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I used to hardcore judge podcasts! I listened to one by the Medical Medium a few years ago and while knowledgeable, it was so boring. After that, I labeled them all old and boring and never gave them a second chance. (Sorry Medical Medium, I listen now from time to time!) I judged and even deleted the podcast app off my phone!

File that under shit I was seriously wrong about.  Now bloggers, influencers and editors alike are coming out with their own podcasts and today, it’s some of my favorite content to engage in!   I LOVE podcasts! I’ve discovered that there’s something about content that you talk out for your readers/viewers/subscribers.  As an English major and someone who loves writing, I do believe you get more when someone speaks it to you versus reading it.  Or more so, it’s different and I like the difference it becomes. It becomes more personable, kind of like you’re having a conversation with your favorite blogger or influencer and you get insight you won’t find elsewhere.

I’ve also realized that with the growing popularity of podcasts, you can find one for just about every topic under the sun!  Once I found beauty and wellness ones I enjoyed, I was HOOKED.  So, now I love podcasts and I’m always looking for new ones. I turn them on while I’m working or even when I’m just lounging because they’re a perfect way to pass time.  I even look forward to listening or when a new one comes out. Most importantly, I always gain something, no matter which one I listen too and while it’s a break for my brain I enjoy listening and I learn so much.  Call me an adult but that’s a win!

Fat Mascara


Fat Mascara was my first podcast and they got me hooked!  Jenn and Jess are both beauty editors and I just love their energy together!  They’re real af and they keep me up to date with what’s going on in the industry and who’s who.  They always have the best people on their podcats because they know everyone in the industry! I recently listened to their podcast w/ Linda Wells, founder of Flesh beauty and the founding editor of Allure Magazine. They’ve also had Miranda Kerr, Jen Atkin, Alicia Yoon from Peach and Lily and drag queen Bianca Del Rio.  I LOVE the guests they get for their podcast and I think it’s the best of all the other beauty podcasts I listen too.

I’m like a sponge when I listen to their podcasts and I love hearing their thoughts on new beauty products and what’s going on in the industry. If you really like beauty or want to work in the industry, this is an amazing podcast to listen too.

Glowing Up

Glowing up with Esther and Caroline combines beauty with wellness.  I like their beauty content better and I love when they do drugstore hauls to talk about new products and when they do Sephora hauls! Ooh I just love hearing people talk about new beauty products. They’re very real and I like their dialogue.

The Skinny Confidential


This is a new find for me.  It’s more wellness and lifestyle but Lauren Evarts loves beauty and skincare so she features a ton of it and I’m SO here for it.  She does this podcast with her husband and I like their exchange along with their content.  I recently listened to one she did with the girls from the hit K-beauty brand Glow Recipe and I loved hearing their come up story and just their thoughts about skincare.

She also features fitness, wellness, mental health, self-care and just about everything that’s good for you so she has great insight. I just listened to one she did with the guy who trains Victoria Secret Angels for the runway show and such good insider insight and leverage that you won’t find anywhere else.  She has ones with Kristen Cavallari and Charlotte Cho of Soko Glam that I want to listen to next!

Breaking Beauty Podcast

The Breaking Beauty girls, Jill and Carlene hail from Canada. They talk about hot new products and share their stories from their time in the beauty industry.  I haven’t listened to them in a while since they haven’t come out with anything too interesting to me.  My favorite of theirs was their interview with Caroline Hirons!

You can find all these on the Podcast app and their all free to download!

Do you guys listen to podcasts? Tell me, I’m always looking for new ones! 🙂


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    I’m definitely going to check these out! Thanks for sharing!

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