Here’s What I Would Buy With $100 At Ulta – A Haul

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I recently did this post featuring what I would buy with $100 at Sephora.  Lemme just say, $100 will not get you very far at Sephora that’s for sure.  I wanted to do an Ulta Haul version because Ulta is another store that I frequently hit up for beauty products.  I love their mix of drugstore and high-end makeup brands!  I really only stick to Ulta for makeup or haircare. I like their Mario Badescu section but I don’t tend to shop there for skincare. I love skincare and very minimal face makeup but at the same time, I love makeup!! It’s fun to play with and transform your look and I’m always on the lookout for a hot new drugstore find that rivals a high end find.

I’m going to do a what I would buy with $100 at Ulta favorites version, drugstore favorites and a wishlist version.

$100 Ulta Haul — Here’s What I’d Buy



Tarte Shape Tape – $27

I have to include Tarte Shape tape in this because I love it and it’s one of my most used makeup products. It’s so good at covering blemishing and while it’s full coverage, I would argue that the slightest dot of product will cover what you need it too without looking cakey. That’s how I use the concealer and I purchased it over a year ago and I’m a little over halfway through with it. That just shows how little you need to get the job done especially given the fact that this is one of my most used concealers.

You can also use this as a spot conceal, foundation on your face by only using it in the areas that you need it in.  It’s full coverage so it’ll make your face flawless! I think every girl needs a good concealer in their makeup collection and this is one of mine.

If it helps, I use the shade light-medium for skin match, not a highlighting concealer.  I wear custard in the Nars concealers.

Essence Lash Princess Volume Mascara – $5


I absolutely adore this mascara. I wrote about it here + shared a picture of it on. With a collection full of high-end mascaras I still go for this.  It lengthens, separates lashes and adds volume. It’s not the most voluminous mascara but it makes your lashes look so long that it makes up for it. For $5 I’m not sure why more people aren’t raving about it!  I love this mascara but since I have an oily eyelid area, I get some smudging during the day. That’s a me issue that I have with every mascara unless I wear waterproof which I hate scrubbing off. I use this daily because it’s so good but just had to share that.


Morphe Brontour in celebutante – $12

I am so happy that Morphe is now sold at Ulta! They recently came out with bronzers with a half shimmer/half contour side called brontours.  They are amazing shimmery bronzers that add a radiant glow to the skin without looking too over the top! If you like more matte you can dip your brush more into that side plus you can use the matte side to contour and the shimmery side to bronze.  The formula is amazing, they’re easy to blend and they don’t look muddy.  If you love a shimmery bronzer, try this!

Colourpop Highlighter in Wisp – $8

I love Colourpop highlighters! They are so creamy and pigmented.  I like that depending on how much product you use, you get a natural glow or a blinding one.  These are only $8 and the best part?! You can buy Colourpop at Ulta.  What holds me back from buying more Colourpop is ordering it online and paying for shipping / waiting for their shipping which is always on the longer side.  If you’re at Ulta and they have a Colourpop collection you should definitely check it out.

Cosrx Snail Mucin – $21

Remember when I said I don’t go to Ulta for skincare? I lied because they do carry some Cosrx stuff which is one of my favorite, go-to K-beauty brands! I love this snail mucin because you can use it with serums and moisturizers.  It helps to hydrate skin, fade fine lines and fade hyperpigmentation.  There is honestly no reason why you shouldn’t be using this because it’s gentle, easy to use and has amazing benefits!  As for the name, yes it has snail secretion in it! The texture is sticky like you would expect but once you get over that you will reap the benefits and it’ll be good stuff.

Cosrx Acne Dots – $6

These are only sold online but I love these acne dots!  I use them every night on zits and they really help to shrink a zit by the morning.  I think I’ve gone through 8-10 packages?  I use these on new, upcoming zits that aren’t whiteheads that are ready to be popped.  If I have a dried out zit I’ll use a drying lotion.

Lancome Matte Juicy Shaker in Completely Nut – $22

God bless Ulta because we have a full face… or at least my full face and some skincare!  I love this lip because it’s so easy to apply with its big sponge applicator.  Not going to lie I have a hard time applying lipsticks!  These are so comfortable to wear and good for daytime.  I don’t think of them as matte lips, more like a stain.  They wear off throughout the day but they’re so easy to apply.  I’ll use this and add a gloss or lip balm on top to make it more glossy.   Completely Nut is a perfect nude, everyday shade and I reach for it often! You could also dab it on your cheeks as a blush.

Total: $100.99.  Which is so damn close it’s going to count since I would use my $3.50 off Ulta coupon. Lol. I do love the coupons and point system at Ulta because it literally pays to shop there.  Also, like last time we’re pretending that tax doesn’t count. 🙂

On another note, did you hear that Chanel beauty is going to Ulta?! Read that again, yup. Going to be saving up my points for Chanel goodies moving forward.


Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer – $14

Best bronzer at the drugstore. It’s a little pricer at $14 but it’s so buttery, easy to use, blends well and performs like a high-end bronzer. It reminds me of Hoola so yes, it’s that good.

Essence Pure Nude Highlighter – $4.50

I think Essence is one of the best brands in the drugstore section of Ulta. This highlighter powder reminds me of the Hourglass ones.  It gives a subtle radiance.  This is a good natural highlighter or a setting powder which I like under the eyes.

Essence Lash Princess Mascara – $5

This was included in my all-time favorites portion so it obi has to fit in here!

L.A Girl Pro Coverage Liquid Foundation – $9

Everything I go out I use this foundation and I love it. It’s glowy and if you don’t use a ton, it doesn’t look cakey. I won’t say skinlike because since I never wear foundation, I like my skin to look like how it does when I have bare cheeks.  This obviously has more coverage but for $8.99, it performs well and it’s my go-to.

Makeup Revolution Concealer – $7

This is sort of a Shape tape dupe but it’s not as full coverage.  It’s one of the best concealers at the drugstore section of Ulta.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo Highlighting Powder – $5

One of the best all-round highlighters at the drugstore because you can build it up to be more blinding or use a little bit as a subtle highlight.  It’s gorgeous, has a sheen and absolutely no glitter chunks.

Wet n Wild MegaGlo liquid highlighter – $6

This is the liquid version of their highlighters. I love this one and you can fix it into foundation.  This one has a more cream to powder finish and it’s gorgeous on skin.

Wet n Wild Cushion Foundation – $9

I love Wet n Wild first off. The cushion foundation is awesome because it’s dewy and super lightweight.  I will also use this sometimes if I’m going out. I love the coverage and you can see your skin peeking through. It’s also a cheap alternative to the many K-beauty cushions that are trending at the moment.

Maybelline The Buffs Sensation lipstick – $8

I love Maybelline lipsticks, especially their nudes because they have so many colors. I tend to go for the sheered, out, luster finish ones because I don’t need a liner to apply it!

Milani Make it Dewy Setting Spray – $10

I love this setting spray because it keeps your makeup on for real and it leaves a dewy finish.  I need to buy another one of these because dewy isn’t synonymous with longlasting and this does both.

Milani Gilded Desires Palette – $20

Ok so I haven’t tried this but it looks beautiful and I’m intrigued.  I don’t use drugstore eyeshadow because A. I don’t wear eyeshadow often and B. when I do, I want high-quality shadows that are easy to use and perform well.  Milani is a good drugstore brand and I’ve heard good things about this palette being pigmented and easy to use.  I love that it’s
for eyes and face and not to mention, gorgeous.


Dose of Colors Block Party Single Shadow in Wild & Free – $20

I swatched this last time I was at Ulta and the pigmentation and glitter finish is insanely gorgeous. I also haven’t tried anything from Dose of Colors yet and I love supporting influencer/female owned brands.

Too Faced Super Coverage Born This Way Concealer – $29

This is Too Faced’s new concealer that is supposed to rival Shape Tape. I’m so curious and I love trying new concealers.

Camila Cabello x Havana Loreal  Collection Liquid Bronzer – $14.99 – currently sold out, comes out in store 7/29.

I love a liquid bronzer so I’m very curious about this.  I can’t think of any at the drugstore so I would love to see how this works!

Flesh Beauty Eye and Cheek Gloss – $20

Super intrigued about this eye gloss. I heard it’s supposed to be long-wearing and it doubles as a highlight so count me in. I also want to try everything Flesh beauty but we only got $100 here!

Philosophy Fresh Cream Cashmere Eau De Toilette – $18

They had this perfume near the cashier when I was checking out at Ulta and I love the way it smells! It’s a warm vanilla, sultry smell without being too sweet, sugar cooking, cheap and kiddish.

Total – $101… close enough!  I think since the liquid bronzer was sold out and I couldn’t add it to my cart.  Math is not my strong suit!

This challenge went a lot better than my Sephora one because we can actually walk away with more than 3 things!

What’s your go-to’s at Ulta?!  Lemme know in the comments!








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