Outfit thoughts..


Tomorrow is my 21st and my biggest concern is what to wear so I get a good picture! I’m loving, LOVING over the knee boots with shorts.   It’s not everyones cup of tea, I get that but its mine and I LOVE the look. Trying too look through my closet to see how I can rock it! I like when its more edgy rather then like instagram famous vibes if that makes sense?

Regardless of what you think of the Kardashians I LOVE the way Kendall is wearing her boots with shorts. This is a more casual version.


Chrissy Teigen’s is more night time appropriate so for my outfit I want it to be in the middle of the two.  Most likely need to dig around, do some laundry and get it together but love the look so so much and always have, always will. Can’t wait to recreate it!!!!

Pictures from pinterest!

I want what she’s having…

I love sneakers and at the moment, old school styles are really going strong.  I had a pink pair of Nike Cortez’s in 2nd grade and they’re back!  I love the full on red, white and blue, Forrest Gump Cortezs and the styling opportunities are endless.  They give a basic tee and shorts the kind of vibes I want!  Here is some inspo I’ve found on my favorite place, pinterest. 

Bisous Natasha

pic via Bisous Natasha


pic via bytezza

This Dress…

I’m kind of obsessed with this dress…I liked it when I saw it on a few blogs here and there and then when I saw Beyonce wearing it on instagram I was both feet in.  The dress is more feminine and fitting while I prefer more slouchy, tomboy sorts of styles but I can’t stay away!  I go through phases where I want one of everything so I know that if I like something with longevity, I really do like it.  That can be said for both the shoes and dress…. and Isabel Marant sneakers, purple hair…I’ve got a long list. 

Bits & Pieces

^^^^ Summer is near, summer is here! Woop, woop, woop.  All I want is strappy sandals, distressed denim, and lacey bras.  A bustier style top delivered with distressed 501s and strappy sandals is particularly making my heart go fuzzy at the moment.  I want Tevas toooooo.  My mother laughs at me because she thinks they’re downright fugly but their flaming arch support and durability have me at yes.  We’ll see how that plays out. I hope I love them because I don’t want her to say “I told you sooo!”  Dang mommys and their precise accuracy on just about everything.  If it weren’t for her, I’d own more maxy skirts and terry tracksuits, certainly don’t want that now do we?!^^^^

The French Shirtdress

In the topic of spring trends, I bring to you the shirtdress.  They can be interpreted in a more feminine essence but fear not! That ain’t the case anymore. *cough, sneeze, ah-cho manrepeller
This Rag & Bone number is a totally modern, chic take on a shirt dress.  I like the envelope hem and the thin, black, cord encircling the waist.  It can be perfectly dressed up or perfectly dressed down, need it be. Its pretty dang versatile, too. 
For the dressier side, I think a sky blue Saint Laurent Duffle (swoon) paired with strappy, tritone contraptions of the Jimmy Choo variety are just downright charming with a perfect French vibe.  Bed head, needed.   
For the more casual side, included but not limited to; a grey fedora, a yellow crossbody, and perfect Nike blazers…again, feeling French! Again, again, bed head, needed.  Feeling Deja vu?

What I Want Wednesday

Because I’m feeling extravagant and Wednesday offers a perfect opportunity for witty or typical alliteration [What I Want Wednesday.]  My list below alludes to someone well over my 17 years, perhaps I’m just an old lady with a penchant for books and over the top, cooking appliances.

A pretty library with books stacked in every which way…

A Kitchen Aid mixer… make that a bedazzled kitchen aid mixer.  Holy Moly.  It exudes more femininity then my whole closet. 
Saint Laurent / Louboutin / Margiela / Givenchy
I’m obsessed with yellow; more in accessories, less in clothing.  It’s like mascara; just a swipe and it makes it all better.