Current Beauty Faves

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on my current faves so here I am to update you on everything that’s good and worth all your money! Lots of skincare, some bodycare and lotsa makeup. Here’ we goooooo beauty faves!

Everything SKIN

Fresh Youth Lotus Preserve moisturizer. This guy.. smells like peach rings and offers perfect night-time hydration. If you have dry skin, you can get away with using this as a day cream. It’s nice, it’s soothing, it’s luscious, it won’t pill and it locks in moisture. This has been my moisturizer of choice since Christmas.. Oily skin types should try Dr. Dennis Gross Collagen cream. I love it but need a hint more for winter. It does a fantastic job at plumping up the skin.

Youth To The People Dream Mask. 11/10 night mask. It LOCKS in moisture and hydrates while you sleep! It contains maqui oil – a fab antioxidant, vitamin c to brighten the skin which I do notice and squalane oil to boost hydration w/o clogging pores. This mask is a DREAM. It’s definitely one of my favorite products at the moment and I love how easy it is and what it does for my skin. If you like the Superberry oil, you will love this. They both smell the same too!

Laneige Vanilla Lip Mask. I ran out of my berry lip mask so I had to order the vanilla. I think this is my favorite lip balm and it doesn’t leave my lips rashy. I just tried a Kari Gran lip and LOVED it but it left a rash. I think it’s the cinnamon in it and it irritates my skin. We’ll see about that but loving this Laneige mask and not wanting to be w/o it.

Supergoop Everyday Moisturizer. This is my favorite SPF. It acts as a moisturizer while working as your SPF, (SPF 40) and it’s more than enough hydration for my dry skin. Normal – oily skin types may get oily with this but I know people that use powder with it love it. If you hate sunscreen you’ll love this because it doesn’t smell and it doesn’t leave a white cast. It also protects against pollution and blue light!

Herbivore Phoenix Oil. I finished up this oil and I MISS it. I have so many I’m trying to finish so I’ll try to finish at least 2 before getting this but it’s such a good face oil for dry skin. I was really nice on my rashy, dry skin and I didn’t have any reactions to it. It’s soothing and it really kept my skin hydrated.

Biologique Recherche P50 Pigm 400. The best toner, exfoliator, spot treatment out there. Like actually stop looking, this is it! This fades dark spots like NO tomorrow and I will never go without it. It’s glowing skin in a bottle, it revives dull skin and I can’t think of anything that sort of compares to this. It’s worth the price tag tenfold. The secret ingredient, lactic acid, AHA/BHA combo; it’s a dream exfoliant and it works well for my skin.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow. Still raving! This is my favorite serum and when I don’t use it, I can tell by the way my skin looks and feels. This keeps breakouts away, it keeps my skin smooth, soft and glowy. The 14% AHA/BHA combo is potent and it works. I recommend using this 3-4 times a week at most.


Billie Razor. Billie kindly sent me there razors and shaving cream to try and it is the best razor I’ve EVER used. It has not cut me once and it does a seamless shave without irritating my skin. My razor burn has gone down and I don’t have any cuts. I LOVE this razor.

Vanilla Trader Joes Body Butter. Round of applause for Trader Joes beauty and skincare. This body smells like vanilla and offers intense hydration for my scaly winter skin. It’s only $5 and I dig it.


Colourpop No Filter Concealer. I got this at Ulta, in store for $6 and it’s my current go-to concealer. So lightweight, fantastic coverage and it wears like skin. Everyone needs this.

Dior Face & Body Backstage foundation. I’m not a foundation girl but I tried a sample of this and actually went to Sephora the next day to buy this. It was THAT good. Ahh in terms of coverage it’s around medium and boy is it lightweight. This foundation is fantastic, especially if you hate the feeling of foundation. It feels like nothing and it’s NEVER cakey.

Urban Decay Eyebrow Volumizer. This is a two-sided eyebrow gel. One side primer, one side tinted gel. This is the BEST eyebrow product I’ve ever used. It actually fills in your brows so I’d describe it as a pencil and gel in one. The primer side before using the gel sets your brows in place ALL day. Like they won’t move and it never smudges. I like it more then Glossier Boy brow and I’m loving an intense brow atm.

Kosas Lipstick in Rosewater. The formula of this lip is so insanely good, especially for a green/clean beauty brand. It’s extremely pigmented, it’s a satin finish and it wears extremely well. It doesn’t come off patchy or smudge all over the place and you don’t have to worry about reapplying because it wears off so nicely. Plus it feels like you’re wearing chapstick.

Milk Makeup Skin Tint. This has a jelly-like texture and it’s a great way to even out the skin tone with a dewy finish. It won’t cover dark spots but it also won’t get cakey. It’s easy to apply, it lets your skin breath and it’s perfect for day makeup that gives the no makeup, makeup look.

Ere Perez Highlighter. If you like dewy skin this is a great dewy highlighter. It doesn’t last too long but it’s really pretty. I like the RMS Mod palette and I mix the Master mixer and Living luminizer. Another perfect dewy highlight and this palette is perfect for your skin! Plus both are green/clean products!

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Palette. BEST eyeshadow palette I’ve used in a while. The shadows blend themselves!! I def have fallen into the CT shadow hype. If you’re a shadow snob like myself, you need this palette and the colors are neutral without being brown and gold.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. Honestly always rave about this but it’s still my ultimately favorite highlighter and I layer everything with this. It’s the perfect glow/blur sort of product. It’s SO perfect.

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