New Glossier Goodies!!


I have been waiting for this package to come!!!  I finally got around to ordering some glossier goodies because honestly I’m so late to the party.  I really wanted the new birthday cake balm dot com so I just went for it and got that and the concealer.  I absolutely love the packaging!!!!  I ordered two things and got a bag and lots of stickers so I love that.  It’s all so aesthetically pleasing and of course its in the famous, glossier/millennial pink!

So far, love the balm dot com. I love the scent!  Its a vanilla cake flavor in a mature and cool sort of way.  Not lip smackers fake and plastic-y.

I tried the concealer on before showering.  I got the color medium and it’s too light for me. 😦  After 5 minutes of applying it my face got really hot!  I went to wash it off my face and now I have red blotches in all the places I applied the concealer.  I’M SO BUMMED! I really wanted to give this concealer a good review but I honestly can’t even sorta.  I’ve only heard good things about it and I expected a lot so I’m really not sure what happened.  I want to try it again but I’m scared at the same time.  There is wax and oils in the concealer so it has an oily/ dewy texture.  I’m thinking maybe the waxes covered my pores and my skin couldn’t breathe so thats why my face started to get super hot.   I just put some fresh aloe from my aloe plant on it (which is amaze) so I hope that helps the redness!

Any glossier products you recommend?  I’m thinking boy brow and the cloud paint for my next purchases!  Also that sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen. Big fat yes.

On another note I made an instagram for my blog! I used my personal one before and was hesitant to post blog stuff on there so I made a separate one and I’m really excited to get that going!  It’s @blackberriesandsparkles 


3 step summer glow!

I love bronzed, glowy, summer makeup.  So much so, it’s pretty much my go to look year round.  For that I stick with golden highlighters, nude blushes and lotsa bronzer!  It’s a monochrome sort of look that takes bronzed and glowy skin to the next level!  It also looks like you didn’t try very hard and isn’t that what summer makeup is all about?

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

STEP 1: BRONZER.  I like to bronze all over the face so I go for the hollow of the cheekbones, nose and forehead.

Hourglass Ambient bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light.  I wore this once, loved it. Wore it again, was orange!  I’m not sure if I’m not tan enough?  This has a subtle shimmer thats very flattering on the face. I want to explore shades and won’t discredit it!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Cult, matte bronzer that works for warming up the face and contour. You can’t go wrong with this.  No orange, no muddy look.

Too FacedChocolate Soleil Bronzer.  This is very blendable and comes in a few shades.  No orange or no muddy look and it smells like chocolate!

Physicans Formula Butter Bronzer. Great drugstore bronzer.  Has a creamy pigmented formula and blends out super nicely. It’s one of my favorites!

Benefit Dew the hoola bronzer. This is a liquid bronzer which I really like.  It gives a natural look and can be worn on it’s own or under powder bronzer.  It’s very easy to apply with a beauty blender!

L-R: Butter Bronzer, Hoola, Too Faced, Hourglass.

STEP 2: NUDE BLUSH.  I have always loved nude pink blushes. I’m pretty exclusive to that, but the only color/color blush I’ll wear is Nars orgasm and thats just because it’s such a good color.  I apply to the apples of the cheek. You can also bring some onto the nose to give that ‘flushed, just spent some time in the sun look.’

Tarte Blush in Paaarty. This is a great nude blush that’ll last all day.  I also like it as an eyeshadow.

Benefit Dallas blush: This is a blush/bronzer mix which I love because it’s a perfect nude pink blush.

STEP 3: GOLDEN HIGHLIGHTER.  Ahh, I do love me some highlighter.  I find golden shades to be so flattering because I honestly just love warm tone neutral looks.  They are so complimentary to a tan and since I love being tan, I love them!  For highlighter I like to apply it on tops of cheekbones, nose, cupids boy and eyes. I’ll take my brush and apply whatever is left to my eyelids for a barely there shimmer.

Maybelline Master Chrome highlight in Molten Gold. This is a great drugstore highlighter in a true gold color.  Perfect for light-tan skin tones.

Becca Pressed Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop.  This is the most perfect color, it’s a peachy gold hue.  Probably my favorite highlighter I own, you can never go wrong with Champagne Pop!

Jeffree Star Skin frost in Siberian Gold:  This is the prettiest golden bronze shade. It has a wet/foiled look to it so this is not for the faint of heart!  I find that I like it best mixed with a smoother highlighter like the Becca ones.

Milk Makeup highlight stick.  This stick gives a very dewy look.  Use it alone or apply a little bit of powder highlighter on top to get an intense glow!

Bottom to top:  Milk Highlight Stick, Champagne Pop, Jeffree Star Siberian Gold, Maybelline Molten Gold, Dallas Blush, Tarte Blush Paaarty.


Saving my hair!

FullSizeRender 24.jpg


I have to preface this by saying I dye my hair often and I blow dry and use heat on it almost daily.  I love having my hair done; it’s like my security blanket and it makes me feel confident! I feel so sloppy when it’s not done.  My hair is a VERY dark brown that is close to black and it’s way too dark for me.  I dye my hair lighter because I love it and it’s much more flattering than my natural color.

Needless to say I am VERY hard on my hair.  I expect a lot from it and it shows.  I have some breakage pieces that I’m trying to grow back, I have split ends and my hair gets very dry.  I have to be careful with it but it’s getting better!  It may not be where I want it to be but I feel like I’m slowly getting there.  I used to have really thick and long hair when I was younger and didn’t dye it. I’m slowly trying to work my way back to it and this is how I’m doing it:

OLAPLEX freakin 3.  This stuff comes from the GODS.  If you dye your hair I recommend this with every bone in my body that you get olaplex!!  The whole treatment is around $25-$50 depending on the salon and it is literally worth every penny.  Your hair will feel healthier after it’s dyed. It’s insane.  Olaplex 3 is the last part of the treatment that they put on your hair after the shampoo.  I wet my hair and put this all through my hair before I go to sleep and I wrap it in a bun and sleep on it. (You have to sleep with it in your hair because you’ll get the most out of it.) I’ll wash my hair when I wake up and the difference is insane.  Your hair will be so much softer and way less dry.  AKA it will feel like healthy hair! 😄  It also tones your hair!! It’s just SO good.  I’m on my 4th bottle and I love it because it gives instantaneous results. The bottle is small so I get 3-4 uses from it.  Olaplex 3 is around $22-$25.  It’s not the cheapest thing in the world but its so worth it.  I buy mine on Amazon or Walmart. (They don’t sell it at Walmart, the Walmart website is oddly weird like you can buy Celine sunnies.) Just be careful on Amazon because after reading reviews some people got fake olaplex!

Living Proof fresh cut split end mender.  I was skeptical about this product at first because it sounded too good to be true. I can report back that it really does work!  I use it every time I was my hair and it makes it not only softer but gives life to your ends!  I can get some crazy split ends and this seals them up.  I want my hair to keep growing and I don’t want to cut it so if you’re in that boat this will save your ends so you don’t have to cut it.

Ouai Thin hair supplements.  I just finished my first month of vitamins. They recommend 3 months for results but after a month I can totally say I see a difference in my hair!  It’s stronger and it’s getting longer and looks fuller.  I can’t wait to see how it’s going to look after the next 2 months!  The supplements come in thin, dry and oily.  They have a quiz on the website that recommends which ones are best for your hair.  My hair isn’t thinning.  It feels thinner because I had some breakage from heat/ crazy sleeping.  Those little pieces that stick out are so pesky so I really want to grow those.  I think this will help me get there!

Silky / satin pillow sheets!!!!!!!!!! I’m a psycho sleeper.  Like all over the place, pillows on the ground,  blankets twisted in the morning, sleeping sideways and CRAZY hair.  Whenever I wake up without sleeping on a silk/satin pillow case, I bet $100, the back of my hair is full of tangles and is in a poof at the top of my head.  It resembles a nest.  So when I go to brush the mess a ton falls out and it breaks.  I don’t know if this is a me thing.   High maintenance (!!!!) but silky or satin pillow cases are a game changer. I have satin ones that feel silky. Those work great.  They’re smooth on your hair and don’t cause friction like cotton pillow cases so when I wake up I don’t have tangles and my hair is smooth and tamed. My breakage is in the back of my hair and since switching to my silky / satin pillow case I have had no breakage.  Crazy but it works.

Dying your hair.  I used to dye my hair around 4 times a year.  I can honestly say I will be dying my hair for the rest of my life.  I love being full blonde but it’s so high maintenance and damaging.  Especially since my hair is so dark: I get the skunk line at like 4 weeks.  The hair I have now is perfect for me because it’s still blonde but its grown out highlights so when it grows out it looks like thats the way it’s supposed to be.  I have the dirty blonde with the lighter brown/blonde /grown out highlight/ darker roots looking hair that a bunch of other girls in LA have. hahahah.  It’s so in because it looks amazing and its low maintenance.  Personally, I don’t mind having dark roots if it grows in nicely. This style with the grown out highlights / balayage / painted  look allows you to get your hair done every 6 months or longer while still looking awesome.  The less you dye your hair the better.  ***If you click on the ‘outfits’ tab to the right you can see the progression of my hair and how it’s grown. The last time I got my hair done was the beginning of March.

Use heat protectant!  I like the bumble and bumble hair primer.  I’m not sure how much it helps but I like it.  Heat protectant is your friend.

Take days off of heat if you can.  I’m home for the summer so since I’m mostly chilling I don’t do my hair as much and I give it a chance to air dry. I honestly hate it but it makes a difference.  I put it up in a loose bun.  Nothing too tight!

Try to cut down the amount of times you wash your hair during the week.  It really dries it out.  It may feel gross at first, I know the feeling but its mostly psychological.  I go 3-4 days between washes and it has really helped my hair’s health. The ultimate trick is apply dry shampoo all over BEFORE you go to bed.  You want to combat the oil before its there, not get rid of it once you have it. This will fix that and when you wake up your hair will feel fresh which will make you feel like its cleaner.

What are your hair tips?  Its a marathon to healthy hair, not a sprint! 😝


Highlighters I die for @ at the moment!


No shock here, I LOVE highlighter.  it’s the last thing I need to buy but the first thing I look for! Here are 3 new ones I’ve tried that are perfect for that summer, sun kissed glow!

Makeup Revolution Highlight in Golden Goddess.  This is a drugstore priced brand – around $7 and I got it at Ulta.  I was so excited to see it in the store because it says online only on the Ulta website and it’s not in drugstores.   This definitely rivals some of my higher end highlighters.  I’m really happy with it and super obsessed at the moment! It’s  has an almost light yellow / gold duo chrome to it. It’s super flattering on the skin and blends out really nice. It literally looks like a ray of sunshine on your face!

Jeffree Star skin frost in Siberian Gold.  My best friend/ roommate sent this too me and it’s one of the nicest things someone has done for me!!  I love it!!  This highlighter is massive and it feels substantial in your hand.  Jeffree Star is big on substantial packaging and hardy products so it’s no surprise there.  I agree completely and love that!  It’s a rose gold color which is my favorite and perfect for summer and tan skin.  It has a creamy texture and dries like a powder so there is very little fall out.   I like to apply it with a synthetic brush or with my fingers.  This would work great as eyeshadow because it’s super pigmented.

Maybelline Master Chrome highlight in Molten Gold.  I’m gonna go out there and say this is the best drug store highlighter at the moment. It’s a buttery, powder like consistency so you will experience some fall out.  But tap off your brush and go for it because it’s $7 and SO worth it!  It’s super pigmented and gives some serious glow!! I have yet to find a drugstore powder highlight that is this intense. (maybe wet and wild but I haven’t tried those!)  This is a gold color, hence the name and it’s super flattering on the skin.  Again perfect for a summer skin to add some highlight to a tan! It reminds me of a Becca highlighter and it doesn’t get much better than those.  I think they will continue to come out with some new colors but for now I think this is best for (maybe) light / tan / medium skin.  Not pale, sorry!

FullSizeRender 21

L-R Jeffree Star Siberian Gold.  Maybelline Master Chrome Molten Gold. Makeup Revolution Golden Goddess.


New New


Wanting to share some of my new additions as of lately.  I’m surprised with how much drug store stuff I have been loving lately! Currently am on the look out for this new Maybelline highlight and can’t wait to see what else is going to come out this summer.  I’m obsessed with the new Urban Decay Heat palette and of course, I just got this Too Faced one and already want the new Urban Decay one.  I’m a hoarder.

Too Faced Natural Love Palette.  I just got this in the mail and haven’t had a chance to play with it yet but I wanted to photograph it while it’s still fresh because its so pretty!  This palette is a neutral lover’s dream and that is me!  I really only stick with neutrals and this has such a great assortment of shades!  I’m really feeling a smokey eye with a nude/ pink lip and I think the last two columns of shadows will be good for that!

Kimmel stay matte translucent powder. I love the Laura Mercier setting powder but it’s messy and leaves a whiter look so I wanted to try a pressed powder that had a little less coverage.  I heard good things about this one and it’s like $4 so I wanted to give it a try and I’m so impressed!  I thought this would flash back and it doesn’t.  This keeps my concealer in place without looking cakey.  You can’t go wrong with this powder!

Maybelline age rewind concealer. I really like this concealer!  I am a Nars creamy concealer ride or die girl but what I like about this is the lighter coverage.  I don’t wear foundation or use a base and prefer to spot correct with concealer and the lighter coverage is easier to blend.  I like the Nars for spots, zits and under eyes while this is more for red spots or dull skin. I’m in the shade medium.

Maybelline Vivid Hot Laquer. These are like a glossy liquid lipstick.  They stay on and wear like a liquid lip but are super glossy!  I love a glossy lip and these are right up my alley.  They’re a full coverage gloss and I LOVE the colors.  I have unreal which is a nude color, this one is my favorite.  And charmer which is a more pinky nude.

L’oreal Voluminous lash Paradise.  I continue to rave about this mascara. I have not used any other mascara since I got this.  If your lashes don’t stay curled, try the waterproof version and I’m pretty sure you’ll love the results.. I did!

Nudestix all over illuminator in illuminaughty. This is a holographic highlighter stick.  It wears super pretty but is only holographic if you catch it at the right angle / light situation.  I’m trying to see if theres a secret way to get the total holographic look.  I love it with tan, dewy, summer skin.

Mac strobe cream.  I’ve never been a huge Mac girl because they’re always rude at the counters/ stores!  I actually found this in the beauty section at Costco of all places which is totally a hidden gem! ( I’ve seen Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks and Tatcha Spray there in the past!)  I like to use this as a primer to give my skin a dewy sheen and this is perfect for that.  I really like this!  My dream version would have SPF.

Kylie x Koko Doll / get the look!!


FullSizeRender 19.jpg

I saw this new Kylie x Koko lip color on my instagram feed and I was OBSESSED.  I have a rule that I don’t wear red/bright lipstick because its funky on me and I find that nude/pinks just looks better on me but this right here is going to completely break that rule!  This is the prettiest color lip I’ve ever seen, it’s from the Kylie x Khloe collection and it’s called ‘Doll.’  It’s not straight orange or red and I feel like with a tan this can be super complimenting on so many skin tones! It’s so pretty.


This is another picture of the lipstick.  It looks more orange here and I like the first picture better.  The liquid lip comes in a set of 4 and I don’t wear liquid lipstick and I didn’t love the other colors in the set so I didn’t think it was worth it if I only wanted this color.

Until it comes out in the singles, I’ve rounded up some orange/red lippies and google swatches to help get the look!

Stila – Carina.   Here is swatches from google. This color, like the Kylie one looks more red in some pictures and more orange in others.

Sephora cream lip – Mandarin muse.  I think this one is closer to the 2nd pic.

Kat Von D – Malice.  I think this is more like the first picture.

Smashbox – Thrill Seeker. Very similar to the sephora lip cream!

Nars – Geraldine and Lana.  Geraldine is a deep, bright orange. Lana is more orange and red. 

Bobbi Brown – Atomic orange. Super pretty deep orange and a satin finish!

Mac – So Chaud. This is super pretty and closer to the red/orange color in the 1st picture. I love this.

NYX – Indie Flick.  More orange.

L’oreal- Volcanic. A deep orange. 

Colourpop – Jacquard. Satin lip with a softer red/orange color.

NYX – Orange county. GREAT lip kit dupe. Comes with a lip liner.  very similar to second pic and a great drugstore dupe!


pics from @kyliecosmetics!

May Favorites!!


Batiste Dry Shampoo: I love this stuff and have about uh, 5 cans sitting on my shelf at the moment.  This dry shampoo is my go to and it consistently works at keeping my hair fresh! The only thing is this dry shampoo can leave a white cast in your hair. I personally like it because my roots are much darker then the rest of my hair so it lightens it up…silver lining ahem. Overall, the dry shampoo makes my hair clean and adds volume without making my hair grimy or changing the texture of it. It comes in a billion different scents but my favorite is the Clean and light Bare. It smells like expensive perfume.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer: This bronzer is one of my favorites and I always find myself coming back to it!!  It’s not quite drugstore but it’s not Sephora: it’s $14 and you can find it at Ulta and Target.  It comes in a light bronze and a bronze shade and I use the bronze shade.  It blends so nicely into the skin and its the perfect bronze color with no orange.  Thats a big deal to me! NO orange bronzer. It has a sort of creamy, puffy texture which I find helps it blend into the skin super nicely.  Everyone needs to try this because its so good, easy and universally flattering!  I use an ecotools bronzer blush to apply it.

Lucas’ Papaw ointment:  This is the best lip balm/ skin saving salve.  I use it on my lips and on dry spots on my face.  I have VERY sensitive skin.  I like aquaphor but sometimes it doesn’t work for me almost as if my skin gets used to it. I don’t have that issue with this and it always helps my skin after I apply it.  I would say this is a better version of aquaphor and I love it!  I have it on my bed side table, in my purse and in the car!

L’oreal Voluminous Lash Paradise: I recently blogged about this mascara in depth and raved about it! I LOVE it! It’s a dupe for the Better than Sex mascara that I like better because it keeps my lashes curled which is a huge deal for me! It gives great volume and length that lasts through out the day without flaking. I use both the waterproof and normal: I think both are great but the waterproof probably wears better through the day.  FYI It’s very waterproof.

Nars lipgloss in Orgasm:  The Nars orgasm blush is one of the most universally flattering shades of blush!  It’s the first blush I ever got and I loved it.  I recently got the lip gloss and like the blush it’s super flattering. I love a glossy lip and I think its great and easy for summer with a bronzed and dewy face. The lip gloss is a little sticky but not too sticky.  I dropped this today and broke it and I’m SO bummed!

Avene Peaux des intolerantes:  This is the BEST moisturizer for sensitive skin.  I have very sensitive skin and will randomly find red spots and rashes on my face.  This product helps to soothe that and has definitely helped in preventing future rashes and red spots!  This is the best my skin has been in a long time and its because of this moisturizer 100%.  It’s so gentle and creamy. I have dry skin, especially during East coast winters and this helps keep my skin soft and moisturized. It wear it under my makeup with another primer and it all wears very nicely together. If you have sensitive skin you need this!

Trader Joes Facial oil:  The beauty section at Trader Joes is a hidden gem! All the products are cheap and natural.  I use this oil to take my makeup off. I will say it leaves a residue. If you don’t like that this is not for you.  I have dry skin and my face always feels drier after I wash it except when I use this because the oil leaves a layer of moisture on my skin that makes it super soft!  If you don’t wear water proof mascara this will remove your makeup.  It takes a little more oomph with waterproof mascara.  I’m on my 3rd bottle of this, it’s like $6 and works super well! I love the idea of using natural skincare.

Chrissy Teigen x Becca Palette: I love this highlighter palette!  It comes with 2 highlighters, a blush and a bronzer.  I knew I was going to love this before I got it! Chrissy Teigen and I have similar coloring so I knew this would work for me. If you have light-medium skin this palette will be super flattering on you! I love Becca products and the quality of them and this palette is no different.  It’s nice to have one stop palette that does bronzer, blush and highlighter. It has a great mirror in it too.

White Birkenstocks:  I love the rubber Birkenstocks because I find them comfier and easier to break in.  I have a regular pair that I’ve worn for a year that still give me blisters!  The rubber ones are super light and I love the white for summer because they make me look tan.  I have been wearing these 24/7 since I got them!