My Take on The Kristin Ess Rose Gold Temporary Hair Tint

Pink hair for a few washes in a $12 can? I’m in. I will try anything in the name of beauty and I love changing up my hair. Would I ever commit fully to pink hair? Probably not, but I love the fact that I can try temporarily! Kristin Ess has a few temporary hair colors in her line sold at Target. There’s a rose gold which translates to pink and amethyst which gives you lavender, grey wash of color.

I was writing a story for HerCampus beauty on festival hair inspiration and this whole temporary, $12 pink hair in a can sitch just screams Coachella and festival season! I’ll try anything once, especially for a good story and so my pink hair moment was born!

Kristin Ess Temporary Rose Gold Tint – $12

How it Works?

So basically you wash your hair, spray the product on wet hair, leave it in for almost 20 minutes depending on how pink you want it and then wash it out and condition like normal. Depending on how porous your hair is, it’ll last 1-3 washes. Or more which was my case.

I used the whole can and my hair was a pretty bright pink on my honey blonde hair. You definitely need highlighted or blonde hair for this product to work. If you want a more rose gold color, use less product and wash out the product sooner. It’s really easily to maniplate it to your liking.

Proof – w/ no filters!

No wash, fresh hair. It’s also super pink. Wasn’t sure how I felt but this selfie made me feel it. You guys loved it on IG and you made me feel really good so THANK YOU!

After one wash. Some fade. Notice that it’s rose gold all over, pink in the front which is where I focused the spray.

After the 2nd wash. Still pink in the front. Almost grey looking. Morale is lowering, the shine of pink hair has worn off.

3rd wash. Sorry for the lighting but it’s still pink!

4th wash. The pink is still there. What happened to 3 washes?!

After the fourth wash, my hair had been pink for 3 weeks since I don’t wash my hair often. Let’s just say I was over the pink hair and it wasn’t so easy to get rid of. I color my hair and it’s dry/damaged so we’ll say it’s pretty porous and really held on to the pink.

I took to IG to ask for your help and I tagged Kristin Ess hoping she would offer her 2 cents since I’ve DM’ed her before. Sure enough, she did and it worked! I left Head and Shoulders in my hair for 5 minutes and most of the pink washed out. FYI it was super drying but it worked. I would say it got rid of 75% of the pink.

I also followed up with her Winter Wheat toner which tones brassy blonde and takes out the warmth, that worked pretty well at cleaning up my hair’s color and tone. I would say it made my hair 90% back to normal. I have washed my hair a few times since and I will say I just have a noticeable rose gold chunk left in the front.

Would I do it again?

Probably not. It lasted way longer than 3 washes and I didn’t like how it washed out. That was just my hair but a few of you DM’ed me and said you had used the Rose Gold Tint and couldn’t get it out either. Someone even told me they had to bleach it out of their hair which is just awful! If you’re blonde with super healthy hair or even virgin hair then maybe the 1-3 washes will work for you. It’s not as temporary as I liked but then maybe it would be too good ot be true?

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