Base makeup for the girls that like it natural!

Ranked in order of coverage I’m sharing 3 different face bases for girls that don’t like heavy foundation! I don’t even wear foundation during the week.  I spot conceal! But I appreciate a light foundation for going out, taking pictures and just giving your look some more oomph when you feel like it.  Its definitely needed sometimes!


The Ordinary Serum Foundation 

This foundation is hardly a foundation.  Its a super light weight liquid that will just even out the skin tone.  Freckles, blemishes and acne will still be visible and it will leave your skin with a satin / dewy finish.  I really like this stuff.  It’s light enough and faster than spot concealing.  It won’t cover freckles and its great for a natural, no makeup makeup. This stuff is a savior on dry skin! It doesn’t cling to dry patches and it makes your skin look healthy.  I like this best paired with a dewy primer like Mac strobe cream.  I always reach for that but it looks particularly well paired with this and it leaves your skin dewy and healthy looking. This is only $6 and its awesome for day to day wear.  It’s not the longest lasting foundation but I don’t mind and I wouldn’t really expect it to be! I apply this with a beauty blender but the sponge will eat up some product because its very liquid.  I don’t mind it. The lighter coverage the better because I don’t have a face for foundation! But fingers or a brush would help with the coverage. Slightly of course!


Maybelline Dream Cushion 

BB cushion foundations are great for those that like light, dewy coverage. This is light coverage but can be built up to medium, especially if you use a beauty blender.  I say toss the sponge that comes with it unless you keep it for touchups. This isn’t the longest lasting formula like a matte foundation would be but it’ll take you through the day while keeping your face fresh.  It’s a luminous, glowy finish and I love that! The packaging is also perfect to take with you for touch ups on the go! The shade range of this foundation isn’t the greatest and its limited.  I don’t think this color is my perfect match so I have to apply it to my entire face.  Only bummer since I would love it for spot covering. I like this product and you can control the coverage with the sponge!


It cosmetics CC illumination. 

This says its a full coverage but I say its medium. I also use it sparingly and I know you can build it up to be more full coverage.  This is also the dewy version so its going to have less coverage then the matte one. This one lasts pretty well through out the day and boy is it so pretty and natural on the skin!  I love the illumination version because it has little specks of shimmer and you can get away with just applying this to your face because you will glow! Ok maybe add some bronzer. 😉  This stuff is very comfortable on the skin and it feels super light weight. I like this stuff because I find that it never looks cakey.  I like applying it best with a sponge. Its super easy to work with.  Its natural looking but it still helps to cover blemishes.  It really is your skin but better! Also 10 bonus points for the SPF 50!

Lets take a look

Hi all!  I’m back at school and New England has graced my return with a tundra! So dramatic, it’s just winter but I’m so cold! Hahahah.   It was warm when I left home and usually I come back and I’m fine. I AM SO COLD.  I sleep in layers.  By the time you’re reading this I really hope I’m in my bed for the day because that means I got a snow day! My fingers and toes are crossed.

If you noticed I’ve been shifting over to a more beauty posts on my blog and instagram.  With my current life stage and while being at school, beauty allows me to create the best content at the level I strive for because I can do it myself. Outfits get harder because I need someone to help me shoot, I always need more clothes and a good background and everything else…. not to mention being at school during the winter where I wear leggings with sweaters and a long, puffy coat each day. Outfits are not gone just fewer in number because when I post one I want it to be something I truly feel good about and proud of. Thats my little explanation for the shift in content.  Fashion and beauty will always be apart of my blog!

Next up is my Instagram.  I officially started my blog Instagram this summer and I’m surprised it took me this long in all honesty since I started my blog 6 years ago. For the longest time I had a personal Instagram and would share blog stuff here and there but always too nervous to actually say this photo is from my blog.  It took me a while to get the hang of my blog Instagram and the type of page I want it to be.   Now its gone from my blog Instagram to just my everything Instagram, my mood board, beauty I love and my blog and personal life that I share.  It’s a lot of work!  I try to post everyday and I think I’m finally somewhat getting the semblance of a cohesive feed.  On top of that is engagement, planning posts and Instastories.  I give kudos to ALL Instagram babes out there!  No one realizes the work that goes into a single picture.  It’s definitely more than you think and its hard work. The more I find my way the more I enjoy it! One of my goals for 2018 was to have different content on my blog and Instagram.  I want both to be their own unique resources for beauty and style. I do more elaborate beauty posts on here but I also share smaller product reviews and first impressions on my Instagram.  There is also outfits there that don’t make it to the blog. There is some overlap in blog and Instagram content, there always will be, but I feature stuff on my Instagram that doesn’t always make it to the blog!

Just wanted to share with you! 🙂 I’m also on Instagram everyday while the blog is usually updated Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Hoping to expand and grow both my blog and Instagram for 2018.  This is just the start!

sun kissed 💋☀️ here’s what’s on my face today! I know the gigi hadid x maybelline collection didn’t get a ton of love but the lipsticks are really good! I like @maybelline lipsticks to begin with, these ones feel a little softer than my other ones and they come with a lip liner which I really like. the nude colors are so pretty and soooo my cup of tea! I have the color taura and I reach for it often. // I like this @smashboxcosmetics primer for the spf it has. not tons but trying to incorporate spf into my everyday routine! // @beccacosmetics opal was one of my first highlighters and it’s just the perfect color! not too gold, not too icy, just perfect and it’s so pretty on tons of skin tones. becca does some of the best highlighters out there. I love their little mini ones because they’re perfect to try and they last long. // this @lauramercier eyeshadow stick is so pretty so easy to use. // I started using the @maybelline fit me concealer and so far so good! the packaging is the only thing that makes it a dupe for the nars creamy radiant concealer. this concealer is more watery while the nars is more moussey and hello.. creamy! this one has a lighter coverage while nars is more medium coverage. I mix the fit me with my tarte shape tape to get my perfect color and I really like the combo! // @narsissist liquid laguna. this stuff is gooooood. don’t want to say much since they’ll be a blog post on it tomorrow but I really like this!

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today’s #shelfie 📸 the niacinaminde + zinc from @deciem is one of my favorite products I’ve used from them. it helped with redness and it keeps my skin clear of blemishes when I use it😍 its gentle enough and never irritated my skin either. A+ product especially only for $6. // love my @boscia pink mask. it peels off and makes your skin glow… just don’t get in on your brows! // the @laneige_us lip mask is the bomb for dry, chapped, cracked lips. you put it on before you go to sleep and you wake up with plump, soft lips! 👄 // I’m obsessed with @maccosmetics lavender fix plus. it’s the best smelling lavender spray and I love it to set my makeup. now the full size is permanent and I neeeeed it. I’m trying not to buy beauty products for a month so half filled baby version will have to work 🤨 lord help me.

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Obsessions V. 1

IMG_3423 (1)

I’m starting a new series with my makeup obsessions.  I already do posts like this but i figured I’d give them a name! Cheers to volume 1 and the many more to come.

When this goes up I will be on the plane back to school! It’s going to be coooollllld when I get back.  (Los Angeles to MA) Already have my spray tan booked and very excited to get my lash extensions back.  But oh the cold :/


Pur cosmetics Eyeshadow palette.  I got this in a Boxy charm and was so excited because this palette is all warm-toned neutrals with rosy, gold shimmers!  Boring to some but I know what I like when it comes to eye makeup and I don’t wear eyeshadow often. This palette and it’s warm tone neutrals is so good for tons of different looks.  I use the shades ‘gala’ or ‘splurge’ on my lid during the day if I want to wear eyeshadow.  For nighttime looks I can use ‘snazzy’ or ‘epic’ for a smokey eye or as liner. As well as the shimmer shades which are perfect to add to any look. This may be a boring palette if you like to experiment eyeshadow but it performs well and it’s sure as hell useful.  If you’re a fellow neutrals lover like me then you’ll love this one. The colors are gorgeous and pigmented with minimal fallout.  Go in with a light hand, you don’t need a lot!


I’m going to be wearing my Sephora Collection lipstick through the airport tomorrow so I will report back on how that goes.  It’s a creamy satin lipstick in the color ‘tan lines’ which is the prettiest nude. This lipstick is also $8! Drugstore pricing at Sephora, how rare.

I did a review on the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand, here. Still loving it!


Nars liquid Laguna.  This bronzer is beautiful!  It’s a liquid bronzer that blends out so nicely onto the skin and it leaves you looking naturally sun kissed.  It’s in Nars’ cult  color, Laguna, which is the perfect bronzer shade with subtle shimmer and dewy finish.  First off love anything with a dewy finish and I love shimmer in bronzer because I feel like it makes it more skin like. The formula is a little runny but this is what makes it so easy to blend.  I use the pump to put some on the back of my hand then I dot it on my face.  This product isn’t sticky so you can take your time applying and blending it out because it won’t dry blotchy.  If you know what I mean, I really like that about this. I just dyed my hair back to its natural color which is super dark brown. When my hair is dark I need to be tan AF and this is really good for making your face look tan.  I don’t love to self tan my face because it always get blotchy on my dry patches. This product will easily bronze your face no problem. I love this bronzer so much, guys.  Its definitely one of the best more natural, bronzed glow products!


Too Faced Chocolate Gold Bronzer.  I wasn’t too sure if I liked this when I first tried it.  I tried it on dewy, moisturized skin only and it left me blotchy.  With this product it’s better on a matte face or something not too tacky because it’s very pigmented and will stick to that texture and look blotchy.  I also recommend using a big powder brush to apply this since this is a bronzer and not a contour.  I don’t recommend contouring with this either because its very shimmery.  I usually use my milk makeup bronzer stick then lightly dust this over it.  This bronzer is super pigmented but easy to blend out so go in with a light hand.  Once I figured all this out I applied it to my face and LOVED it.  It gives you a sun kissed, summery glow which is all I want in life hahahah.  I use it as blush too and it gives again that great bronzed look.

Maybelline Fit me concealer.  I read that this is a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer!  I’m afraid only the packaging is hahah but this is still a nice concealer.  Texture wise this is more watery while the Nars one is more creamy and mousse like in texture. The concealer is light coverage while Nars is medium coverage.  I still really like this concealer.  It’s light weight and it looks good on the skin.  I use it with my Tarte shape tape and it looks really good!  If you need to cover a blemish I don’t think this is the concealer for that but I like it for under eyes, highlighting and covering redness.

This highlighter duo!


Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Wand / Kylie Cosmetics Loose highlighter 

I love finding different highlighters to pair with each other for that perfect combination of glow.  Sometimes you find one you can’t pass up on.  This one is that.

Charlotte Tilbury beauty light wand: 8.5/10.  I knew I needed this because Charlotte Tilbury makeup is #1 beautiful and I need it all and #2 her models are always so beautifully highlighted.  I like this product but it’s expensive and you don’t get much for your money.  After squeezing some product out and using it maybe 5 times it feels more than half empty.  Good thing its pretty on the skin. Hahah.  This gives a natural, lit glow sorta look like all the stars in your life are perfectly aligned.  It’s a good look.  I apply this one side at a time because it dries fast and when it does you’re left with a circle of product dried to your skin. This is really pretty and can be worn on its own.  It’s not totally natural like a great skin day but wearing alone is on the more natural side for highlighters are super pretty and glowy.

Kylie cosmetics loose highlighter in Fiji: 9.5/10  This stuff will let you shine to the moon and back.  This highlighter is so good and so so pretty on skin!  I love a finely milled highlighter that will blend right into the skin and since this is a loose powder it does that very well. The only bummer is this is a loose product and a total MESS.  This paired with the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand gives such a glistening, dewy glow to the skin.  It’s wet like your skin has just gulped an ice cold Fiji.  It’s not a foiled look.  I don’t like that foiled, wet highlighter look.  The Tin man is popping into my head rn and not a fan.  This is glistening. If you’re not a highlighter fiend like me you’re thinking I’m nuts right now.  Whats the difference between glistening and foiled?  There is a difference and when you see it you know.  This product just melts into your skin and its such a pretty glow. Its super shimmery but it never leaves behind chunks of glitter which makes it look more natural. Let’s be clear it’s not the most natural looking because its intense… but! it still looks like skin.

You can wear this alone too. I like it best with the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand because it melts into the skin and wears longer. I should brand out and try it with some more cream highlighters!  Either way it’s gonna be pretty, its just that kind of product.  But, I can attest to this, with the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand, together they’ll leave you looking like a glowy, steamed, little dumpling.




New at the drugstore!


Loreal beauty sponge first impressions: I read on some blog that this sponge is a dupe for a beauty blender!  It’s not. hahahahah.  This sponge is soft, not as soft as a beauty blender but softer than most cheaper makeup sponges out there.  It has a weird, doughy texture and when you squeeze it it feels like theres gel inside.  Thats probably just something weird I noticed and I don’t think it will affect your makeup!  This sponge applied my concealer nicely and didn’t feel hard on my skin. It’s not a beauty blender but it’s really good for $6!  I prefer this much more than the real techniques sponge and its cheaper!

Maybelline Total Temptation.  It took me a few wears but I like this mascara and what it does for my lashes.  The wand gets a little clumpy and holds too much product when you first unscrew it so you just have to shove it back in to take off some product.  Does that make sense lol?  With a few coats this makes your lashes long and adds volume!  It’s not the most volumious like Lash Paradise but it also separates your lashes making them look long and wispy!  This mascara clumps a little bit but I don’t mind it because it still makes my lashes look curled, long and wispy.  I lovvveeeee a long, wispy, dramatic lash.   I don’t have any more lash extensions and I’m really liking how this mascara makes my lashes look.  I had volumious/dramatic lashes on before so that says something!  This is supposed to have a coconut scent.  I don’t smell it and think coconuts but the smell is different than other mascaras.  Its still weird yet oddly pleasant!

NYX jumbo eye pencil.  I used this pencil for an easy/lazy smokey eye and I loved the results.  I put bronzer all over the lid then I just lined the top and bottom lashes with this.   I gently smudged it with my fingers to make it more smokey / less perfect and voila!  Easy and effortless smokey eye!  This product is super easy to use whether your a beginner or on the go.  These are similar to the Laura Mercier shadow sticks but less creamy.

Vaseline Pink bubbly.  I love vaseline for my lips. This scent is AH-MAZING.  Whenever I wear it I’m always thinking about how good the smell is.  I carry this in my purse for when I need lip balm and want something funner than plain vaseline.

Milani Make it Dewy.  I searched high and low for this spray!  I do dewy makeup to begin with so I don’t really notice this making my skin more dewy. It obviously doesn’t leave my skin matte but my skin doesn’t look much different after applying it.  This does however set my makeup nicely, mostly for a good chunk of the day but not all day.  The smell is nice and subtle but definitely fragranced. The spray feels like it comes out in a horizontal line if that makes sense.  Its not the best sprayer but it isn’t like a garden hose either.  This spray is good, not great for adding more dewiness but I like how it sets my makeup and maintain dew.  I’ve tried a bunch of dewy sprays and haven’t found one I love so maybe thats just the way it is for me and dewy sprays.  I want one that adds more dew but maybe thats not a thing?


Next to my sink


Lord baby jesus I travel with a ton of beauty products!  These are going to be v hard to travel back to school with yet I plan on going to buy more at Sephora tomorrow.  Can’t/ won’t be stopped.  Besides for this picture, my sink usually looks like this!  Thats how my parents know I’m home and my brother complains about how much counter space I take up! lol.  this like many of my other posts has all my lotions and potions for dry skin.  Its annoying how much I say it but I’m one dry beezy. If you are too, or not keep reading.


Cosrx Hyaluronic Acid cream.  If you have dry skin stop what you’re doing and go get this cream.  It is a game changer for dry skin!!!  As a fellow dry skin gal were taught that hyaluronic acid is our best friends and this truly is.  It’s great for hydrating the skin and this cream does a superior job at that.  It’s super thick and moisturizing which I love.  I hate “hydrating” creams that are super light because they’re never enough. I need something intense and something heavy duty!  This is that and totally enough.  This product even comes with a little spoon to scoop it out thats how thick it is.  I use it at night, not vern much because a little goes a long way, and I can wake up and still feel it on my skin.  The true test will be how it lasts in the tundra of New England when I head back to school.

IGK Rich kid hair gel.  I talked about this product in my yearly favorites.   It’s great for air drying hair while keeping it tamed, smooth and shiny.

Bioderma Hydrobio.  I also talked about this in my yearly favorites.  BEST MICELLAR WATER hands down.  It’s non drying and doesn’t leave a residue while gently removing all makeup.



Thayers Witch Hazel spray.  I love this product! I was hesitant to try it at first because witch hazel can be drying.  This product doesn’t dry out my skin and it does a great job at toning, moisturizing and refreshing my face.  I ABSOLUTELY love the spray bottle.  Using cotton pads can strip the skin of moisture so it’s good to avoid them especially you have dry skin.  Thats me and I’m lazy so not having to grab cotton / throw it away and being able to just spray this product is pretty freakin fantastic. It makes it super easy to add into your skincare regime.  This product is simple but I really enjoy it! I got mine at Whole Foods.

Ouai Memory Mist.  For the longest time I couldn’t tell if this was helping my hair or not. I’ve had it since August and now I can tell that it has because it’s grown a lot with very minimal damage and split ends.  I blow dry my hair and curl it, a lot of heat and this does a great job at protecting it!  However, I’m not so sure about holding the style.  I didn’t think it did that for me but I also have shorter hair and I’m the person who is always putting their hair up and taking it down which takes out the curl.  I’m really happy with how well this protects my hair.  I had to cut all my hair off this summer from breakage / damage so I’m very cognizant of heat protecting it now. I also have had this since August and use it consistently and I still have yet to put a dent in it. Another win!!!


Mario Badescu Lavender spray.   This spray is super refreshing on the skin just like the rose and cucumber ones.  I also really like it for prepping the skin and setting makeup.  This smells like lavender with some other stuff mixed in I just can’t really put my finger on what. It’s  not bad but I would have preferred it to be straight lavender.  I live for the smell of lavender fix plus!  Something like that is much more my thing.

Replenix night time therapy.  I got this from my dermatologist and was hesitant to try it at first.  Not sure why because its an amazing night time moisturizer!  My skin gets so dry it peels and since using this the peeling has stopped!  It’s a push top applicator which I’m really obsessed with.  I’m always the girl squeezing out too much product.  This is an amazing product for dry skin!!

Ouai frizz sheets.  So lame but I haven’t tried these yet since I barely leave / do my hair.  They’re hella photogenic though!  I’ll do an instagram on them once I try them! 🙂


Skincare standouts!

2017 was my year for skincare.  I think it was at the beginning of the summer when I realized I love makeup and I shell out tons of money on it but I don’t like to wear a lot and I keep it natural…so why aren’t I focusing more on skincare?  I haven’t looked back since and skincare has surpassed my love for makeup. I realized this when I placed my Sephora VIB sale order and it was ALL skincare. no complaints there!


Kristen Ess Beach Wave Spray.  I’m so picky about wave and texture sprays and this one is gooooood.  This gives texture without making my hair sticky or tangled and thats a huge deal to me.  I read somewhere that this is an Oribe Dupe.  I haven’t tried the Oribe spray because it’s $50 and knowing me I’m going to try it and never be able to use something else again. Hahaha.  I really like this one so I’m just going to keep going with it.  It’s also sold at Target making it affordable and super easy to get your hands on! I got the spray in September and I use it often and I still haven’t made a dent since you don’t need a lot of product. This stuff is great for texture, messing up your hair and separating  the curls to give that perfect, laid back, bedhead texture.


Drunk Elephant C-Firma serum.  I spoiled myself when I first started off with skincare because Drunk Elephant was the first thing I bought and boyyyyyy is it good.  I LOVE this C Firma serum. Drunk Elephant is pricy but with good reason.  I used the C Firma for hyper pigmentation and skin texture and it just works quickly and is so effective.  I found some much cheaper options/ dupes for it and they were much slower to show improvement and you got what you paid for.  You just can’t beat Drunk Elephant.  For me, C firma dramatically improved the texture and appearance of my skin while fading some acne spots.  It’s pretty amazing and the results are rapid.  I highly recommend it along with anything Drunk Elephant!

Bioderma hydrabio. Best micellar water!  It removes all makeup, it’s gentle and it doesn’t dry out my skin or leave a residue behind.  Some micellar waters can be greasy and this one isn’t.  Its just so, so, good and such an essential product to have.  I totally get the hype!  Its simple and so good.  Everyone needs to try it.


IGK Rich kid hair gel.  This is the ONLY hair product I’ve ever used that has allowed me to air dry my hair.  MAJOR since I have pretty funky air dried hair. Its frizzy and wavy but not enough to look normal hahahah.  This makes it manageable and shiny.  If I use this I can air dry and touch up with a curling iron.  Definitely MUCH better than blow drying my hair.  I love this stuff and if you have good air dried hair…. with this it’ll be awesome.

Vaseline.  My go to lip balm and skin salve.  I am allergic to lanolin which is in aquaphor and a bunch of other lip balms.  I loved aquaphor for so long but it left rashes on my skin.  Vaseline is pretty dang similar and I don’t get rashes.  It also works great for eye cream and to help hydrate dry spots.  It has a billion uses and its gentle for the most sensitive of skin.  Not the most exciting but a must and I love it!

The Ordinary Niacinamide.  Gotta love the Ordinary.  $5 serums? COUNT ME IN and lemme try them all.  These won’t pack the pang like Drunk Elephant but they got lots to offer and they can help your skin.  I got a few serums to try and this one stood out to me the most.  Its helped to keep my redness at bay and has definitely reduced blemishes.  It gentle enough for my fellow sensitive skin peeps too! I definitely recommend this guy and its only around $6.. my coffee isn’t even $6!


Mario Badescu drying lotion.  I have been using this since high school and I swear by it.  It’s just so good for drying out acne and blemishes.  Its my go to for zits and come morning time they’re always smaller than when I first applied this the night before.  Its one of the best spot treatments out there and I’ve gotten all my friends hooked!