I Tried Press On Nails — Here’s My Thoughts,

press on nails

They don’t look too long but I have extremely small nails so they feel long! The glitter accent is not my favorite, it’s just what I used after I had to replace my index finger nail.

I love having my nails done; I feel incomplete and gross without them. Maybe dramatic, but I appreciate my nails when they’re done! Especially because I’m usually holding products to photograph for my Instagram stories!

I’ve been wanting to try press on nails for a while but I backed out every time in favor of a gel manicure and thinking they were tacky. Which they can be in my opinion if they’re not done right. Last week I badly needed a manicure and didn’t have time to get a manicure so to Bed, Bath and Beyond I went to get press on nails.


I went with the short version; in a periwinkle blue color with a glitter accent nail and a plain black version.  One by Impress and the other by Kiss. I needed options! (note: I have get to try the Kiss ones yet.)

I went with the periwinkle blue version first. They’re the Impress ones – $9, so the nails are essentially stickers making them easy and quick to apply. Before applying, you file and clean your nails.  You take off any nail polish and push back or trim cuticles depending on your preference.  Then, you use the alcohol pad they supply to clean the nails. Next, you pick the nail by size to fit on each finger. It comes with a variety of sizes. I stuck with the smallest ones because I have tiny nails!


Then comes to sticking on the nails. They come in tons of different sizes so you can fit them to your nails.  They say to do thumbs last which makes it easier for getting all the other fingers on. Glad I read the directions first!

The results? I filed into a coffin, thinner shape, my preference and they were beautiful! They looked real and like I got a damn good manicure. You’re going to have to file them down regardless.

I went about a day before needing to put on a new index nail. I think this was my fault because I don’t think my nail was fully dry on application. I accepted the L, and attached a blue blitter accent nail.


I will say, I have tiny, tiny nails so even the short version looked like long acrylics on me.

I felt weird about having to wash my hair with these! It wasn’t bad at all actually. I was nervous they would snap off.

I worried about doing pilates with them.  Another immature worry, I was fine.  People do so much with long acrylics! They inhibit me.


3 days before I took them off.  Which actually was kinda or hard/uncomfortable.

You know old gels that lift? And get hair stuck under them when you run your hands through your hair? You know what I mean and it’s the actual worst.

THESE DO THIS. It makes sense because they stick on to nails but the edges aren’t perfect. I lost a huge chunk of hair that got stuck under the press on nails.

Would I recommend these? If you were short on time, needed nails or had an event coming up these would be great.  I don’t think these work for longterm use. I hate that my hair gets stuck under them!  That’s my biggest complaint.

I would only use these for special occasions or when I want long nails without having to get acrylics. They’re beautiful and they don’t look fake, I just think they’re not very realistic for me.

Have you tried press on nails? Did you know then also make them for toes.  Weird.


The girl who has an appointment for new gels tomorrow.


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