Massive Haircare Review — Everything For Beachy Waves

So today we’re talking haircare! I’m less likely to try out new haircare and I usually go with what works so I don’t talk about it too much.  I’m also trying to figure out what works for my hair because it’s way different when I’m on the east coast versus when I’m home when it comes to air drying.  Air drying isn’t a thing when I’m home and it’s frizzy so I think that has to do with the weather and the water.  When I’m at school on the east coast I can air dry my hair no problem so again different weather and water. Maybe I’m crazy but I totally notice a difference in my hair and I think the type of water totally makes a difference!

I have medium hair — so not too fine and not too thick. And I have a good amount of it. It’s frizzy and has a wave to it. It’s usually dry and damaged but I haven’t colored my hair since December when I had it tinted brown after it was blonde so that’s really good for me!  This is the healthiest my hair has been in a while and definitely the least damaged.  It’s still dry-ish at the ends which is typical and I get frizz and flyaways when it air dries.  I do use heat on it when I’m home and am going out because if not it’s a frizzy mess. I like to blow dry it and curl it but I don’t do it too often. I try to wash my hair every 3 to 4 days!

So the reader’s digest version of all of that? I get frizzy hair, I haven’t dyed it in 9 months — (I’m proud, ok?), I air dry it or blow dry it depended on where I am and I always wear it curled with beach waves.

Here’s what I use to maintain that!

Shampoo + Conditioner

I use the Dry Bar sake bomb hydration shampoo + conditioner and I did a full review here. I haven’t noticed it doing anything spectacular for my hair and when I run out I’ll try something new. That being said it just hasn’t done anything bad for my hair, either. I’ve tried shitty shampoos in the past that made my roots greasy! So the Dry Bar stuff hasn’t made my hair better but it hasn’t made it worse either.  Call that mediocre?  maybe.

I’ve tried the Joico colored color balance shampoo,$33 before and it’s blue in color to help keep brown hair from turning brassy or orange.  When I just had it tinted back to brown I noticed the color was fading and this really helped to preserve and tone the color.

I’ve used the Kristen Ess shampoo/conditioner, $10, in the past and I really liked that. It’s like a high-end Target haircare brand so you get good stuff without spending $40 on shampoo. It’s also a gentle clarifying shampoo that can be used daily that will get rid of product build up and with how much dry shampoo I use, that’s very important.

I haven’t tried any scalp scrubs but that’s next to try!

As for purple shampoo, Kristen Ess has one. When I needed it, I just used one from Tj Maxx and it worked perfectly.  You don’t need it a lot or often so you don’t need to splurge.

Leave in conditioners.

I have a few that I’ve used a love.

Ouai leave in conditioner – $26

This is my second time using this and I like it so much! Why did I stop?  It’s a spray and I like how my hair air dries with it — it helps maintain frizz and it’s really good when I blow dry my hair. It glides through the round brush and it helps to minimize frizz. I need to buy another one.

Living Proof 5 in 1 styling treatment. – $16

This is good but I think I like the Ouai one better.  I need a product that will let the round blush glide through my hair without tugging when I’m blow drying it and this wasn’t my favorite for that. It helps with frizz but I like what the Ouai one does for my hair better.

Kristen Ess Blow-Dry Mist. – $14

This is good at helping the brush glide through your hair, minimizing frizz and cutting down on dry time! Anything to cut down on dry time, I’m in for.  I use this after the Ouai leave in conditioner if I’m blow drying my hair.

Alterna Bamboo Brilliance Cream – $24

I like this for frizz too! It’s a favorite of mine after the Ouai leave in conditioner.  I’ve noticed that it helps to keeps your hair hydrated and shiny which is always a plus! More so then the Ouai or the Living proof leave in.  This is like my 3rd bottle and I’ve been using it on and off since high school. If you want a low maintenance one hair product and done, try this.

haircare review

Texture Sprays

Verb sea salt texture spray. – $16

My current favorite but it wasn’t love at first spray! I wasn’t a fan the first time I used it because I applied too much product.  My advice is to shake it, especially if you’re using it for the first time. I think too much product came out on the initial spray because now I love it because it’s not sticky!

I love trying texture sprays and I’m picky about them because I don’t want anything sticky, crunchy or tangling and I want minimal grit.  My hair can hold a curl, I just want a texture spray to make the waves look a little more beachy and undone.  This one isn’t sticky if you use sparingly and you don’t need a lot!  I applied too much the other day and it was sticky but that disappeared about an hour later and my hair was soft to touch and I could run my fingers through it. Not sure how but if you spray minimally, you get texture that’s workable and soft to touch. Plus, if you add to much, it fixes itself. It’s my favorite and I use it everytime I curl my hair for a textured, undone look.

Dry Bar Triple Sec Spray – $26

This is a dry shampoo / texturizing spray. It smells great and it’s perfect for when your hair is flat and you need some texture and a refresher.

Ouai Texture Spray  – $26

Great scent, doubles as hair perfume and leaves a good texture.  Borderline sticky but good hold and texture for an undone look.

Kristen Ess Dry Texture spray. – $14

My favorite dry texture spray! It’s no grit or stickiness no matter how much you use. The can I had lasted me 8+ months and its so good for an undone texture, grit and it separates curls.

I got the Kristen Ess beach wave spray since they were out of the dry texture at Target and it’s good but not as good! It gives good texture but it’s grittier than the dry texture spray.

Hair Spray

Alterna Working Hairspray – $30

I love this hairspray and its the only one I use! I hate hairsprays because they always give crunchy curls.  This one is different and it helps to hold a curl but you can’t even feel it in your hair.  The trick is to only use a little bit and I’m liking this after I curl my hair to help it hold for a few days. If you hate traditional crunchy hairsprays, try this.

haircare review

Extras —

Byredo Hair Perfume. – $120

The best, boujee scents that will leave your hair smelling amazing. Totally extra but I love them! I love these scents and they last well in your hair!

IGK No More Blow. – $29

If your hair is quick to dry, I think you’d like this because you spray it on your hair and it cuts dry time in half. My hair takes so long to dry, like 8 hours + so even if I use this my hair dries in 4-5 hours which is still super long!  If I want to blow dry my hair quickly I douse my hair in this and I can be done with a nice blowout in 10-15.  It works and cuts down dry time but it just isn’t game-changing for me because my hair still takes so damn long to dry.

Living Proof Volume spray. – $15

This is so good for volume at the roots but don’t go ham with it or else you’ll have sticky, crunchy roots.  This is my second can and I love the lift it adds to the roots! I get flat hair and this helps!

Living Proof de-frizz spray – $15

This can help with minimal flyaways but if you’re super frizzy, it’ll just weigh your hair down with product.  I like to spray this on the roots and pat it down with my hands. If I have time I spray this on a toothbrush and brush down any flyaways.

Dry Bar Dry Conditioner – $23

It smells amazing and it’ll smooth your hair and make it softer but it’s completely unnecessary because it doesn’t do anything.

Hair Oil.

Ouai Rose hair and body oil. – $32

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Ouai rose hair and body oil. If you follow me on IG you know because it’s on every other post. I do twp squirts in my hands and use it on the ends to help smooth and moisturize my hair.  I also rub it on the top if I have frizzes.  I LOVE this product, I use it for my body more but I love that it can go in my hair.

Moroccan Oil. – $44

A cult classic that smells amazing and works. The downfall? When I was blonde, my hairdresser told me the darker color of the oil can stain light colored hair and make it brassy.  I noticed my blonde hair being a lot less brassy when I wasn’t coating in it Moroccan oil.

Verb Ghost Oil. – $16

Verb knocks out some great, cheap hair products. The oil is clear so it won’t stain hair and it’s great for hydration and smoothing frizz!

Dry Shampoo

Batiste Dry Shampoo. – $7

My savior is dry shampoo and Batiste is my holy grail because I go through it so damn fast.  If I used a high-end one I’d be getting a new $30 can at least twice a month.   So for that, I love by my $7 Batiste.  The brunette one is my favorite but if you scratch your head it makes your hands brown which freaks me out.  The OG white one is great too. Just shake and use minimally because it has a white cast.

Hair Tools

T3 Single Pass 1.25 Curling iron – $160

I just recently upgraded my hair curler to a T3 one. I was using a $13 Conair one prior and the difference is NIGHT AND DAY. So, so, so much better and my hair can hold a curl for 3 days without needing to touch it up. Game-changing and for me since I only curl my hair, it was totally worth the splurge.

I haven’t splurged on a hair drier yet, I use a drugstore one but I want the Dyson one!

Hair Masks

Olaplex 3 – $28

Don’t beat around the bush. If you need a bomb, sleep in hair mask GET OLAPLEX.  If you dye your hair, GET OLAPLEX.  I love, love love it and it softens and hydrates the hair like no other mask I’ve tried before. If you’re blonde it’ll help to tone the hair too. 10/10 Hair mask and if you want a good one get this, sleep it in, wash it out in the morning and you’ll be obsessed.  Olaplex makes shampoo and conditioner now so if I had my blonde hair, you bet I’d be all over that!

Obliphica hair mask– $36

So I discovered this in an Amazon lux box as a sample and tried it not expecting much.  I used it in place of conditioner as a leave-in hair mask in the shower for about 5 minutes and I was SO surprised with how smooth, hydrated and less frizzy it made my hair.  I would totally buy the full size of this mask to keep in the shower and use weekly! Plus, it smells so so so amazing.

I say no to coconut oil masks or other natural oil masks. They’re greasy and take forever to wash out completely plus, I don’t think it ever helped my hair to be more hydrated.

Hair products I don’t like.

The Ouai Foam dry shampoo makes my hair a greasy ass mess. I have the foam texture spray and when I tried it I had sticky and super tangled hair.  It was better the day after but I hate a tangled, sticky feeling in my hair so for that, I’m not a fan of any foam texture haircare!

IGK Beach club spray. Some people love this. It made my hair a sticky, gritty-textured mess.  I couldn’t even comb my fingers through my hair and I hate that.


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