The tea on some hot new products!

Hi all! Here to share my thoughts on some hyped up, new, makeup releases. We have the Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask which is huge in the skincare/blogger community since blogger Marianna Hewitt created it. Then we have the Milk makeup serum stick, a Morphe bronzer and some new influencer releases.  I’ve had pretty good luck with all of these products so here. we. GO!!


Nars Fort de France highlighting powder. I didn’t need more highlighter… I never do but I made an exception because this one is so smooth and gorgeous on the skin! Its more subtle, lit from within and far from being in your face and blinding. I’m over intense highlight! This doesn’t emphasize texture and it melts into your skin with a setting spray.  Nars makes the smoothest highlighters in the game and this one is awesome. I will say you really benefit by using setting spray to get rid of the powder look.  Would I buy again? Absolutely!

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.  I love a vitamin c serum ever since I first tried Drunk Elephant C- Firma. Is this as good as Drunk Elephant? No but it does brighten and help retexture skin.  Its not as potent or fast working as Drunk Elephant but its way cheaper! If your skin doesn’t dramatically need brightening or overall help I would say try this!  I really like it and it reminds me of Drunk Elephant just not as fast acting or strong.  Its still a good serum for brightening and smoothing skin and I like it. Would I buy this again? Yes $15 for a good sized mini is an awesome price.

Natasha Denona chrome lid pot. I love this for a subtle eye shimmer/ easy eye look.  Its so easy and you can use your finger to apply it.  I haven’t used this for an intense all glitter eye so I don’t think its the product for that but its great for subtle shimmer and color to the lid. Would I buy again? Yes, I want the brown/lavender iridescent flip one!

Flower Beauty Concealer. This is a good concealer but the color is off. The range isn’t great. This is light medium and its a bit too yellow/green for my skin!  I’m pretty yellow too.  I love the coverage this offers and how easy it is to blend.  It also wears for a while on the skin. I said I like this better then Shape Tape and I used Shape Tape the other day since its more my color and guys…. I just don’t think you can beat Shape Tape! But this is only a fraction of the price at $9 and I think its one of the better high coverage concealers at the drugstore! Would I buy again? Yes but I need more shades because this one is obviously not a match when I wear it.

Morphe Brontour I am SHOOK by this bronzer.  This is the most gorgeous, luminous bronzer I’ve tried in a while!  I love that I have a matte/contour option in this to add more definition to my cheek bones.  Definitely an awesome concept by Morphe and great execution because this is such a good bronzer.  This color isn’t too orange or muddy looking, I got the shade ‘Celebutante’ and its SOOOO easy to blend into the skin.  Its pigmented so use lightly but definitely worth picking up! Would I buy again? HELL YES!

Bliss Marshmallow Mask. I LOVE the texture of this mask. What does it do? I’m not entirely sure but my skin does feel nicer and smoother after washing this off.  Its also pretty soothing….ok read the description, its smoothing and radiant. Radiant is a good description! I agree! Would I buy this again? oh yes!


Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask!  I understand the hype, guys I do and I understand every awesome review I’ve read on Instagram! ( I have yet to read a bad one. )  This mask is very hydrating and I see why it would be so good on a plane.  (I plan to try it on my plane ride home in 2 weeks!) It left my skin noticeably plumper and glowing..kinda like a huge glass of water for your face.  It has peppermint extract so I felt it tingling on my skin a little bit.  I’m pretty sensitive so it left me a little red but it did go away soon after. Would I buy this again? yes!

Essence Pure Nude highlighter. Needing a cheaper, everyday subtle glow? Look no further because this is for you. I got this because its supposed to be a dupe for the Hourglass ambient lighting powder and it is! I use this more as a setting powder all over my face when I feel like using one and it sets my concealer with a gorgeous, luminous sheen.  You can also use this for a subtle highlighter and its equally as pretty.  It nails the glow from within look.  I totally recommend this as an Hourglass ambient lighting powder dupe or as a subtle highlight. Would I buy again? Yes!

Bobbi Brown lipstick in Sazan Nude. This is a collab with blogger and YouTuber Sazan Hendrix. I love her instagram and her YouTuber videos so I knew I had to grab this after seeing its sheer, nude coloring. This is one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever used.  It’s so hydrating, creamy and comfy to wear. I never really went for Bobbi Brown in the past because I considered it a more mature brand and I’m wrong. I have very dry, chapped lips and this lipstick wore so nicely and kept my lips moisturized. I would go as far to say thats its one of the best lipsticks I’ve ever used.  I love the color, its like your lips but better and I will definitely be adding more to my collection. Would I buy again? 100% YES!

Dr. Jart Tiger grass camo drops. If you like the tiger grass cream, you will love this.  Meet tiger grass cream’s lighter, thinner sister! hahah. I would describe this as a color correcting treatment with a serum texture.  You need about three drops and it’ll even out redness into your skin color. I go in with 2 more if my cheeks are really red from sleeping. Since this is a much thinner texture it also doesn’t give the whitecast that the cream has. I need very minimal concealer when I use this and thats it.  Makes me a very happy girl! I really love this product and I reach for it daily. It also layers really well with an oil, moisturizer and sunscreen — no pilling experienced! Would I buy again? OH yes, I expect a repurchase.


Bliss Honey Lavender Moisturizing mask. This mask gives me Farmacy honey potion masks vibes.  Its similar in color but lighter in texture, non sticky and doesn’t warm on the skin. It does still offers the same amount of hydration.  This has a subtle lavender smell to it which I love.  Its not a Farmacy dupe but its a good hydration mask and I enjoy it. I’ve been needing a good hydration mask and this checked that box. Would I buy again? Yes!

Milk Makeup watermelon serum.  I wasn’t going to buy this at first because it sounded gimmicky but I saw good reviews on as well as Instagram so here we are.  I really like using this! I use this in the morning as a primer for my skin and makeup.  My skin is pretty sensitive and it has never done well with a morning and night serum but this one is totally ok so far.  It wears really well under my oil, moisturizer and sunscreen — no pilling experienced.  I do agree with its hydrating and brightening claims!  This gives my skin life in the morning and it has diminished an acne scar I had on my forehead and my skin overall just looks brighter.  I’ve been using for a week and I do notice a difference.  I am using the Ole Henrikson Truth serum but not as consistently so I do believe that this is helping. Besides that I love the handiness of  Milk Makeup’s stick products. Would I buy again? Yes!

Essence Make me Glow Liquid bronzer. This is not a bronzer, its far too light and shiny even if your pale and love glow. This is a champagne, gold liquid highlighter! Its one of the easiest products to blend out and the glow it gives is gorgeous. I think this is one of the easiest liquid highlighters to blend out.  I have the Charlotte Tilbury beauty wand and sometimes I have a hard time blending that out and the product dries in the shape of the sponge applicator on my cheek within seconds.  I never experience that with this; its great, cheap and needs to be talked about more! Would I buy this again? Yes!


Glossier Lidstars!


I’ve mentioned before my love/hate relationship with Glossier.  I have yet to find a product from them that I really like; their concealer broke me out pretty badly and boy brow is just okay to me!  But they did refund me for the concealer after leaving a review on the website…they wrote me a really nice email and I truly applaud their customer service.   They also have a store opening in LA and I’m lying if I said I wasn’t a hint excited!  Sooooo they’re doing something right.

Have we seen enough of Lidstars on social media?! Probably? But, in my search to find a Glossier product I truly love — they aren’t bad and here’s my take!

I got the shades fawn – the purple, grey and herb- the green color.

Claims: to be a creaseless, wash of color that won’t move or fade and will last 12 hours!

Thats a big promise.


I really like this color. It’s a pretty light, smokey, taupe color.  I have very oily eye lids and without a primer my shadow is gone in an hour. I was skeptical about the no primer claim.  I got around 5 hours without a primer, just Lidstar applied to the lid before I noticed the color fading.

These aren’t very bright or pigmented so I applied more to compensate for that. After 5 hours the color faded but was still visible.  They didn’t smudge or crease! I’m happy with a 5 hour wear. I only wear these out so I won’t need 12 hours of wear.



I absolutely love these green color with brown eyes. I feel like eye shadow is boring for brown eyes and this is fun!

Herb oh herb. This guy is patchy. When I applied one layer it was fine but very subtle in color and almost hard to notice that its even green. Once I started to apply more the first layer got patchy and some of the color got removed with the applicator.   Very hard to work with. I put some bronzer in the crease but it was still patchy.

I tried this with a brush and that does help with the patchiness!  The green color just isn’t as intense as I’d like. You can make this work but you have to work with it.

I found this one to wear longer then fawn without fading but its a patchy mess so what you gain you also give up something in return. This one didn’t smudge or fade.

If you want a pigmented, green shimmer shadow get this one.

Overall, I would say these are like the Stila magnificent metals but for day!  They are definitely a wash of color so don’t expect a glittery eye look. I do like that they’re pretty easy to apply/ use.  Except for Herb as he’s more high maintenance. 😉

I’m happy I got these because its a fun eye look without looking over done.  I think I’ll reach for fawn more just because its easier to use.  Fawn is more day appropriate of the two colors versus herb which is darker and smokier.

Glossier also has 4 other colors in more pinky tones. I don’t like pink shadow so these colors were an easy pick and I’d still pick herb even though its patchy.

Would I buy again? Yes. Rating out of 10? 7.5.




what to buy at the Sephora Sale!


The Sephora VIB sale is just around the corner! Woot woot! If you’re rouge or your friend is, you can shop the sale 15% off this weekend…if you’re with them. Or next weekend Friday – Sunday 15% for Rouge, VIB and 10% off for Beauty Insider.  I love Sephora without a sale so when they have a sale you gotta go ham.  I’ve been curating my list for the past month.  Products like Drunk Elephant, Nars, Tom Ford, and lots of fragrance rarely if ever goes on sale. You HAVE to stock up!


Any product you use in your daily routine…here’s a few examples.

  • Any concealers or foundation you use daily.
  • setting powder or spray. love the Laura Mercier setting powder. snag that on sale because its pricey.
  • Skincare you use daily whether its a cleanser, toner, moisturizer or serum.
  • Mascara!
  • Haircare.
  • Fragrance

NEED IDEAS? Here’s my picks per category.

Makeup //

Bronzer. Benefit Hoola is the best bronzer out there and it works on many skin tones plus, you can contour with it. The Milk makeup bronzer is a great cream bronzer. Nars liquid laguna is my absolute favorite. Kevyn Aucoin contour powder is awesome for coutour.

Highlighter. I will say Becca because they’re just that good. But disclaimer they are fragile af so if you travel and / or drop things a lot this is risky. Another good option is the ABH Amrezy highlighter — its gorgeous and feels sturdier.

Nars concealer! Their soft matte is my jam rn but I used to be obsessed with the creamy radiant which is equally as good.

MASCARA! I plan on getting one of their sets that allows you to try mini mascaras then redeem it for a full size one.  As for mascara, I love the Lancome Monsieur Big.

Lipsticks: Fenty gloss forsure. Fresh tinted balms are great for day to day or splurging on a new everyday lipstick. I like Dior, Nars or Guerlain.

I will say I’m not a foundation or eyeshadow palette person persay so lacking in those categories… BUT

Tarte makes some great everyday shadow palettes. The ABH Soft Glam is calling my bare lids as we speak.

I don’t like foundation but the Sephora Collection skin tint is awesome. It’s very light weight coverage.

Also the It Cosmetics CC cream is the bomb. I like the radiant one. The coverage is medium +, and it has SPF but it feels light.

Skincare //

Again, anything DE.

I love the Farmacy Honey potion hydrating face mask as well as the Herbivore Blue Tansy mask. Its a great alternative if DE baby facial is too strong for your skin. (like mine!)

This Laneige overnight lip mask is amazing. I use it every night.

I love Clinique Take the day off balm to remove makeup.

Beauty Water is an awesome micellar water, toner, second cleanse. The Fresh Rose toner also looks awesome.

Moisturizer wise I love the Tatcha water cream. DE Lala retro feels amazing.  And the Herbivore Pink cloud moisturizer is catching my eye.

Haircare //

Mostly what I use isn’t at Sephora but…

Olaplex freakin 3 is amazing. You can find it online for a tad cheaper but people have gotten fakes before.

Ouai Leave in conditioner is great. So is the frizz sheets for day 3 hair.

Drybar has some good sprays. My favorite is the Triple Sec Texture spray.

Living Proof dry volume blast is great for volume at the root.


I’m a broken record. Anything Drunk Elephant. I love their TLC Framboos and C-Firma serums. The marula oil melts into the skin. The sunscreen is awesome. Lala Retro + Protini feel amazing… point is you can’t go wrong with this brand, its expensive and it never goes on sale so stock up! There is a limit to 3 DE items per sku. My mom is bringing my dad with her to do another transaction because she loves DE that much.

Brands like Tom Ford, Dior, Natasha Denona, Pat McGrath — all the stuff that never goes on sale.

Tom Ford the bronzer is meh but if you want it in your collection now is a good time. If you just want a good bronzer I say go with Hoola.

Dior has good lips and gorgeous highlighters and bronzers.

Natasha Denona, quite honestly expensive shadows I haven’t tried but I like the chrome lid toppers!

Pat McGrath ahh the holy grail. I never wear eye shadow but I NEED one of her palettes….sublime if were getting specific. 😉

Expensive serums and oils if I haven’t mentioned one you like or want to try.

Fragrance!  I love Flower Bomb and Nest Black Tulip 

Tools! Whether it be a new hair dryer, an eye lash curler, a face tool or a beauty blender.



The Bronzer Edit

I loveeeee me some bronzer!! I’m a firm believer in everyone looks better with a tan and since I go to school in New England I know how important bronzer truly is.  I didn’t really use bronzer when I lived in LA because I was always tan enough… Actually I lived for Benefit’s One hot minute bronzer in high school, it was a shimmer loose powder and I went ham with it ALL over my face.  It gave me J.Lo skin vibes or so I thought so obvi I went with it hahah. Benefit doesn’t even make that bronzer anymore.  Everybody cringes when they look back at their high school makeup and I always played it pretty conservative; mascara and blush so I’m not too mad about it.  I never had a crazy eyeliner phase either but I drowned myself in shimmery bronzer. 😂

Today I usually stick with matte bronzers, how times have changed, HA! but I love a shimmery bronzer for a dust of allover shimmer.  When done correctly shimmer can look more skin like but its harder to find. I like a bronzer with a sheen to avoid that intensely shimmer look.



Here’s the bronzers I have that stuck out to me! Its a lot and I still have some more but heres what made the cut. I will say if you read my blog then you’ll know my favorites.

My favorites are:

Chanel Tan De Soleil. I am always on the look out for a bronzer dupe for this and I have yet to find anything similar. ( I think theres one on amazon prime from a random brand but it is continually sold out.) This one is a cream bronzer, not cream to powder and I just LOVE how it wears on the skin. It blends so nicely and its super flattering for an allover tan. I can’t stress enough how much I love this bronzer.

Benefit Hoola. I think this is the best matte, everyday bronzer that everyone should own. You can contour or bronze the face with it.  It pulls more orange so I think it would work best with light – medium skin tones. I have never found this to look muddy or orange on my skin.  Its a great formula and its just so easy to use. Def a staple in my collection and I use it often.  I even hit pan on it!

Physicians Formula Butter bronzer. I love this drugstore bronzer.  I think its the best at the drugstore and very comparable to Hoola. It has a buttery finish, it smells like a tropical vacay and it just wears really nicely on the skin. It has a hint of sheen to it.

Milk Makeup Bronzer. This is a great cream bronzer and probably the closest I’ve found to the Chanel one though they apply differently. Theres a difference between a cream bronzer and a cream contour. This is cream bronzer and I would say that you can use this to contour if you’d like but its a more warm tone bronzer so if you like cool tone contour than this will be a bronzer for you.  I just love how easily this warms up the face and how easy it is to blend.

Too Faced Sweetie pie bronzer.  I don’t use this as bronzer but as a blush. I don’t like blush but I like how this makes my cheeks look flushed. It has some sheen to it so it wears really nicely. I use this guy everyday and I haven’t found something like it.

NARS liquid laguna. This is a holy grail product for me. I use it to darken tinted moisturizers if I’m tan. I use it as a primer when I’m self tanned and I use it as bronzer. Its such a versatile product and it blends out SO well and effortlessly.  Big fan of this bronzer.


Tom Ford Bronzer in Terra. Lets be real I got this because its Tom Ford. I don’t think its very pigmented so I always layer it with cream contour or the Milk cream bronzer stick. I use it a lot and it looks nicely layered with cream products. I do love it as an eyeshadow.

Milani Baked Bronzer. Not sure if because this is baked or but I don’t get much pigment from this. I think maybe I need to scrape off the first layer?  Patrick Ta recommended it and I love everything he does so I got it. Do I use it, no but it can be a decent shimmery bronzer from the drugstore that won’t look too overboard.

Makeup Revolution baked bronzer. This pulls very red and very shimmery. It could certainly wear as a highlighter for darker skin tones.  I got this to use in place of a blush and its just so red and pigmented.  I wouldn’t recommend this.


Essence Matte bronzer. This product pulls more orange but I’m tan enough so it looks fine.  I like this bronzer for warming up my face.  It has a tropical scent with minimal fallout and for only $5 I think this is one of the better drugstore options out there. I just want to warn that it does pull more orange and compared to the other bronzers in the picture, it looks orangey in color.

Too Faced Chocolate Gold bronzer. This is very shimmery.  I use it in place of blush or very lightly dusted of my face and I love the outcome.  Its summer skin vibes forsure. Is this going to be your main, go-to bronzer probably not but if you like bronzers you’ll like this. I will say make sure your face is dry when you apply this because it can get patchy if it attaches to foundation or wet concealer.

Lisa Frank Bronzer. I got this in an Ipsy and I was shook with how good this bronzer is. The formula reminds me of Hoola in that its matte, pigmented and smooth.  But the color is darker then Hoola and I think this would make a great contour shade.   It’s $6 which is insane for how good it is but very sold out too.

If you’re new to bronzer I vote Hoola or Butter Bronzer.

If you’re a bronzer fanatic like me get the Nars liquid laguna. Its sooo underrated and so so good.

Any bronzers you love that aren’t here? Lemme know I love discovering new stuff to try!


Skincare I travel with!

I’ve been traveling a lot lately and I do my best to condense what I bring because most of the time I will shop when I’m away. ALL of the time I will shop when I’m away, lol.  I love going somewhere new and looking for new skincare and makeup. I’m in no way a light packer but I’m trying and I’m working on only bringing what works best for me while leaving room for whatever new finds its way to me!


Cleanser. I’m not too set on a cleanser but I like this Skin Laundry one.

Bioderma micellar water: I use this as a makeup remover and as a 2nd cleanse. I love and swear by this stuff.  It removes any extra makeup on your face without leaving a greasy residue.

Paula’s choice AHA liquid exfoliator: This stuff works the best for my skin and keeping it smooth without many blemishes. I 100% need this when I travel because I’m usually eating good food and lots of dairy which isn’t great for my skin!

Acure Blue tansy oil:  I love an oil for added hydration, especially because traveling or a new environment can dry out skin. This one is light and layers well with other products.


A good moisturizer! I have a few that I go to but this is a must for me since I have dry skin. Usually I’ll bring one that can work for day and night. Lately my routine has been the Paula’s Choice, the Acure oil and a moisturizer. Simple and my skin is loving it.

For moisturizers I like: The Avene rich cream, Embryolisse, Replenix or Malin + Goetz moisturizer.

Ole Henrikson Eye Cream: I just started using this but I think its a must for travel because you’re fatigued and so is your skin. This also works as a intense moisturizer on dry patches that you may have pop up. It happens and an eye cream is extra thick.

Chapstick. Always vaseline and always the stash of lip sticks/glosses that I have in my bag.  If my lips are really bad I’ll bring this Laneige lip mask

Natural Toothpaste. I never brought tooth paste when I traveled but I switched over to a natural tooth paste 2 months ago and the rashes I would get around my mouth and on my lips are 100% gone.  I always had rashy lips and I just blamed on whatever lip product I was using. Nope, tooth paste because if you think about it, you get tooth paste on your lips daily! I will never not travel with tooth paste again.

Face spray. I like some sort of face spray for added hydration, a toner and for setting makeup if I need too.  I brought this Trader Joes Rose toner which is great at calming redness.  I also really enjoy the Mario Badescu cucumber spray

Acne dots: You never know if you’re gonna get a zit and these are great because they’re easy to travel with / small and they work so well.

Sunscreen! Always bring sunscreen. I love the Drunk Elephant umbra Tinte.  

Good cotton, especially if micellar water is your main form of makeup removing.  I like these Muji ones. 


Beauty Maintenance


I show a lot of products I use but not so much brushes/ tools / all the behind the scene stuff when it comes to my beauty routine!  Here’s some essentials I use daily!

Vaseline: my favorite lip balm.  I have some in my bed, (yes I sleep with it lol), in my car, in my purse, in my school bag and anywhere else I’ll need it.  It’s the best non-irritating chap stick.  I look for stuff without lanolin and this doesn’t have that.  The pink bubbly scent is my favorite.

Invisibobble Hair bands: I’m absolutely obsessed with these hairbands. They don’t pull hair or leave a dent and they are all I use!  I love them for the gym, sleeping at night or whenever I need to put my hair up.

Sonia Kashuk makeup sponge: I love a beauty blender and thats usually what I stick with but this is the best great drug store version I’ve ever tried! It’s just as soft and it’s massive.  It gets huge when you wet it and I love the size for applying makeup faster.  I never want to use a little sponge after this one! I may even like it more then a beauty blender just because its so big.

NYX eyelash curler: I’ve had this curler for years and its never done me wrong.  It curls my lashes well and its still in great shape.

Catrice Lip cushion: This is like a shiny lip balm with a sponge applicator.  I usually put this on every morning after doing my makeup.  It’s a glossy nude lip and I think you can never have too many of those.

OPI in You don’t know Jaques. Essie in Caviar Bar. My all-time favorite nail colors.  I’ll usually get gels in one of these colors but I have the normal version for my toes or when I don’t have gels.  Neither have shimmer because I don’t like shimmery nail polish. I either do full glitter or normal, no in between.  The colors are just a taupey brown and navy blue.  I love dark colored nails!


My favorite highlighters!


Were talking about my favorite beauty product ever, HIGHLIGHTER!  I love me some glow, a golden glow and I like a lot of it. Sometimes I thank god for my dry skin because that means I can wear more of it! Lol I have oily friends that don’t even wear highlighter and the thought of that makes me sad. I definitely own the most highlighter when it comes to makeup and I don’t need to but any more, ever, but I love it so I will continue to buy the ones that call my name.  I try to be more selective now with the ones I get since I have so much but good ones keep coming out!  You can call it obsessive? Maybe passionate?


Fenty Killawatt in Mean Money / Hustla Baby

I went to Sephora the day this came out to get this highlighter and it is one of my all time favorites.  I love a peachy, golden color and I like a smooth highlighter that packs a punch!  This is all of that.  I really dislike chunky or glittery highlighters.  Some people did say this was glittery but I completely disagree. I think its so smooth for the intense glow it can give and it gives you options!  I love the idea of the subtle side with the more intense side.  It’s unlike any highlighter I have and I like mixing the two and blending the intense one with the subtle one. It could also be a day side and a night side!

Becca Champagne Pop 

Have to point out that I have hit pan on this highlighter and this is just 1/4 of my highlighter collection in this picture so that just goes to show you how much I love it! I think Becca makes some of the best highlighters on the market.  They are so smooth, pigmented and come in a bunch of colors.  Champagne pop is my favorite for the peachy gold glow it gives but I love Opal and Moonstone as well. You don’t need a lot of product because its super pigmented and they work great as eye shadows.  Its a toss up between Champagne pop and my Fenty highlighter for an all time fave but both I really love both.


Colourpop Super shock highlighter in Wisp. 

I love the texture of Colourpop highlighters. They’re super easy and quick to blend and they are extremely pigmented! I like to use my fingers to apply / blend them because you can control how intense they look.  I love the look of a cream because they really blend into the skin versus sitting on skin/peach fuzz / texture.  The Colourpop ones are only $8 which is crazy for how awesome they are.  They come in a bunch of different colors and I totally recommend try them.  I have a few colors and I love them.  They’re also great for travel / on the go because they won’t crack like a powder if they’re tossed around.

Charlotte Tillbury Beauty Wand.

This guy is pricey (for what you get) but the glow it gives is so pretty.  This is definitely a more natural glow from within rather than beaming glow and I really enjoy it. I love to wear it during the week and layered under powder highlighters for a night out.  It pairs beautifully with the Kylie Cosmetics loose highlighting powder because both can blend really nicely into the skin for a goddess, beaming glow.  The only complaint I have is the applicator.  You have to shut it even if the cap is on or else product will still come out.  Mine got all into the cap when I was traveling because I didn’t screw it shut. I don’t love that but the product itself is worth it.   I will say when you get the product it feels half empty.  It also blends better for me with a brush rather then a beauty blender.

Benefit Dandelion Twinkle

This is the only highlighter pictured that isn’t gold toned.  This is a champagne pink and I really only like golds so that says a lot about this highlighter!  I have a huge love for Benefit boxed powders.  I have 5 and have never tried one I didn’t like and this is no different. This is a good every day color and its good for lighter skin tones. (When I have  tan I don’t use this.)  It gives a lit from within look which I love and its really great for everyday wear! That being said it can also be built up with more product / setting spray for a more intense glow for going out!

Nars Bord de Sable palette – limited edition but these Nars highlighters are the same/ this years version.

This palette is gorgeous and these are some of the smoothest highlighters, EVER. Pure, intense, shimmery sheen and just so gorgeous on skin. I enjoy the gold middle colors the most.  These can go on wet or dry. They’re intense dry and even more intense wet! These are so smooth they can go on with a beauty blender versus I wouldn’t probably apply any of the other highlighters I’ve spoken about here with a beauty blender. I don’t reach for these highlighters enough because they’re in a palette.  I like the palette but I find the bronzers harder to blend / get color so I don’t always reach for this. The highlighters are beautiful so I need too! Nars should def make these highlights in single pans.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy highlighter 

I didn’t need this but it got a lot of hype, Amrezy is a highlighter queen, and not to mention its golden!  I had too!!! I really like how smooth and sheen-y this highlighter is.  It has NO fallout which is crazy to me. I’ve been using it daily since I got it and it gives such a smooth, golden, intense glow to the skin.  I like to apply this after setting spray because I think it goes on better wet.

If you’re just trying out highlighter and want a good one I recommend the Becca or the Colourpop! Becca is a classic and there is a color for every skin tone. Colourpop is a great, drugstore priced highlighter and now you can find it at Ulta!

If you want an intense glow for going out I say Fenty. 

If you want a day one and you like boujee makeup Charlotte Tilbury all the way.

As for highlighters I’m eyeing? This Chanel one and this Charlotte Tilbury highlighter filter.