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how to get dewy skin

Into The Gloss recently posted an article about dewy skin coming back in style and honestly, where did it go?!  Correction, it never left, ITG, it’s always been in.  The skin community loves themselves some dewy skin and since the inception of highlighter 4 years back, no one is ever completely matte.  Dewy skin is in and it’s here to stay. I’m not even sure how it could never not, be in? Glass skin, is the goal: it’s when you’re dewy, glass-like without imperfections. Can one dream?

As a dry skin gal, I love dewy skin and if we’re getting technical, I’m a one trick pony because it’s all I do and it’s all I ever will do.  I don’t think I’ll ever be a matte girl.  There’s a lot of different ways to do dewy skin because everyone’s definition of dewy is different.  I guess I’ll have to share mine so we know what page the rest of this post will be on…

Nam Vo is the queen of glow and that’s the level I go for! It’s not for the faint of heart and honestly, you need perfect skin to be that glowy.  I do think that a dewy base is more flattering than a matte one but for instance, I have a more textured forehead.  If I highlight it, that’ll all you and I will see. So you could say I like this level of glow but with limitations. I think everyone needs to tailor it to their skin.  If my forehead is good, you bet I’ll highlight the shit out of it….today, I popped a pimple so bad it’s a scab now so if you saw me, my forehead would be a cakey, matte sitch.

I stalk Nam Vo’s Instagram and her IG lives.  She lets you in on which products she uses to achieve the glow! For her it’s about layering the glow.  Dewy primer, dewy foundation or concealer, cream highlight layered with 1-2 powder highlighters.  Everything she uses has some form of glow.

Today I’m going to show you the products I use for a dewy glow. Again I’m annoying / a broken record but I don’t have dewy foundation recs! I don’t look good with foundation, I’m very cakey and I honestly don’t think everyone’s skin is made for foundation. I like using a good conceal SO, if you want dewy foundation recs, I’m not the blogger for that. I do like It CC illumination but so does every other blogger!


My number one trick for dewy skin is a face OIL. This is for a Nam Vo level glow that’s serious glowy, dewy, borderline oily and NOT for everyone. You gotta love glow and honestly have super dry skin to do this. Any other skin types can get dewiness with all of these other products below without looking greasy!  Personally, I just love using an oil on my skin like an hour before I do makeup so it has time to sink it but I’m still hydrated with a visible sheen and glow.

My favorites are the YTTP Superberry oil and the Kora Organics Noni Face glow oil.  The first one is lighter and absorbs quickly into the skin.

I know some people recommend using a sheet mask for a dewy glow before makeup. It’s unrealistic for me to do that every time before my makeup.  Maybe before a special occasion but I find that an oil is good for keeping me dewy and hydrated. If you want to be plump and dewy, try an essence or the Jet Lag Summer Fridays mask.

Some people also like a serum for a glow. I do use one before makeup but I think an oil makes me the  noticeably glowy versus a serum that sinks in and doesn’t nothing visually….but everything good on the inside ahahha. I think an oil is a great base. I also don’t love primers.  An illuminating primer is just a moisturizer plus liquid highlighter so I make my own plus I make them more glowy.


I feel like a base is a good way to start if you really want a dewy face.  If you only want some dew, I’d say go in with a good highlighter but if you’re both feet in, it starts with the base!

Drunk Elephant D.Bronzi – $36

I love the dewy glow that this adds to your skin plus you also get a tan with it! Great product, I use it every time I do my makeup mixed in with an SPF.  There have been a few messages going around that SPF is less effective with a mix in.  If you’re using enough, a nickel’s worth, you should be ok.  I mix it with Supergoop Unseen or Drunk Elephant Umbra tinte. Both have a dewy finish if you want less dewy, I say try a matte sunscreen which Supergoop just came out with!

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector – $41

This is another good highlighter to use all over for a dewy glow. Either on its own or mixed into some moisturizer or sunscreen. You could add this to foundation or you could even use it as a highlighter on the high points of your face! It’s a versatile product and I think Becca makes one of the best, liquid highlighters. It’s pretty popping but I like the consistency. This Kevyn Aucoin one is good too but it’s more oily in texture with less shimmer, glow and more dewiness. It’s also way thinner which makes it a little harder to control.

Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter – $44

This product is amazing.  It gives a movie star glow and if you know what I’m talking about I would call that radiant, not necessarily dewy.  If you amp up the product, it’s way dewier and if you use it alone, on bare skin it gets SO dewy almost oily.  I wore it alone with nothing else on a place once and it looked/felt oily when I landed which was shocking that it didn’t try out on the place! I don’t think I would wear it again like that.

It’s such a gorgeous radiance that I haven’t gotten from a product before because it’s not in your face. You can use this on its own, under foundation or as a highlighting concealer sort or product which is why it’s not intensely glowy.

Bliss dewy moisturizer– $20

This is a good little drugstore find for dewy skin.  It’s a glowing moisturizer so it’ll give you added hydration.  It has flecks of duo-chrome shimmers that give you a dewy finish but they’re so, so, so tiny that you won’t look sparkly.

I also love Mac Strobe Cream!  I haven’t used it in a while but it’s a goodie.

how to dewy skin


For a dewy glow, I totally recommend a cream highlighter topped with a powder highlighter. You get the glow and you set it so it lasts longer and it makes it pop just a little bit more. I’m not as into the powdered chunk of highlight on your face that you see on IG and YouTube. Like blinding highlighter. I used to be so I own a lot of pigmented, powder highlighters but now I like a more natural glow.  Here’s the creams I like and then I’ll show you how to make a powder highlight less intense.

I also totally recommend a cream highlight if you have texture on your cheekbones because they’re never as intense as a powder.

Flesh Beauty highlighter – $18 shade is twitch.

This is a new addition and it’s a good highlighter because it has the right amount of glow and dewiness.  It blends in really nicely to the skin and it’s not too fake, greasy looking. It wears pretty well too. If you want a natural, dewy-ish highlighter with good wear, I recommend this!

Only complaint? The shade selection! 4 shades overall, two light shades featuring a pearly white and a silvery pink then two medium-dark shades with a copper and a dark bronze.  This one is the copper color and it’s a little bit too dark for me so I focus it on the cheekbones and bring it down as a blush.  I just don’t get why they have such a big difference in the shades of their highlighters! They’re definitely missing a mid-tone pale gold, champagne color.  I only go for warm tone highlighters so a silvery pink that will work for my skin tone won’t do it for me.

Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Light Wand – $38

Another Charlotte Tilbury highlighter because she kills it.  This one is more glowing/blinding then her Flawless Filter because it’s strictly a highlighter for the highpoints of your face. This has an icy champagne color but you don’t really see color when you apply it. It’s really more of a glow. It’s really pretty, this product is pricey but I would argue that it’s worth it. It also wears very well and will last you through the day.

If you want a little bit of dewiness, without making your full face dewy, do your regular makeup and go in with this! Glowy, dewy makeup on your own terms.

Ciate Dewy Stix in Glow – $26

This is a clear highlighting balm and I love it! I have never had a product like this and it gives you so much dewy, wet glow! If you like a naturally dewy, highlight you’ll love this because you can make it blinding but it’s clear. No shimmer chunks insight and the glow you get is from the clear balm and the way the light hits it. This highlighter is glass skin level glow.

Nudestix All over Glow In Illuminaughty – $30

Another great cream highlighter! It’s VERY dewy so I find that it doesn’t last long. These are cream and stay as a cream so they’re dewy and wet looking.  I have the shade illuminaughty which has that holo, duo chrome color though it’s not actually holo.  It’s white with the colorful shimmer flecks so it reads as pink on my skin which I usually don’t go for but I like this! I like their Hey Honey shade and that’s next on my list. This highlighter is so dewy and balmy but it just doesn’t last too long because it’s so dewy. If you set it with powder you can’t see it so that is my struggle.  I do love the formula and want more because they’re gorgeous but if you need 9-5 makeup, carry this in your bag for touch-ups.

Colourpop Super Shock highlighter – $8 every shade is great. I like wisp.

These are the most pigmented cream highlighters.  They have more of a cream- powder finish so these wear better! They’re so creamy and buttery. I 100000% recommend using your finger to apply because you can control the application the best and make it more glowy/natural depending on your liking.

Stila Kitten Highlighter – $32

These are the putty texture highlighters that you see on IG. If you don’t want a totally dewy, wet glow try this!  I would just dab this on your beauty blender and tap it on your face. It’ll be subtle and slick, glassy looking.


TIPS: This is for my oily skin peeps! If you have oily skin but still want to highlight, I would use a tiny hint of powder glow knowing that the oil on your skin will most likely make you glow even more.  Less is more but you can still wear highlighter if you have oily skin! I honestly wish I was oily because you won’t get wrinkles! Dry skin calls the wrinkles over personally!

ALSO have to talk about this. I’m not big on spending tons of money on brushes, I use what I have but a Morphe store opened up near me… The best highlight brush is the M510 highlighting brush. It’s perfect because it’s not too dense but not too light and just fluffy enough. I literally do one swirl, circle with the brush in my powder and I use that to highlight my face! Less is more with powder so it’s not powdery and when you layer with cream you don’t need a lot.

Pro tip: I also will only apply powder highlighter on my cheekbones in a C motion going up over the brow since I’ll use cream everywhere else. I find that most flattering/natural-ish.

Fenty Killawatt Mean Money / Hustla Baby – $34 I forgot to put in in the pic. 🙁

One of my top 3 powder highlighters! It’s so pretty and has such a smooth formula which is what I look for in powder highlighters.  It also has a less intense side paired with a more intense side. I usually just mix the two but I love having the options! This shade is a peachy gold color and it’s just SO gorgeous, not your normal gold.  Plus it’s so flattering on light/medium skin tones.  I love this highlighter because it’s never powdery or cakey, it blends so WELL and it’s SOOOO smooth. 10/10 powder highlighter. Plus, there is a shade for everyone which is a beautiful thing.

Nars Fort De France Highlighting powder – $38

This is a good, smooth highlighter.  It’s not the most blinding highlighter which I like because I never have to worry about going overboard! I think its pressed hella tight which is why it’s not super intense, pigmented because it looks like it should be in the pan.  It comes in tons of shades and as usual, it’s Nars and it’s an awesome formula.  If you want a powder that isn’t too pigmented, this is it.


Another smooth, AF gold highlighter. What can I say, I have a type.  This one has no fallout which is amazing for a powder highlighter. You have the option to build this up with many brush strokes, making it pigmented or just one if you don’t want it as intense. I love the versatility and it’s smooth.  What’s not to love?! When I went to link it I noticed it’s NOWHERE. Maybe limited edition but the Nars one above is similar, Becca is a good one too.

Honorable mention: Becca highlighters! Champagne Pop was my favorite for SO long, I hit pan but it broke and I haven’t fixed it.  Becca highlighters are the most fragile, I’ve broken a few so I wouldn’t travel with them. Maybe getting the mini ones is a good option! I also love the Kylie Cosmetics loose powder highlighters. They’re pigmented AF and as smooth as you can get.


how-to dewy skin

I love a dewy, glossy eye but boy are they a high maintenance. I’ll only breeze past this since I did a glossy eye post, here.

The Jillian Dempsey lid tints are gorgeous but last about an hour.

The Missha glossy eye gives a wet shimmer. Pretty but slight fallout.

The Natasha Denona chrome top coats give a wet, glossy, shimmery appearance and wear incredibly well.  Skin till pokes through so I would say they’re like an eyeshadow topper. Or you can wear alone if you want skin to peek through which is what I do.

The Hourglass scattered light glitters $29, are intensely wet, metallic and pigmented AF. You can cover your whole eye with glistening, metallic, foiled glitter and not need anything under.  I’ve only tried this once but it wore really well with my Urban Decay primer, it stayed in place and was just as bright at the end of the day as it was when I first applied it. I’m SO impressed. You’ll be hearing more about these.

Do you like dewy skin? If so what are your go-to products? If not what’s your go-to? I’m always curious about other people’s beauty routines. I’m nosey, lemme know down below! 😉



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