My name is Reece.  I go to college in New England and I live in LA. I  I think the humidity is worse than the snow.  I’m either in lulus + sneakers with mascara or in booties + romper and highlighter rubbed all over my face.  There is rarely an in-between.  I love shoes and I’m realllllly obsessed with sneakers. If I could, I’d eat Shake Shack and chips and guac every day.  But then I’d be the size of an elephant.  I have the best sense of smell. I’m still looking for a good iced almond milk latte.  I wish matte lipstick looked good on me. Birds freak me out. I get mad at bad drivers.  I hope to own a mini pig one day.  My hair is really brown but I love being blonde.  I want to be a beauty editor one day and I try hard to put out good vibes.  We need more of those.