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If you follow any type of blogger on Instagram, then you’ll know it’s the infamous Nordstrom Anniversary sale!  The sale is SO hyped up on Instagram and the bloggers spend thousands of dollars on clothes and link the products non-stop during the sale to shop…also do any of wear the clothes they buy after since it can’t be linked?  No shade, seriously, I get that it’s a huge money maker for them and the sale is a good one, but it’s also a lot!  Honestly, if I had I would be showing more sale stuff, too! But….. it can become overwhelming, repetitive and annoying really quickly.  The sale is so hyped up and talked about and while I do get excited and shop the sale, I just think it gets overdone.

That being said, hype aside, it’s a good sale and it’s a great time to stock up for winter clothes and basics! When I lived in LA I could care less about it but now that I live on the east coast…I always stock up for warm/ cute winter clothes! They also have some really great beauty buys this year!

Trying to be as least annoying as possible, here’s what I got at the sale, what I recommend and what I don’t. I’ll be serving you Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Realness!

What I got.


Levis sweater + spanx leggings


I always stock up on basics during the sale.  They offer tons of blouses, t-shirts and sweaters so it’s a good sale if you’re in need of that.  ** prays everything I link is in stock. **

Silk camis with lace! I got all the colors last year and I wear them ALL the time. They’re perfect to throw on and I wear them a lot when I go out for drinks with my friends. They may be sold out online but check in your store for whats left. They come in white, black, green and red and they’re around $23. I wear them ALL, the time, year round so they’re totally more than worth it.  Here’s a similar version in prints that’s $29.

I got a couple of these ruffle camis this year. The more I look they’re sort of basic but I’ll wear them out with jeans/shorts.  They’re super cute but I look at them and I’m like do I want this to be my style? UGH. lololol.

I can’t link it because it’s sold out but there are some BP slouchy henley/sweaters/long sleeves that are $25. I got one because I wear those all the time in the winter with leggings. It’s a mindless, decent looking outfit lol.


I want to talk about the cardigans because there’s so many on sale and they’re hyped up/sell fast.  Here’s my thing; don’t fall for the $40 Leith cardigan because it’s a good deal and it’s cute. I did last year, washed it and it PILLED so bad…. I’ve worn it 3xs since if that.  Total waste of money because the quality is terrible. I see them being worn/linked all over Instagram and I’m always thinking, don’t fall for it. Horrible quality.

I love a nice cardigan in the winter so my advice is to buy a better quality one and just wear it year round. It’s better in the long run!

This year I got the Barefoot Dreams cardigan. It’s $75 and feels SO soft and cuddly. It may be a pajama but I plan to wear it out.  It’s more expensive but I’m hoping it wears way better. I haven’t washed it yet so I can’t comment on that but I’m thinking it will.

The Free People cardigans $98, are hyped tf up. I skipped out because they’re more chunky. They’re still in stock though!

If you’re looking to splurge, there’s some nice Rag and Bone and Helmut Lang sweaters on sale!



The athletic wear/loungewear is big-ticket items at the sale. Not the most stylish stuff in the world but I’m in college and this is what I wear 98% of the time!

This year, I got a pair of Spanx leggings, $72, which I’ve been itching to try. They’re very flattering and smooth out all your cellulite! I got this leather, moto pair which I don’t really go for but I really like how they looked.

I got this Levis, oversized sweater, $58, because it looked good for lounging and doesn’t scream Nordstrom sale! I want to pull it off as more streetwear sort of vibes. It’s also comfy asf.

nordstrom anniversary sale

I was so excited for this fleece pullover to wear in the wintertime and it was a hard no. Why? Unless you’re a size 0-2, this is unflattering and going to make you look a lot heavier then you are because it’s so thick and bulky! If you have boobs it’s a BIG no because it’ll just make you look huge with no shape. The fleece is so thick so you look 10+ lbs thicker, especially from the side! Fleece pullovers generally aren’t the most flattering for your shape but this one was really bad.

I did get a black, O’Neill one which is better! It’s sold out now I think.  It’s black with a pocket and a hood.


I got these Kut jeans, $55.  They’re called the ‘Reese’ jeans so I’ll be corny and say it was meant to be.

I love the cabby hat trend. The $4o Brixton ones are on sale so I got a light pink one. I like dark hair with a light colored hat and vice versa.

BRAS — probably my best purchases.

I tried Spanx bras this year and amazing!! I got the bralettes, $31, and the racerback bras, $44.  They’re so comfy, supportive (the bralettes, not as much)  and smooth out back fat which I LOVE! They’re also good if you have big boobs. So are the Natori bras which are also on sale. Those are usually what I wear but I just tried the Spanx ones and love them.


I didn’t love the shoe selection this year. I just got these, boots by Steve Madden, $86, appropriately called the ‘Reece’ bootie which was enough to sell it for me! They’re a black, pointed toe, sock bootie with a 3-inch chunky heel. I’ll wear these a ton.

I don’t need but I wish I got these because they look way more designer, Isabel Marant esque for under $100.


beauty buys

My favorite, this was the first year I really checked out the beauty and some people on Instagram weren’t loving the picks but I found some good stuff. I will say it was mostly face/hair tools and less about products!

I got this T3 curling iron for $107. I curl my hair only and all the time so I figured splurging on a good curling iron was worth it. So glad I did, it’s bomb! It’s sold out online 🙁 but I feel like you could find it in stores. Here’s the Drybar one I almost got, it’s good if you use their sprays!

I got the Nurse Jamie uplift facial roller since it was in a value kit, on sale! I love facial tools. I think this depuffs but it could be a gimmick. Still trying to figure that out.  I think I like this in the morning to depuff before makeup and a gua-sha at night for antiaging benefits. If you’ve gua-sha’ed before, this roller is very tame in comparison.

I didn’t purchase but I love Flowerbomb perfume and this set, $107 is amazing. I use Flowerbomb for every other perfume, LOL and I’m looking for another perfume at the moment.

My mom got this Nars Lip Set I liquid lip and velvet lip glide set, $49. It’s so good and personally, I LOVE the formula of the liquid matte lips since they don’t crack and the velvet glides are really comfortable. I’m debating getting it.


Didn’t buy but this Bobbi Brown highlighter, $32 was gorgeous. The Becca sets are a good value and the highlighters are some of my all-time favorites.

This Paula’s choice liquid BHA 2%, $35 is an amazing product and the value is soooo good…one is $28! I love this stuff for blackheads, texture and acne! This is my 3rd bottle. My mom and I got one to share.

Eyeing this mini Becca highlight/Glamglow mask duo, $32 even though I def don’t need!

I was so excited for the Tom Ford exclusive eyeshadow quad and the quality was shit so I passed. Super chalky shadows.

I got this Ouai set, $32 and the Rose body/hair oil is my new obsession. The smell is gorgeous and I love it on my skin and hair! The leave-in conditioner is also a fave.



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