July Beauty Hits and Misses! — Monthly Favorites

July Beauty Hits and Misses

Do I start with the obligatory, how tf is it already August?! There, I said it. Today is August 3rd so I think I’m still ok to post my July hits and misses. If I were being ambitious/didn’t have dogs that bark every 2 seconds, this would be a video. 🙂 There they go while typing this!!! I haven’t done a monthly favorites in a while! I try new stuff, often, but I do think I tend to stick with what I love so I don’t want to show the same 6 products every month. Here’s a bunch of new stuff I’ve been loving this month along with some misses because not everything you try is going to be perfect.

July Beauty Hits and Misses


Marc Jacobs Omega Coconut Bronzer – $49When everyone says this is the best bronzer, they’re correct. This is the best bronzer.  It’s so buttery, never muddy and so so easy to blend. When you first apply it, it’s not insanely powdery or pigmented so you won’t get that muddy chunk of bronzer on your cheek. The kind that makes you say oh shit because you just applied too much bronzer. This is SUCH a good bronzer. I did a full review, here.  So check that out if you need more convincing. 😉

Morphe Gloss In Boho – $7

So I grabbed this gloss at the Morphe store on accident thinking it was another shade…the one I wanted. I saved this to return and forgot so I cracked it open one day and it was the best mistake I made. This gloss is gorgeous! They’re super glossy on the lips and this one is pigmented enough to wear alone.  It’s a pinky, nude with no shimmer which honestly scared but IDK WHY.  It looks so good alone which is how I wear it, but you could def layer it with a liner or other lipsticks.  These also don’t really have a scent. It’s faint if you bring the applicator up to your nose so on your lips, it’s totally fine.

I LOVE THESE GLOSSES. Best glosses I’ve tried in a while and dare I say they give Fenty Gloss bomb a run for their money? They’re that level good and I haven’t reached for my Fenty Gloss since I got these. Best part, they’re $7. I have boho and shimmy which is a peachy, sheer shimmer… the first color I meant to buy! I want more and will definitely get more at the Morphe store before I head back to school.

Verb Sea Texture Spray – $16

This is a really good texture spray because if you don’t go crazy with it…hint, you don’t need a lot, it’s not sticky! Yesterday, I applied a tad too much and my hair felt slightly sticky…it was gone within an hour. Don’t ask me how but I was pumped!  This won’t make your hair a sticky, tangled mess.  It gives great texture and minimal grit which is what I go for. You can still run your hands through your hair!  I love this for breaking up curls and just giving my hair that lived in, beachy texture that everyone and their mom want. I know if I curl my hair and then spray this, it will automatically make it look better.

Kora Organics Noni Face Glow Oil– $68

This is the nicest, most luxurious oil I’ve tried.  It melts into the skin and it’s so hydrating.  It’s a little bit thicker in texture and it’s just so comforting on my skin.  Like I look forward to using this oil.  It has a natural, slight lemony scent. I use it day and night for added hydration.  I love it under makeup because it makes you dewy!!! It also has a slight tackiness to it making it suitable as a primer too.

I try a lot of great products that I recommend to you guys but I typically don’t repurchase them since there’s always something new coming out to try and it takes me very long to finish a product.  This is great and I would totally buy it again.  I plan to for my birthday in a month when this is all gone.

Ouai Rose Hair and Body Oil – $32

This is AMAZING. I use it on my body every night after I shower and I love the smell and the way this feels! I never applied lotion post-shower (I know, so bad), because I hate feeling sticky, tacky or greasy.  This absorbs really quickly into the skin and it leaves me hydrated.  I LOVE it. I also love that it works on my hair!  I’m about halfway done with this and I think I will be buying the big bottle because I love it for post-shower hydration!

I recently mixed this with my Isle of Paradise Tan drops and used it all over my body. It gave me the most even, gorgeous self-tan tan I’ve ever had in my life.  My tan is never even!  Mixing the tan drops with this oil is pure goodness and I 10000% recommend it.

I got this set with the full-size oil and 2 other Ouai travel sized products for $32 at the Nordstrom sale. So if you like Ouai products get this set because it’s the same price for more product!

Pixi Peel and Polish Mask – $24

For my friends that are too sensitive to use Drunk Elephant Baby Facial, you need this in your life.  It’s a less intense version of Baby Facial and it will help to exfoliate the skin of dry and dead skin leaving you glowy, brighter and smoother. I use this 2x a week and I love the way it makes my skin look.  It has AHAs and papaya extract which is an enzyme that helps int he exfoliating process.  Use sunscreen with this as acids make your skin more sensitive. If your skin is dull and needs a refresher, get this.  It’s smoother, brighter skin in a bottle.

Drunk Elephant D- Bronzi – $36

Ahh love D-bronzi and so does everyone in the skincare community.  It’s so amazing mixed in a sunscreen and it gives you a bronzy tan, glow. If you don’t self-tan your face or want extra tanned, glowy skin. Try this!  It’s my dream kinda product. Also want to address that it’s been going around that adding mix-ins to your SPF decreases its effectiveness. If you use enough sunscreen, about a nickel size, you should be fine. I do that daily with a number of different sunscreens and I haven’t gotten color on my face.

July Beauty Hits and Misses


Wet n Wild Priming water – $5

I’m not sure what this does.  Sure it’s a priming mist, setting spray whatever. I don’t notice it doing anything quite honestly. I think it’s just something to spritz on your face. You don’t need this, it’s like watery chemicals in a bottle.  It’s pointless

Cocokind collective Mymatcha hydration stick. – $8

This is a miss for my face. It has coconut oil so I hesitantly tried it one night and I woke up with MASSIVE pores on my face. ( coconut oil isn’t my favorite for my face) I’ll sound douchey when I say this but I don’t have huge pores. Which is a hidden evil because they get clogged very easily.  This clogged my pores and left them huge and textured. That’s never happened to me so this won’t be going on my face anymore. I’m trying it on eczema to see if it helps that. It’s not anything amazing on your lips.

I don’t mind it on the undereye area away from any pores. I get dry under eyes and eczema and I haven’t gotten any since trying this.

If coconut oil is good on your skin you would like this.

Flesh beauty eye/cheek gloss.  – $20

Save your money. I had so much hope for this eye gloss and both times I’ve worn it, it smudged my mascara all over my eyelid and I had black splotches everywhere. This eye gloss is thicker so it wears longer but not better. I don’t have a smudging problem with the Jillian Dempsey lid tints but those last on my eye for 1 hour at most.  This lasts longer but with smudges everywhere.

I don’t like it on my cheek. The glitter in it is chunk on my cheek and quite honestly, I just look greasy. that’s a lot coming from someone whose aim is to look dewy every second of the day. This was a fat flop for me.

What have been you hits and misses this month! Lemme know in the comments 🙂


  1. August 4, 2018 / 3:31 pm

    You may have sold me on the Marc Jacobs bronzer! I absolutely love the way you write and describe! Can’t wait to read more 🙂


    • blackberriesandsparkles
      August 5, 2018 / 7:53 pm

      thank you! That’s one of the best compliments! 🙂

  2. August 5, 2018 / 6:57 am

    I have heard good things about that Marc Jacobs bronzer, and it does sound amazing! May have to treat myself to one haha! Great post xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    • blackberriesandsparkles
      August 5, 2018 / 7:53 pm

      totally treat yourself to it, it’s amazing! xo

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