Marc Jacobs Omega Coconut Bronzer Review

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I love me a good bronzer.  I use bronzer year round, I choose it over blush and if I choose one product to use it’ll usually be bronzer!  It may even surpass my love for highlighter because I use dewy moisturizers to prime my skin so I already have that glowy look…but a bronzed look?  I fail miserably with face self-tanners and I try not to tan my face so basically, bronzer in any form is the best way to add color to my face. IMO nothing looks better makeup wise then a bronzed, dewy glow. It’s my perfect makeup, go-to look and I do it everything I do my makeup.

When I think of my favorite bronzers a few come to mind. Benefit Hoola — a classic that works so well at bronzing the whole face without being orange or muddy.  Soleil Tan de Chanel — there is nothing out there like this and it’s such a gorgeous, cream bronzer that really gives a vacation glow to the skin.  I just love how it looks! Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer — best at the drugstore and it’s so smooth and blends well. I don’t use it enough.

For honorable mentions, I have the Morphe Brontour, Milk Makeup Bronzer, Nars Liquid Laguna and the Nudestix Matte face in Bondi Bae.  Did I mention I like bronzer?

There’s a new bronzer in town and it’s my new favorite; meet the Marc Jacobs Omega coconut bronzer.  It’s the massive bronzer in the white package that is the size of your palm.   It’s been such a hit in the beauty world and it’s been so hard to find because it’s only been limited edition. Luckily for you and me, it’s now a permanent part of the Marc Jacobs collection so it’s easier to find…AKA not sold out 24/7.

marc jacobs coconut omega bronzer

here’s the bronzer in natural sunlight.

Marc Jacobs Omega Coconut Bronzer – $49

First off let’s talk price, Marc Jacobs is a high-end makeup brand and a higher end brand sold at Sephora so $50 is pretty normal. For instance, the Benefit Hoola is $29, Hourglass Bronzers are $50, Too Faced Bronzers are $30, Tom Ford is $68 and Nars bronzers are $40. So it’s on the higher end of the spectrum but normal across the board.

It’s a splurge but it’s also huge, I’m not going to go into the price to product ratio because I don’t even look at that but it’s huge, the packaging is gorgeous and the mirror is awesome.

It smells like coconuts. Sort of like the Butter Bronzer but way less intense.

omega coconut bronzer


On to formula… it’s one of the best! It’s smooth and really easy to blend. It’s pigmented but when I dip my brush into it and start swiping it on my face, I don’t get that chunk of brown powder because there’s too much product on the brush. That means a lot to me because it’s overwhelming when you get a huge chunk of powder on your face. This bronzer is pigmented but not too pigmented where you look muddy or apply to much product. I lightly tap my brush in but it’s not a pigmented, powdery, kick back sort of bronzer.

It wears pretty well, I use dewy primers/oils and am not too concerned with how long my makeup lasts. That being said, I think it wears well and I get 5+ hours which is a lot for me.

This is a matte bronzer! I usually like a little bit of shimmer to add to that dewy, glowy look. BUT, this bronzer does have a sheen to it and it looks luminous on the skin without being shimmery.

I think you could contour with this. I’m not big on contouring and I prefer a cool toned contour. This one is a great shade and by that, I mean not to warm, not too cool!

I like to use a big powder brush! I took it on a trip and forgot my big powder brush so I was using a fluffy, denser concealer/powder brush and it still applied amazingly!  The product melts into the skin versus sitting on it and since I hate that powdery look, I love that. I know how much I can use before it gets powdery looking and it’s definitely the normal amount.


Oddly enough, my bronzer curves upwards and it hits the mirror when it’s closed so there’s a small crack in the powder. Not sure if it’s just mine or if they’re all like that.


I’m so happy I finally got my hands on this and I’m kind of sad it took me this long to try it because it’s that good! It blends like a dream and it’s easy to use! It feels luxurious and the packaging is gorgeous minus my weird crack in the powder. This is definitely a new favorite. When I think of my favorite bronzers I think of this, Benefit Hoola and Soleil Tan de Chanel. I would totally recommend it if you asked me for a good bronzer.

If you don’t want to shell out $50, get the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer. It still has the smooth, easy blending formula, similar color and coconut scent. I don’t think the MJ one is as pigmented and the Butter bronzer is more powdery so it’s not dupe level similar but the two product remind me of each other and both are amazing bronzers. The Butter bronzer is $10 on Amazon!

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