My Night Routine & How To Start One

night routine

First off, I have to say I love having a night time routine. It’s my time to unwind my day and focus on myself.  I’m into the 10 step Korean, style night routine. As someone with dry skin, I think the act of layering on hydrating products has immensely helped my skin. For that, I love a lengthy routine.  I know this isn’t for everyone. If you sleep with your makeup on regularly, you won’t hop straight on to a 10 step routine. That’s ok and sometimes simple is better and less is more. So today I wanted to talk about my night routine and how to start your own. Everyone needs a night time routine and once you start to see results, you’ll love it.

My night routine.

This isn’t my first night routine.  I’ve tried longer ones and switched back to simpler ones because someones, less is more! It takes some trial and error but currently, I’m obsessed with my night routine that I’ve had for the last few months and I’ve had very little breakouts.

  1. I always start with a cleansing balm to remove makeup! I love a cleansing balm because rather than a wipe or cotton, it really cleans my face and gets rid of all makeup.  I like the act of washing off my makeup with water. I like the Clinique Take the Day Off, the Farmacy Green Clean and the Banilla Cleanser!
  2. I do a second cleanser — very Korean Beauty, which basically means I wash my face again to remove any extra makeup. Every time I do this there is always excess makeup so if you’re struggling with breakouts, I def recommend double cleansing to make sure you’re face is entirely clean. I’ll either use a soap cleanser, I like the Bliss exfoliating cleanser stick or Bioderma! Typically double cleansing involves an oil based and a water-based cleanser. I just make sure to wash my face two times.
  3. Toner….Chemical Exfoliation. I love me an acid toner or chemical exfoliator. I think adding this to routine brought amazing results to my skin. I think when you’re starting off with skincare, seeing results is exciting and it makes you want to try more! I use this on a cotton and rub it all over. My favorite is Paula’s Choice 2% BHA perfecting liquid. It works, it’s gentle and a great starting point. I’ve gone through 3 bottles because I love and believe in this stuff so much.
  4. Essence. With skincare, you want to go lightest to heaviest in terms of product. I like a toner before an essence, maybe you could switch the two but I think it works better this way, even if your essence is basically like water. An essence is a watery serum that you pat into the skin for added hydration, brightening, etc. I think they’re easy to incorporate into your routine and I like the results they bring. I like the Caudalie Glycolic Brightening essence for an added glow/refresher after Paula’s Choice. This one helps to brighten the skin and keep me glowy. If I’m super dehydrated, I go for the May Coop raw sauce, it has maple sap to help lock in hydration and give you glowy skin.  It smells amazing too.
  5. Serums!  Night serums are where the magic happens. This is the most concentrated form of treatment so you should see results and I love that.  Since we already exfoliated, I don’t really use an exfoliating serum. If I do it’s not every night. There is a number of different night serums for problems you want to fix. Acne, dehydration, brightness, dark spots, evening skin tone, easing redness, retexturizing the skin.  So many options so figure out what you want to target and try a serum or two. I recommend a heavier one to fix a problem like acne or evening skin tone and then a hydrating one. My skin is on the more sensitive side so this is what works for me.  I love the Drunk Elephant Glycolic Night Serum; it will transform your skin. The Farmacy Invincible serum is what I’m using currently and it’s great for keeping me glowy and smooth looking. It’s also helping to fade any dark spots I have. I also love the Peach and Lily Glass Skin serum to use after for smoothing my skin and managing redness. This one is gentler and I use it AM and PM. If I’m extra dry, I love adding a hyaluronic acid serum into the mix.
  6. Moisturizer. I really appreciate moisturizer because it locks in all the prior work we’ve done.  I love the Avene Skin Recovery Cream. The Dennis Gross Collagen Cream. I like a thicker moisturizer because I have dry skin. For oily skin, the Biossance night cream would work really well.
  7. Face Oil! I love to follow up with an oil to seal the deal and add hydration. I also love mixing tan drops into my oil, too. If you’re oily, I would skip this step or forgo moisturizer in favor of a clarifying oil. For my dry skin, adding an oil was game-changing. My favorites are the Kora Noni Oil, The GO-TO Face Oil and the Youth To The People Superberry oil. 
  8. Eye Cream and Chapstick. We’re not at 10 steps but you get my gist — I have a long routine. My last steps are eye cream — I’m currently using the Kora Organics Eye Oil which I love for hydrating and soothing. For chapstick, my faves are the Laneige lip sleeping mask or the Bite Beauty Lip mask.  

How To Start A Night Routine

night routine

Start Simple.

Get a good makeup remover and cleanser to make sure your face is clean. You want to start off with a clean canvas.

A serum to target your skin problems. Pick one — acne, skin tone, hydration or whatever you want to focus on. Try using the serum every other night to see how your skin responds.

A good moisturizer. Everyone needs a good moisturizer!

See how this goes. If it’s working, keep going and build off from there. If it stops working go back to the simplest routine!

I’ve had issues with my 10 step routines and have gone back to this bare minimum and it fixed my skin in no time and I was back to adding in new products. Trial and error, go slow and don’t be afraid to simplify it need be!

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