Stuff I’m Loving!

I’m always trying new beauty products so I like updating you guys on what’s working and what’s not before I do a full review.  Here’s some stuff I’m loving, talking about on Instagram and working into my routine.  My skin is doing pretty well (KNOCKS ON WOOD), my mom’s coming to visit me this weekend and caramel brulee lattes are back at Starbucks SO you could say I’m living rn.

Charcoal Shampoo + Conditioner 

These two do an amazing job at really detoxing your scalp and getting rid of product buildup. The results? Roots that won’t great greasy.  I went 5 days before using dry shampoo and I worked out multiple times.  Sounds drying but it’s definitely not.. my hair feels just as good as it did before using this.  I love this stuff and it will definitely prolong the life of your hair.

Farmacy Honeymoon Glow

This resurfacing AHA concoction is a dream for dark spots and texture.  It faded some acne scars on my forehead in 5 days. It’s 14% AHAs so it’s not for beginners and it can be harsh.  It dries me out so I really have to step up my hydration after using it but its soooo worth it when you see what it does for your skin.  Brightens, fades and leaves you glowy af.  I love this but I use it every other day because I’m pretty sensitive.

Glossier Lash Slick 

I’m blown away by how much I LOVE this mascara. It adds amazing length and never clumps or smudges. Never ever smudges!  It’s not the most volumizing or dramatic but it looks like lash extensions and I find myself reaching for this over my volumizing mascaras because I love how it makes my lashes look. It’s more natural for sure but I can get it to look more dramatic or vavavoom with a few coats. One coat will look like it’s just your lashes.  It never smudges and it comes off so easily plus the wand is great for lower lashes.  I LOVE this mascara.

Summer Fridays Overtime 

This mask leaves my skin so soft and visibly brighter after use. It’s a physical exfoliator which isn’t my go to but my skin responds really well to this mask.  3 days post use and my skin is still SO soft to touch and free of dead skin. If you self-tan your face this is a great way to prep! It makes your skin look alive and it smells like pumpkin pie so definitely a treat to put on. I like this way better than the Jet Lag mask and definitely recommend it.

Makeup Revolution Lip Toppers  and Jelly Highlighter

Makeup Revolution copies everyone but I love their products.  These lip toppers look just like the Fenty Gloss bomb but color wise they aren’t the same.  The formula is similar — glossy, non-gritty or sticky and comfortable to wear. These don’t have a scent.  The colors are different; nude and super flattering to wear alone or on top of lipstick. They look juicy on your lips and for $6 you can’t go wrong with them!

The Jelly Highlighter is a dupe for the Farsali jelly highlighter and having tried both, I prefer this! It makes your skin look wet, glowy and it lasts. The Farsali one did not last and it was pricey + dried out quickly. This is only $9 and I would definitely recommend picking it up if you can!

Essence Brow Gel

For $3 I had to try this after finishing up Glossier boy brow. Is it as good? No. When you start using it, you get too much product on the brush and it gets goopy on your brows.  I think it would get better with more use and having less product.  I like it a lot for $3 and it has fibers on the wand to fill in your brows. I don’t need that but just to note! I will continue to use this and don’t see myself having to replace it with boy brow.  It’s similar I just need to control how much product I get on the applicator.

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