New Makeup And Skincare Releases That I Am Eyeing And Won’t Be Buying

new makeup and skincare releases

I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about my love/ stalking obsessions for @trendmood1′s Instagram account before!  Trendmood is an IG account that posts new makeup and beauty releases along with dates, reviews and basically all the tea about new beauty products that are coming out. If you love beauty, follow Trendmood!  It’s literally amazing.  It’s my most checked Instagram account and I’m on it multiple times a day looking at new makeup and skincare releases.  I’m actually obsessed with it and I’m always excited to see what new releases they’re going to share for the day. It’s also a great way to find new products that I want to review and play with for you guys… and me! 🙂

Here are a few recent releases I’m eyeing plus a few that I won’t be buying.  Trendmood is makeup heavy so it’ll be makeup and some new skincare that’s coming out that I’ve seen from other accounts that I follow!

New Releases I’m Eyeing

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Available Now! 🚨 LINK ➡️ BIO Online @beautylish #hourglasscosmetics 1. Scattered Light #GlitterEyeshadow 😍✨A weightless refined glitter eyeshadow infused with light-reflecting pearls to create high impact, sparkling eyes. The unique hybrid cream formula creates reflective, buildable dimension for everything from a delicate glimmer to an intense, prismatic finish in 5 different shades $29 each 2. Caution #Mascara ⚠️ #ExtremeLash More volume in one stroke. intense volume, length, definition and lift. Buildable, weightless, ultra Black $29 . What did u get? ✨😍XO #Trendmood #hourglass . . #motd #makeupoftheday #mua #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupblogger #makeuponpoint #onpoint #makeuplook #makeuplove #makeuptalk #makeuptutorial #makeuplover #makeupaddict #makeupaddiction #makeupdolls #onpoint

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Gorgeous right?! These products are from the Hourglass Fall 2018 collection.

The Hourglass glitter eyeshadow pots ($29) look gorgeous and totally like my cup of tea!  They remind me of the Natasha Denona chrome lid pots that you can apply with your finger for an easy, shimmery, longlasting and almost wet looking eye look! I’m really hoping they’re like those because I love easy eye products like that. Smoke and Foil are calling my names.  There’s also a new Hourglass mascara that is supposedly smudge proof and that looks bomb too.

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Available Now! 🚨 LINK ➡️ BIO Online @ultabeauty 🌸🦋💄 @lorealmakeup X @camila_cabello #CamilaXLoreal Created a whole #Collection #HAVANA which includes: 1. The Havana Sun-Lit Bronzer – A liquid bronzer available in two shades in Light / Medium, Medium / Deep $14.99 2. Havana Gotta Give Brow – for the brows for a natural look in 3 shades $11.99 each 3. Havana Flash Liner $11.99 – A black felt-tip marker-like eyeliner for easy and precise application 4. Havana Lip Dew – Lip glosses in 4 shades $9.99 each: Camila – hot pink Desnudo – dark beige Lit Up – rose, Rose gold touch Serendipity – peachy 5. Havana Eye Shadow $9.99 Each – Creamy eye shadows in 4 shades for a natural or sultry look in: In Love Oh-Na-Na Hot Havana Control #LimitedEdition . . Will be available ➡️ AUGUST all other stores in the U.S. + 18 other countries (including Mexico, Italy, France, Germany, and the U.K.) . Whar a cute flowery packaging! 🌸🦋 what did u get? 💋 XO #Trendmood #makeupoftheday #loreal #lorealmakeup #camilacabello motd #makeupoftheday #mua #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupblogger #makeuponpoint #onpoint #makeuplook #makeuplove #makeuptalk #makeuptutorial #makeuplover #makeupaddict #makeupaddiction #makeupdolls #onpoint #onfleek

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I’m totally intrigued by the Camila Cabello x Havana L’oreal liquid bronzer! First off, I love a liquid bronzer!   I have yet to come across a liquid bronzer at the drugstore so I’m really curious to see how this product performs.  It’s already sold out on Ulta so I’m guessing that other people were just as excited about it as me.

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The whole collection 🚨 NEW Collaboration @iluvsarahii X @doseofcolors Includes: 1. #EyeshadowPalette $35 2. 2 #Highlighters $28 Each: Sol Mate – gold Bathe – peach pink 3. 4 Matte #LiquidLipstick $18 Each Nude Chica – pinky nude Peachii – peachy nude Fresa – bright strawberry Aesthetic – burnt sienna 4. 2 Glosses $17 Each: Barely There – pink nude, sheer Brillo – gold reflects . . Will be available➡️ JULY 27TH @ 10am PST . . . 💗🌿 Tropical vibes 🌴! What’s on your list? #TRENDMOOD #doseofcolors #iluvsarahii . . . . . #beautyaddict #makeuptalk #makeupobsessed #instabeauty #bbloggers #beautyblogger #ilovemakeup #makeup #motd #makeupoftheday #wakeuptomakeup #maquillaje #makeuplover #makeupjunkie #makeupmafia #makeupmafia

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The iluvvsarahii Dose of Colors collection is so pretty and unique.  The eyeshadow palette is gorgeous and the color combination is really different than anything I’ve seen.  Sure it has the oranges and blues which are popular ATM but you can tell the color selection is very curated! Also, if you can’t tell I have an obsession with eyeshadow palettes. Lol. I rarely use eyeshadow or wear anything other than neutrals but I love buying eyeshadow palettes!

The lips are gorgeous colors and my type of shades. I love a red-orange lip, a nude of course and the glosses are pretty and perfect to wear alone or with other lipsticks. Surprisingly, I can live without the highlighters because they’re more pink than gold. Overall, I think this collection is beautiful, unique and I love supporting influencer collabs!

Peach and Lily came out with a new collection featuring a serum ( for glass skin), oil, cream and resurfacing mask. It’s packed with antioxidants and I heard that they took 3 years to perfect the formula so that it would be an incredibly gentle, yet potent and fast acting collection of products.  It sounds AMAZING and I want it all.

If I’m honest, I see myself getting one of the Hourglass shadows, maybe a Dose of Colors x iluvvsarahii gloss, maybe the L’oreal liquid bronzer if I can find it and some of the Peach and Lily collection.

Products I won’t be buying.

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#RESTOCK🚨 @kyliecosmetics The #Summer2018 #Collection ❤️💛🍌 which includes: 1. The #EyeshadowPalette $44 2. #Lipstick Set $75 / $17 Each 3. 2 #LipKits : On Wednesdays Lip Kit: $29 matte Candy K Velvet Lip Kit: $27 in velvet 4. 3 Super glitter #Glosses $15 each: Chill Peel Don’t Slip Go Bananas. 5. Bundle: $215 (palette, glosses, Candy K Velvet, On Wednesdays, 5 Lipsticks) . . . . . Will be Back! ➡️ JULY 20TH @ 3pm PST on their website . . . 🍌😍 What’s on your list? ❤️💛 XO #Trendmood #kyliecosmetics #kyliejenner THANK U for this beautiful update: @kellyhdv @mary.thefitmom.malone 😘 . . . #makeup #beauty #ilovemakeup #bblogger #bbloggers #instamakeup #fashion #makeuplover #makeupartist #mua #beautiful

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I just love the way this palette looks.  I’ve had good luck with Kylie Cosmetics in the past, I like the velvet lips and loose powder highlights. I just don’t think I’ll buy this because I won’t use it very often.  I do love the colors though and I love looking at it. I’m so weird!! Not sure why I like it so much and the colors have been done before but I do!!

I wouldn’t say eyeing but I want to see what the palette looks like! I could be into darker pink and purple tones.

I swear the people at Colourpop don’t sleep because they’re always coming out with new products!  I love that their doing primers and sprays but they’re matte. I don’t do matte. A dewy version would catch my eye but again I hate ordering from because they take forever.

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Here it is!!! 🚨 The #Classic #Collection NEW by @kkwbeauty 🍑💗 #Summer2018 includes: 1. The Classic #EyeshadowPalette -7 matte shadows and 3 metallic shadows $44: EYESHADOW PALETTE Saint: Metallic champagne Florence: Matte yellow brown Selfish: Matte terracotta Calabasas: Matte light brown Chicago: Metallic bronze Fade: Matte creamy beige Dash: Matte warm taupe North: Metallic copper Family: Matte red brown Gemini: Matte deep brown 2. 4 Peach Creme Lipsticks $18 Each: Peach 1: light peach Peach 2: pinky peach Peach 3: mid-tone coral Peach 4: burnt red 3. 4 Peach Creme Lip Liners $12 Each, matching the lipsticks shades 4. Bundle $150 . . Will be available ➡️ JULY 25TH Pop-up shop / Online JULY 27TH @ Noon PST . . . What are your thoughts? 🍑💗 #TRENDMOOD #kimkardashian #kkw #kkwbeauty . . #makeupoftheday #cosmetics #makeuponfleek #beauty #makeupart #makeup #makeupartist #art #artist #motd #fotd#makeup

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I’m in between the eyeing/not buying because I think this palette is gorgeous but I don’t see myself actually buying it.  I love warm-toned neutrals and while tons of people slam these colors as boring, I love them! There’s the KKW popup in LA and it’s like half an hour from my house.  I went to the mall it was at the line totally put me off! I’m curious about KKW cosmetics but I’m certainly not enough of a fan to stand in line for them.  Especially an hour long line in the heat! Absolutely not. As a beauty blogger, I’m just curious about the formulas and whether the products are actually good quality for the price or if they’re just overhyped because they’re a Kardashian product.  I will give it to her, that shadow palette is beautiful and so are the lipsticks.  She does a good nude and I’m always eyeing them!

As for whether I’ll go look at the pop-up to see the new palette…it’s a toss-up. It closes July 27th.  The Eyeshadow palette drops at the Pop Up on the 25th, online on the 27th.

This new ABH palette is pretty and I can appreciate it but I would never use these shades.  I’m all for warm tones and neutrals with a cool tone here and there.  If I got a pink toned palette I would go for the Huda Desert Dusk or the Natasha Denona Lila palette.  This one is too pastel for my liking!

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Another L👀K!!! 🚨@beautyblender NEW#BOUNCE – Liquid Whip Long Wear #FOUNDATION In 32 shades 🙌🏻🙌🏼🙌🏽🙌🏾🙌🏿 . Has a Velveteen matte finish, 24 Hour Wear $40 Each . . . Will be available ➡️ JULY 24TH on their website + @sephora ( waiting list starts tomorrow) . . Also July 25-26 there will be a #popup shop in NYC 10am -8pm 10 AM – 8 PM This is the only place where you can get the limited edition 32 blenders that match each shade 🙀💸 . . . I can’t wait To try it Will post swatches soon 💗 what are your thoughts? XO #TRENDMOOD #beautyblender #makeupoftheday #motd #makeupoftheday #mua #ilovemakeup #makeup #makeupaddict #makeuplover #makeupblogger #makeuponpoint #onpoint #makeuplook #makeuplove #makeuptalk #makeuptutorial #makeuplover #makeupaddict #makeupaddiction #makeupdolls #onpoint #onfleek

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The applicator bottle is very clever and innovative for Beauty Blender though I didn’t know they were doing cosmetics now. It must not be enough to come out with a different color sponge every 3 months. No shade! BUT, the shade range! I appreciate that there are 32 shades!!!… But there are not enough dark shades! It’s a majority of fair and light shades and they definitely missed shades in between their darker ones.  The picture IMO should be a row of fair-light shades, medium shades, tan shades and deep/dark shades. Not 3 rows of light/medium and one row of tan/darker shades.

I’m no into foundation so this is easy to pass on.


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