2019 Beauty Favorites

Like any yearly recap post starts — can we believe it’s the end of the decade?! Wow! 2019 brought lots of changes and blessings to my life! I was so excited to graduate college and now I’m like ahh can I go back?? 😆 Still trying to figure out what’s next and definitely seeking clarity. I feel like I’m on the road to that so really excited for 2020 and I feel like great things coming!

2019 seemed like the year of new launches!! There was multiple (!!!!) new posts a day on TrendMood sharing new launches and brands. I tried a TON of new products in 2019 so I have a lot of favorites — and definitely a better sense of what I like. Here are my 2018 beauty favorites. And 2017!! Anyone feel like favorites are what you used the last 3 months of the year?! Looking back through the archives for beauty favorites because I forget and am guilty of this! I feel like I’m getting better at narrowing down what I really enjoy/want so excited for this list and almost proud of it!

Side note- please excuse any typos… I waited till the last minute to do this! I’ll go through and reread tomorrow! 🙂


2019 beauty favorites

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow – I have better skin when I use this serum. It’s more intense and is 14% AHA with some BHAs. You don’t need to use this everyday but it does a fantastic job an unveiling smooth skin and fading dark spots. It really gives you a glow. I’m on my 2nd one! This stuff works for my skin but it’s strong so I’d say give it a go if your skin is familiar with acids and try a sample first if you can!

Farmacy Green Clean Cleansing Balm. – Before my lash extensions this was my ride or die 1st cleanse. I think I finished 3! It’s sooo soft and gentle and it removes all eye makeup without leaving you feeling greasy or making your eyes/contact lenses cloudy.

Bioderma Mist & Sensiobio Cleanser – Gifted. I tried so many amazing Bioderma goodies this year! Along with those is the face mist which is water in a spray can and the most nourishing, soothing spray ever. Their Sensiobio cleanser is also amazing — just a simple, no frills second cleanse that doesn’t make your skin feel dry! It’s like $14! I’m done with mine and sense a repurchase.

Plus let’s not forget they make the most amazing micellar water and it’s the only kind I like to use!

Laneige Lip Mask – I’ve finished 3 of these this year so it’s hands down my favorite lip product. I just use it as a balm and it’s the best at keeping my lips from getting super chapped. I’ve tried pretty much every flavor and sweet candy is my favorite! Second to apple lime. I also love the lip balms and the formula feels very similar!

InkeyList Polyglutamic Acid – The Inkeylist is a new affordable brand that launched this year and I have tried tons of their products and I really like them! Definitely my favorite affordable skincare brand. The Polyglutamic Acid serum is a hydrating serum and PA holds 4xs it’s weight in hydration. It hydrates the top layer while Hyaluronic Acid penetrates the skin deeper to hydrate so they’re a 100% power duo that you can use together. This is a great hydrating serum to add to your routine! I also love their HA and it’s a really nice texture for the price – $8.

Joanna Vargas Daily Serum – Gifted. Ugh, the best antioxidant, morning serum that’s majorly hydrating. It help with the PH of your skin which ngl sort of confuses me but it’s basically like a green juice for your face. So good.

Youth To the People Superberry Dream Mask — When I was living in Massachusetts this was my lifesaver during the winter. It kept my skin glowing and hydrated all the time. I can’t recommend this enough — especially if you’re in cold climates. Being back in Los Angeles, I can say I it’s less of a need here but still such a fantastic, hydrating mask. I love sleeping masks because they’re the last step to lock everything into your skin and this does exactly that!

Fresh Lotus Dream Moisturizer – I bought this is January and just finished it up so you can say I feel accomplished. This moisturizer was used on and off but it is such a nice, light night cream that really adds hydration to your skin. I think normal/dry skin would favor this. But the texture is light (not heavy and sticky) and it absorbs quickly but it’s much more substantial than a gel cream. It smells like peaches and offers some subtle brightening. the skin. I could definitely see myself repurchasing but I’m eyeing a few more moisturizers I want to try!

Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen – This is a simple, white SPF cream that goes on easily, doesn’t pill, offers some hydration along with SPF 50. It’s fantastic and you can use it all over your face and body! If you don’t like SPF to begin with, you won’t like this because it’s white — doesn’t leave a white cast — and smells banana-y like most sunscreens. Try Supergoop’s Daily Moisturizer instead — it has SPF 40 and it’s a rich cream that just feels like a moisturizer.

Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tan – This is such a unique product because it’s a self-tan milk that you use in the last step of your routine. Applying it over moisturizer leaves for such a flawless, even tan and it’s really great if you have dry patches that self-tan can cling too. That being said — this is sooooo subtle. I have to use it day and night for like 3 days to get a tan suitable to my liking and complexion. It’s good and more work, lol but this is such a nice self tan. If you’re just dipping your toes into the water this is amazing and much easier to control than tan drops!


Armani Luminous Silk Foundation – My product of 2019 — I always struggled to find a natural, light, skin like foundation and this is it. The hype is sooo real. This foundation is amazing, it looks like skin and it looks better as the day goes on. It’s crazy because usually foundation looks the best after it’s applied. This is a lighter, medium coverage foundation and it’s glowy so if you are oily, I don’t know if you’ll love this like I do as a gal with dry skin. It photographs beautifully and it looks like your skin but more hydrated and glowy without looking like a mask-like some foundations do.

This foundation has the wow factor and I am smitten — the shade range, on the other hand, is all over the place. I have 5.5 which is too light and pink for me and 7.5 which is very yellow tan so I mix the two and it’s a happy balance but no idea what I would be if I had to pick one shade.

Tarte Shape Tape – This was a 2017 favorite and I went back to it in 2019 because the shade range has some good matches for my coloring. I still love the formula of Too Faced Born This Way Concealer — it’s full coverage like shape tape and more hydrating but the shades are not a good match and I can’t find one that matches well enough to just spot conceal. I usually forgo foundation most days and just use concealer! While Tarte can be dry, with a hydrating base it’ll stay in place all day because it has a matte finish. Which I really enjoy. I have the shades medium and light medium and depending on my coloring I’ll use one or the other or mix the two which I really enjoy.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk Palette – My favorite eyeshadow palette ever. These rosy shades are stunning, the mattes look smokey but aren’t dark, it’s perfect for day or night, the mattes blend so easily and the shimmer is one of the prettiest shadows I own. This is a ride or die palette for me and I’m obsessed w/ my makeup every time I use this. It’s pricey for a quad – $53, but I will always repurchase this because I am smitten with the way it looks, shades and formula included. I don’t feel as strongly about the other quads, I just love the Pillowtalk shade!

Nudestix Hey Honey – A perfect, dewy formula, cream highlighter that lasts. This has some shimmer but you can’t really see it on the skin. It just looks wet but it dries down to still look like some type of highlight. It’s weird and hard to explain but it’s amazing. It’s definitely the best lasting ‘dewy’ highlighter I own, a favorite and it’s a great way to top off any look.

Mac Warm Soul Blush – The most stunning, neutral everyday blush shade. Mine is so old and I keep using it because it’s so good. It’s a very nude pink color with some shimmer but it’s so small I promise you it’s the most flattering shimmer ever! It’s not shimmery like a highlight but it gives a glow/radiance! Think like Hourglass powders!

2019 beauty favorites

Fenty Gloss Bomb – Does this need an explanation? What a perfect gloss formula with tons of color options and a great price. It’s hydrating, not too sticky and looks amazing.

Loreal Unlimited Mascara – So, this is the best mascara at the drugstore. Dark, dark black, lengthens but still gives volume. No clumps, flaking or smudges. The wand is adjustable and it can swivel to give you a different angle for application. It’s 10/10 and probably my favorite mascara drugstore and high end.

Maybelline Lash Sensational – Just a fabulous daily mascara from the drugstore that will give you thick dark lashes and no smudges. You can’t really go wrong with this mascara. It’s not the most natural or lengthening… it won’t make your lashes look short but its more a voluminious mascara.

Dior Backstage Foundation – Such a nice, light daytime foundation that is perfect for those wanting something natural! It’s not overly dewy nor matte — in the middle more so it could work for many. This is never cakey and wears like skin with light to medium coverage. It’s similar to a bb cream or tinted moisturizer. You can’t go wrong with it but it’s definitely second to my love Armani Luminous Silk. It’s definitely as good as Armani/similar but Armani has the wow factor! This is around $35 so the price is way less daunting and it has a nice shade range. I apply with my hands.

Tom Ford Glow Drops – My favorite liquid highlighter of 2019. This is expensive but boy does it look like you have glassy, flawless perfection of skin. This looks like glass skin while Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter is more blurring and lit from within. Both are amazing but I can get over how good these Glow Drops make your skin look.

Roen Beauty Disco Eye Universal — I’ve seen some negative reviews about this product but it’s all about knowing how to use it. It’s a TOPPER that beautifully reflects the light to give a wet, shimmery look. The shimmer is random and chunky so don’t expect an intense, metallic glitter all over the lid. I use this on top of every eye look to add some dimensions and give my eye looks more of a pop. This shadow creases and it doesn’t have fallout — definitely, a unique, cream sort of formula and don’t be afraid to stick your fingers in there and smudge around the product. I also have the warm palette but I find it to be a glorified, boujee version of Colourpop super shock shadows. This Disco Eye is my favorite and I want the other shade!!

Bronzers we’re all over the place for me but still loving Benefit Hoola**. Gifted.

Colourpop Super Shock Shadows. – The best eye shadows for shimmer! Plus the shades and finishes are endless and they’re $6. I have tons and I love that I can grab them at Ulta! My favorite one is Ritz.

Pat McGrath Lip Balm – This is a hydrating chapstick with some color and it’s perfect for everyday and it goes with every look! I have the shade blow up which is a nude pink, your lips but better and I love it! Way better then the Fresh lips and they feel more like lipstick then chapstick.


2019 beauty favorites

Ouai Super Dry Shampoo – A powerful dry shampoo that will help the oiliest of hair. Okay sometimes you just need a good ol shampooing but this is a strong dry shampoo with a heavy white cast to help get rid of oils and leave behind volume. It’s powdery and has a white cast so I use it at night to avoid any white hair situations. It’s heavily scented like their rosy, Melrose place scent which I love, especially for dirty hair but if you don’t like the scent you won’t like this.

Trader Joes Hair Mask – For $4 my trick is to use this as a conditioner because it’s cheap and it’ll really hydrate your hair! It’s a coconut oil/shea butter mask and it’s simple, cheap and effective.

Briogeo Honey Hair Mask — So this definitely wins for packaging – though it can be hard to get product out. It smells amazing and it really hydrates dry, damaged hair without weighing it down! I have fine-medium hair so I will definitely notice if my hair feels weighed down from a product. I love using this mask.

Kristin Ess Micellar Shampoo – A really great clarifying shampoo that you can use daily. Plus it has a nozzle so you can really apply it to your roots which is harder to do with a traditional shampoo top. If you have an oily scalp or get buildup, this is great! Plus you can grab it at Target for like $13.


Byredo Sundaze – My first Byredo scent that it such a keeper. It smells like citrus and cotton candy and it is perfection. Sure its a summer scent but it makes me happy so I wear it year round. My next grab will be Velvet Haze!

Ouai Body Cream – I’m on my second one of these and I love it because I am obsessed with the scent and hydration it gives. If you don’t like the scent you won’t like this but I enjoy it and it’s such a treat post shower.

Lux Unfiltered No 32 – Sivan Ayla’s gradual self tanner that launches in November. I’m already finished with mine so while I only used it 2 months out of the year its a FANTASTIC self tanner that you can use post shower without having to worry about washing off. It’s hydrating, leaves an even glow and smells like roses and lemon. The scent is strong but it masks the self tan smell and it just leaves behind the most even, sun kissed glow. It’s changed the way I self tan and I won’t go back to using a mousse and waiting 6 hours to wash it off while I smell gross and feel sticky!

It’s currently sold out so RN I’m enjoying the Sol Body gradual self tanner in med/dark but the color is better and more noticeable on No 32. Sol is half the price at $16 though and it smells better — like SDJ bum bum cream w/ a hint of coconut!

Bioderma Body Wash Oil & Cream – Gifted. The Body Oil along with the moisturizer – SUCH A DREAM for dry, sensitive skin. Plus the products feel so luxurious but don’t have a huge price tag. I am obsessed. It’s an oil that foams up so it gently cleanses your skin while adding some hydration. It’s amazing. The cream is unscented with a thick, rich so it hydrates really well and is good for eczema or sensitive skin.

Soap and Glory Body Wash – I love the way this smells!!! It’s Original Pink! It’s a basic body was but the smell sells it for me and I’m on my 3rd or 4th. It doesn’t irritate my skin or make it feel dry and the scent lingers a bit.

St. Tropez Classic or Express Mousse – Gifted. If I’m using a mousse to tan this is it because the color is perfect and it fades gracefully. I’ll apply with a mitt post shower + exfoliation and I’ll sleep in it which is longer than the 8 hours on the bottle but it’s always fine. The color guard is darker than the tan (so don’t be alarmed) and it leaves behind a noticeable glow that’s not orange. It’s not too dark so it fades really well if you moisturize. If you’re in a rush leaving it on for 2-4 hours will still give you a tan.

The express formula is even better because it’s quicker and another favorite of mine! Their ‘extra dark’ mousse is also fantastic but beware DARK and you’ll crack when it fades off. The color guard is dark so when you wash it off it will 100% look like maple syrup washign down the drain.

Frank Coffee Scrub – I used to use this in high school and I grabbed it again after seeing it’s success with eczema and rashes. While it won’t completely get rid of the two it helps to soothe and speed up the process. I just apply it to my skin and leave it for 2 minutes. Scrubbing it will cause irritation so I avoid it on any eczema or rash. Scrubbing it on your body for exfoliation is amazing and it’ll smooth out your skin, slough off dead skin and visibly get rid of cellulite! The sad part it is doesn’t stay like that forever but this scrub visibly makes your skin look better and plumper.

I also use this on my face to help with dark spots / acne scars and I just apply it and leave it on for 2 minutes and the only scrub I do is when I wash it off which technically isn’t even a scrub. The trick to using this for sensitive areas or on your face is not to scrub because it can be abrasive.


Ardell Wispy Clusters/Individuals – Since getting my lash extensions off I’ve been looking for a way to temporarily add back volume to my lashes when I feel like it. I don’t like the look of strip lashes, especially the band when you look down ~ ahh it looks so fake ~ and I cannot apply them to save my life. Seriously. Individuals or clusters look way more natural and are SO easy to apply because you don’t have to match it to your entire lash line. You legit just pop it on and go. I add 2-3 clusters to my outer corner, layer on some mascara and it looks like I just have amazing natural lashes. I can do it in less than 5 minutes now so I recommend practicing if you have a hard time putting on lashes.

(The trick is to let the glue get tacky!! Like pour out the glue and do your lashes – curler and mascara than apply the falsies. It’s sooo much easier when the glue is tacky, 1 minute is the sweet spot!) These lashes are my favorite and I love this glue with the brush on applicator in clear — much more forgiving. I’d say only use black if you’re wearing liner because you will see it.

Dyson Air Wrap – expensive but if you love a blowout it’s so worth it. I loved the Revlon Round Brush dryer (so easy & quick + salon style blowout) but it gets SOO hot and doesn’t have a temperature setting so it reallyyyy damages your hair. The Dyson — albeit much more expensive has that round attachment – plus 5 others and a temperature setting. You can curl your hair with it but I find a wand / iron to last better on my hair but the drying attachments alone are game changing.

Shiseido Lash Curler – The best lash curler if you have a different eye shape. Most lash curlers always pinch the corners of my eyes but the Shiseido one is made for Asian eyes so if you have a more almond, elongated shape it’s perfect and pain free.

Honorable Mentions

2019 beauty favorites

AKA products I love that I just recently started using that I don’t think deserve to be a full on 2019 favorite but definitely a favorite I’ll carry on to 2020.

Rosen Skincare Paloma Serum and Blemish Stick — These products help sooo well with acne! The blemish stick is my most favorite blemish treatment product I’ve ever tried and it works overnight to get rid of spots! The Paloma serum is 7% AHA and 7% BHA so it’ll target blackheads, pores, dark spots and basically everything you want gone on your face! These are high risk, high reward products so they’ll work for some but not everyone.

Clarins x Kooples Lip Oils – Such a nice gloss formula that’s hydrating and a hint sticky. I find sticky glosses to last longer so I’m not mad about it. The black one is my favorite and it goes on black and turns into a dusty rose, pink shade that stains your lips once the gloss fades.

Charlotte Tilbury Contour Wand and Pressed Powder – Easiest contour wand and it looks the best I think. You can wear it alone or add a powder on top. The pressed powder is the best powder I’ve ever tried — gets rid of shine and sets makeup in place but doesn’t look dry!

St Tropez Tan Mist – This is a face mist that tans your face so EASY, hydrating and it actually works.

Dior Lip Glow Oil – Another gloss I don’t need but this is sooo nice! A hint sticky like the Clarins but really hydrating and no shimmer. I’m eyeing more!

Armani Power Fabric Concealer — Full coverage but looks so light on the skin!

Chantecaille Luminescent Eye Shade — These are everything and more on the eyes.

Jo Malone Poppy and Barley

** or ‘gifted’ means gifted by the brand through PR — no obligation to post… just stuff I love!

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