Makeup I Love: The Minimal Sparkly Eye

sparkly eye

A sparkly lid seems like a classic, even over the top makeup look. Hear me out, there’s a super editorial way of doing it and brands are not stopping with these eye topper/sparkly shadow sort of products!! It’s one of my favorite makeup looks ever, my daily go to and everyone can do it. We’ll call it the sparkly minimal eye and it sounds way more fancy than it is!

The Low Down

This current sparkly lid moment comes after the glossy eye trend. Both are still very in but certain glitters and eye toppers give that glossy, wet look without creasing and only providing a 2 hour wear time. If you’ve tried an eye gloss before, you know how short the wear time is and how finicky they can be with the rest of your makeup. (AHEM smudging and ruining your mascara.)

The minimal sparkly eye is all about lack of effort so instead of priming your lids with 3 different matte shades for dimension and contour, you can literally just pop it on your lid and go. Maybe bronzer and then a shimmer or topper which is do what I like to do to tone it down! It’s so easy and it’s veers more towards the natural side so it’s completely day friendly and can even carry you into the night. Colored shadows are having a moment, so are geometric, bright looks with crystals ala Euphoria. But, the sparkly minimal eye, one swipe and gone is the easiest look to recreate and you don’t need a makeup artist or master skills to achieve it.

If you’re still not convinced, so many brands have come out with their own version of an eye shimmer. Victoria Beckham just launched her beauty line including 4 glitter eye toppers/shadow sort of dream product. (they’re already on my wishlist.) Roen Beauty has great ones. Chanel has launched eye toppers. So here’s a round up of my favorite shadow toppers/ sparkly eye and how to get the look.

Katie Jane Hughes does a damn good sparkly eye so here some stunning inspiration that you can EASILY recreate by swiping a shimmer shadow all over your lid. It’s soooo gorgeous and wet looking.

My Favorites!

Ok so I have some listed in my collage above. Roen Beauty both the palettes and the disco shades are amazing. ( I have the 75 warm palette and the OG disco.) They have light illumes to give a wet look and shine without being glittery or over the top. In fact they’re very subtle and work like a wash of color. Think very editorial looking. The best part is they look like glitter on the lid but they aren’t — the formula is unlike anything I’ve tried — and they don’t have any fallout and are completely biodegradable. Bonus, they apply best with your fingers. It doesn’t get easier.

My favorite, most beautiful and wearable eye topper is the Natasha Denona crystal eye toppers. As the name puts it, they’re literally crystal toppers for your eye lids. They have soooo much shimmer to them and it’s very finely milled so it’s absolutely stunning and plentiful on the lids. I like to put some bronzer in my crease and than go for this and it is my perfect eye look. These are the *chef’s kiss* of eye toppers. Again, use your fingers to apply.

Stila Glitter and Glow liquid shadows are very sparkly and for more intense makeup or night time. They definitely give more than a wash of color but they’re gorgeous and relatively easy to use. Plus they come in TONS of colors! My tip, go buy them at Tj Maxx because they’re $6 vs $24 at Sephora and they dry out pretty quickly even if you’re not using it. So, they’re gorgeous, glittery and intense but not worth $24.

Hourglass Scattered Light Glitter shadows are like sparkly, tin foil for your lids. Think very reflective, like wet metallic instead of displaced shimmer in traditional shades like gold, bronze, copper, cranberry, etc. These are extremely pigmented and you can control how much you apply if you use a finger.

Artist Couture Diamond Light finishers. WET looking without being a mess and only wearing for 2 hours. I’m wearing it on the top right picture in my collage ^^ and I have an IG post about them. The application is messy but they work on the eye lids or as highlighter and they’re extremely shiny and pigmented. These have a duochrome, reflective, multicolor sort of look.

Kaja Beauty has eyeshadow trios with the most amazing shimmers ever. The formula is fantastic and they wear really well but they’re not the most natural or day time friendly. They have trios with all glitters and some with glitters and mattes depending on what you go for. I have the orange blossom stack and the shimmers are gorgeous warm tones with some duo chrome flecks to them. Obsessed. They’re sooo satisfying to apply too!

Honorable Mentions!!

Colourpop Super Shock shadows…need I say more? Some of them are more sparkly than others, try Ritz if you want sparkle but for daytime. Chanel has gorgeous and boujee eye toppers but I won’t tell you to go buy them because they’re pricy and there’s other options just as good. But if you want to treat yourself! Bodyography pigments, have not tried before but on my list!

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