New Beauty Products To Be Excited For This Fall

new beauty you need for fall

Coming from a true product junkie, talking about new beauty is one of my favorite things in the world! With summer coming to an end, there are always new releases to revamp your fall routine but honestly, the makeup industry is always putting out new releases. Gone are the days when brands would have two kick-ass launches a year!  Now it’s a monthly occurrence for makeup brands. Skincare brands are a little different and new stuff isn’t as frequent. For instance, Colourpop releases something once a week!  I’m not mad because I love seeing new products out but I’m not as excited for what comes out because it’s been done, it’s expected, it’s boring and so on. Can we say no more fruit scented makeup!

Summer Fridays Overtime Mask. Nothing is more fall then a pumpkin scented, exfoliating mask. Coming from the hitmakers Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores of the buzzed Summer Fridays Jet Lag mask, it’s safe to say I have high expectations.  I didn’t love the mask at first but after trying it in a few ways I’m impressed. It’s the best product I’ve used for eye bags and dark circles.

I love exfoliating masks, this one has little apricot exfoliants for a light physical scrub. Sounds like a boujee St. Ives scrub but it’s on its way to me so I’ll be the true judge.

Peach and Lily’s new collection.  Peach and Lily has a new collection with a glass skin serum, resurfacing masks, acid toners, moisturizer pads and an oil. The whole collection just excites me and I want to get my hands on all of it.  They sell Peach and Lily at Ulta so I got the Glass Skin Serum to try and I’m waiting to get the mask and moisture pads. Korean beauty is so innovative and I’ve had great results with what I’ve used. This collection excites me, especially after trying the serum! Please come back in stock so I can try it!

Fenty Diamond Milk Gloss. – Out 9/7. I love the original Fenty gloss bomb and wear it a ton so I’ve been waiting for new gloss bomb shades for a while! This is a clear, shimmery gloss so very flattering on all skin, great over lipsticks and totally wearable. Done and patiently waiting to add it to my cart.

Ouai Body and Hair Scrub. I love a scrub, especially on my body before I self-tan. I’ve been itching to try a scalp scrub, (not literally!) and this one is perfect because it’s both in one! I’m very big on scent…I won’t buy something if it stinks, and this one is Ouai’s rose scent just like their body oil that I’m obsessed with. It’s supposedly a sugar scrub that melts into the scalp so your hair doesn’t feel gritty. I haven’t tried a scalp scrub before but I imagine them being gritty, like sand in your hair and the idea of it melting/dissolving away intrigues me. I just need to try a scalp scrub already and I’d like this one to be it.

Pat Mcgrath Bronze Seduction Palette. – Out 9/7. I’ve been eyeing the Pat McGrath eyeshadow palettes for a while because they’re gorgeous and I want to experience the quality of a $125 shadow! Nutty but her palettes are literally works of art. This new palette is the most gorgeous colors I’ve ever seen (neutrals with a pop) and I want to wear it on my eyes every day. To the grocery store, to class, to Chick Fil A.  I want this but oohh $125 for the girl that never wears eyeshadow? I’m hesitant to bite the bullet but this palette is extreme gorgeousness and my favorite out of all her palettes.

Marc Jacobs Omega gel powder shadows. I’m not one for single shadows but after watching Allana Davidson use them in a video, I’m in for the shade daddio.  These are gorgeous, they come with a ton of product and they’re perfect for daily eyeshadow looks. They aren’t the most blinding or sparkly but they win for quality and wearability. I’m all for wearing one shadow all over the lid and this is perfect for that.

Too Faced Gingerbread Palette. This palette is gorgeous. I love the warm-toned neutrals, pinks and plums and I think it’s a great way to use color without looking too made up or bright. I’m sure it’ll smell like gingerbread knowing Too Faced which is yuck but I love the colors. It’s a holiday release… so maybe not a fall release but you need it on your radar!

Too Faced Dew You Foundation. Too Faced came out with another fruit collection but I’m not too mad because it’s pretty cute!  Part of the Ulta exclusive is a dewy foundation and I love dewy skin so I think it sounds great. Medium coverage and a dewy finish.  We tend to go for more mattes and darker colors in the fall but as the weather changes, your skin gets drier and dewy foundation is a good thing! I like dewy skin, I’m biased but this is a great foundation to try this fall.






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