Shape Tape Dupe?


Tarte Shape Tape is an awesome concealer and loved by many!  I love it and I dare you to watch a youtube favorites video without finding some guru raving about it.   It’s full coverage without getting too cakey, its a skin like finish, it creamy and easy to blend, it works for under eyes and on the face… its that good.


Tarte released a Shape Tape foundation earlier this year and the hype for this foundation was insane.  The concealer is so well loved and the foundation was expected to follow suit. The shade range of the foundations ruined the launch right off the bat.  Many were appalled at the amount of fair skin shades they had compared to the two shades they offered for women of color.  Its bad and its 2018; Fenty, Huda and even Kylie cosmetics have all come out with concealers and /or foundations with shade ranges of 30+. This needs to be the new normal and everyone who wants a seat in the beauty industry should take note.  The whole Tarte shade range debacle seriously opened my eyes to what an issue this is and how many other brands participate in that.  Tarte got a lot of back lash for their shade range but you look at brands like It Cosmetics, Charlotte Tilbury or YSL the shade ranges are slim and targeted towards fair skin.  It’s not ok and I can’t imagine going to try a new beauty product and not being able to find your shade. Tarte did release 10 more shades after the backlash but too late. Tarte Shape Tape foundation was a truly eye opening experience for me and I hope all brands move forward with inclusive shade ranges.

This shade range debacle as I’m gonna refer to it as left a distaste of Tarte Cosmetics in my mouth.  Sure other brands are just as guilty but I felt it and went with it which brings me back to why I’m writing this post. Makeup Revolution launched a a concealer super similar to Shape Tape right around the time of the drama of their foundation launch.  It was a great marketing move and many people looking for a concealer to replace Shape Tape went for this Makeup Revolution one, me included! It’s $7 and coined a Shape Tape dupe ($27) with full coverage and often sold out Ulta!

But is it really a Shape Tape dupe?

I’ll tell ya.


The wand is very similar to Shape Tape.  I love the huge doe foot applicator!

The coverage between the two concealers is whats different:

Makeup Revolution is medium coverage. Tarte Shape Tape is full coverage.

The finish for both is similar; semi matte, skin like.

Personally, I’m ok with the MR being medium coverage because I like how it wears on my skin and you can build it up.

The shade ranges are similar: MR has 18, Shape Tape 14.


Shade range wise I can say I’m custard in Nars concealer and many are too. I wear light medium in the Shape Tape which is a tad too pink for me.  I wear C7 in the Makeup Revolution which is a really great shade for me. In this picture you can also see the coverage.

So its not a 100% dupe due to coverage but its a pretty great concealer especially at a drugstore price.  The coverage reminds me sort of like Nars creamy radiant which is an awesome concealer and a favorite of mine that totally gets the job done.

If you use Shape Tape for extreme redness or severe dark eye circles then you’re not going to want to give up that coverage. For anything else, I can say the Makeup Revolution Concealers are just as good, but different.

I wouldn’t say to go use it expecting it to be a spot on Shape Tape copy.  It’s different but in truly the best way, I think. It layers better without getting cakey like Shape Tape can if you use a second layer. It’s also a fraction of the price.

I really enjoy my Makeup Revolution concealer and I’m running out because I use it daily.  I can 100% say I will be repurchasing and as someone who loves makeup/ has a ton of it, If I repurchase something that means I love it.  I also don’t wear foundation and only use concealer so a good concealer is very important to me and I’m picky.  This is a good concealer.



Boston for a day!


Target Sweater // Paige Jeans // Frye Boots 

It’s been a hot sec since I did one of these!  I’m so happy giddy tying this out currently! Lol.  I go to school right outside of Boston and I don’t take advantage of that enough. It’s a great city and I can say I could totally see myself living there! Just not sure I’ll ever make it there, I’m a NY girl, but I really enjoyed it!  I was in Boston to go to Prudential center because I wanted to get a Gucci belt and thats the perfect place since they have Saks, Neiman Marcus and a Gucci boutique. Gucci belts are hard to track down size wise so I ended up having to order it.  Sad because I’m an instant gratification sort of girl and I planned to wear the belt with this outfit for a picture. Hahahahah.  It’ll be here this week so theres something to look forward too. I love buying classic pieces that I can wear with everything and that totally elevate a simple look I’ve been wanting one for SO long so I already know it will be all over the blog / instagram! 🤷🏽‍♀️


Prudential Center has a MASSIVE Sephora so I always go when I’m there. I found the Farsali jelly highlighter there and I’m so excited to try that out and talk about it on the blog.  I tried not to buy beauty products for the month of January and I failed. 😦 I’m not even mad.  It’s hard to run a beauty blog and not buy products. I want to try again at some point because I have to prove to myself that I can do it. Haha. It’s psychological at this point!

I got this sweater at Target of all places. I stray from Target clothes because I feel like they don’t wear to well but this is really good quality.  I think because its chenille material.  It can get tricky washing so I try not to wash it if I don’t have too. It’s $24 online, I found it in store for $12! It’s definitely worth buying either way!


Base makeup for the girls that like it natural!

Ranked in order of coverage I’m sharing 3 different face bases for girls that don’t like heavy foundation! I don’t even wear foundation during the week.  I spot conceal! But I appreciate a light foundation for going out, taking pictures and just giving your look some more oomph when you feel like it.  Its definitely needed sometimes!


The Ordinary Serum Foundation 

This foundation is hardly a foundation.  Its a super light weight liquid that will just even out the skin tone.  Freckles, blemishes and acne will still be visible and it will leave your skin with a satin / dewy finish.  I really like this stuff.  It’s light enough and faster than spot concealing.  It won’t cover freckles and its great for a natural, no makeup makeup. This stuff is a savior on dry skin! It doesn’t cling to dry patches and it makes your skin look healthy.  I like this best paired with a dewy primer like Mac strobe cream.  I always reach for that but it looks particularly well paired with this and it leaves your skin dewy and healthy looking. This is only $6 and its awesome for day to day wear.  It’s not the longest lasting foundation but I don’t mind and I wouldn’t really expect it to be! I apply this with a beauty blender but the sponge will eat up some product because its very liquid.  I don’t mind it. The lighter coverage the better because I don’t have a face for foundation! But fingers or a brush would help with the coverage. Slightly of course!


Maybelline Dream Cushion 

BB cushion foundations are great for those that like light, dewy coverage. This is light coverage but can be built up to medium, especially if you use a beauty blender.  I say toss the sponge that comes with it unless you keep it for touchups. This isn’t the longest lasting formula like a matte foundation would be but it’ll take you through the day while keeping your face fresh.  It’s a luminous, glowy finish and I love that! The packaging is also perfect to take with you for touch ups on the go! The shade range of this foundation isn’t the greatest and its limited.  I don’t think this color is my perfect match so I have to apply it to my entire face.  Only bummer since I would love it for spot covering. I like this product and you can control the coverage with the sponge!


It cosmetics CC illumination. 

This says its a full coverage but I say its medium. I also use it sparingly and I know you can build it up to be more full coverage.  This is also the dewy version so its going to have less coverage then the matte one. This one lasts pretty well through out the day and boy is it so pretty and natural on the skin!  I love the illumination version because it has little specks of shimmer and you can get away with just applying this to your face because you will glow! Ok maybe add some bronzer. 😉  This stuff is very comfortable on the skin and it feels super light weight. I like this stuff because I find that it never looks cakey.  I like applying it best with a sponge. Its super easy to work with.  Its natural looking but it still helps to cover blemishes.  It really is your skin but better! Also 10 bonus points for the SPF 50!

Lets take a look

Hi all!  I’m back at school and New England has graced my return with a tundra! So dramatic, it’s just winter but I’m so cold! Hahahah.   It was warm when I left home and usually I come back and I’m fine. I AM SO COLD.  I sleep in layers.  By the time you’re reading this I really hope I’m in my bed for the day because that means I got a snow day! My fingers and toes are crossed.

If you noticed I’ve been shifting over to a more beauty posts on my blog and instagram.  With my current life stage and while being at school, beauty allows me to create the best content at the level I strive for because I can do it myself. Outfits get harder because I need someone to help me shoot, I always need more clothes and a good background and everything else…. not to mention being at school during the winter where I wear leggings with sweaters and a long, puffy coat each day. Outfits are not gone just fewer in number because when I post one I want it to be something I truly feel good about and proud of. Thats my little explanation for the shift in content.  Fashion and beauty will always be apart of my blog!

Next up is my Instagram.  I officially started my blog Instagram this summer and I’m surprised it took me this long in all honesty since I started my blog 6 years ago. For the longest time I had a personal Instagram and would share blog stuff here and there but always too nervous to actually say this photo is from my blog.  It took me a while to get the hang of my blog Instagram and the type of page I want it to be.   Now its gone from my blog Instagram to just my everything Instagram, my mood board, beauty I love and my blog and personal life that I share.  It’s a lot of work!  I try to post everyday and I think I’m finally somewhat getting the semblance of a cohesive feed.  On top of that is engagement, planning posts and Instastories.  I give kudos to ALL Instagram babes out there!  No one realizes the work that goes into a single picture.  It’s definitely more than you think and its hard work. The more I find my way the more I enjoy it! One of my goals for 2018 was to have different content on my blog and Instagram.  I want both to be their own unique resources for beauty and style. I do more elaborate beauty posts on here but I also share smaller product reviews and first impressions on my Instagram.  There is also outfits there that don’t make it to the blog. There is some overlap in blog and Instagram content, there always will be, but I feature stuff on my Instagram that doesn’t always make it to the blog!

Just wanted to share with you! 🙂 I’m also on Instagram everyday while the blog is usually updated Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Hoping to expand and grow both my blog and Instagram for 2018.  This is just the start!

sun kissed 💋☀️ here’s what’s on my face today! I know the gigi hadid x maybelline collection didn’t get a ton of love but the lipsticks are really good! I like @maybelline lipsticks to begin with, these ones feel a little softer than my other ones and they come with a lip liner which I really like. the nude colors are so pretty and soooo my cup of tea! I have the color taura and I reach for it often. // I like this @smashboxcosmetics primer for the spf it has. not tons but trying to incorporate spf into my everyday routine! // @beccacosmetics opal was one of my first highlighters and it’s just the perfect color! not too gold, not too icy, just perfect and it’s so pretty on tons of skin tones. becca does some of the best highlighters out there. I love their little mini ones because they’re perfect to try and they last long. // this @lauramercier eyeshadow stick is so pretty so easy to use. // I started using the @maybelline fit me concealer and so far so good! the packaging is the only thing that makes it a dupe for the nars creamy radiant concealer. this concealer is more watery while the nars is more moussey and hello.. creamy! this one has a lighter coverage while nars is more medium coverage. I mix the fit me with my tarte shape tape to get my perfect color and I really like the combo! // @narsissist liquid laguna. this stuff is gooooood. don’t want to say much since they’ll be a blog post on it tomorrow but I really like this!

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today’s #shelfie 📸 the niacinaminde + zinc from @deciem is one of my favorite products I’ve used from them. it helped with redness and it keeps my skin clear of blemishes when I use it😍 its gentle enough and never irritated my skin either. A+ product especially only for $6. // love my @boscia pink mask. it peels off and makes your skin glow… just don’t get in on your brows! // the @laneige_us lip mask is the bomb for dry, chapped, cracked lips. you put it on before you go to sleep and you wake up with plump, soft lips! 👄 // I’m obsessed with @maccosmetics lavender fix plus. it’s the best smelling lavender spray and I love it to set my makeup. now the full size is permanent and I neeeeed it. I’m trying not to buy beauty products for a month so half filled baby version will have to work 🤨 lord help me.

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Blush for those that don’t like blush.

If you asked me to drop one beauty product for forever I would choose blush… easily.  I’ve never been a fan of blush and I don’t like the way it looks on me.  I don’t like pink or colored makeup in general so I stay away from anything like that.  To be clear a nude, pink is a totalllllllllllyyyy different story.  😜 I love nude, monochrome, bronzed makeup so I’d rather go for a bronzer or a nude, pink blush.

Here’s my picks!



This Too Faced Sweetie Pie bronzer is technically a bronzer but I use it on the cheekbones like blush.  There is tiny pink squares in it so it is a great nude with the tiniest hint of pink that is very much undetectable but flattering on the skin.  I love this stuff, it has a hint of sheen and smells of peaches!

Mac Warm Soul blush. This is a subtle color that gives a nude, pink glow.  I use the tiniest bit of it because it has more color to it but it is super pretty on the skin and pairs very well with bronzed makeup looks.


Benefit Dallas Blush. I LOVED this blush in high school. It’s taken a beating and there is not much left in the compact.  This is the greatest nude, bronze blush. It gives a sun- kissed, flush look to the cheek area and is a great no blush, blush.

A nude lipstick dabbed onto the cheeks works as a great cream blush.  It seems scary at first so don’t apply much and blend!  Matching your cheek and lip color is a great way to tie the look together.  It’s also great for monochrome makeup!

Side note: Recently, I’m loving Mac Velvet Teddy with Mac Fresh Brew on top.  Velvet teddy is rosy, nude matte and Fresh brew is a nude, sheer lip so it tones down the velvet teddy to a more nude color with shine. It’s my go-to everyday lip combo!


Becca Chrissy Teigen palette. I use this palette as blush!  I have never touched that bright pink shade in the right top corner.  It hasn’t even been swatched!  I mix the two highlighters with the bronzer to add a dewy shine to the center of my cheek. I always do just a touch and it leaves your skin glowing with a hint of a nude, pink bronze.

If you want to try a nude blush but don’t have one a good way to do so is mixing your bronzer and blush! Use your bronzer brush and pat into the bronzer then blush for a nude version of any blush.  I use my bronzer brush for my blush to make it more tan and nude.


God’s gift of scented setting sprays



MAC setting sprays 

Like the title of this post says… These holiday MAC fix plus sprays are AMAZING! They come in a Holiday kit with a mini lavender, rose and coconut fix plus spray. It’s $20..currently on sale for $17… and they smell amazing!   I like MAC fix plus but I never liked the chemically smell.  These are scented but not too strong or fake smelling.  The lavender one reminds me of lavender essential oils and the rose one is a perfect, refreshing rose smell that actually smells like a bouquet of roses. There is also a coconut one in the kit but these two are my favorites. I’m over half way done with both of these and I would totally buy another kit to have.  I love these, they are so refreshing on the face and the smell is just right.

I’m very big on the smell of setting sprays… it should always be gentle smelling in my opinion because it is on your face!   A lavender setting spray is such a smart idea and no one has really done one yet except for this MAC one.  I saw on Instagram that Mario Badescu is coming out with a lavender spray and I’m so excited to try that.  Until then, these MAC sprays are great, I highly recommend them.

On a personal note, I have finals and fly home this week so there is a lot going on!.. 4 papers to write!  I will do my best to keep this all updated but forgive me if I’m slow. Follow my instagram @blackberriesandsparkles for instastories and more day to day action.



New Beauty products I’m trying!

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I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a while and I love those! This is serving in place of that because I got these products in the last week and while I’m really liking and enjoying them they are not quite monthly favorites.

MAC coconut fix + spray. This came in a Holiday kit with a coconut, lavender and rose spray.  I LOVE these.  I use them before makeup, after makeup and for a refresher.  MAC fix + is good and these are great! The scents are super clean and natural and they aren’t fake or smell like something that will give you a headache.  I honestly wish these were permanent for MAC and I may another set because I’m about half way through the lavender and rose already.

The Ordinary Serum Foundation.  This stuff is awesome.  I don’t like a heavy base. I use concealer to spot conceal, for redness and under eyes and that is it for me.  This covers what my concealer would while evening my skin tone which I love!   It’s super light weight, very sheer coverage and has a watery, serum like texture. It’ll even skin tone but if I have a blemish I’ll need a more heavy duty concealer to fix it. This has a satin, radiant finish and it works very, very well with dry skin! I layer on my hyaluronic acid, moisturizers and primer before using it and it just sinks into my skin.  This wears very nicely and naturally and won’t cake or oxidize during the day.  I’m in the shade 2.o N.

Milk Makeup Bronzer. I was teetering on the edge of buying this for a while because I have my Chanel bronzer which is a cream and very hard to beat!  The girl next to me at Sephora was raving to her friend about how awesome this bronzer is so I accepted the universe’s sign and added it to my basket! SOO happy I did!  It is easy to apply, adds color to the face and blends out SO easily. Like 3 beauty blender pats and its all set. I still love my Chanel bronzer but it is a luxury product so I like having another product I can use that is just as good to give it a break.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid. I raided The Ordinary section at Ricky’s NYC while I was there because they are the only store that carries The Ordinary.  I knew I had to get this because as a VERY dry skin girl, hyaluronic acid is supposed to be my savior.  I’m still playing with this, I think it is helping but I still need to wait and see how much of a difference it makes with my dry skin.  It is around $6 so I feel like whatever it does for skin, even a hint of good, is worth it.

Urban Chai Epice perfume.  Urban Outfitters has a great selection of perfumes under $30 that look and smell luxurious.  I love the packaging of these perfumes.  I use them for low-key days, or layer them with my main, high end scent for my own twist. This scent has a very warm and sweet smell.

Colourpop highlighter in Wisp. I got this in the Colourpop highlighter trio at Sephora and I have not been disappointed!  I have used it every day since I got it and I’m obsessed.  It is an intense highlighter but I apply it with my finger and I can melt it into my skin so it looks more natural if that makes sense. It looks dark but it’s a warm gold color thats flattering on tons of skin tones.  This highlighter is so gorgeous and I just love the way a cream highlight looks on the skin.

Avenue Cold Cream.  I love the Avene Peaux intolerantes cream as it’s hydrating and helps calm sensitive, red skin. That is my skin!  This product is made for extremely dry, sensitive and irritated skin.  We’re talking redness, eczema, and dry patches. Again that is skin so I knew I had to get this.  It is very creamy and super moisturizing.  Just to show you how dry my skin is, I use a hyaluronic acid serum, the Avene peaux intolerantes then this. YAH, we’re talking majorly dry.  I think when I wake up my skin is calmer and less irritated I’m just not sure how much it has helped the redness.  I will get back to you on that once I use it more.

Glossier Balm Dot com.  Not new but had to include this because i have rediscovered my love.  I always liked it a lot but now it’s always with me and it’s almost out.  I LOVE this for the lips.  I need to get an unscented version to try as a skin balm.