Apple Picking!

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I went apple picking for the first time this weekend and it just adds to my list of why I love fall on the east coast! Fall is hardly anything on the west coast and we definitely don’t have apple picking in LA because there just isn’t enough room for apple orchards.  I’m so obsessed! I picked so many apples, I ate apple cider donuts and now I get why people love apple picking. For the donuts and pictures! I think it’ll be a new fall tradition. It’s so simple and special… and the donuts.

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HM sweater / Topshop Jeans / Steve Madden shoes 

Peep my lashes? I got extensions and my life is forever changed!


I think these are the Cortland apples. There is over 20 different kinds of apples like who knew that?!

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These shoes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they sure are mine! These are an amazing dupe for the Gucci ones.


The Night time eye

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Desi x Katy Dose of Colors eyeshadows // Maybelline Color tattoo pot // Stila Magnificent metals // Revlon Color Stay pot // Covergirl eyeshadow pot // Mac Fix + // Morphe 35 OS 

I love night time makeup because I get to experience with glitter, shine and sparkle! I will always be a sparkle girl and even if I try to contain it at times I always want it.  Glitter and metallic eyeshadows look hard to work with.  They require some type of makeup knowledge, can look pageant-y and are often messy.  When you find your way they’re so pretty and they can be easy and far from pageant-y.  I promise!.. Here is your next night out eye look!

  • I like to start with a shimmer eyeshadow pot base. Mac has some and so does the drugstore. They’re all pretty similar.  I have extremely oily eye lids so I love eyeshadow pots because they stay in place all day. With glitter or shimmer you’re going to need a shadow primer, a glitter glue or some type of base to keep it on your eye lids.  I go for primer or an eyeshadow pot.


  • When I’m using glitter shadows I want to keep everything else super simplified. No need to blend a bunch of matte shades into my crease because the glitter will just cover it. I do an eye shadow pot or primer and bronzer, glitter or shimmer shadow, mascara and maybe some liner to smoke it out.


  • To avoid the pageant-y look and to steer towards the more high fashion, natural, glitter shadow look I like to use my fingers! This makes it less perfect and easy to maneuver.  It’s a swipe and done. I also avoid heavy winged liner, crazy false lashes and bright lips. Those makes this more instagram looking and less like simplified and fashion makeup.


  • Whether you buy a glitter shadow or use shimmers there is a number of different ways to get a metallic, high shine, glitter look.  For glitter shadows, I love the Stila magnificent metals. I apply a base and then I will apply this all over the lid. Once it dries I’ll run an eyeshadow brush through the crease to blend it together and help with any excess fallout.


  • If you just have some shimmer shadows pair them with a wet eyeshadow brush or finger.  I like to use setting spray and I find that MAC fix plus in particular works very well for this! A wet application of shimmer shadows really intensifies the color, the glitter and the metallic qualities. I use a wet finger to apply the shadows in the Desi x Katy Dose of Colors palette.  It’s super easy and gives a great wash of sparkle.  Wet shadow application is a great trick to kicking your normal shimmer shadows up a notch.


  • Rubbing in shimmery eyeshadow sticks all over the eye is an easy, on the go, glam look!


  • After applying glitter or shimmer I ALWAYS suggest using a eyeshadow brush to blend out the crease to avoid harsh lines.


It’s really just a base, a simple swipe and some blending! I love how easy and glamorous that it looks.  Not two words that usually go together! It’s super pretty, super easy and so fun to wear! I know what makeup I’m doing this weekend. 😉

Pictures from pinterest


Fuzzy sweater + 8 things!

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Jacket Forever 21 – similar / Sunnies 

1. I can count on about 3 fingers how many times I’ve gone to take pictures and have ended up with so many good ones I couldn’t decide what to post. These moments need to be capitalized and celebrated!!! MAJOR! and lots of hair grabs! 😂

2. I love fall on the east coast. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the leaves will ALWAYS be beautiful.  We don’t get fall like this in LA… not even sorta and for that I will never get sick of fall leaves. Every picture I can get with them I will!

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3. Fuzzy sweaters like mine are having a moment and I love this trend.  So soft, so comfy but just not the most flattering.  Fuzzies are a thicker material so it’ll make you look a little more puffy. I pair mine with slim pants so leggings, skinny jeans, slim fit  joggers! Something to give your legs shape to make up for the heavier top.  Currently living for a fuzzy coat/jacket with ripped jeans and sneakers.  It roughs it up, makes it edgier and sporty! All a win.

4. I live for my Quay x Desi High Key glasses. These are my second pair! I have the gold and  this army green color.  They’re massive and I love every second of it.


5. I threw out my coffee after this photo. Eye rollllll. I love dunks but they got rid of my butter pecan flavor and now nothing is good enough! I go through Starbs phases and I’m not in one currently.  I love a Venti Caramel Ice Coffee blended… blended is a game changer! And the Pink drink obvi but mehhh! Not feeling those. I’m stuck in a coffee rut and first world problems I get it but this has to happen to other people?!

6. Glossier is coming out with perfume!!! YOU! I’m pumped it’s supposed to smell like bae’s neck after his cologne has settled through out the day. I think bomb and sexy honestly.  If you order anything on the website you get a sample and I’m trying to be good but taunting meeeeeeee!

7. Rihanna holiday collection comes out Friday! Colourpop at Sephora comes out at the end of the month. I. LIVE. FOR. HOLIDAY MAKEUP RELEASES!  I think I’ll go for a holographic gloss from the Rihanna holiday launch but thats about it.  Maybe a glitter liner.  As for Sephora Colourpop I don’t know what it is but theres a 99.2% chance I’m going to want it.  Hoarding Sephora gift cards for that and it’s Colourpop so it’s cheap!






$50 Chanel Bronzer?!

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Everything sounds better when it’s Chanel right? $50 Chanel Bronzer? Dreamy and I want!  Honestly with the bronzers on market at the moment $50 doesn’t seem so farfetched! The Hourglass Ambient Bronzer is $50. Tom Ford is $68.. for the baby one. Marc Jacobs is $49. Givenchy is $65.  Benefit Hoola is $30. Nars Laguna is $40. It’s on the higher end of the spectrum no doubt, and you can find great, cheaper bronzer, too, but Soleil Tan De Chanel… there’s something about it and I think it’s 100000% worth the price.

  • The bronzer is a cream bronzer! Sounds scary and foreign but I just swirl this Real Techniques brush in the bronzer and apply it to my face in little circular motions in all the places I put bronzer. Check bones, forehead, neck, nose and eye lids.
  • I LOVE this brush with the bronzer which is why I think I love it as much as I do. It does the best job at applying product.
  • You can go for a sculpted and contoured look or a totally natural bronze! I love the way the cream blends into the skin. It’s super easy to work with and for $50 it should be!
  • It almost looks orange in the compact but it’s not on the face.  It’s like Hoola Bronzer where it has a very universally flattering color.
  • The product is pretty substantial.  I never go through a full product but this bronzer is pretty big and it’ll last you a while. When you take that into consideration the price makes more sense, especially for a luxury product.


If you’re into makeup and you love bronzer I would say 100% go get this.  Drugstore wise I love my Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer, it’s amazing but very different than the Chanel one in terms of consistency… but both will bronze the face nicely :).  If you want something completely different then what you have and a luxury product that you’ll enjoy reaching for I say go for this bronzer.  It’s unlike any bronzer I’ve used before.. I rarely see cream bronzers that aren’t contour sticks!  This makes it more natural looking if you chose to apply it in that way and overall it blends into the skin really nicely.  It’s a great, universal color and it has baby flecks of shimmer that wear very nicely.  I say this bronzer is worth it and even if you have other bronzer, chance are this one is very different and you won’t regret getting it. Totally worth it!


Here’s a preview of another post coming this week but there’s the bronzer on my cheek! Not quite contour but it’s warming up my face and giving it some dimension! I love the way it looks!


Skirt skirt

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Forever 21 Skirt // Nordstrom Cami // Steve Madden Boots. 

Hoping on the grain train.  It goes well with the shitty dorm, concrete tile background, hahah.  Another skirt from the girl who swore that she never wore them!  They’re not as easy as a romper honestly but I have a handful of shirts that’ll go with anything so I just choose from those.  It makes it look like I tried harder while I was getting dressed when I really didn’t. I wore this skirt with a lace cami which is simple enough but I really want to try it with a sweatshirt and make it more sporty!



I had the best luck of my life at Forever 21 this weekend and if your patient enough ( I never am)  or order online and return you can find great stuff!


Makeup Faves!

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I turned 21 last week and moved to a new building so let that account for my absence!  Thank you! I feel like even the tiniest of breaks are good for the creative mind.

I got lots of makeup for my birthday and have been trying out some new things so here’s what I’ve been loving lately.  I also LOVE playing with the light for my flat lay photos! If you don’t want to use props… like me playing with the light is a great way to add more dimension to the photo while still focusing on the products.

Fenty Gloss. I heard lots of people say this gloss is basic. I really like it.  The applicator is massive and applies to the lips so nicely.   The color looks pink but it goes on like the most flattering, glossy nude with a hint to shimmer.  It’s a great gloss to have and I reach for it multiple times a day.

Fenty Highlighting brush.  I wanted this brush and tried really hard to convince myself I didn’t need a $32 highlighting brush and that any other brush I used would give the same effect.  I was wrong! I got this as a birthday gift and it’s honestly the best gift.  I LOVE this brush and I probably wasn’t gonna buy it myself so I’m SO happy I got it! I apply my highlighter in a ‘C’ movement on my cheekbone and on my forehead above my eyebrow. This brush is perfect for that and while it does apply more product I love that look.  It’s so easy and quick and it evenly blends the highlighter onto your face rather than leaving a harsh, shimmering line.

Fenty Beauty Highlighter. This is the duo in Mean Money and Hustler baby.  Meet my new #1 highlighter!   The color is gorgeous… think peachy, soft-gold. I love that it comes with a sheen and shimmer side! I use the shimmer side then blend it out with the sheen side and it looks much more fluid on the face that way.   I absolutely love this product!

Loreal Infallible galaxy illuminator.  I’ll wear holographic highlighters with a gold base only because the blue and purple ones look like bruises on my face.  This is in the shade gold galaxy and it changes between pink and gold so if you want a holographic highlighter this is the most wearable, almost natural shade. This reminds me of the Fenty holographic match sticks.  It’ll give the same look but cheaper.  I warm it up on my hand and apply it with my finger to the cheeks.  I also love it on my eye lids!  It’s super fun and makes the rest of your makeup easy because you don’t need it.

NYX dewy setting spray.  I hated this at first because it smells like chemicals.  What I love is how it makes my skin look!  Shiny with a sheen but not greasy.  For a dewy spray it keeps your makeup in place pretty well, too.  I love dewy and healthy skin and this delivers on that! I am over the smell thats how much I enjoy it.

Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronzer. I knew I was getting this for my birthday because it’s expensive but it’s so luxurious and pretty!  I didn’t even know if I would like it I just wanted it.  Happy to report I’m OBSESSED with it!  I use this brush to apply it and I love how natural the cream looks while still adding dimension and color to the face.  It’s super easy to blend out and I just love reaching for it on my vanity.  I’ve had it for 2 days and I have loved it each time I’ve used it. I’m so obsessed.

Loreal Infallible Mattes paint.  I love the applicator of this lipstick.  It’s unlike anything I’ve used and its so easy to line the lips without mistake. I have the glossy versions and same goes for those. This is a matte, peach-nude color and I don’t wear color on my lips so if you feel that way too this is a great way to wear some color while still wearing a nude ! I will say it’s a true liquid lipstick so it’ll layer and get crackly.  I say apply it and blend with fingers for a smoother, finished look.

Best of Beauty pt 4.

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Today we’re wrapping up the best of beauty posts!   I’ll probably share hair and skin favorites down the line because I love sharing what I love and what works with you guys! I started this blog as a fashion blog and I’ve always shared beauty too because I love beauty about just as much as clothes and style but lately I feel like this has just been a beauty blog.  That doesn’t make me upset necessarily but I just really love the fashion and outfit part of blogging and I don’t get to do it a lot anymore.  I have a hard time doing outfits at school if I’m being completely honest.  Shooting beauty products is much more manageable for me and I love having this creative outlet to share what I love and get excited about which is why I keep it going.  I’m sad I haven’t done outfits or something fashion / style in a while so I need to find ways that will allow me to incorporate that in a way that is still creative and attainable. My blog is still has fashion blog 100%.  It’s the reason why I started this blog!  Just still trying to find my way with it.


Mac Blush in Warm soul. If you don’t like blush this is a great choice! It has that pink, nude color that just warms up the face.

Mac Lipstick.  I love Mac lipsticks!  My favorites are Fresh Brew and Velvet teddy.  Both nudes as thats what I stick too about 99% of the time.  I like the cream sheen finishes and when I wear matte I blot it with tissue to give it that blotted look.

Mac Strobe Cream.  This primer/ moisturizer gives your face a dewy sheen before makeup and I love it.

Mac Skinfinish in Oh Darling.   This is a high quality highlighter and lasts all day on the skin.  I love the shade range for these guys, theres lots of golds and duo chromes.  They’re a great highlighter staple and a great purchase overall!


NARS Orgasm blush and gloss. Orgasm is the only color blush I’ll wear.  The color is just so good and it works for everyone!  Same goes for the gloss.  It looks good alone or layered with other lips.

NARS creamy concealer. I LOVE this concealer.  I probably have about 6 other tubes sitting in my makeup bag.  It works so well for me and I always go back to it.  It’s very creamy and it has a medium coverage so I use it under eyes or for blemishes. I use the shade Custard and I have Vanilla for highlighting / paler times.

NARS Bord de Plage highlighting palette. This feels like a luxury palette and it’s one of my favorite makeup purchases. It has the prettiest highlighters and they’re buttery smooth. They’re water activated so using water / setting spray will really make them more intense.  The bronzer is a little harder to work with at first. You really have to build it up but once I got past the first layer it was much easier to work with. I love this palette and it’s great for traveling since it has everything.  I love NARS quality and it shows in this palette!

Best of Beauty pt. 3

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In lieu of keeping my best of beauty series going, here’s my favorites from Laura Mercier!

Eyeshadow stick in copper.  This is so gorgeous for brown eyes.  I’ll usually line my eyes with it and then smudge some on to the lid.  It’s super easy and it lasts all day!  I need a darker one for a smokier look!

Radiance Primer.  I used mac strobe cream as my primer for a while and I tried this to see if an actual primer would make a difference.  I think it has and this has peach colored shimmer to it that adds to the dewy, bronzed look.

Translucent setting powder. I LOVE this!!! It’s so good for setting makeup and it doesn’t flash back.  I use this under my eyes and for big blemishes. I love it!

And that’s our mini post for mini Friday!


Best of Beauty pt 2!

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So Allure magazine just came out with their Best of Beauty.  I didn’t know till yesterday but it sounds about right since it’s always around this time that it comes out. They award the best beauty product for each category and I love seeing what they pick each year! This week I’m showing my favorite products from each brand… so sort of similar but def different. Still the best of beauty but my own version! I don’t even wear a ton of makeup but I love love love beauty products! Makeup, skin and hair products are my jam and I looooveeeeeee talking about them. I’m the girl at parties bonding with other girls in a crowded kitchen about highlighter. Hahaha. Not sure where I’m even going with this but you can love beauty products without being a foundation, highlighting, contour and baking queen.  I don’t do any of those.

FullSizeRender 67.jpg

I think Benefit boxed powders were some of my first makeup I ever got in like the 6th grade.  Ever since then I’ve always loved them…they are the only thing I’ve owned that I have consistently hit pan on!  My first ever bronzer was Benefit One hot minute….they don’t even make it anymore but it was a loose-powder, shimmery bronzer and it gave you J-Lo looking skin so I’d put it all over my face without anything else. Hahaha.

I’ve come a long way since then but now I use Hoola all over my face!  I LOVE Benefit Hoola – it’s the best bronzer for contour or all over. It’s such a great shade and it’s very universal.

Dallas blush.  I don’t like blush and this is a nude- pink, bronze color so it’s really just like subtle bronzer on your cheek.  I love it and it’s almost gone!

Benefit Gimme brow. Its so easy to use and really fills in your brows. Next I want to try the pencil version.

Benefit They’re Real is an awesome mascara!  I oddly didn’t have a big one with me but I have a bunch of minis. Either way they’re very good and I don’t give them enough love.  It’s all I used in high school and I need to start using it again!

Rockateur Blush. This is a rose-gold, pink blush and while it’s pink its subtle and has a gorgeous shimmer. I don’t like blush but I really like this!

Dandelion Twinkle. This is the smoothest highlighter and gives the prettiest sheen to the face.  It’s shimmer but it doesn’t wear like shimmer…like a Becca highlighter…this won’t have that shimmer intense look.  It’s a pinky-champagne color and I love the sort of (almost) natural glow it gives to skin.  It can be intense but theres no glitter so it’s much more natural looking!

FullSizeRender 68.jpg

Too Faced! I was honestly surprised this was all I had. note to self buy more too faced?!

Sweetie Pie Bronzer. This is new from the Peaches and Cream Sephora exclusive collection!  It can be a bronzer or a blush since it has brown and pink in it. I use it for both and I love it! It adds a subtle warmth to the skin and it works well for my skin tone. It also smells like a peach!

Too Faced Better then Sex mascara.  The volume and length this mascara gives is insane.  It’s so good!  That being said my lashes don’t stay curled and this mascara does not do anything to help them stay curled.  If your lashes hold a curl this will make them look amazing!  This mascara is honestly becoming a classic in the beauty world and I see why!

Natural Love Palette.  This palette is a dream for natural looks.  You can create a matte look, a day look, a smokey look, a fiery look… it’s endless.   It’s so versatile and I didn’t realize how nicely these blended out until I used a different palette for a smokey eye and had patchiness everywhere.  Some people may think it’s boring but I love it!

FullSizeRender 69.jpg


I got this Rainforest of the Sea II palette in a BoxyCharm last month. It’s great for neutral, smokey looks and I’ve been so in to smokey eyes lately so I reach for this a lot. I use the two brown colors as eye liner with an angled brush if you couldn’t tell. Hahah.  This is an easy, compact palette with a lot of versatility! The texture of the shadows are different… maybe even a little weird but this works for me and I really have been reaching for it!

Tarte Glisten Blush. This is a peachy-pink, cream blush.  If I want color I’ll use this which isn’t often if I’m being honest.  But I love the application and how easy it is to blend with your fingers! Just a touch on each cheek and you’re done.  I want them to come out with more nude colors!

Tate Shape tape. This is a powerful concealer!  I like it for my under eyes or big blemishes since I really stray from anything too heavy.  I really like this though and the applicator is huge and so easy to use.

Tarte 24 hour clay blush.  I just love the nude color of this blush. It’s in the shade Partayyyy and it comes in the birthday gift set from Sephora!  Its a matte nude blush and it lasts all day.

I also LOVED the Tarte Rain forest of the Sea water foundation when I did wear foundation.  It had coverage but didn’t feel like anything was on your skin.  I have dry skin and it was really good for me.  I love not wearing foundation but I miss that foundation because it was so good! lol.

Best Of Beauty Part 1

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I’ve had this idea for a while so this week I’m going to share a series of posts featuring my favorite products from different drugstore and high end brands! It’s overwhelming because everyone does mascara or lipstick but which ones are the mascaras and lipsticks?!  Drugstore is cheaper obvi and it’s hit or miss most of the time but trust me the hits are worth it!

Part 1 today will be my Maybelline and Pixi beauty favorites!  I also just did this post on the best drugstore makeup, here.


Starting off with the Master Chrome highlighter.  I love this stuff, it rivals my high end highlighters and its one of best drug store highlights on the market!

Maybelline age rewind concealer.  I’m already on my 2nd one! Love this stuff and you can control the coverage of the concealer based on how much you turn the dial on the sponge.  I keep mine pretty low coverage and just use whats on the sponge!

Rocket volume waterproof mascara.  I literally just got this and have used it once. In that one time I’ve discovered I love its so good and deserves to be talked about.  This adds really nice volume and length!  Its also waterproof but it comes off pretty easily.  I die for my Loreal Lash Paradise but the waterproof version is indestructible and you have to sacrifice some lashes to remove it all. Not the case here but it still does the job and stays in place! So far I’m really into it.

Maybelline Hot Vivid Laquer. This is the most pigmented glossy lip!  It’s super easy to wear on its own or layered with other lippies.

Maybelline color tattoo eyeshadow.  I love eyeshadow pots that you can swipe on with your fingers.  This will last all day and I have extremely oily eyelids so that says a lot. This is the color ‘bad to the bronze’ and one swipe is the easiest, lazy smokey eye. I love it.

Maybelline lipstick. I love the shades of nudes they offer! The lipsticks are creamy, comfy mattes and I reach for them often because they’re so easy and good.

FullSizeRender 66.jpg

Pixi duo blush. I use this as a highlighter more so than a blush. I love how smooth it is! You can apply it with a brush or your fingers. I wouldn’t say its a cream but it sort of reminds me of the Colourpop super shock highlighters because it’s that pigmented when applied with fingers. I got this in my September Ipsy and I’m obsessed!

Pixi glow tonic. I love this toner and my skin is definitely smoother and brighter after using it. I got the cutest baby version to try and will be getting the full sized when it’s done!

No’s? I tried the Pixi sunscreen setting spray and I wouldn’t recommend it. It’s not a setting spray but rather liquid sunscreen that comes out in little white squirts everywhere.

As for the rest of drugstore beauty I swear by the Loreal Lash Paradise. The Milani baked bronzer in 05 and the Rimmel Stay matte translucent powder.

Check back later in the week for my brand favorites! Hint hint lots of Mac, Nars, tarte and skincare!