can simplify the rest because if you haven’t seen already I like keeping things simple!  And lastly I like when my outfit has edgier, sportier vibes.  I always consider my style to be more edgy and sporty then girly or preppy.  I don’t wear much color, definitely NO florals. I don’t own any, actually.

I strive for classic with sporty and edge. I like this outfit I’m wearing a lot but I wouldn’t say I’m sporty or edgy so then I wonder if it’s my style? But I feel like it is and I really like it. The shirt is the statement of the outfit.. it’s a basic, EASY t-shirt with the knotted, scrunch sort of look that elevates the t-shirt. It’s super flattering and so easy to pair with anything. Then I have my favorite cut offs that I wear the shit out of paired with my Olive and June pedicure sandals that I’m obsessed with.  I’m very picky about flat sandals and these aren’t too girl or proper. This look isn’t sporty but it’s not preppy either. I have said it before I have a hard time defining my style but I would say this is a section of my style.

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Shirt / UO shorts / Olive and June sandals 

I love navy with a tan and this blonde hair! Living for it.  I always really wear black or grey and for that I tend to stray from navy because it doesn’t really match either of the two. I love navy for nail polish, it’s 100% my go to (no shimmer whatsoever.) and I need to start wearing more of it, too!

More easy t-shirts here, here and here. 

The instagram dreamboat that is Melrose Ave….

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Driving down Melrose is literally like passing an instagram photo op on every corner!  I love a good wall and there is tons, TONS, like on every corner.  Theres the Made in LA wall, a rainbow wall, the Paul Frank Pink Wall, wings, the Carerra Cafe wall… it’s endless!  And it’s totally photo friendly because you drive by and theres 15 other people out taking pictures in front of the wall! options and no shame.. I love! You could walk 5 blocks and have 5 + different walls. It’s insane.  It’s hard to find parking but it’s walking friendly!

It was funny because everyone taking pictures in front of the Made in LA wall were tourists so maybe not made in LA but doing it for the gram! There was a line to take pics in front of this wall!

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Shirt / Topshop Shorts / Dolce Vita Shoes 

Alfred’s coffee is THAT good.  Probably the best almond milk latte I’ve ever had. HUGE deal people.

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There’s a bunch of cute little sidewalk art and quotes like this so while you’re walking look up, around, down!



You have to literally stand on the street to get the whole wall so beware of the psycho LA Prius drivers lol.. really though.

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I love this and I truly believe it.  We all have to strive to be better and to make those around us better because we’re living in a country with an elected leader that endorses and condones hate, racism and breeds ignorance.  I don’t talk politics on my blog but I feel so strongly about this and I feel like we have to speak for what we feel!  There’s this quote from Dante’s Inferno ” The hottest places of hell are reserved for those who in time of moral crisis preserve their neutrality.”  I’ve always loved Dante’s Inferno and this will always stick with me.

Statement tops!!!

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I love statement tops because they make dressing the lower half of your body so dang easy.  Just keep it simple and you’re good.  I love when getting dressed is that easy and I try to buy things that I know I can style in a number of different ways!  It’s my outfit/shopping philosophy.

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Shirt is Irene’s Story, Shorts are UO, Shoes are Cole Haan

On another note, I’m definitely not the tallest or skinniest person in the world! I’ve always, always wanted long legs and my legs are thicker and more athletic so I try really hard to find stuff to make them look skinnier!  Wearing simple, nude colored shoes is so good at elongating the leg.  If you’re wearing jeans, matching booties to the color of your pants is also super elongating!  Usually ankle straps cut off the leg and make them look stubby but it’s ok here because its a nude color.  I also look for shorts with an extra big leg opening because the extra fabric and space make you’re legs look slimmer!  I sound like a nut but it works!