Empties – Skincare & Hair

I don’t finish products often so empties are a huge deal to me! They actually make me excited. This is mostly skincare and haircare empties. I feel like makeup is harder to finish? Expect maybe mascara. Idk, here we go: empties.

Laneige Lip Balm. I’m actually so pumped that I finished this because there is a ton of product in the container. I bought it towards the end of 2017 so it took me a little over a year to finish. I prefer to use this as an everyday lip balm because when I use it as a mask it gets on my pillows. I love this and it’s honestly the best lip balm/mask I’ve used! I like a wet sort of balm that allows me to rub my lips back and forth for a while and this is it. This doesn’t have lanolin which I’m allergic to so major props for that. I have already repurchased the vanilla flavor and I like it more because it has a subtler scent! I’ll continue to repurchase this and I want to snag the lip balm!

Peach Slices Pudding makeup balm. I snagged this at CVS for $6 and I dig it. It’s one of my fave makeup removers and I’ll def repurchase again. I go through cleansing balm like water so I love finding a cheaper version. This one removed all my makeup and didn’t sting my eyes or make them cloudy. This scent is light which I appreciate too. It’s easy to find and it’s cheap so def worth trying.

Herbivore Phoenix Oil. A moment of silence for this oil because it is a Godsend for dry skin. I desperately want to repurchase but I made an agreement w/ myself that I would use up a few more of my oils before purchasing this. This oil is intensely hydrating, it plumps up the skin and it didn’t pill w/ another other products in my routine. I’ve tried a lot of good oils but this one really stuck out to me. Def will repurchase.

Herbivore Orchid Oil. Another fab oil that smells like actual orchids. This is perfect for normal skin types and I liked it for day time. Herbivore makes really nice oils. I bought the trio pack and genuinely enjoyed all of them!

Kristin Ess Beach Wave Spray. I like this but I prefer the KE dry texture spray. I think it adds better texture to your hair. This one adds some texture but you can’t feel it. That sounds like a good thing but idk, I really like the dry texture spray better. It adds more texture and gives the hair an undone look. I’d recommend that one over this.

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