Best Purchases of 2018

Can we believe the year is almost over! 2019?! I’m class of 2019 — I’ll be done, done with school in a few months. It’s ALL crazy!

I was thinking about the stuff I bought this year that I really loved and got a ton of use out of. I’ll be honest, I love shopping and I’m trying to get smarter with what I buy! More quality over quanity. That being said, I thought this post was a good idea! SO here’s my fave products from 2018 in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and home categories.

I plan on doing a best beauty products of 2018 so keep your eye out for that!

Clothes //

wearing the spans leggings here!

SPANX leggings. I have 3 pairs and I’m obsessed. At $100 these are pricey but sooooo worth the money! MY favorites are the faux leather ones – the moto and plain. I wouldn’t recommend the normal ones — I prefer my plain, black lulus but the faux leather Spanx leggings? Game-changing. They suck everything in, blur out all cellulite and make your ass look amazing! I like wearing them with a sweater and boots during the winter – they keep you warm. You can also really dress them up which I love! I wear a size M.

SPANX bras. 2 Spanx items!!! Ahh I love these Spanx bralettes. They’re so comfortable, smooth down backfat and are pretty supportive if you have a bigger chest. I can do pilates in these bras if I need too.

Another honorable bra mention — True & Co Bralettes. They’re comfortable and fantastic if you have big boobs. They’re not a top purchase because the lining came off on one of them but I love these bras so much and they wear well with pretty much everything. They’re super comfy and offer a little more support than the Spanx ones.

Bags //

My mini Gucci Marmont. I love this bag because it makes every outfit better, it’s easy to carry and it doubles as a nighttime bag. It’s really tiny — I can fit like 4 lips sticks and my wallet — I hold my phone but it can fit. I was a good purchase and I get a ton of use out of it!

I can’t think of anything in the shoe category that really stands out… sad.

Home // Thats right I’m growing up I have a home section!

Soda Stream. I LOVE this thing SOOO much. I only drink sparkling water so I use this 3-4 times a day. It’s perfect because I’m not making more trash, I don’t have to lug heavy sparkling water bottles into my apartment all the time, I can refizz a water if it goes flat and I can make sparkling water whenever. If you drink a ton of sparkling water, you need this! I’m home for the holidays and I go through like 4 bottles a day! SO much waste. I have the lime, lemon and orange flavors and it’s perfect.

Beauty //

I want to do a post on my favorite beauty products of 2018 so I’m going to keep this more of mundane beauty. Not that my special face oil isn’t mundane but we’re going bare minimum, essentials here.

Charcoal Tooth Paste. I love this toothpaste because it keeps your teeth white! It’s black and has the charcoal in it but it’s less messy than the powder. It’s still messy because it’s black but it works and it’s less irritating. I got this at TJ MAXX so look there.

Pantene Charcoal Shampoo/Conditioner. Another charcoal product! I love this shampoo/conditioner duo because I can go 5 days without washing my hair! It really cleans your hair, gets rid of buildup from product and keeps your roots from getting greasy. It will really extend the life of your hairstyle. I am alllll here for that.

Farmacy Green Clean Cleanser. This is hands down my favorite makeup remover ever. It gets rid of every stitch of makeup and doesn’t irritate your skin or eyes. I go through it so fast though which is my only problem since it’s $34. I’ve already gone through 3 this year but it works like a charm.

Isle of Paradise Tan drops. I mix these with an oil and they’re my favorite way to tan my face. I also love the Dr. Dennis Gross glow pads that tan and exfoliate. Living on the east coast, self-tanning my face is essential; for me so I don’t look totally pale… aka my legs are a different shade than my face, lol. I’m lazy but my face is always tan. These are my favorites for tanning my face and they never make me orange or streaky!

Wellness //

I’m really not into wellness when it comes to foods and juices. I wish I was and I’m trying! The closest I get to anything wellness and trendy is pilates. I LOVE pilates. I started this summer and I’ve been going ever since. It’s an amazing workout and I’m much more toned and way less achey!! If you want to tone, do pilates! It’s also good for my zen and sanity. My goal for 2018 was to find a workout class I love and that’s pilates! I go to Club Pilates and I love their classes and the variety they offer.

Gua Sha. I love face tools. I have the pricey Nurse Jamie roller but I think this is better. It’s known as Eastern Botox. It really does give you a snatched, naturally contoured look. I think face tools are going to carry on into 2019 and they’re a great alternative to fillers and lasers. They lift the face, circulate blood flow, drain any puffiness and feel good!

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