New York For The Long Weekend

New York

Shoes: Steve Madden. Jeans: Kut Denim Reese jean! Shirt: Brandi Melville. ‘R’ Necklace: Love Always

I decided to go to New York for Columbus Day weekend — Indigenous people’s days!  I had 2 days off of classes and it gets boring just chilling in my dorm. Anytime I’m in New York I just want to take pictures, eat good food and check off my laundry list of beauty stores I need to go visit! A few Sephoras, Korean Beauty, Rickys, Duane Reade, Birchbox — which will wait till I’m back for Thanksgiving because it was raining. 🙁 Anyways, whatever else I hear of and need to check out! There’s always something new to do which is what I love about New York.

Here’s an OOTD! — Being New York makes me feel inspired…it also makes me want to go shopping!

New York



This damn Pat McGrath Bronze Seduction Palette. It’s gorgeous, I see it at every Sephora to swatch but it’s sold out in store and online. It’s also $125 and maybe it’s not meant to be but I want it! Those shimmer iridescent shades are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.






On my way to dinner one night. My hair is sooo dark, I think I want to go back to blonde.

An Ulta haul!  Feelings and thoughts on all these products to come.

I immediately tried the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara and I wasn’t too sure at first but GUYS… it wears so well throughout the day! Fair warning I’ve been using a lash serum for the past 4 months and had a lash lift so it’s not all the mascara but it makes what I have look damn good. As for wear as the day goes on, I think it even gets better! This is 6 hours post application and I’m obsessed. It also doesn’t smudge and everything smudges on me. SO happy to find a drugstore mascara that doesn’t smudge and isn’t waterproof.

What’s in my bag. I love this little bag — it was a birthday gift I just got and it legit only fits essentials. I’m not mad!




More hauls. I stopped into CVS and found a JOAH display and had to check it out! It’s actually not K-Beauty but K-Beauty inspired.  Sorta weird but again, thoughts to come on all of this soon!






Sephora Haul with my gift cards!  More k-beauty since I’m really into that. I’m excited to try the Kaja Beauty stuff because I’ve been so intrigued since it’s launch. It’s at Sephora, actually Korean and the prices aren’t bad at all. The highlighter is $18 — my friends, that is cheap for a brand at Sephora!

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