Empties! What I’m Loving & What Didn’t Work


So I was thinking, why toss your empties when you can turn them into a blog post? I don’t go through products often because I’m always trying stuff so this won’t be a regular post BUT I enjoy reading them so just know, I saved my trash so I could share my thoughts with you. 🙂 I’m gonna link the products below that I liked!


Glamglow Supermud

If you follow me on Instagram then you know why this is here and it’s definitely not a hit.  I used this once, it burned the shit out of my face after 2 minutes of wear! I went to wash it off and my face was beet red in all the places that I applied the mask. It looked like a had a red mask on it.  It was horrible, it burned and it’s now in the trash.  I’ve used GlamGlow masks in the past, this one in particular and I’ve never had any issues.  I actually liked it a lot for unclogging pores.  I think since this one was from the Birthday Sephora gift it was formulated differently, maybe cheaper?

I posted my entire reaction on my IG stories and soooo many of you DM’ed me telling me that Glamglow masks did the same thing to you!  I’m trying to get better at deciphering ingredients in skincare and looking at what works for my skin and what doesn’t. The ingredients in Glamglow aren’t very good — it’s a collection of different acids for exfoliation which seems misplaced and tons of fruit/flower extracts that are irritating.  Glamglow is in the trash, off the list and they never replied to my DMs so they’re canceled.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Before zit dots we had Mario Badescu Drying lotion. While I like zit stickers better, I think Mario Badescu is better after the zit has been popped and it needs to dry out. I go for zit dots during the beginning life of the zit, and reach for this towards the end.  I love this product, it’s a staple for me and this is probably my 10th bottle.

Sesha Skin Therapy exfoliator

This product is weird. I got it in an Amazon Luxury beauty box as a sample so I tried it in a small dose.  It’s a gel cleanser that balls up dry skin on your face when you use it.  Texture wise, it feels like the product is pilling but in reality, it’s your exfoliated dry skin.  It’s gross and I honestly think it’s pilling and dry skin. This is a weird product and I couldn’t get behind it.  I think I would like this better for my body versus on my face.  I’ll stick to chemical exfoliation on my face.

Speaking of chemical exfoliation…. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA liquid.

I love this product, I’m on to my 3rd one and it does such a good job at helping to keep my skin clear and just getting rid of gross texture and lingering dark spots.  I like this product because it does a lot, it’s easy and if you want results you can add this into your routine and you’re going to see them. This is a great starting acid because it’s gentle.  I use it every night no problem but I started with every other day. This has BHAs — salicylic acid so it’ll help target acne and blackheads but also with texture and dead skin.  You want to chemical exfoliate because the results are a glowing, smooth complexion and isn’t that what everyone wants?

Boscia cleansing oil.  

I really like this to remove makeup and it works well.  It wasn’t my favorite at first because I usually go for a cleansing balm but this may be even easier to use.  I like it and I think I would buy it again.  If I use 3 rounds of pumps, it’ll remove all my makeup, even my mascara and it works well with eye makeup.

Tatcha Deep Cleanse

I did not like this.  It smells weird, it’s thick and it abrasive, little exfoliating particles and they’re rough on your skin!!  Def not a fan, I tossed it before finishing and I’m not mad because this is a pricey cleanser.


Dry Bar Sake Bomb Shampoo/Conditioner.

I finished this up and I’m still not hooked.  It’s good, not great. It didn’t help my hair or do anything bad to it.  The best part about it is the smell.  For a hydrating shampoo, I didn’t notice any added hydration.  At least make my hair less frizzy right? This is mediocre and I won’t get it again.

Farmacy Green Clean

I love this cleansing balm and the texture of it! It’s so smooth, buttery and it removes everything….even my mascara with minimal effort/product. I got this at Sephora sale and I’m really happy I did! The texture makes it better then Clinique take the day off and it’s similar to the Banilla cleansing balm that I loved!


Obliphica Seaberry hair mask.

I got this in my Amazon box and I was so impressed with it! It smells amazing and I used it in the shower, in place of conditioner for about 5 minutes and it made my hair touchably softer and way less frizzy. That’s what a hydrating hair product is supposed to do!  I would totally repurchase this as an in shower hair mask.




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