Cotz Face Prime + Protect Sheer Matte Tinted Sunscreen Review

Cotz Sunscreen

I have so many products and it’s hard to talk about all of them so I wanted to start doing single product reviews on here! Today, we’re talking about my new and absolute favorite SPF at the moment: the Cotz Sheer Matte Tinted Sunscreen.

I actually discovered this product at Beautycon! Cotz had a both in the wellness section which was much less crowded than the mainstream makeup section — Think Cotz, Dedcool, Juice beauty etc versus Too Faced, ABH and Maybelline. Of course the more popular more mainstream brands will attract more! Anyways, Cotz’s both didn’t have a line and if you’ve been to Beautycon that’s a rareity so I went to check them out, having seen about them on IG before. They actually gave me a mini sample of this sunscreen which I keep in my purse and after applying it on the back of my hand, I had my card out ready to purchase.

The Lowdown

It feels like Supergoop’s Tinted Mineral Matte SPF if you’ve tried that before. This one has a darker tint and feels a bit thicker. The Cotz is also a mineral SPF like Supergoop’s. It’s made up of Titantium Dioxide and Zinc oxide making it reef safe! If you’re skin is more sensitive, a mineral option is the route you would want to go. Most mineral sunscreens leave a white cast but this has a tint thus leaving no white cast. It’s the best of both worlds.

This is an SPF 40 +++ meaning it offers High UVA protection which are the rays that penetrate the skin deeply and cause the skin to tan versus burn. ++++ is the highest UVA protection so this sunscreen is a great option and towards the higher end of protection. It’s also broad spectrum meaning it’ll protect from both UVA and UVB rays. When I wear this I can safely say it’s protects my skin from getting any color! I’ve also tried reapplying this sunscreen over top every few hours and it wears well and doesn’t get gross or pill. For reference, SPF 30 is around 97% effective while SPF 50 is 98%. So SPF 40 is a great option and will optimally protect your skin.

This sunscreen wears really well on it’s own, with primer or as a makeup primer with foundation or concealer. It blurs pores and fine lines and gives you an airbrushed look. The first time I wore it, when I looked at myself in the mirror, from a minimal distance — it looked like I had foundation. In the best way because it gave my skin a flawless sort of look! It leaves a velvety finish making it ideal as a primer.

The tinted aspect of this sunscreen is one of my favorite parts about it — it’s a hint darker than my skin so it helps my face to match my body and look a bit tanner which I find extremely flattering. If you’re my skin tone, it’s very flattering. If you’re lighter than me, I think the sunscreen will show but I haven’t tried it on someone lighter so I can’t officially comment. I also wonder how it would look on someone with a deeper skintone. Cotz has an un-tinted version and a slightly tinted version in a different sunscreen that’s similar. I haven’t tried those so not sure how they compare to this but there’s option if you don’t like something tinted!

Lastly, this is not sponsored — I just love this sunscreen and I will always disclose/have never done anything sponsored LOL. Just wanted to clarify because I’m raving. It’s $23 for the tinted version. It’s not tested on animals and it’s reef safe! (YAY!!) Plus it’s TSA friendly while offering lots of product. You can purchase it on Cotz’s website or Ulta. It’s such a fabulous, afforadable option for everyday and I definitely reccommend it.

I think we need some sort of review rating system so I say 10/10… 5 stars. The cream de la cream of SPFs.

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