LAWLESS Lucid Skin Highlighter Review

Meet this stunning Lawless highlighter in the shade ‘afternoon delight.’ It’s blinding, buttery af and it’s clean! Clean is a relatively new term being thrown around all over the beauty industry. The tough part is it means different things to different people and it can often be used as a marketing ploy to sell products. Lawless Beauty is clean ‘af’ meaning always free of the bad stuff. Lawless is pretty clean, it doesn’t have talc, silicones, formaldehyes and a bunch of other stuff. I’ll link their list here. I like the idea of using talc free powder. Not all chemicals in beauty are bad, people will argue about whats good and whats not. They’re not all bad!!!! With that reasoning, H2O is bad and we know that’s not the case. It’s up to you to decide what you want to use. I go with what my skin responds well too. Obviously I’ve used powders with talc before, it’s pretty common, especially at the drugstore but lots of studies show talc isn’t great so I’m trying to be more conscious at avoiding it in products I use on my body!

Clean Highlighter

The tough thing about clean beauty is most of the time the texture is compromised, it’s often less pigmented and doesn’t perform as well as it’s not so clean counterparts. Or so, that’s the stereotype surrounding it. Well, this Lawless highlighter performs just like any other of my favorite highlighters. Texture, wear and even down to the packaging rivals a highlighter from Becca, Colourpop, Laura Geller, Benefit, etc you name, any Sephora brand. Infact, it’s even better than alot of them! To just give it to you, this highlighter is fantastic.

The highlighter last super long, it doesn’t emphasize texture and it has the capabilities of being blinding or a little more discreet depending on the brush you use and how much product you swirl onto it. After a few hours of wear, it melts into the skin when your makeup settles. I reccommend using a setting mist to speed up the process and set down those powders.

This shade work for light- medium, medium and tan skin tones. It’s a true, gold champagne so if you’re pale, this may not work for you beause it’ll be darker than your skin. If you have deeper skin, this may look ashy. There’s only one shade unfortunately, but there definitely could have been more. And maybe there will be in the future!

Will you be trying Lawless? I honestly can’t wait to try more from the brand. They just released new glosses that I tried and loved so patiently waiting for a restock. For now, if you’re looking for a good SPF, here’s my last review on this pore blurring Cotz makeup primer / SPF hybrid. Till next time!

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