If I Lost All My Makeup Here’s What I’d Repurchase


I’ve seen YouTube videos like this before and I love watching them! Losing my makeup collection would be awful but definitely a way to consolidate what I have in my collection. Obviously, I’m a beauty/product junkie so I want to try everything…I have a ton of makeup and skincare and honestly, I don’t need all of it and I definitely don’t use it all. There’s not a ton of stuff I regret buying but I definitely have products I like and prefer more than others. So, if I were to lose everything in my makeup collection, here’s what I would repurchase!

Face Products

Armani Luminous Silk and Dior Face and Body. Both are lighter, glowy foundations and have skin like finishes and don’t look caked. I un-purposefully use Armani for more going out/night time or special occasions. It’s $68 and while I don’t save my products for special occasions I also don’t wear foundation day to day. Dior is $38, a fraction of the price and perfect for everyday wear!

I wish I could have all my money back on cakey complexion products I bought.

For a lighter base I really like the Milk Makeup skin tint, the shade I have is too light so I don’t reach for it that much. It’s sooo skin like and I miss it. For concealer, definitely Tarte Shape Tape — I don’t use it often but I love having it in my collection. It’s full coverage and on the drier side making it perfect for concealing pimples and zits. For day to day concealer — I’d go w/ Nars Creamy Radiant. It’s medium coverage and a product I’ve used for years. Their custard shade is also a good match for my skin and it’s fool proof. I’ve had a tough time finding concealer matches lately!

I don’t like powders but if I got one, definitely Laura Mercier. It’s the best loose powder I’ve tried.


Bronzer is something I buy a lot because I love it but I really don’t. How often do you really finish a whole bronzer? I don’t.

I’d repurchase Chanel Soleil de Tan because I love cream bronzer and there is no other product out there that’s like it! Some find it orange which it is and the shade range sucks but I love how it looks on and nothing can replicate it. Powders, I’d repurchase Fenty’s bronzer in Island Ting as my warmer tone bronzer and Benefit Hoola as my cooler tone, contour shade. Both are fabulous, don’t look muddy, easy to blend and pigmented! You really just need a light hand.

From the drugstore, I’d by the L’Oreal Bronze Please bronzer in 03 because it’s the only shimmer bronzer I like and it’s soooo good and blendable.


My favorite powder blush is Mac Warm Soul, would repurchase 100%. For creams, I love my Nudestix Nudie Bloom in sweet peach peony. Blush is tough because I have a lot of new ones I love but don’t know how long my love will last. I would really miss my Charlotte Tilbury GlowGasm Beauty light wand in peachgasm. The name is awful but the shimmer blush is unlike anything I own.


I own soooo many highlighters and again like bronzer, you don’t need a ton! I’d repurchase Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter — the perfect cream highlighter that gives you a movie star glow. The Ciate dewy balm because it’s a clear highlighting balm that looks dewy and wet. You can use alone or on top of other highlighters. It’s a perfect product and I haven’t found a balm I like more TBH.

For powders, I really, really like the formula of the Lawless Lucid skin highlighter and it can be poppin’ or subtle depending on how much you apply. Plus it’s clean and talc free which I really want to stay away from the more I read about it.

Drugstore pricing, I really enjoy Colourpop’s Supershock highlighters and I love having them at my reach. They have a cream, spongey consistency that dries down to a powder and they are blinding.


Ahhh eyeshadow. I love to buy, and buy tons, but I don’t wear it often. It’s actually an awful habit. (!!!!) I’d repurchase the Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk palette. 100%. It’s my most favorite palette I own, the shadows blend themselves, the shades flatter my skin tone and it’s perfect for every occasion. My perfect day shadow shade is Marc Jacobs gel shadow Daddi-o. It’s a mid tone taupe brown. I don’t like warm tones because they look orange on my skin so this is perfect.

I’d 100% repurchase my Roen Warm palette – a shimmer/glitter cream/powder hybrid with no fallout. You can apply it with your fingers which is my favorite way to apply shadow. I haven’t tried anything like it before and they also give that wet, glossy look. I also like to buy shadow for the sake of it and Colourpop’s supershock shadows are so damn good and $5 each so I’d go get more of those. The point of this is, if you lose all your makeup, fill the void with Colourpop.

Ugh! I can’t forget Natasha Denona’s chrome toppers. They are the perfect eye shimmer, they’re easy, they last and they have an editorial look to them. I like the shade Nude but Peach and Bronze call my name too. If I lost all my makeup, I’d buy all three to fill the hole in my heart – dramatic but probably true and I wouldn’t need other shimmers. They have a wet-glossy look to them without ruining your makeup or creasing away!


I have lash extensions and I hardly wear liner so these aren’t musts for me that I’d have to replace right away. I’m not so picky for liquid liner but if I’ve using a pencil it has to be the Marc Jacobs gel liners. They are the best, most smudge proof liner I’ve ever tried and they come in every color under the sun. I always go for a shimmery brown shade.

Brows is tough because I’m not loyal to one product but I like a tinted gel. RN, I’d say Benefit Gimme Brow or I’d go out on a limb and buy soap brows because I really want to try it!


I own so many damn lipsticks/glosses etc so I could go on for days! Let’s say, I’d happily repurchase my Fenty Gloss Bombs. They’re the best!!! I love Diamond Milk and Fussy. For lipstick, definitely Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk — it’s the most flattering color and Mac Velvet Teddy. I love nudes but I find that nude pinks and the most flattering on my skin. To my dismay and many unflattering photos — nude tans aren’t it for me but I’d still probably try! I also really love the Ciate Watermelon clear lip oil — it’s perfect alone or layered on lipsticks and super hydrating.

For day to day, Pat McGrath lip balm in Blow Up is my perfect sheer nudie pink shade w/ a hint of sheen + hydration. It’s better version of my lips and it doesn’t look like you’re wearing anything.


Not necessarily a primer girl but I like using a highlighter to mix in or apply before my foundation or concealer for a glowy finish. Hands down would buy Drunk Elephant D Bronzi – perfect mixer and bronzy base, Niod Photography fluid 8% – blurs fine lines and pores (!!!) and the Ciate Watermelon Primer – one of the only traditional primer I fuck with tbh ( still unsure if primers work, primer <<< skincare) and it helps dewy makeup to last. I also love this $8 Elf one because it’s a dupe for the $52 Tatcha one without the essential oil scent.

So, let’s hope I never lose my makeup because no way I can afford to buy it all back! We’ll do skincare next time!

What products would you replace if you lost all your makeup?

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