The dressing for class struggle

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V neck, zara shorts, mules.

I wore this exact outfit to class yesterday. (minus the purse, lol)  This picture is from the summer (pre haircut) so I’m outing myself as an outfit repeater but if you say you don’t you lie. 😉 This outfit is super easy and so easy to recreate for class and thats a A+ in my book.  I struggle between wanting to look cute to class and just throwing on lulus and a tee and going.  I will say I’m in college and I hate waking up early so lulus usually win but it does feel good to look ‘cute’ and put together.  I wear a lot of the same stuff and just switch it out in different combinations! You can’t bring everything you own to school and Lord knows I by more stuff while I’m here. A lot more.

Lately I’ve been in a rut with what I’m wearing.  I like a more edgy look and sometimes I’m better at it and sometimes not so much. My style is not girly or feminine at all! I like the sexy tomboy, sporty, edgy sort of look. And simple!  I need to try and get more back to that.

Today the Too Faced peaches and cream collection is out at Sephora!  It’s an exclusive there and its an all matte collection. I don’t go for mattes but I love the cream blush, bronzer and lipstick! Def need to make a trip to Sephora 😉 but I have a stack of textbooks on my desk / on their way to me that could buy that collection (grrr) so I want to go try them and see what I really like.  I told myself I wouldn’t buy makeup for a little bit but I don’t listen and I’m easily persuaded. Dang me. I also don’t really wear any to class (depending on the day) so again being a hoarder for beauty products. DASSSS ME!

Instagram round up!

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I love to share what I love so here’s an instagram round up of what I’ve been loving for my face /body / feet.  love love love love 😂

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I got this cardigan and silk cami from the Nordstrom Sale.  I love the two separately and together! Shorts are One Teaspoon.  I don’t get much wear out of them because they’re flamingo pink but when you have the right top they’re so cute!

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Back on my stoooooop! I love this top and I’m wearing my new Topshop jeans that fit like  a dream.  And my favorite shoes I own in every color.

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I’ve been wanting these shoes for forever! Every blogger has them so naturally they sold out but I was able to snag them on sale at  Meant to be!!!

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Sephora has some amazing point rewards at the moment!  You know they’re good when you place an online order just to redeem points!

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Eh the Canadian suit 

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I love a double denim, Canadian suit!  It’s super easy and always in.  If I don’t know what to wear but still want to look ‘with it’ this is my go to!  These boots have been on repeat and I love the grey velvet because I can wear them with everything.  I’m pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these are!  They’re Steve Madden which usually always hurt my feet but so far so good. They’re 4 inches so if you’re heavy footed like me you’ll feel it in your toes if you walk a lot.  But that again is with any tall heel without a platform… Also hello fitbit. 😬 Homegirl walks in photos now because she needs her steps, hahahahahah. Jk but walking in photos is my new thing!


Bella Dahl shirt // Vintage Levis // Steve Madden booties (on sale now!)


I’m obsessed with these sunnies and annoyed because I left them at home. 😐 Also trying out the nude-taupe lip.  It’s actually hard to find the right color so I mix colors to avoid the grey, dead girl lip look.  Will share that in the near future!

In other news I have a snow day (bless u storm stella) so this weather ain’t too bad!  Woohooo silver lining. ☺️



Ball talk….

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Forever 21 Bodysuit / Nordstrom Sweater / AE jeans / Steve Madden Booties
I went to the Clippers v Celtics game the other night and I’m not a basketball girl (sorta wish I was) but I go for the social/ dress up / food part of it. bahahahah. Especially at the Staples Center, it’s def a thing in LA. I go to school in Mass / live in LA so I’m happy with whoever wins.  I really like baseball and I just got my tickets to the Dodgers/ Nationals game!! Honestly pumped because I love Bryce Harper 😃

Outfit wise — The bodysuit is from forever 21. Comes in every color under the sun and is under $10!   Feels like good quality, too.  These Steve Madden boots are super popular right now and I see why!  I succumbed to the trend but love these boots and LOVE them in the velvet.  They are NOT walking far shoes though, park close. 😣


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I’ve realized I like making lists so here we GO!

1. I go home Thursday and I am SOOOO excited.  I just want to eat animal style fries.

2. My jeans fit, the zipper falls, I promise! It’s bugging me in these pictures. 😡

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3. Put highlighter on your shoulders when they are visible!  I did it and I love the results. It also looks so, so nice on collar bones.

4. I’ve bathed in my St. Tropez tan this weekend and I’m hooked. Tan and highlighted is the best duo.  I also slept in it without washing it off which is not what you’re supposed to do but I am hella pleased with the results. Will be breaking that rule again.

5. This bodysuit is from I will say it took a long time to come in but I’m really impressed with the quality! The website is like nasty gal but they do site wide sales often. There is ruching down the center of the bodysuit I so wish you could see!

6. I ordered the new ABH highlighter palette aka the highlighter I can’t stop talking about today on the Sephora app! PUMPED.

7. I put this outfit on then ate a boatload of mozzarella sticks and french fries so that was my Saturday night. 😎

8. I bought yellow aviators and those are absolutely going to be a thing! Calling the trend.

9. Glossier came out with blush with thee coolest launch ever….on the Oscars Red Carpet! Chrissy Teigen had it on and I’m buying whichever color she’s wearing. Adding that to the list of more stuff I need.

Throwback Thursday

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Topshop jacket / Jcrew shirt / Topshop overalls / Schutz shoes

… this is 17 year old baby me!  I’m proud of myself because I still really love this outfit. Haha.  This is from 4 years ago when I was in New York city for Teen Vogue Fashion U. I had just turned 17, dyed my hair blonde and was SO so obsessed with overalls.  I felt so grown up and exactly in my element!  Doing fashion and beauty in New York. Crazy how fast time flies.  I think I’ll find my way back there soon.  I remember my feet realllllllly hurting and changing into flats once I got into the cab but I loved how the shoes looked with the overalls.  Totally worth it.

High and Low

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F21 bodysuit // American Eagle Jeans // Stuart Weitzman boots 

  1. I can’t stay away from black on black for very long! I love it and it worked so well with this because it almost looked like it was one connected piece. 2 people asked if I was wearing a jumpsuit.
  2. My nails are peeling.. I think I need to give gels a break for a while, it’s tragic, I look at my unpainted fingers right away! (and now I’m inviting you tooooo)
  3. The M5 filter on VSCO is a game changer.  I look for a filter that will make all my hair blonder because I usually find that the ends can get lighter but the top/roots  will get darker… basically I’m a nut but this filter will make you blonder! 😄
  4. It’s very slushy and icy outside and I was slipping around in these boots…I did eventually make it… very slowly.
  5. I’m very into … lately!
  6. I vicariously live through Fashion week instagrams!  Lots of furs and boots this year… a snowy/icy ground is a game changer (ahem^) and I saw one picture of a girl in 4inch pumps walking through slush and I will ALWAYS remember that picture. She’s a badass.
  7. I will be walking through slush and snow tomorrow to get to class in Hunter wellies and that is much less glamorous/badass.

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This picture honestly cracks me up because I’m posing and trying so hard… next to the toilet.  I vibe with it.

Happpppppppy Monday!☕️

Sporty Spice

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I’ve played competitive volleyball for over 6 years.  Without a doubt, it certainly influences my personal style on so many levels.  My love for sportswear, sneaks, sweats, buns – all come from my sports background. Don’t pull me the wrong way, I love nail polish and and girly books as much as the next girl, but I don’t consider myself to be a girly girl.  My love for overalls, a good pair of sneakers and lots of other shoes rises to the top on numerous occasions… A sexy, sporty, tomboy makes up the creme (being the look I want to achieve) that I would like to rise to the top even if the sexy part dies more then it prevails.

Sports are more for some people and less for others.  Whether you play or you don’t, whether you watch or you don’t, hell, even if your boyfriend (or brother) plays… Sports influences the masses. (Hello, working out!) Especially fashion, sportswear from the likes of Prada, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant.  And actually, it’s my favorite trend to date! (wedge sneaker included)

My penchant for $100+ stretchy pants started at the age of 13. Giving my mom a run for her money… or shall I say asking her to spend money so I can buy a wardrobe fit for running… and it be very clear, I’m so not a runner. No matter how hard I try.  It went so far as to pairing Tory Burch flats with Lululemon cropped leggings… not one of my prouder moments.. especially while stomping around NYC with a wad of gum the size of a small lemon stuck to my side of my shoe… To this day, I still own the leggings and the flats, but, their two paths shall never cross.  Don’t need to conjure up something crazy again..

Resort 2014 – Accessories

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Today we will talk about the accessories of the Resort 2014 collections.  Shrubs, team spirit, legos and tampon bags.  Proceed with caution.

Cantaloupe colored Valentino Rockstud sandals.   Nothing says “I’m ready to take on the world.” or more appropriately “I’ve worn these shoes for 2 weeks straight.” (that is how good they are) then these shoes. Those are my kind of shoe.

These Charlotte Olympia puppies.  Nothing says SCHOOL SPIRIT then being a head taller then the football team… someone one has to take one for the team.

Pair these with jeans and a chambray shirt.  Pierre Hardy is taking the Canadian suit to a whole new level. Might as well just bathe in denim eh?

If you hadn’t noticed that the first 3 pictures are shoes; I am a shoe whore  addict.  There is still more coming too. 

This is the most gaudy Alexander Wang I have yet to see. (ehh, this one is up there too.)  Who says gaudy is a bad thing?  In the wise words of my perfect friend BadgalRiRi; Shine bright like a Diamond.

“Could someone pass me my purse?” “Sure, which one is it?” “The periwinkle one.”  I would get this Fendi just to say the periwinkle one.

Back to the shoes…. These Aperlai bad boys come equip with their own shrub and all.  Who needs a boy to buy you flowers when you have these?

Ahh, this Valentino clutch with the legos jewels on it kinda looks like a Shourouk bag.  Except with privacy the PVC Shourouk lacks.  The perfect bag to stick tampons in!

This Tonya Hawkes clutch  offers a place to store your my 27 lip glosses I carry with me at any given moment.  It doubles as a weapon too.  Just look at those pesky studs, those will take out an eye.

We end off with this Lanvin ring.  On more occasions then one, 13 has been a lucky number for Taylor Swift.  In my hopes to get like half of the action she gets (or Harry Styles, I’m good with just him.)  I will adorn my body with bejeweled 13s.  And maybe red lipstick.

images via WWD 

Current Obsessions

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Current Obsessions

Happy Tuesday everyone! Today I’d like to share some of my current faces with you! 

Hanes t-shirts are the best white t-shirts ever.  Finding a good t-shirt if certainly not the easiest task, I found these v-necks at Target in the men’s section.  I love them! 

Clinique is great for people with sensitive skin like me.  Black honey is an amazing color that looks great on everyone.  Totally great for fall! Especially with burgundy lipstick being totally in. 

I got these Nike with a hidden wedge a few weeks ago and I love them! Outfits to come with them soon! 😉

Lancome Mascara is great.  Gives you Kardashian lashes without a lot of effort.  Just a swipe of mascara and your good to go.!

Candy corn! One of the best parts about Halloween! 

Red….Taylor Swift is amazing.  The whole album has been playing non-stop for me.  

These Gap camos are totally soft, cute and comfy. Whats not to love?

This Sacha Juan ocean mist is great for getting effortless beachy waves.  Purrrfect. 

Happy Halloween! 

Reece xx

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