All The Products I’m Using/Loving/Living For ATM


First off, HI! I’m back at school, I have been for almost a month and I’m just having a hard time fitting blogging into my routine. Let that explain my absence; I have SO much homework so I’m doing that or hanging with friends. I think it’ll get better after this first month! I haven’t been great with keeping up with blogging but trust when I say my skincare routine has not been lagging and I’ve been trying lots of good, new stuff!

Here’s an overview of what I’ve been using and loving. (I’ll do in-depth reviews soon.) I’m obsessed with my night routine — so is my skin so I’ll share that soon!

For perfume, I’m loving NEST FRAGRANCES INDIGO! It’s fresh, sweet but not too floral or sugary.  I love Black Tulip too. If you’re looking for perfume, try Nest! I love a lot of their scents.

A new step in my night routine that I really think is working wonders is the CAUDALIE BRIGHTENING ESSENCE! I use this after toner and before serums. It’s easy to use — I pat it in with my fingers, it hydrates and it helps to smooth, brighten, glow and plump up the skin. It never stings and I think it’s really helping me to achieve glass skin — dewy, glowy, flawless, plump looking skin! I’m really into it.

Another essence, MAY COOP RAW SAUCE sauce is great for added hydration. I use it after a face mask and I’ll be using it more in the winter when I need another layer of moisture.

Speaking of masks, we have the SUMMER FRIDAYS OVERTIME MASK. I’ve used this a few times and while I find the particles to be abrasive, it has noticeably made my skin softer/smoother.  It smells like pumpkin and it looks like deli mustard. I’m not a huge physical exfoliator girl but my skin likes this and it’s responding well to it!  It’s also great prep before self-tanning your face.

Back to glass skin, I love love, love the PEACH & LILY GLASS SKIN SERUM.  It’s packed w/niacinamide and my skin responds really well to that. For me, I noticed it really helps to brighten and prevent acne and redness! I use this day/night. It layers well and I notice my skin looking glowier, plumper and smoother! Truly living up to its name and I am a huge fan of this serum.

Powder is still something I’m still unsure about. I have the MILK MAKEUP POWDER and I like it because it’s light but at the same time I’m not sure if product is coming out the applicator netting. Honestly, I miss my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder.

Another part of my night routine that I think is helping is the DR. DENNIS GROSS COLLAGEN MOISTURIZER. I love this so much. I got it in a subscription box and I love the texture and hydration it adds.  It’s so great and it does help to plump the skin. I see myself getting the full size so I don’t have to be without it.

A hidden gem I found browsing Sephora the good old fashioned way. Meet the FRESH LUMINIZER IN sunset. It’s a glowy, priming moisturizer and it looks amazing under foundation/concealer if you want dewy, glowy skin. I mix it with my DRUNK ELEPHANT D-BRONZI and it’s amazing.

A new dry shampoo since I’m always using dry shampoo… AMIKA DRY SHAMPOO. It’s not greasy, doesn’t leave a white cast and works! It never feels chalky or gross at the roots.



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