My FAVE Highlighters

No shock here but I LOVE highlighter. It’s like putting the icing on the cake. If you’ve been following my blog for a bit then you were here for my powdery highlight stage when I wanted a blinding glow 24/7. That’s right, a strip of foiled, shimmer on my face with mascara and that’s it. I swore it was natural 🤣 I didn’t have a horrible makeup moment like blue shadow or heavy liner so I’m not too mad. Blinding highlight is still very in and scroll through IG and you’ll see tons of it! I just don’t go for it anymore.

Since my powder highlight days.. um hello 2015, freshman year of college. I’ve put my powder highlighters down in turn for cream highlight products. Ahh creams; my beloved favorite because they melt into the skin and look much more natural. Cream highlight also helps you to achieve that wet, dewy highlighted look. While not as long laster as cream, it makes your makeup look like your natural skin.

I think cream is SO much more flattering on the skin. There, I said it! It’s less likely to emphasize pores and it melts into the skin versus sitting on top of it like a powder. Plus they’re great for dry skin types. I still use powder from time to time — I have a few cream like formulas and I like a powder for a night out because it packs more of a punch.


Not cream but Becca Champagne Pop is one of my favorite powder highlighters. It’s a classic for me, blind AF and while I don’t use it as often as I used to a few years ago, I like a little bit on a brush, dabbed in with a beauty sponge for a more natural highlighted look. It’s also great for a night out.


Ere Perez Highlighter. in falling star. This is a newer, clean beauty gem and it gives the most gorgeous, dewy, ethereal glow. (no glitter.) Oh, I love this stuff so much and it doesn’t look like all my other cream highlights. The texture is more tacky to touch but it lasts longer than my other cream, highlights. I apply it with my finger and it looks sooo good + easy. It sort of sets itself which helps it to last, too. It’s not the most natural but more natural than a powder highlight.

Giorgio Armani Highlighter. shade 10 nude. If you want natural, this is the perfect highlighter for you. It looks like you drank a ton of water, ate your veggies and got enough sleep. It’s lit from within sort of highlight and it’s subtle. Perfect for daytime or if you don’t want to emphasize texture. I love how simple and pretty this is.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter. shade 3. I put this shit EVERYWHERE and it’s a supermodel/movie star glow in a bottle with no glitter. It’s perfection. Hands down my favorite highlighter and I never regret using this. It works as a base, primer or highlighter so I can layer another highlighter on my cheekbones for an extra pop. This is just gorgeous, it lifts the skin and blurs imperfections plus the glow it gives…I haven’t found another product that can beat this.


Powders aren’t a big no for me but I reach for creams more. That being said, these powder highlights are my favorite and they’re more of a cream to powder formula.

Olivia Jade x Sephora Collection. This may be limited edition/ sold out for good so I won’t say much but this is a great, little glow palette. The shades are creamy AF, buttery and melt into the skin but they POP and are super blinding without being chunky. (I have it on in the picture.) If it comes back in stock I recommend grabbing it and there’s a shade for everyone.

Fenty Killawatt. in mean money/hustla baby. Leave it to Rihanna to change the cosmetics world. Oh, this highlighter is yummy and SO smooth. It’s pigmented AF but never glittery and it’s very flattering to skin, texture and all that. This may replace my love for Becca highlighters because this is a very good powder highlight.

Maybelline Master Chrome x Nikki Tutorials. This is the best drugstore highlighter out there. But it has to be the Nikki Tutorials one! The shade is so flattering and it’s really smooth on the skin. I use my beauty blender to dab it in and while not the most natural, definitely glowy and smooth on the skin. I hit pan on this, I love it SO much.

Most recently, I reach for the CT Flawless Filter, OJ x Sephora Collection glow and the Ere Perez highlighter. CT Flawless Filter is my all time fave and the Ere Perez highlight is really special and gorgeous. I won’t swear off powders, but creams are definitely my favorite and the most flattering on the skin.

I still love my Nars and Colourpop super shock highlighters just trying new stuff. Let this be a reminder to pull these out and use them again!

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