Instagram round up!

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I love to share what I love so here’s an instagram round up of what I’ve been loving for my face /body / feet.  love love love love 😂

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I got this cardigan and silk cami from the Nordstrom Sale.  I love the two separately and together! Shorts are One Teaspoon.  I don’t get much wear out of them because they’re flamingo pink but when you have the right top they’re so cute!

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Back on my stoooooop! I love this top and I’m wearing my new Topshop jeans that fit like  a dream.  And my favorite shoes I own in every color.

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I’ve been wanting these shoes for forever! Every blogger has them so naturally they sold out but I was able to snag them on sale at  Meant to be!!!

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Sephora has some amazing point rewards at the moment!  You know they’re good when you place an online order just to redeem points!

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Instagram Round up!

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lip lineup at the moment! ft. lotssaaa nudes! ✨ @nyxcosmetics whipped lip and cheek in cocoa bean. love this as a blush and lip! it's the perfect nude shade. it's a matte stain sort of look and perfect for summer and everyday! ✨ lucas' papaw ointment. perfect lip balm for chapped lips and skin. like aquaphor but better! ✨ @maybelline lipstick in barely brown. love this nude colored lipstick! it's a pinky brown color with a satin sheen that glides on the lips. ✨ @maybelline hot vivid lacquer in unreal. this is like a glossy matte lip. lasts long but with high shine. perfect peachy nude color. ✨ @jeffreestarcosmetics lip ammunition in celebrity skin. my favorite lip at the moment! it's a cool tone, nude pink that is super flattering and a great everyday go to. it goes on so nicely and stays put. obsessed with this! ✨ @glossier birthday cake balm dot com. love this stuff!!!!!! another fave lip balm thats perfect for the day with little flecks of shimmer. I wear it over a matte lip or by itself! it smells amazing. ✨ @narsissist orgasm lip gloss. ahhh just like orgasm blush being universally flattering so is this lip! I love a glossy lip and this color is perfect for summer! ✨ @maybelline lipstick in truffle tease. a warm toned, classic, nude shade with an opaque shine finish. this is lighter then the barely brown color. applies on the lips very easy!

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A round up of whats been on my instagram!  It’s mostly hat I wear on my body, day to day outfits, and face, beauty favorites, that don’t make it to the blog!  I will say it’s a lot of work to do the instagram, blog and create unique content for both without it totally overlapping but I really love how free and creative it allows me to be in a number of different ways!

Whose Who of Instagram Pt. II

@SpoonForkBacon Is the instagram for the food blog coincidently! Ha.  I love to cook and bake and they just make the coolest food with twists that you wouldn’t necessarily think of.  And they take the most beautiful pictures and it’s hard to photograph food.  They have these amazing looking brown butter ice cream sandwiches on their blog/instagram now.  Droooooooling. 
Ahh @Textsfromyourex This is the hands down, the funniest instgram I follow.  People send in texts that they’ve gotten from their Exs and they post them.  So you can imagine how hysterical and ridiculous they are.  My favorite is the guy who asked his ex if she wanted to come over and clean his house while they talk. 
@Chrissyteigen !!!!!!!!!!! I love her!!!!!!! She’s hysterical.  She has a french bulldog and I want french bulldogs!  She loves food just as much as I do.  She cooks. She cusses.  She likes wearing tall boots and her hair in buns.   SHES JUST LIKE ME .
@Dylanlex Jewelry designer!  With killer outfit pictures.  If you’re only gonna do black and white, do it like her, its insanely good.  She makes the really awesome, played up, edgy statement necklaces.   

@GeriHirsch from  Follow for good hair inspo, and buns :)… does that make me sound gross? Topknots?  Good Nail polish colors. Great personal style pics. 
@Hrhcollection makes vlogs and has a jewelry line.  She’s a really good shopper so I love to see what she’s getting.  And she has a great handbag collection, particularly Chanel!  She too has great personal style, always with great shoes and bags. 
@Elleferguson and @Tashsefton These are the ladies behind the blog .  They’re Australian so they have great tans and perfect beach hair.  They have great personal style, especially with denim and I looovvveee denim.  They have great accessories too.  Good shoes, good bags.  They rock jeans, a tee and nude Louboutins and I love outfits like that! 
So there’s my instagram it list!  Enjoy.  Obviously I have a trend in people I follow.  Shopping, clothes, shoes, food, topknots! 

The Whose Who of Instagram Pt. I


Instagram is my favorite form of social media.  The combination of a picture with a short caption is my favorite and always keeps me not only interested but inspired.  You get to see not only what people like to share, but how they live, (to a certain extent of course) and that’s very interesting to me.    (AKA, I’m nosey, hahahah.) I’m not one of those people that focuses on making sure I have more followers than I have people I’m following… Yes, I know thats a thing.  I just follow who I like and what keeps me interested. I’m a little tiny bit addicted to instagram and I hate when I go to look through it and theres no new pictures loaded.. just the method to my madness. 😉 As for who I follow on instagram, I like clothes, shoes and bags (duh), FOOD, babies and just people who are real!

Here’s Pt. I of some of my favorite accounts I follow.  I follow tons of different bloggers, brands and different accounts but here’s my fav and I’d like to think that they’re not the typical follows.   Check for Pt II of who to follow on instagram coming this week!

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@rachparcell is the blogger behind  I like her casual style, always with great shoes and bags.  My style tends to be casual just based on the stage of life I’m in now.  She rocks Lululemons which I absolutely love but she’s killer inspiration for midi skirts.  And she has a cute dog and a cute new baby!!  She’s charming! 
@EvaChen212. I remember reading articles Eva wrote in Teen Vogue when she was the Beauty Editor!  That was a couple years back, now she’s the Editor in Chief for Lucky Mag (the youngest EIC at Condé) although she is leaving the magazine.  She has such a cool, unique sense of style.  She’s sporty, she’s chic… and she always has good sneakers (and Birkenstocks.)   She’s always posting about new beauty products she’s trying, I myself am a beauty products hoarder and appreciate that.  She too has the cutest little baby and shares my love for food posts and witty captions!  Her instagram is like a mini blog, honestly.  From a career stand point, I find her so inspirational!  And from the looks of her instagram, she looks like she’s a happy person.  Obviously, I really like her, haha. She’s a good follow. 
@Amberfillerup If you’ve seen a totally awesome braid on instagram, it’s probably hers.  She’s the blogger behind!  We happen to share the same love for flowers and wearing our hair up. She takes great pictures, does awesome hair, goes on amazing trips and has again, a cute little baby and another one on the way.   I love her for hair inspiration and she makes me want to grow my hair longer so I can do braids like hers.  She goes on amazing trips to places like Greece and Paris and in turn takes the most amazing pictures of her travels that are sure to leave you with a case of travel envy.  I’m totally gonna sound my age when I say this but she’s goals. 
@Taza is the instagram account behind the blog Love Taza.  Her name is Naomi and she lives In NYC with her 3 cute little children!  If you’re noticing the pattern, I want lots of babies so I like following instagrams of stylish people with babies.  Her blog is a lifestyle, mommy blog so her instagram is her city life with her kiddies. She posts some food too, some travel, clothes….it’s a mix of her life and I really like it!  
@almostwriters.  I’m gonna be an English Lit major so I love words, comments, anything.  This account is romantic little sayings that make you swoon.  Follow for sweet  little pleasantries among your instagram feed! 
@AlexaJeanFitness is a fitness blogger.  She’s in such good shape and she makes little videos of different workouts you can do at your house to target different areas of your body.  She also makes guides you can buy, too.  I do her little work out videos she posts during the commercials when I watch tv.  She’s good workout inspiration from her outfits to her workouts.  And she eats pizza!!!! She not one of those fit people that run ten thousands miles everyday and only drink green juice.  She has a cute little family that she posts about on another account @alexajeanbrown.  I follow both! 
@scoutponder Ok, so Scout Ponder is Samantha Ponder’s baby, the ESPN college football and basketball sideline reporter. Note, her traveling baby as she brings her with her during the season to report.  She’s incredibly witty with a great sense of humor so she has an account for her baby with pictures and the funniest captions from her daughter’s POV. This is a must follow!  So freakin’ cute! And her daughter has the best sense of style.  Cue baby scarves and baby glasses. 
@Jessiejamesdecker Jessie is a country singer married to pro footballer Eric Decker.  Not only are they the most beautiful couple ever with the cutest relationship but they have a cute little life with their daughter and baby on the way.   Jessie is soo real! (Ha, I say it like she’s my homegirl.)  And she’s always eating cookies.  Cookies are my thing.  I want one now.  She also posts beauty, fashion, life.  She’s funny, follow her! 

Channeling Eva..

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If you follow Eva Chen (Lucky Mag EIC) on instagram, then you certainly know this is her schtick –  backseat accessories pics. I sure this is one of her things she does while sitting through NYC traffic.  Her’s have a lot more Chanel and Céline in them then mine but hey, a girl’s gotta try, right?

Happy Valentine’s day Fuzzies!