Sleeping Masks & Why You Need One!

Sleeping masks… not the eye masks you wear on a plane! Sleeping masks or sleeping packs are originally derived from K-Beauty is a mask that you leave on and don’t have to wash off! I didn’t realize how lazy I was until I tried one because now I don’t want to wash ANY mask off. Most sleeping mask target dry, dehydrated skin and they’re perfect for the cooler months. But you can also find ones to target oily and normal skin types that’ll do everything from hydrating the skin too exfoliating.

Dry vs Dehydrated Skin

Dry skin lacks oil. I have dry skin so oils are my best friend and it can really help to fill that void. As dry skin lacks oils, it makes it more susceptible to wrinkles, peeling and tightness. You know, like the way your face feels after you use a shitty cleanser. Tight and dry af. Oils, ceramides and fatty acids all help to add moisturizer into your skin.

Dehydrated skin is skin that lacks water. You could still be oily, but your skin lacks water. Typically it’s dry, dull, itchy and can emphasize fine lines. The fix is relatively easy though, up your water intake and use products that will help you retain moisturizer and seal it in. A sleeping mask is the perfect way to seal in moisture.

My Fave Sleeping Masks

Youth To The People Superberry Dream Mask – MY FAVORITE. It smells delicious and it gives you the gloomiest, plumpest hydrated skin. Ugh it’s a literal dream. This mask sat on my bedside table all of winter when I went to school in Massachusetts. It was 30 out with snow on the ground but my skin still looked fresh and glowy. This mask contains squalane – a fabulous hydrating property that mimics the natural sebum our bodies create naturally; squalene. Squalane, a derivative that comes from olives or sugarcane and is superb for hydration. Along with vitamin c to brighten the skin and still be gentle. How to use: just apply a thin to generous layer on the last step of your routine — you can use in place of moisturizer if you’d like. If you apply a thick layer you may need to wash it off in the morning. This mask is pillow proof if you apply an average layer and give it time to settle.

Fresh Rose deep hydration sleeping mask. This is a 2 step mask to lock in moisture, hydrate and firm up the skin. I like this one but honestly, I’ve been reaching for the YTTP one more because it’s easier to use. AKA I’m lazy! This mask has a jelly and than a moisturizer that you apply for a 2 step application to lock in moisture and plump up the skin. It’s a little lighter than YTTP and it’s perfect for summer or oilier skin types! It contains rose extract to support the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Another great option, just in 2 parts.

Glow Recipe Watermelon Sleeping Mask. For oily skin types that don’t want a hydrating sleep mask, Glow Recipe has a mask with Hyaluronic acid and AHA to hydrate and lightly exfoliate the skin while you sleep! The results? A glowy, fresh complexion when you wake up. Watermelon already has a huge presence in skincare because it’s rich in antioxidants which helps to prevent aging and it’s good for irritation! Overall, this mask totally leaves you with a glowy complexion without being drying or irritating. It’s also pretty hydrating but I wouldn’t recommend skipping moisturizer in favor of this mask like you could with the YTTP or the Fresh mask. All skin types can use this, even if you’re sensitive and want gentle exfoliation. It’s also a great lazy routine hack because moisturizer and this layer over top will leave you with plump, glowy skin. Glow Recipe also has an avocado sleep mask — that one really irritated my skin so I’m not a fan but I know that it’s worked for many!

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask. This mask does everything but my favorite way to use it is to mix it with an oil and wear it as a sleeping mask. This product pills when I use it and mixing it with an oil is the only way I found that fixes that problem. It has a mix of antioxidants and ceramides so it’s uber hydrating and it visibly plumps the skin and blurs fine lines. This mask is sooo hyped up on social media. I enjoy the fact that it has many uses but it pills! If you’re looking for a good exfoliating mask, Summer Fridays Overtime smells like pumpkin pie and it’s sooo good!

Honorable Mentions

Bliss What a Melon Watermelon Sleeping Mask. Not my fave tbh, but it’s at the drugstore and totally affordable. Its not bad, I just love the YTTP super berry sleeping mask and not many can beat it for me.

Laneige Cica Sleeping Mask. I’ve only tried this once so I’ll update you once I know more but it’s insanely thick, hydrating and the Cicapair makes it soothing.

Belief Aqua Bomb Sleeping mask. This has a jelly texture and it’s super cool on application and packs in hydration.

Laneige Sleeping mask! I can’t remember the last time I used this but it’s a cult classic sleep mask and the first one I ever saw. It’s only $25 and comes in a lavender scent along with an original version.

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