New at the drugstore!


Loreal beauty sponge first impressions: I read on some blog that this sponge is a dupe for a beauty blender!  It’s not. hahahahah.  This sponge is soft, not as soft as a beauty blender but softer than most cheaper makeup sponges out there.  It has a weird, doughy texture and when you squeeze it it feels like theres gel inside.  Thats probably just something weird I noticed and I don’t think it will affect your makeup!  This sponge applied my concealer nicely and didn’t feel hard on my skin. It’s not a beauty blender but it’s really good for $6!  I prefer this much more than the real techniques sponge and its cheaper!

Maybelline Total Temptation.  It took me a few wears but I like this mascara and what it does for my lashes.  The wand gets a little clumpy and holds too much product when you first unscrew it so you just have to shove it back in to take off some product.  Does that make sense lol?  With a few coats this makes your lashes long and adds volume!  It’s not the most volumious like Lash Paradise but it also separates your lashes making them look long and wispy!  This mascara clumps a little bit but I don’t mind it because it still makes my lashes look curled, long and wispy.  I lovvveeeee a long, wispy, dramatic lash.   I don’t have any more lash extensions and I’m really liking how this mascara makes my lashes look.  I had volumious/dramatic lashes on before so that says something!  This is supposed to have a coconut scent.  I don’t smell it and think coconuts but the smell is different than other mascaras.  Its still weird yet oddly pleasant!

NYX jumbo eye pencil.  I used this pencil for an easy/lazy smokey eye and I loved the results.  I put bronzer all over the lid then I just lined the top and bottom lashes with this.   I gently smudged it with my fingers to make it more smokey / less perfect and voila!  Easy and effortless smokey eye!  This product is super easy to use whether your a beginner or on the go.  These are similar to the Laura Mercier shadow sticks but less creamy.

Vaseline Pink bubbly.  I love vaseline for my lips. This scent is AH-MAZING.  Whenever I wear it I’m always thinking about how good the smell is.  I carry this in my purse for when I need lip balm and want something funner than plain vaseline.

Milani Make it Dewy.  I searched high and low for this spray!  I do dewy makeup to begin with so I don’t really notice this making my skin more dewy. It obviously doesn’t leave my skin matte but my skin doesn’t look much different after applying it.  This does however set my makeup nicely, mostly for a good chunk of the day but not all day.  The smell is nice and subtle but definitely fragranced. The spray feels like it comes out in a horizontal line if that makes sense.  Its not the best sprayer but it isn’t like a garden hose either.  This spray is good, not great for adding more dewiness but I like how it sets my makeup and maintain dew.  I’ve tried a bunch of dewy sprays and haven’t found one I love so maybe thats just the way it is for me and dewy sprays.  I want one that adds more dew but maybe thats not a thing?


Bumble & Bumble Dupe Alert!

FullSizeRender 32.jpg

I really wanted to find a dupe for this Bumble and Bumble primer!  I like it.  It made my hair smooth for blow drying but that’s about it. It’s labeled as a heat protectant and I really don’t find it to be that protecting.  I have a lot of breakage going on RN. (thank you blonde hair and heat) The only thing I have to go off of is I went blonde in December and I started using this primer in December.  From December to now I have had a lot of breakage so whatever I was using wasn’t really working for me. I understand I’m hard on my hair but I rely on good products to help keep it strong! The Bumble and Bumble spray is $28 and while I like it, I didn’t want to repurchase something that obviously wasn’t helping my hair in the way that it was said too.

I saw this Verb Leave in Mist at Sephora! I’ve had really good luck with every Verb product I’ve tried and after reading the description of the product it sounded like it could be a good replacement for the Bumble and Bumble primer. The Verb leave in mist claims to be a leave in spray that de-frizzes, detangles, conditions and protects from heat.  The Bumble and Bumble spray similarly is said to do the same thing!

I’ve been using the Verb Leave in mist for about 3 weeks now and it does a tremendous job of de-frizzing hair! I can blow dry my hair w/ no brush and will have 0 fly aways.  When I use a round brush my hair is super sleek and smooth.  I can air dry my hair with no frizz and as someone who has finer and damaged hair… no frizz is honestly a miracle.  I did not experience that with the Bumble and Bumble primer!

OVERALL, The product is very similar to the Bumble and Bumble spray.  The Verb mist is thicker but I add a little water to it and that gives it a similar consistency to the Bumble & Bumble primer!  The Verb spray is 8 oz for $14 while the Bumble and Bumble is 8.5 oz and $28.  The Verb spray is way better price wise and it does more for my hair then the Bumble and Bumble primer did.

I lovvveeeee finding good dupes for products I use all the time.  It’s even better when the dupe you find is cheaper and better than the original product!  I’m super happy with this Leave in mist, I’ve gotten my mom hooked on it too and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a good leave in conditioner/ spray / de-frizz / heat protectant! You get a lot out of this product and it is 100% worth it!