2022 Beauty Favorites

Hiiiiiii! 🙂 Oh how long it’s been and how good it feels to be back, typing this up. My time away was never an indiction of my love for beauty and all those goodies. Just some enjoyed time spent offline. Here’s my return with an updated post on everything I’ve been loving lately in makeup, skincare, nails, and perfume.


OneSize Beauty Blur Balm. This product does a tremendous job at blurring the skin and all it’s little imperfections without feeling cake-y. It’s a matte finish and I prefer that now because I hate the feeling of sticky skin or when my hair gets stuck to my face. I need to find a good primer to use with it because it collects near my nose but overall, really happy with the way my skin looks when I use it.

Dior Backstage Powders. I bought two of these during the Sephora sale, one to set and one to bronze with and I’m so glad I did. This powder is so light yet blurring. It doesn’t look muddy or cake-y and it’s great for setting the face and bronzing. It has the most subtle glow but somehow still appears undetectable on the skin. I get where that can sound off, especially for a bronzing product but it really does a nice job at creating definition without looking like you have bronzer allover.

Makeup by Mario Suede Lip Cream. Mario’s lip products are beyond good, like stick out in my head as some of the best I’ve ever tried good. This suede lip cream is my favorite ever and I don’t say that lightly. It’s not a typical matte but definitely not glossy. It sort of blurs the lips but it moves around and transfers. That’s not a bad thing because it’s so comfortable and it lasts a while on.

L-R: Saie Cream Blush Spicy, Peachy, Makeup By Mario Lip Suede in Naked Spice, OneSize Beauty Blur Balm in Light 3

Saie Beauty Dew Liquid Blush. I have tried a lot of cream blushes and this is the best by far. The large doe-foot makes application easy. It’s pigmented yes, but very easy to blend. The formula is not super dewy nor is it matte so it can really compliment any makeup look. I have a few shades, I like peachy and I love spicy.


Vintner’s Daughter’s Serum. I bought this for myself for Christmas and I almost regret it but I love it so much. It’s pricey yes, but my skin drinks up this rich oil serum. It’s gentle yet hydrating and definitely has improved my skin tone.

Supergoop Every Single Face sunscreen. I’m so picky with my SPF but this one has a nice watery texture that spreads so easily on the skin. It’s not sticky or sweat-inducing and I’m a fan.

Dieux Skin. I follow Charlotte Parler on Tik Tok and I love her no BS, informative skincare chats so I knew I had to try her line. I grabbed the Deliverance serum and Instant Angel moisturizer and I can’t say enough good thing about how they calm the skin. My little patches of eczema and irritated skin has ceased since I started using.


I got sucked down the rabbit hole of long nails and nail art and it brings me so much joy! Much to my dismay, I have teeny tiny nail beds and when I wear the long ones….they get too long and I had two nails separate from the nail bed. Ouch is 100% correct and it’s hard to get your nails done when you have little stubs. So….not wanting to deny myself, I thought ‘let me get press-on nails and I’ll just carry them with me and reapply if they pop off.’ I haven’t worn press on nails in a while so I just grabbed the $6 Kiss ones from Target…holy cow have I been sleeping on them. They are amazing!!! I have gotten so many compliments, I love the shape and they lasted 10 days and they could have gone longer. SooOoooooOOOOoo impressed. I really like this nude set.

The removal was a little iffy, it ripped off my nails so I need to figure that out. But I grabbed a new set (pictured) and I’m gonna add crystals for a look like this.


Perfume is my latest obsession I picked up during the pandemic and I wear perfume everyday without fail. It’s an act of self care I do strictly for myself and now, enter the new rabbit hole of the niche and luxury perfume world.

Sparkling Hibiscus by Mixbar. I love Mixbar at Target! Quality scents for $20 and they have so many good ones. Sparkling Hibiscus is a crisp, floral, and fruity scent and summer in a bottle. It’s not heavy and it makes me feel good when I smell it. I also love Vanilla Bourbon. Another hibiscus fragrance in a much different tax bracket is Hibiscus Mahajad by Maison Crivelli. Simply delicious and invigorating, beast mode and unlike anything I’ve ever smelled. This perfume goes for $290 but it really delivers the wow-factor. It’s bright like Mixbar’s hibiscus scent but the only similarity is they both have a hibiscus note.

Phlur Missing Person and Not Your Baby. While not favorites, these are very hyped on Tik Tok and I want to talk about them because I got my hands on both. I like gourmand, bold fragrances and these are very light, skin-like, powdery, and musky. Missing Person is going viral on Tik Tok and it’s a decent skin scent, a little powdery but I would say overhyped, but also not my cup of tea. If fragrance gives you a headache, I’d say try this. Not Your Baby is a light, sweet, powdery, cardamom scent and it’s nice but Brown Girl Jane Casablanca smells way better and is much cheaper.

My favorite summer scent and dare I say forever scent has to be Tamarindo by Memo Paris. I’m shocked that I don’t hear more people talk about this. This pineapple patchouli scent features notes of vanilla and mandarin for an intoxicating veil of sweetness. It’s so beautiful and it’s a beast mode perfume that lasts all day and even into the next.

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