How-To Get The Perfect Self Tan — No Streaks!

perfect self tan

If you follow me on Instagram you know I struggle with self-tanner. I even have a highlight of all my struggles! I get streaks, blotches, orange hands and everything else that you don’t want when you self-tan.

I’ve talked about the Isle of Paradise tan drops many of times. I’ve had SO many ups and downs with this product. I loved it, then it made me blotchy, then it came off with micellar water then it was great again! So many ups and downs but I’m confident that I’ve found the best, most foolproof way to use it for a flawless tan!

My secret for a perfect self-tan? AN OIL. Why I didn’t think of this sooner, I’m not sure. But an oil is so good because it’s thin, it mixes perfectly with the tan drops and it absorbs quickly into the skin.  When using something thicker, like a moisturizer, it may not be even on every part of your face… I learned that the hard way. If you’re not into oils, a water-based serum with a thin, oil like consistency works great too! Just something thin, runny and slick.


perfect self tan

For my body, I use the Ouai rose body oil with the Isle of Paradise tan drops! It’s my favorite combo, the tan went on perfectly — super even with no streaks! I recommend the typical exfoliating and shaving before!  You don’t have to worry about moisturizing dry spots because mixing the tan with the oil takes care of that. As for how many drops I do, I don’t really have a method. I do like 6 which is typically whatever is in the dropper. I do 2 handfuls for each leg and 2 handfuls for each arm.  I don’t find that it wastes a ton of the drops, though I have been breezing through this oil.

The tan lasts about a week and it wears off really nicely without patches. WASH HANDS AFTER.


For my face, I will tan at the very end of my routine after moisturizer, serums and all that. As of lately, I mix the YTTP oil or Kora Organics oil with 3-4 drops with the Isle of Paradise drops. ANY MORE IS A MESS, Isle of Paradise also told me that the 1-10 directions on the back are aimed at the body. 10 drop is for legs.

I love using an oil at the end of the routine. I have also used a water-based serum, Klairs Rich moist Soothing Serum, mixed with the tan and then followed up 10 minutes later with a moisturizer. That works too but I like the oil/tan combo at the end of my routine better.  The layer of moisturizer under still allows you to get tan but keeps you very even.

Lastly, wash your hands after! Even your wrists to avoid any orange hands.  I’ve had my fair share of that. I will say, my best tip is Mr Clean magic sponge will remove any blotches or streaks on your hands or body. It’s my best trick.

I’ve said in the past that the Isle of Paradise comes off with micellar water and cotton.  I’ve found that if you’re using too much this will happen.  Air on the side of less is more and build up.  If I do 3-4 drops every other day, I don’t really find it coming off with my cotton and micellar water. If I do 5 drops every day, it will come off on my cotton.

A few of you on Instagram told me that you really liked the Ouai oil/Isle of Paradise drops combo! That makes me so happy because it’s such a good way to self-tan for me and I’m glad it works for others.



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