Fuzzy sweater + 8 things!

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Jacket Forever 21 – similar / Sunnies 

1. I can count on about 3 fingers how many times I’ve gone to take pictures and have ended up with so many good ones I couldn’t decide what to post. These moments need to be capitalized and celebrated!!! MAJOR! and lots of hair grabs! 😂

2. I love fall on the east coast. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the leaves will ALWAYS be beautiful.  We don’t get fall like this in LA… not even sorta and for that I will never get sick of fall leaves. Every picture I can get with them I will!

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3. Fuzzy sweaters like mine are having a moment and I love this trend.  So soft, so comfy but just not the most flattering.  Fuzzies are a thicker material so it’ll make you look a little more puffy. I pair mine with slim pants so leggings, skinny jeans, slim fit  joggers! Something to give your legs shape to make up for the heavier top.  Currently living for a fuzzy coat/jacket with ripped jeans and sneakers.  It roughs it up, makes it edgier and sporty! All a win.

4. I live for my Quay x Desi High Key glasses. These are my second pair! I have the gold and  this army green color.  They’re massive and I love every second of it.


5. I threw out my coffee after this photo. Eye rollllll. I love dunks but they got rid of my butter pecan flavor and now nothing is good enough! I go through Starbs phases and I’m not in one currently.  I love a Venti Caramel Ice Coffee blended… blended is a game changer! And the Pink drink obvi but mehhh! Not feeling those. I’m stuck in a coffee rut and first world problems I get it but this has to happen to other people?!

6. Glossier is coming out with perfume!!! YOU! I’m pumped it’s supposed to smell like bae’s neck after his cologne has settled through out the day. I think bomb and sexy honestly.  If you order anything on the website you get a sample and I’m trying to be good but taunting meeeeeeee!

7. Rihanna holiday collection comes out Friday! Colourpop at Sephora comes out at the end of the month. I. LIVE. FOR. HOLIDAY MAKEUP RELEASES!  I think I’ll go for a holographic gloss from the Rihanna holiday launch but thats about it.  Maybe a glitter liner.  As for Sephora Colourpop I don’t know what it is but theres a 99.2% chance I’m going to want it.  Hoarding Sephora gift cards for that and it’s Colourpop so it’s cheap!






what I’m loving!

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FullSizeRender 37.jpg

I needed black cut offs because I wear my other ones all the time! So excited to get these and just wait they’ll make their way to every other outfit post. These are from Topshop. They’re shorter on the sides, longer in the back.  So good, so flattering.

Buxom Lip Gloss in Melissa. I found this at TJ Maxx!  I have been having good luck there, lately!   I love lip plumpers and this one is so good.  It has a colder, minty sensation instead of the burning kind which I personally hate.  Like the Too Faced lip injections?  Those are painful! I really like this and it comes in every color under the sun.  They last pretty long on the lips too!

BP Hat. Oh guys, I’m a sucker for hats!  I think they’re so cute! I neeeeed to wear them more because I have quite a few!

BP Sunnies!  I am obsessed with sunglasses.  I want a closet full of designer glasses one day but I honestly suck at taking care of them!  Every pair I own is so scratched, like my Quay high keys are donezo because they were never in the case and the gold scratched off.  I also sat on my Ray bans so now the sit crooked on my face. Lol.  I throw my sunglasses all over the place so I’m gonna stick with buying cheapy pairs so that it’s not such a waste when they’re all scratched up. Nordstrom BP has an amazing section! These were $12 each and the white rimmed pair reminds me of these new Ray Bans that I almost just bought.  I’m in love with them and they’re pretty freaking identical. Here’s the tortoise shell ones.

Band tees and fur slides!

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My friend and I just drive around looking for cute walls to take pictures in front of! We spot a cute wall and its like pull over, turn back, there, go!! Hahah.  Finding lots of pinks walls lately.  I want to do a post of instagram worthy walls in LA so I hope to have that in a month or 2!

1) It’s obvious now that cut-offs are my summer staple. I shamelessly wear them on repeat and just switch out the shoes and top.

2) These shoes are my favorite ever!  I also own them in pink and black so I’m just really good at buying stuff I don’t need.  😜 Haha.  These are my favorite though they have a platform and are a little more dressy then the locker slides. They’re by Sam Edelman!

3) I love band tees but don’t ask me to name a song. 😫 I am a poser.

4) My hair is practically brown now and I’m going to have to dye it back to full brown instead of getting the roots done because so much has broke off. 😢 It makes me sad thinking about it, I love my blonde hair.

5) I haven’t seen much sun this summer but I’m using this St. Tropez in the shower wash off tan and it works so well! I’m obsessed.  But it oddly smells horrible when it goes on and leaves you smelling amazing when it washes off. Still trying to figure that out.

6) These are my brother’s sunglasses that he left in my car and I’m sorta hoping they stay  there and end up making there way to MA when I leave for school. Does that make me an asshole?  hahah. I’ve had them for a month and he hasn’t noticed!


Brandy Melville Tee . UO shorts. Sam Edelman Shoes. Topshop sunnies.

7) Trying to switch up my outfits for the blog.  Thinking more dressy?  Also wanting to expand on beauty. Maybe tutorials?

8) Nordstrom Sale is live for everyone today! Here’s my picks.


20+ best online shops for cute/trendy clothes!

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I love online shopping!! Especially for big stores like Forever 21 and Topshop because navigating the store is overwhelming and they’re usually messy and crowded.   I much prefer lying in bed with the tv on and browsing! I mostly online shop for dresses, rompers and going out clothes like bodysuits.  Being in college, I wear these pieces a lot and I don’t have to splurge on them because they’re trendy and aren’t pieces I’m going to be wearing a lot!   I have a list of stores that are always my go-to and are the perfect stop for all my clothing needs!

The one-stop shops: Buy jeans, t-shirts, bodysuits and date night dresses.

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This dress is from Asos.

ASOS.  Asos has lots of good stuff to pick from. It’s overwhelming how much they have! They do student discounts that you sign up for with your school email. It’s currently 20% off and they have everything from going out clothes to job clothes!

River Island.  This British based brand has a good variety of trendy clothes that will cover all your bases!



Topshop Bodysuit

Topshop!  I love Topshop and if you’re not near one the website is great.  I prefer it!  It has a great variety of basics, festival clothes, dressier pieces and going out clothes that are always on trend. They have a 10% student discount if you show your ID.

Lulus. Cute, casual day time clothes!



Forever 21 dress

Forever 21.  I have to add this to the list! It’s consistently stocked with trendy, cheap clothes that work for a number of different occasions.  Every girl owns something from Forever!

Loveculture. Similar to Forever 21. This website has super cute clothes for casual and going out situations!

Nastygal. Great day to night options and statement pieces. Nasty gal is little bit pricier but I like it personally because I think it’s a little bit more unique!

The party clothes: The go -to for bodysuits, body con and stuff that’ll make you look hot on the gram. 😉


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Pretty Little Thing Bodysuit

Pretty Little Thing.  This store is great for going out clothes! It’s super trendy and offers a great selection of bodysuits and bodycon dresses!  I describe it as the edgy, street, Kylie, Kim, Khloe, trendy sort of vibes/ looks.  Even if that isn’t what you like, they have a great selection of stuff that can work for a number of different styles!  They almost always have 40-50% off the whole website!  I’ve ordered from there and I was really impressed with what I got.  It just took a long time to get to me.


Missguided.  Again, this is a trendy shop with good going out clothes.  Think backless bodysuit.  Matching sets. Bodycon dresses. They have 40-50% off stewed often too!

Necessary Clothing.  Sexy, trendy clothing.  Very similar to Pretty Little Thing and Missguided. This is on the more casual side. Think cute instagram outfits!

Fashionnova.  Ahh. I’ve never ordered anything from here! It’s big on instagram and they definitely nail very trendy, sexy, going out clothes. This store is what instagram baddie outfits are made of.

The almost too good to be true. Like too cheap and too cute.

Shein. This store remakes trendy, expensive clothes and sells them for super cheap.  I haven’t ordered anything from here but I’ve heard from bloggers who have had good luck with it!  The clothes look like what you would find on the Revolve website honestly.  Super cute and trendy.  Not so sure about the quality.  I recommend that if you buy something, stick to the ones that are reviewed and backed up with pictures of the products from customers. It ships from China so I’ve heard that it takes a long time to get here.  I wouldn’t recommend shopping here if you’re going to want to return what you don’t want. It ships from China and won’t be worth it!

Romwe. Very similar to Shein.  Your first order is 60% off which is insane. This is super similar to Shein.  Remakes of expensive clothes that ships from China.  Amber from Barefootblonde.com got an order from Romwe and she was happy with what she received. If you want to return what you don’t like this is probably not the store for you because it ships from China.

Tobi.  Tobi sends out 50% off you entire order emails like it’s no ones business. My roommate loves to shop here!  The clothes are super cute and you can find stuff to wear to class or to a party.

The Higher Fashion Picks. 

Princess Polly. I LOVE this online store.  The pieces here are trendy, unique and not what you’re gonna find at every store.  Its Australian and a little bit more expensive then the other websites.  Like $60 for a romper.  Youtubers and bloggers have coupon codes for it that’ll bring the price down.  Legit every thing on the website is so cute.

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Zara top and shorts!

Zara.   Great for high fashion picks and runway dupes! If you saw an Alexander Wang top that you must have but don’t have $600 for, look here. You’ll be happily surprised.

Pixie Market. This stuff is what you’re going to be seeing on fashion girls. They dupe designer goods.  Think Chloe-esque tops and chic vacation wear for $100 that are still classic looking. Some more so than others.

If you want something high quality for a special occasion I love Shopbop and Revolve.  They have amazing selections with beautiful clothes that you’re gonna see on top bloggers and instagram girls!


Tips for shopping at TJ Maxx!

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IMG_7322.PNGI love going to TJ Maxx and just browsing around the store.  Don’t get me wrong, Nordstrom will always be my fave but there is something to be said for looking around and finding hidden treasure for a good deal!  It’s one of my guilty pleasures that doesn’t even have to be guilty!

As of lately Marshalls and Tj Maxx have really stepped up there beauty sections!  I’ve seen Youtube videos and instagram posts about the high end beauty products people have found there!  I can attest to that because Tj Maxx is my GO – TO for St. Tropez self tanner.  It’s the best self tanner ever but it’s pricey!  I only get mine at Tj Maxx and it’s $7-12 depending on which one they have. It’s around $40 if you buy it full price!  I make a note to always pick some up if I see it just incase I never find it again.  I’ve also seen MAC, Too Faced, Bite Beauty Lancome, Stila, Smashbox and Kat Von D products there!


Here’s my how-to for navigating around Tj Maxx!

  1. It’s gonna be hit or miss most of the time.  You may have a few misses before you get a hit but that’s sort of how it works.  This is why I like looking there for mostly beauty.  I’m usually not patient enough to look through clothes or even shoes but they’ll have racks of designer / contemporary clothing which is a good place to look without having to dig through a bunch of meh things.  I got a Rag and Bone v neck there for $20 and I wear it all the time!
  2. If you see something you want – buy it! It’s not gonna be there next time you go.
  3. You’re gonna have to dig through the makeup / beauty products.  Often times the good stuff will be the only one there.  Some of the makeup stuff you see will be obvious why its there.  I’m talking to the purple and orange MAC lip sticks I saw today. But you have to keep looking for the good one hiding in the madness!
  4. If you’re gonna buy something beauty, make sure it hasn’t been opened / tested or tampered with.  Sadly lots of the makeup there is tampered with, opened and used.
  5. It’s gonna be messy, honestly. You have to get over that.
  6. The brushes are a hidden gem! I find real techniques and eco tools for under $5! Those are great brushes that retail for $10 +.
  7. I like to look up the hashtags on instagram to see what people are finding so I get an idea of what to look for! I look at #tjmaxxfinds

I picked up a St. Tropez self tanner for $12, a Bite Beauty lip cream in Caramel for $6 and these Catherine Malandrino Slides during my last trip to Tj Maxx! Wish I could link them for you but it doesn’t work that way!  May your next TJ Maxx trip be a good one!


The wrap top and a list.

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Top / Levis / Shoes. 

1)  I love the feeling that you get when you love your outfit! hahaha.  I want to bottle up that confidence!

2) It is sooooo sooo sooo hot in LA.  Everyone freaks out when it gets past like uhh… 77 in LA.  ME INCLUDED. Today was 84 and thats on the westside near the water!!!!!   It’s just so still and hot and it makes me sticky! Sticking to lose dresses and sandals!

3) Dylan’s candy bar has mango and grapefruit gummy bears!! I love gummy bears but don’t even ask me how much I paid for them. Ok so I went and got $5 worth than they were so good I had to go back and buy $12 more.  Dang those mall candy stores… I’m so not going to share. 😏

OH MY GOD. You can buy 5 lbs on mango gummy bears on amazon for $14! 5 LBS!!! I’d be the type to get sick of them like 2.3 lbs in.



4) I got Carls JR this weekend and I dropped it all on the ground while getting out of the car! 😂 I as dying, honestly.  It’s ok though because it was gross.

5) SO apparently dry shampoo can build up and clog the pores on your scalp and keep your hair from growing!  I told you I think my hair isn’t growing so I had to go get a clarifying shampoo  because I am the dry shampoo queen that keeps it on her bed side table and sprays before bed. :/ Clarifying shampoo just cleans the product build up in your hair. I got a Moroccan oil one that smells amazing.

6) I wore a dress and took it off at the end of the day to find the tags still attached. 😐

7) I’m so into makeup but I don’t even like to wear a lot of it. I was reading something about skincare being foundation and that is 100% how I feel! I want to get more into skincare so I just got some drunk elephant products and I’m so excited to see how it goes!  They’re supposed to be amazing and they’re super pricey but good skin is worth it in my opinion!

8) I’ve been using less heat on my hair in favor of wave spray!  I tried it yesterday and loved it so if I stick with it a blog post is soon on it’s way!

9) I walked into Barney’s NY at the Grove in LA and they totally look you up and down to see what you’re wearing before they greet you.  To see if you’re even worthy of a hello!  Love what’s in the store but thats so horrible! There’s a bunch of other stores that do that, too. Shame on them, everyone is worthy of a sincere hello.

Happppppppy Monday!  check out my instagram @ blackberriesandsparkles for daily snippets!




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I love making lists and I always want something new so wishlists are my jam!  I’m also home and happy as a clam. Barf my dumb rhymes. 😅

Lulu bra: bras are so uncomfty. this probably doesn’t do shit for support but its so cute.

Quay aviators: Quay makes the most humongous glasses and I’m over here like the bigger, the buggier the more I want them.

Stila magnificent metals eyeshadows: I love the idea of bronze, glitter eyeshadow and very minimal makeup with hair up. Summer glam.

Free People top: Love the sleeves and I love orange with a tan and lighter hair. 😉

Nudestix luminizer bronzer: Love the idea around this new brand. Very natural, on the go makeup.

Princess Polly Romper: UGH I love this romper.

Birkenstock white rubber: I like the rubber birks better because the normal ones give me blisters! And white makes you look hellllla tan.

Marc Jacobs bronzer: My obsession for bronzer maybe just maybe passed my obsession with highlighter.


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Thrasher Hoodie // Jeans // Shoes

Loved my numbered lists so here we gooooooooo:

  1. Just a chill outfit one day in NY.
  2. I like my Thrasher hoodie and I’ll own it I don’t freakin skateboard.  I read an article about the founder of Thrasher bashing Rihanna and Justin Bieber for wearing the brand because they’re “clowns” that don’t skate.  Apparently blood has to be shed via eating shit skateboarding to be worthy of wearing the flames across your chest.  The brand itself sorta carries that exclusive club sorta vibe and people get salty if you wear it and don’t skate.  My brother bought the wrong size so I took it.  I vibe with it so I’m gonna keep wearing it.  Street wear is fashion without rules! Do what you like, no salt needed.
  3. I cannot say enough good things about these shoes!!! I wore them in NY without ANY complaints.  They’re so comfy and easy to walk in.  My feet didn’t even hurt from walking 5 miles like thats how GOOD they are. I stupidly wore sneakers without socks one day and got blisters so these were a dream after because my heal is free and untouched in them.  If you look close at my foot you can see my red blister. The only thing is your feet may get dirty.  I just showered so it was fine and they weren’t very dirty but it happens.
  4. I love donuts.  My absolute favorite is Dough donuts on 19th in the Flatiron district. I love their chocolate the most but any of them are a good choice, honestly!  I wanted to try a new place so I went to Doughnut Plant on 23rd.  They’re supposed to be up their with Dough and one of the best donuts in the city but I wasn’t super impressed.  They do have vegan donuts; the banana was really good!   But I prefer Dough 100%.  The pink ice tea though, which I am sipping in my pic is SO good. It’s fruity and light so go to a donut shop for ice tea. Hahah.  The donuts aren’t bad, its still a donut but I prefer Dough.  The shop is so cute though and the wall is decorated with donut shaped pillows!
  5. Fitbit front and center like I told you.
  6. Sephora is having 15% off for the VIB spring sale. Ends on the 24th!  VIBSPRING or BISPRING will work for the codes. Naturally I want one of everything because I hoard beauty products. My cart is at $676 currently.  😗

What I’m feeling…

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FullSizeRender 11wearing my favorite velvet Steve Madden booties

I got lemongrass, sweet orange and grapefruit oils for my oil diffuser and I’ve never made a decision I’ve been happier with.  Those are the best smells!

It’s gonna rain/snow and be so cold this next week.  We should be past this! Not to mention the nasty winds makes my face beet red.  ugh, ugh, ugh.

I went 5 days without washing my hair last week, I felt nasty and proud all at the same time.  (maybe I shouldn’t tell you that?) My hair has been SO dry and this has helped.

I got the Ouai foam dry shampoo and I don’t know if I like it.  It makes my hair look ok but I don’t like how it makes it feel. The smell however is so, so good. I really, really want to love it though!

I’ve loved Flowerbomb perfume for as long as I can remember and I just got the hair perfume.  It’s what good decisions are made of.

I only talk about the way stuff smells.

The 3rd and final phase of Colourpop’s monochromatic makeup collection comes out tomorrow at 10 PST. (1 for you east coasters.) It’s the Sand collection and it’s all bronzey nudes and gold shades. 😍 I love those colors for makeup and I have been SO into bronzer lately this is my cup of tea and then some.

My baby Drake came out with a new album I’m loving the vibes. I know passionfruit is gonna be all over the place and I ain’t even mad.

Look at these new Champion sweatshirts at Urban!

It’s Ulta 21 days of beauty and some really good stuff is on sale!