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Sephora Sale 2020

Hi my friends! What a weird time. I hope everything is staying, safe, healthy and sane amidst Covid-19! I live in LA and have been inside for over a month and it’s a whirlwind of emotions. I think there’s going to be a lot more time spent inside in our efforts to flatten the curve so I’m reaching for my 4th snack of the day and keeping positive. I’m going to be okay. My heart goes out to doctors, nurses, grocery store works, cleaners and ALL essential worker and their families that are putting themselves out there and ultimately at risk to make this time more live-able for everyone.

It feels weird to talk about beauty products and stuff you should buy but I’m using this as a healthy distraction and as my way to continue creating a new normal. I have been very inconsistent with my posting because this time does feel strange for me and I go really back on fourth on whether I want to share or not. I think quarantine feels this way for many.

It’s April and the 2020 Sephora Spring Sale is around the corner so I wanted to post this 1- as a healthy distraction, 2- to share what products I’ve been loving because I haven’t been on here in a hot minute and 3- to share recommendations if you want to shop the sale for the few people that asked me! I also want to put out there that this is a tough time and very uncertain so if you’re saving your money, none of this is essential. Sephora sales aren’t -amazing- especially if you’re not Rouge (20% off), so I will post any links that I find to better sales.

Links to last years favorites — I haven’t strayed too far because I feel like I’m really starting to find what works for me and sticking with it. And there is only so much makeup one girl can use! I also have highlights on my Instagram stories with recommendations.

Sephora Sale 2020 DETAILS

For Rouge the sale starts Friday!

For #VIBRouge APRIL 17TH – MAY 1ST 20% OFF use code: SPRINGSAVE


#BeautyInsider APRIL 23RD – APRIL 27TH 10% OFF use code: SPRINGSAVE .


Armani Luminous Silk Concealer.  I’m obsessed with the foundation (another recc) so I had high hopes for the concealer and it totally delivered.  This is a stunning, lightweight, medium coverage formula.  I’ve used Tarte Shape Tape for years which is sooooo full coverage and this medium coverage is so flattering on the skin. Especially the under eyes!  I read a few complaints that people expected this concealer to be creamy but for me creamy = full coverage and heavy.  This is lightweight, medium coverage at best and hydrating on the skin. Just like the foundation. It is however UP THERE in price at $38 which I find absolutely ridiculous. I ordered mine on sale at Nordstrom for $28 when they had 25% off beauty.

If you prefer matte finish, the Power Fabric Concealer is another favorite and it’s currently 40% off on Armani Beauty with the code TIMELESS till April 17th!

I will say Armani does have a weird shade range and the numbers don’t necessarily go in order of light to dark.  I have 5.75 to highlight under eyes and 6.5 to match my skin in the Luminous Concealer and I have 6.5 in the Power Fabric. I mix 5.5 and 7.5 in the foundation because they’re too pale and pink and dark and yellow to use on their own. I think with the addition of the Luminous Silk concealer Armani did add some extension to the foundation but honestly, it’s an okay range and it could certainly use some work and extensions.

Milk Makeup Vegan Milk Moisturizer. I have dry skin and I love this moisturizer. I will preface this by saying, she’s thicc and if you’re oily you won’t like this.  I don’t get breakouts from it and I find it to be simple and really good for my skin. If you have dry skin I think you would enjoy it! I’m on my 2nd one and it’s perfection for me. Milk has some deals on their site, here. 

Summer Fridays Lip Balm. Such a gem! It has a light vanilla smell that is reminiscent of the Laneige vanilla lip sleeping mask. This comes in a tube with a thicker formula so it lasts longer on the lips then a normal balm. It’s been my lip balm of choice since I ordered it and I definitely recommend it!

Tatcha Lip Mask. This feels so silky and hydrating on the lips.  I still love Laneige’s sleeping mask but this one is more of a splurge/treat yourself product and it’s another favorite of mine.

Tower 28 Beauty SOS Mist.  This is a godsend if you suffer from irritated skin or eczema on your face or neck. This mist will alleviate irritated skin after a few uses without burning or any adverse side effects. A few people said it helps with breakouts but I didn’t really notice that. I have a stash of 3 because I can never go without it! The mist contains Hypochlorous Acid which helps with bacteria and irritation.

This is a good time to highlight – anything Tower 28!!! You cannot go wrong with this brand. I love the cream blush in magic hour, the clear highlighter* and their glosses. They’re all in my daily makeup routine when I wear makeup plus the price range is fantastic.

Supergoop Glow Screen. This is a glowy , champagne hued SPF that doubles as a makeup primer. I think it could be flattering on all skin-tones and it gives a pretty glow to the skin that’s not wet or greasy and great as a primer before makeup. Such a win but I have to note that it does pill on the sides of my face. Not sure why but now I try to apply it in 4 sections of my face to make sure I blend out ALL the product adequately and that helps.

Patrick Ta Lip Liner. Such a good liner and it has a button so you don’t need a sharpener. Every lip liner needs to be like this. Period. I feel like I could like any lip liner with this packaging! It’s that good but so is the product itself.

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrushed Powder. THEE BEST setting powder. I prefer pressed because it’s not messy and just less intense since I don’t love the look of powder. This blurs the skin, pores and takes away shine but doesn’t make you matte or take away a glow. My mom swore to never use powder again and I got her hooked on this. It’s chef’s kiss** and so insanely good. I wear shade 1 and it’s pretty much translucent.

Dior Lips. I love the Lip Oil — it’s more of a hydrating, sticky, gloss treatment then an oil but it’s amazing. Along with the Addict Stellar lip gloss which gently plumps, is super hydrating and can be worn on it’s own.

Charlotte Tilbury Contour Stick. So easy to blend… it’s basically fool-proof but it doesn’t blend into nothing. Good for beginners or contour aficionados alike. I use mine all the time, alone or with powder bronzer on top and I’m obsessed! The packaging isn’t my favorite but it’s one of the best cream contours I’ve tried so it’s worth it. I use fair/med.

St. Tropez Face Mist. This face mist tans your face and the application is so easy and foolproof. Which says a lot for tanning your face because that can be stressful and even taboo!  I do 3-4 sprays. It goes on as the last step of your routine so it’s always even and if you have dry spots or acne scars it won’t make them darker because this goes on after moisturizer, serums etc. I’m on my 2nd one and it’s so perfect. It’s also great for tanning hands and feet!

Roen 11:11 swatches w/ flash.

Roen 11:11 Eyeshadow Palette. I love Roen shadows – they’re a powder-cream, glitter formula that you apply with your fingers for a wet look. Similar to the texture of a Colourpop super shock shadow. They are definitely aimed for a more editorial look and aren’t your typical eyeshadow. And they’re not for everyone but I’m obsessed with them! The 11:11 palette has pinky shades and it’s my favorite…it’s reminiscent of Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk which is again my favorite eyeshadow palette ever. I also have the warm palette which is equally as gorgeous but I prefer this. 

Their disco eye toppers are everything too!

Kaja Eyeshadow Bentos. These are such good eyeshadows and they’re little and perfect for travel.  I hardly ever need a whole palette so these little trios are perfect. The shimmers are stunning but Chocolate Dahlia with the shimmers and mattes is my go to for every occasion if I’m not wearing CT Pillowtalk.

Huda Mercury In Retrograde. I don’t reach for eyeshadow palettes too often but this one is so special because it performs well and the shades are so uniquely distinct to this palette. I need to use it more!! They have some kick up but it’s a neutral palette with some pops of pastel, wearable colors and stunning shimmers and toppers. If you love eyeshadow this palette is worth it because there is nothing like these shades and it’s much more wearable then you would think.

Holy Grails I’ve Recommended Before…

No shock since I rave about all of these!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Quad (the price sucks but only for these colors), Farmacy Honeymoon Glow, Armani Luminous Silk Foundation, Fenty Glosses, Hoola Bronzer, Laneige lip mask, Nudestix Hey Honey, Summer Fridays masks, Drunk Elephant D Bronzi and Ouai Super Dry Shampoo. 

This Fenty Gloss kit is a great deal. Two full size for $29 when they’re really $19 each!



A humble cart that gets more added to it as the days go by.

Laneige Glowy Makeup Serum. – Just cause.

Milk Makeup Melatonin sleeping mask. – I’m a sucker for lip products.

Fenty Cream Bronzer. – I think in the shade macchiato. We need more brands to make cream bronzer! I cannot stress this enough, lol.

Patrick Ta Clear Brow Pomade. – I use soap brows and this is so much more dignified!

Plus maybe a few restocks. Planning to shop? Hope this helps you and please share with me what you get! I’m nosey and love hauls. 🙂



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