Lip Balms Worth Adding To Your Stash

best lip balms

I’m a huge lip balm/ lip mask sort of girl. I have tons and I always need to have some within a reachable distance. If not, I bite and lick my lips till they’re chapped and it’s awful. I like a balmy, wet texture to I can rub my lips back and worth and still feel the product. I don’t like balms that melt in quickly because then I constantly need to reapply. Not all lip balms are made the same!

So #1 first and foremost, I don’t use anything w/ lanolin. I’m pretty sure I’m allergic to it — I break out in a rash every time I use it and I avoid it at all costs in all of my products! It’a derived from sheeps wool and it’s very hydrating so it’s pretty common in lip balms and moisturizers. There is tons of good lip balms without lanolin so I definitely don’t have to compromise good products due to ingredients! Aquaphor used to be a favorite of mine but it has lanolin so now I’ve stopped. I’ve personally found Vaseline to be better but it’s not my favorite!


My absolute favorite lip product is the Laneige Lip Mask! I’m on my 4th one! It’s insanely hydrating and it gives my lips the wet feeling I like. If my lips are really chapped I know a couple days of vigorously reapplying this will bring them back to life. When I’m reapply this regularily, my lips are soft and supple. 😍 This lip mask gives a nice gloss to your lips so it’s totally appropriate to wear whenever! You can apply and thick layer as a night mask but I always get it all over my pillows — I use it just as a normal lip balm and that works best for me! I’ve tried all the flavors. I really like apple lime, berry was okay and I enjoyed vanilla more than berry! My absolute favorite is Sweet Candy but it’s not out yet in the US. I got it at SEPHORiA so I think it’ll be at Sephora soon!

If you don’t like using your fingers to apply lip balm, Laneige also has a glowy lip balm you can apply to your lips! Texture wise, the formula feels pretty identical to the lip mask, maybe a hint thinner. I like the peach and grapefruit flavors! They also have berry and lime.

An Actual Lip Mask

Idewcare lip mask — a Korean drugstore brand sold at Ulta has a lip mask that’s similar to Laneige — the only difference I notice is that this one is much thicker! I use a little spatula to scoop it out because its too thick to use my fingers. I like this as a night time bask because it’s a thicker formula and truly a mask! I can wake up and still feel it on my lips! I save this for days when my lips are really chapped and need help.

The One From The Drugstore

Raw Sugar has a fantastic chapstick! I got this at Beautycon and I was soooo surprised without how much I loved it! It’s a wetter formula and it’s not very thick so I do apply this more than some of my other lip balms. It’s light and easy so I love it for daytime. You can also layer it over your lipstick for added hydration and it won’t get caught on the corners of your mouth or give you the gross white line. The lemon is my favorite flavor and out of all the chapstick I’ve tried from Target (Chapstick, Burts Bees, etc) this one is my favorite and the most hydrating.

The One That’s Like A Lip Gloss

Ciate London’s Watermelon Lip Oil is one of my favorite lips for daytime! It’s kinda like a gloss/balm hybrid. It’s a clear lip oil so it’s very hydrating and slick. And appears very glossy! It’s clear so it’s a perfect hydrating clear lip gloss to wear alone or over lip stick. I love to wear it with a lip liner and this paired on top. This one smells like a watermelon jolly rancher. I love it but if you don’t like scents you may not!

The ‘Clean Ones’

Biossance’s Rose Lip Balm contains squalane and HA so it’s very hydrating, especially from within versus just feeling hydrating. It smells like roses and it appears clear on the lips. I really like this one, I keep it at my desk to use throughout the day. It’s a balm so you do apply it with your fingers. I don’t mind but I know some people don’t love that.

Henne Organics Lip Mask* has an oily sort of texture and it’s different than a traditional balm but it works very well. It has a yellow tint which shows up on the lips that I could do without. It also smells very strongly of Essential Oils. In fact, it’s laden with EOs so if you’re sensitive to them, than stay away. I save this mask for night and when I’m at home but I do think it really works to help my chapped lips and sort of heal from with in. It’s almost like a serum or essence for your lips! While most other lip balms are like a moisturizer! * = gifted from the brand.


SPF for your lips is so important and often forgotten! I like Supergoop’s SPF lip balm because it has SPF 30 and it’s nice and balmy so your lips feel extra hydrated and glossy. It’s a clear lip balm and super perfect for day time use.

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