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Part of having a beauty blog is literally wanting to try every new product that gets released. Let’s just say I have an ongoing wishlist on the notes in my phone.  Maybe it’s just a me thing? Idk, I’m a product junkie and I love trying new products! Obviously, that’s impossible, and probably not good for your skin but a girl can dream?  If I can’t try everything, I’ll talk about it and narrow down it down to what really is worth trying. I own a lot of product and I’m working at using what I have and trying to be really selective about what I get. Here’s what’s on my wishlist that I’m itching to try!


Kosas Tinted Oil Foundation

This sounds like a dream because I love oils and I love light coverage face products. I was going to go get this but there’s a La Roche Posay tinted sunscreen that I love and would get more use out off. I’m trying this whole living within my means /saving money thing because I’m going to be a poor, college graduate in about 9 months and I’m scared shitless.

Peach and Lily Glass Skin Serum and Refining Mask

Glass skin anything has my attention. I’m so curious and excited to try these products! Glass Skin serum? OH YES.  I’m enamored by the whole collection but I’ve narrowed it down to these two and I’m thinking I’ll get them for my birthday in a few weeks.

Caudalie Brightening Essence

I haven’t tried any Caudalie products and I want to break that with this.  Someone I follow on IG said she used this after Paula’s Choice 2% BHA which I love and it gave her intensely glowy skin! My skin has felt dull lately so I think this is the perfect product to fight that.  Plus, I love an essence and want to incorporate more into my routine. I think I’ll get this at the Sephora Sale.

Milk Makeup Setting Powder

So, I’ve been thinking that I’m looking more oily then dewy.  **Thinking face emoji** Not sure but I ruined my Laura Mercier setting powder because water leaked into it.  That powder is amazing but I kinda want to try this one too.

Krave Beauty Kale AHA toner

Ahh, I want to try this so bad! I’ve heard great things and I love exfoliating toners and k-beauty! I had it in my cart the other day, my credit card plugged in and ready to purchase but I flaked! I just started my Neogen exfoliation pads and I have a Paula’s Choice liquid BHA open so this to try after those are finished.

Also, I really want to try the Ren Beauty AHA tonic but again, got to finish what I have.

Herbivore Orchid Oil

People rave about the Herbivore oils so they’re always on my wishlist. Face oils are a must in my routine and this one sounds so amazing and luxurious.  I have a few oils open so need to finish those. The Kora Organics noni face glow oil currently has my heart so not sure if I want to get that or try a new one and go with this. Maybe I’ll try the mini one.

Fresh Vitamin C moisturizer

Tried this at Nordstrom today and ahhh, it felt so nice! Anything brightening or vitamin c will catch my attention and my skin responds well to vitamin c.  I have a thing for moisturizers because I have dry skin and well… I don’t need any at the moment.

Pat McGrath Mothership V Bronze Seduction. – comes out September 7.

The most beautiful eyeshadow palette I’ve seen in my life.  Ahh but too bad you have to take out a mortgage to afford it. It’s $125!!!! So beautiful but I don’t wear eyeshadow enough to even sort of justify that.  One day but until then, on my wishlist it will stay.

Dior Redness Soothing Serum 

I get red and I heard this was really good at helping that. It’s Dior and $100.  I could be into it if it was really game-changing. Another one that will stay on my wishlist because it’s pricey. I need to get a sample.

Byredo Velvet Haze

Major wishlist product.  This is the best thing I’ve ever smelled. I love how it smells on me and how it lingers. It’s unisex and I love the vibe it gives off.  I’m over sugary-sweet eau de perfumes! I bought a mini version online since the small bottle is $165.  I think I’ll ask for it for my 22nd because I love it that much.

What’s on your wishlist ?!

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